I Earned Millions Launching People Into Orbit

2 maj 2021
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I Earned Millions Launching People Into Orbit
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It seems we can smash gummy bears until we get rich. I upgraded so I can smash more things, which in turn allows me to upgrade even more to smash harder. It's a ruthless cycle.

  • is it second episode?

    Miłosz GruźlewskiMiłosz Gruźlewski3 dagar sedan
  • 12:00 no, ur just stupid lmao. It saves

    PuudlesPuudles4 dagar sedan
  • 1:20 jojo fans when they see this: IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE!!!!111!11!1!1!!

    Rayon DoskyRayon Dosky4 dagar sedan
  • I heard that Warfstache Poof of Markiplier

    MissJohnWickMissJohnWick4 dagar sedan
  • The game is called burrito bison

    Turtle DudeTurtle Dude6 dagar sedan
  • Was... was that the Markiplier “poof” sound effect at 0:44??? I’m smiling so hard that was unexpected and made me so happy haha

    _aceofspades_aceofspades6 dagar sedan
    • It was indeed

      RobinSongRobinSong3 timmar sedan
  • What game name?

    Andrew GarciaAndrew Garcia6 dagar sedan
  • hopefully he upgrades his speedometer next video

    Tushar MohandasTushar Mohandas7 dagar sedan
  • DF, if you get into the clouds at the top you become a giant cotten candy ball which helps your speed and money a bunch. Also, buy speedometer upgrades!!!

    Jacob BudnerJacob Budner7 dagar sedan
  • The keys...

    Axolotl 04Axolotl 047 dagar sedan
  • What is the game Calld

    Mr Orange GameingMr Orange Gameing7 dagar sedan
  • With dr. Wormagedon you can go under the wall

    Jennifer ParkeJennifer Parke7 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact the worm guy if you hit him at just the right time you can go under the wall but it’s hard

    OffPond 870OffPond 8707 dagar sedan
  • when you hit one of those rocket gummies you should turn on your auto clicker for a super boost

    Floris EgginkFloris Eggink7 dagar sedan
  • rad

    Colleen LurchColleen Lurch7 dagar sedan
  • dis gay is sau cil

    Erika CaplikieneErika Caplikiene7 dagar sedan
  • Two steps, Six words DF: I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing Only now notices a speedometer Only now processes the Key mechanics Still doesn't process money gained and money total being separate

    G80 GZTG80 GZT7 dagar sedan
  • What game is this?

    TJ GamingTJ Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • lmaooo i love your editor

    Princess PolintanPrincess Polintan8 dagar sedan
  • the game is called burrito bison

    yum pastayum pasta8 dagar sedan
  • What’s the game called

    Finn RyanFinn Ryan8 dagar sedan
  • what game is this I NEED IT

    Artistking 8932Artistking 89328 dagar sedan
  • 4269 = 420+69

    MikookiMikooki8 dagar sedan
  • This game is for mobile. So how do you play it on pc? Do you use bluestacks?

    InstaTexInstaTex8 dagar sedan
  • is anyone a veteran at this game and cry if DG is doing something wrong

    Young TraperYoung Traper8 dagar sedan
  • what is this games name

    Yaboiii okYaboiii ok8 dagar sedan
  • i like how when i play im on the green gummy bears and get only 30-60k cash him here getting over 1 million how

    Edgar GarciaEdgar Garcia8 dagar sedan
  • Love this stuff, keep it up DF!!!!

    DrágoKìttenPawšDrágoKìttenPawš8 dagar sedan
  • I wildly misunderstood the title

    Master RoshiMaster Roshi8 dagar sedan
  • Hey DF, you might wanna use your rocket slams when you hit the ground, because when you rocket slam you don’t lose any speed on anything (except police, I think they slow you down less though)

    Noob 369Noob 3698 dagar sedan
  • ah.. two of my fave things together. I love this game :3 original one anyways.. think I'm still stuck on the sequel o-o

    LadyTarasqueLadyTarasque8 dagar sedan
  • You need the bubbelgum one and also ypu should boost bounce of the higher candy's because if you get in to the clouds you get a speedboostthe trick is to get in the clouds around the time you go trough a door

    Wesley DamenWesley Damen8 dagar sedan
  • There used to be a very big glitch in that game

  • I love his voice tho

    Nuggy WuggyNuggy Wuggy8 dagar sedan
  • What game it is this??

