The Strange Origins of Wi-Fi - An Australian Invention?

17 aug 2020
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The strange story about the invention of Wi-Fi technology
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  • For those saying Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, it actually doesn't. That's a massive misconception. A quote from Phil Belanger, a founding member of the Wi-Fi Alliance who presided over the selection of the name "Wi-Fi" : "Wi-Fi doesn't stand for anything. It is not an acronym. There is no meaning." Just wanted to clear that up. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video!

    ColdFusionColdFusion8 månader sedan
    • That's disappointing😞

      Alan Q. WakeAlan Q. Wake6 månader sedan
    • Vaibhav wtf? You’re a bit damaged I gather.

      Leigh CLeigh C6 månader sedan
    • IEEE is a separate, but related, organization and their website has stated "WiFi is a short name for Wireless Fidelity" This is what Google says... Google is wrong?

      Thomas Mathew VThomas Mathew V7 månader sedan
    • @ColdFusion The Australian accent of Mr. Altraide is thickening, kinda losing the Disney Movie feeling a little.

      Aathesh VigramAathesh Vigram7 månader sedan
    • Reading all the comments, realising I have always thought it stood for Wireless Fidelity ...I think it came from me reading something about HiFi ... Cool, learn something new everyday. Love your channel

      The 8th GradeThe 8th Grade7 månader sedan
  • Shouldn't it be Hedy lamar

    NJV ArtimationsNJV ArtimationsMånad sedan
  • CSIRO's logo is kinda familiar... Hmmmm..

    Kyle ArchieKyle ArchieMånad sedan
  • Wi-Fi means Wireless Fireless because it's wireless and it's fireless. The video is incorrect.

    T•Ø•R•Ü•ST•Ø•R•Ü•SMånad sedan
  • Love you Aussies. -Your American friends

    jkirk1626jkirk1626Månad sedan
  • Just found your channel recently and I’ve been binging it for the past week. Incredible content, can’t believe it took me this long! Thanks for all your hard work Dagogo!

    Eat More MusicEat More MusicMånad sedan
  • Great work, man

    Zip 100Zip 1002 månader sedan
  • Dagogo you were born in the same country which gave birth to Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose, the real inventor of Electro-Polarizer/Coherer the forerunner of Wi-Fi. Its strange that the world still refuses to accept this reality, when billions of people use his technology.

    Kamicrazy KKamicrazy K2 månader sedan
  • The start to long distance digital communications traces back to University of Hawaii Packet Radio efforts.

    LiteStuff LLCLiteStuff LLC2 månader sedan
  • invented by JAGDISH CHANDRA BOSE...

    EchorEchor2 månader sedan
  • Are you the same guy from unchartedx?

    Alan ZimmermanAlan Zimmerman2 månader sedan
  • USA number 2 now.

    Nathaniel BradfordNathaniel Bradford2 månader sedan
  • The united states has always been fucking other its so called allies for decades

    Jordan MasonJordan Mason2 månader sedan
  • The Australian government acting as patent trolls. Pretty shameful.

    James WakefieldJames Wakefield2 månader sedan
  • This video. Thank you.

    Sinethemba MazibukoSinethemba Mazibuko2 månader sedan
  • Shout out to those who learned Fourrier transform to solve differential equations shit

    Fakta MerapuFakta Merapu3 månader sedan
  • Starlink dish internet omg speed india ps5 download🇮🇳🇮🇳 🤣🤣😭😁😁😂😂😆😆😆🚀🚀🚀

    Boy RatneswarBoy Ratneswar3 månader sedan
  • TL;DR: Aussie government team took ideas from NASA to make wifi + what EM waves are and stuff. Conclusion: Companies don't innovate, scientists do. (Or rather social funded programs and universites.)

    Ellipsis115Ellipsis1153 månader sedan
  • How many people know that an Australian developed Bitcoin and that this Australian's grandfather was a cipher expert who was involved in the "code" breaking of the Japanese during the Coral Sea battle.

    LongruffianLongruffian3 månader sedan
  • what is it at 5:49 "Origins" that you fail to mention this ONE guy Vic Hayes "The Father of WiFi" who the one who informed the IEEE committy of what wifi would/should be ? it seems as if the only thing australians did is change serial to parallel digital radio packets.-and digital radio already existed like in GSM telephony ? in order to claim you've invented something, you gotta be the first to do so, anything later is just "developement". it's like saying Marconi invented Radio, while it was Tesla years before.

    qed qubitqed qubit3 månader sedan
    • The “father of wifi”? The US have the similar idea way before, and also, what about this woman

      SS PPSS PPMånad sedan
  • Isn't the full form of WIFI= Wireless Fidelity

    Kartik RajeshKartik Rajesh3 månader sedan
  • Another video claims the Dutch invented Wi-fi.

    Jeremy W Variety of ViewpointsJeremy W Variety of Viewpoints3 månader sedan
  • Its actually a dutch invention by ‘victor hayes’ and it was invented for cassier systems. Maybe the australians made the wifi but victor made the base for wifi.