    DrKBOSS YTDrKBOSS YT8 dagar sedan
  • gonna love it when he hits that first frying pan

    Jonathan SirockmanJonathan Sirockman8 dagar sedan
  • what website is this on?

    North ThumbNorth Thumb8 dagar sedan
  • How do you read “total” as what you earned in the run.... did you think the money was going to dissaoear

    Enigma CultusEnigma Cultus8 dagar sedan
  • Whots this game called

    TheGameRoomTheGameRoom8 dagar sedan
  • What is the game called

    Bionic DropBionic Drop8 dagar sedan
  • I think the flash from camera stuns the opponent so you'll get crit everytime

    Anonymous ???Anonymous ???8 dagar sedan
  • If you use the rocket pound when inside a cake wall it shoots little bombs at you to help propel you further

    Sam ThompsonSam Thompson8 dagar sedan
  • Your voice is so calming and soothing. It just sounds sooooo good

  • 0:44 was that markiplier saying poof?

    Fruity NightmareFruity Nightmare9 dagar sedan
  • If you reach the top of the map with gummy clouds than you get an AMAZING speed boost!

    ploppiedoppie plopploppiedoppie plop9 dagar sedan
  • Hey DF try and reach has high as possible on your Runs. if you do you will find a pleasant surprise :) otherwise awesome content as usual

    Tommaso MancinoTommaso Mancino9 dagar sedan
  • What game is is

    B TB T9 dagar sedan
  • You can use dr.worm to go complety under the walls by the way

    Typervader's DomainTypervader's Domain9 dagar sedan
  • 0:59 noice

    Broturm11Broturm119 dagar sedan
    • 4,269

      Broturm11Broturm119 dagar sedan
  • The game is called “burrito bison” for those of you wondering

    Max ThompsonMax Thompson9 dagar sedan
    • @ThAt MaDdEn DuDe I cant find it on steam is it a different name on steam or something?

      SecretSecretDag sedan
    • @ThAt MaDdEn DuDe I can't find it on Steam. Am I missing something?

      Tyler RamseyTyler Ramsey3 dagar sedan
    • @Secret any mobile device or steam

      ThAt MaDdEn DuDeThAt MaDdEn DuDe5 dagar sedan
    • what can you get it on?

      SecretSecret5 dagar sedan
  • what game is this

    Andrew VaccarelloAndrew Vaccarello9 dagar sedan
  • Hold the slam for the flying guy, and try to make it to the clouds. Its a real treat

    antagonist9000antagonist90009 dagar sedan
  • I beat the whole game it was hard at the beginning but then its easy towards the end also if you get the worm thing the one in the glass bottle if your about to hit a wall and you get the worm stay under and you could basically just skip that wall.

    Abraham EspejelAbraham Espejel9 dagar sedan
  • I'm way past this point in the game (warp 12) and it hurts to watch him pass up the upgrade for the launcher. The first 4 on the top row are the most important for the early game

    Squirrel TruckingSquirrel Trucking9 dagar sedan
  • Why the heck can't you just pick the 3 chests with the key, you're just ignoring the fact you're flying on a magic key

    ̶B̶r̶u̶n̶o̶ Paes̶B̶r̶u̶n̶o̶ Paes9 dagar sedan

    LeviachanLeviachan9 dagar sedan
  • every game you play is an endless and or ruthless cycle

    William JohnsonWilliam Johnson9 dagar sedan
  • I think you can use the ground slams inside the walls, kind of like the chili.

    TheDerpyLlamaTheDerpyLlama9 dagar sedan
  • Wats this game name?

    Naruto usumakiNaruto usumaki9 dagar sedan
  • Can someone please tell me what this game is called?????

    Romus TatledgeRomus Tatledge9 dagar sedan
  • What’s the game called?

    Local JayLocal Jay9 dagar sedan
  • Try to use body slams to reach the height limit and you get a large boost

    splatsplat9 dagar sedan
  • He still thinks total is how much he made during the run haha. Total is your total money. I mean it’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

    RorschachRorschach9 dagar sedan
  • it's silly but you can use dr wormagon to bypass walls...

    George BakerGeorge Baker9 dagar sedan
  • What’s the name of the game ?

    Eduard ManatuicaEduard Manatuica9 dagar sedan
  • This game is called burrito bison

    Jhitt700 HJhitt700 H9 dagar sedan
  • I thought you were just bad at the key thing not ignorant

    MetalMetal9 dagar sedan
  • DF try and reach the clouds, it will boost you enormously

    larslars9 dagar sedan
  • Was that Scotty?

    David MartinDavid Martin9 dagar sedan
  • Game name?

    Anton EklundAnton Eklund9 dagar sedan
  • whats this game?

    UpANotchUpANotch10 dagar sedan
  • I wonder when he'll finally realize that the very bottom number is his total and the one above it is how much that each run is worth

    skipio957skipio95710 dagar sedan
  • Hey DF with the puncheous pilot if you punch off the big balloons in the air it will propell you off those as well to give you more height instead of waiting for it to go all the way down to the ground again

    johnathon morrisjohnathon morris10 dagar sedan
  • Here's a pro tip: I just noticed that the Prickly Pear throws a money bag in the air the moment you steal their balloon ride.

    BentoerBentoer10 dagar sedan
  • Use the characters unique ability while in the cake, and it acts like a bomb. It blows all the cake away in a circle around you

    Peter SaucierPeter Saucier10 dagar sedan
  • I love how his thumbnails resemble crappy mobile ads

    skipio957skipio95710 dagar sedan
  • With dr worm dude you can go under the wall

    Just some _____Just some _____10 dagar sedan
  • 10:58 "Uh idk what im doing" Me: bruh you just read the instructions

    KirboKirbo10 dagar sedan
  • DF not using a slam if he's going to touch the floor to save his speed hurts me immensly.

    Ch1l1C0nCarnag3Ch1l1C0nCarnag310 dagar sedan
  • DF

    Lost DestroyerLost Destroyer10 dagar sedan
  • Df please speedrun earn to die next

    Blizzard HammerBlizzard Hammer10 dagar sedan
  • Homerun in berzerkland! 🤣

    AdrakorAdrakor10 dagar sedan
  • Dangerously funny represents you

    Learning MeLearning Me10 dagar sedan

    Candy CaneCandy Cane10 dagar sedan
  • I was hoping u did another video on this game

    Japone81Japone8110 dagar sedan
  • His inside (finish the job) Fingers TAP TAP him: mass gummy murder

    Jayden GunbyJayden Gunby10 dagar sedan
  • i knew youd play this one eventually lol loved it alot

    einnad dannieeinnad dannie10 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely love your videos, even for games I don't play lol Was curious if you had checked out Circadian City at all yet?? I just bought it last week and would LOVE to see some content from you on it heh

    PlayfulDead CreationzPlayfulDead Creationz10 dagar sedan
  • Its a jojo r e f r e n c e 1:20

    Yuki PutianYuki Putian10 dagar sedan
  • Use the key to hit the chest 3 times

    Mike dMike d10 dagar sedan
  • Gummy bear song *GONE WRONG*

    Dank BoiDank Boi10 dagar sedan
  • Had to copp a sweater

    Big BearBig Bear10 dagar sedan
  • You dont realy use your "slam" and using that corectly is key in this game , never hit the ground if you have slam charges slaming it wil not slow you down even if u dont hit bears , same for cops slaming cop wil destroy him and for lot of funn try reaching the clouds for nice surprise

    Patrik RácekPatrik Rácek10 dagar sedan

    SpaceSpace10 dagar sedan
  • Try to reach the sky,

    strongBoystrongBoy10 dagar sedan
    • Thx me latter

      strongBoystrongBoy10 dagar sedan
  • What game is thisv

    Thomas ChadwickThomas Chadwick10 dagar sedan
  • 4,269 meters, this is the most perfect number ever

    ThePro NoobThePro Noob10 dagar sedan
  • Day 80 of asking DF to play BeeSwarmSimulator

    KMcCainKMcCain10 dagar sedan
  • DF thinking he made a certain amount when he’s reading the total in his bank

    Ashley MartinAshley Martin10 dagar sedan