    Wapp CreationsWapp Creations4 månader sedan
  • Wi-fi: Wireless Fidelity, its name is inspired by Hi-fi (high fidelity, used on high quality audio devices)

    migmardimigmardi4 månader sedan
  • Yep and the Hills Hoist was the first iteration of over the horizon radar.

    onoyoudontonoyoudont4 månader sedan
  • It was Australia that made it practical, but it was The Netherlands that INVENTED it. You are talking about making it applicable to daily life, but Australia didn't invent it

    the prestiger kloptthe prestiger klopt4 månader sedan
  • based kiwis ^^

    Boki VolkovBoki Volkov5 månader sedan
  • not mention how amazing it is that Wifi + bluetooth able to share a narrow band of 2.4 GHz by Frequency hop within it narrow band that been use by the military COMSEC at least that is my understanding of it.

    Duy NguyenDuy Nguyen5 månader sedan
  • Good for Oz now bring us true wireless charging!

    Michael HallMichael Hall6 månader sedan
  • I can just stare at the closing animation for hours and enjoy the smooth music.

    Tech XDTech XD6 månader sedan
  • Nikola Tesla invented WiFi tho🤔

    Simone SageSimone Sage6 månader sedan
  • Then the Liberal Government guts the organization for peanuts and sends a good chunk of our brightest minds searching for work overseas.

    Chino GambinoChino Gambino6 månader sedan
  • 🗽🗽

    Alexandr PadalkaAlexandr Padalka6 månader sedan
  • 👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu6 månader sedan
  • Brilliant video Dagogo! I liked this so much I posted an article about it on LinkedIn (

    George MokdsiGeorge Mokdsi6 månader sedan
  • 5G Microwave causing the water in people lung at Wuhan, China to evaporates and causing all those C0VID-19 F4KE P4NDEMIC. Wuhan no longer using 5G Microwave Network and changed it back to 4G network. Now, Wuhan people are celebrating without fear of this fake virus after knowing the truth... THE TRUTH!

    TheCloakedOne74TheCloakedOne746 månader sedan
  • Hi-Fi = High Fidelity Wi-Fi = Wireless Fidelity (backronym)

    Francois OFrancois O6 månader sedan
  • This is by far one of the best channels on SEworld! We always want to be better. In the states we pronounce IEEE as "I Triple E". Keep up the amazing work! You're the only channel I get excited about notifications from! I don't even skip the ads just so you can get more revenue. My way of paying it forward!

    James ButlerJames Butler6 månader sedan
  • I thought Wi-Fi stood for Wireless Fidelity

    Obafemi AdaraloyeObafemi Adaraloye6 månader sedan
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    熊晓健熊晓健6 månader sedan
  • I'm surprised noone has corrected what you said about microvave ovens. At 2:47 you repeated the common misconception that water somehow "resonates" with the microwaves. This is not true. All a microwave oven does is produce *_high-intensity_* electromagnetic waves that are reasonably well absorbed by water, but not so well that only the surface of the food is heated. The amount of absorption is just proportional to the frequency of the waves (higher frequency => higher absorption). Also, all kinds of molecules can be heated directly by any electromagnetic waves, water just absorbs them better than most molecules.

    Basement ScienceBasement Science6 månader sedan
  • I get goosebumps when i hear to this guy. Such a nice voice and the way he narrates it is awesome.👍

    Madhu HRMadhu HR6 månader sedan
  • Whenever anyone mentions Australia, I hear the opening to Down Under by Men at Work playing in my head - almost always accompanied by images of a hopping kangaroo.

    David SchaftenaarDavid Schaftenaar6 månader sedan

    DukeQuackDukeQuack6 månader sedan
  • Your cross referencing and Researching is top class... , and personally , Though different in content, Its very thorough, id equate your non biased approach to Jim from Adored TV...widely regarded as one of the best in the Computer / Tech industry. Yep... Research is an art. I Tip my Hat Good Sir. Funny thing is, Like the Ozzy Wifi happy accident, Same sort of thing happened with Fairlight ,,,

    Matt LordMatt Lord6 månader sedan
  • Greetings from the former Australian Territory of Papua New Guinea. If at first you don't succeed, fail again.

    Cameron NINAWALECameron NINAWALE6 månader sedan
    • Hello Papua New Guinea from nsw 👋

      Lightningfun 64Lightningfun 64Månad sedan
  • @6:10 "wi-fi don't stand for anything" actually it's short for *wireless* *fibre* . it's a marketing term. fibre translates to fast or high speed. wi-fi was meant to convey high speed but without having to connect stuff together with cables. wi-fi may not stand for anything officially speaking, but at the time it came out, this was a raging topic in data communications - if you wanted high speed data you got fibre. if you wanted easy connection with the touch of a button without having to manually hookup stuff together, you got wireless, but low speed. wi-fi was meant to convey - the speed like if you had fibre but without having to do that or wait to get that.

    edward lewisedward lewis7 månader sedan
  • 0:07 "Wi-Fi is a technology that's *almost universally* known *to most* "

    Nicholas LeclercNicholas Leclerc7 månader sedan
  • Yet another BS patent.

    Not EqualNot Equal7 månader sedan
  • Didn't austro-aliens also invent the book on how to read?

    Violence Is FunViolence Is Fun7 månader sedan
  • Wow. Every time I think about things like all the different types of frequencies and waves constantly active around us, it blows my mind. The music is perfectly suitable as always. Thank you, Dagogo.

    Shareef AlsayedShareef Alsayed7 månader sedan
  • wi-fi was invented by Nikola Tesla

    Alin 86Alin 867 månader sedan
  • This here, is a prime example of the old saying "shoot for the stars, if you fail, you'll land on the moon"...

    MrElectrifyerMrElectrifyer7 månader sedan
  • Reading New Thinking while traveling through America.

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  • We usually call it I triple E

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  • I love this video. Amazing

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  • does this explain why when i’m near a microwave that i start using my bluetooth wireless gaming headset cuts in and out and sounds like crackling?

    Ninja_pcNinja_pc7 månader sedan
    • Yes, it's nearly the same frequency, and since bluetooth uses very low signal intensities, it is easily disturbed by this.

      Basement ScienceBasement Science6 månader sedan
  • Did you hear about the TWAIN interface? Technology Without An Interesting Name.

    Robert MacleanRobert Maclean7 månader sedan
  • Thank you. The yanks didn't want to pay for it, or acknowledge the patent. But after CSIRO took a few of the companies to court.

    Robert MacleanRobert Maclean7 månader sedan
  • Very nice video dude you are great at what you do... Even the best.

    Sal ZenSal Zen7 månader sedan
  • its the "BILLIONS a times a second" that has me in awe .

    Jay DubyaJay Dubya7 månader sedan
  • Altho the video is super interesting and I learned a lot by watching it, in general I feel like it's so weird for a "country" to take ownership to an invention....

    Canal do ApolinárioCanal do Apolinário7 månader sedan
  • man your content speak for itself

    How To VideosHow To Videos7 månader sedan
  • If your alternative is to lay cable through the Australian wilderness, you'd invent WiFi too.

    Sweeping TimeSweeping Time7 månader sedan
  • Didn't Nikola Tesla invent wi-fi ? Look it up.

    BIOS WARSBIOS WARS7 månader sedan
  • Wi-Fi was invented by Nikola Tesla not the Australians. Wake up people.

    BIOS WARSBIOS WARS7 månader sedan
  • Australia: Invents WiFi Also Australia: One of the shittiest WiFi in the world

    Serpent ZAcharySerpent ZAchary7 månader sedan
  • Now We Know who's God of Wifi is. Ignore the US, jealous bastard as always.

    Outlier Jah'dOutlier Jah'd7 månader sedan
  • Proud of you man. Always answer the why.

    Abe HusseinAbe Hussein7 månader sedan
  • Can you make a video about the gigantic porn industry?

    Full MindFull Mind7 månader sedan
  • so the closer together the waves. the more deadly. keep your phone in your pocket and fry your balls kids. or ovaries.

    Dopamine DrivenDopamine Driven7 månader sedan
  • I always thought that wi-fi stands for ' wireless fidelity',...

    Dorian JawoszekDorian Jawoszek7 månader sedan
  • hearing you say "E E E" hurt me a little we just say "triple E"

    John PeralesJohn Perales7 månader sedan
  • To the idiot that is narrating this video and says that WI-FI doesn't stand for anything then lest me fill you in. It stand for Wireless Fidelity hence WI-FI for short. Just like HI-FI stands for High Fidelity.

    Stoner JamesStoner James7 månader sedan
    • Read the pinned comment before hurling abuse. Thanks.

      ColdFusionColdFusion7 månader sedan
  • I wonder how much CSIRO makes in royalties from wireless technologies. I guess not quite near enough as they're struggling with research these days seeing that government funding has been reduced somewhat.

    Fauzi RahmanFauzi Rahman7 månader sedan
  • Please make a video about starlink

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  • could you please release more music on your burn water channel! :) (on spotify)

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  • There is something about your Voice that calms me down lad. Proud Aussie, Proud follower of your channel. I listen to your voice to help me sleep at night... Thanks bro. X

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  • We basically live in an electromagnetic soup what can possible go wrong ?

    Sil MarillianSil Marillian7 månader sedan
  • The world: Aussies invented wifi Aussies: Whats the use of that c*nt when the NBN is horrid

    blinker kblinker k7 månader sedan
  • Wi-Fi seems similar to Hi-Fi, which we know what that means. Putting that together, I get Wireless-Fidelity. I agree, Wi-Fi may just be a made-up marketing term.

    Adam BernsteinAdam Bernstein7 månader sedan
  • How about a video on airline travel history.

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    Abdulla Al-MohannadiAbdulla Al-Mohannadi7 månader sedan
  • Four years after CSIRO scientists were recognised (and paid) for this technology a destructive australian government cut CSIRO’s funding 3-fold, and no government has seen fit to restore that funding since... :( :( :(

    jameswhatsitjameswhatsit7 månader sedan
  • Lol

    H GogoiH Gogoi7 månader sedan
  • The " Collection of music used in videos" link ( has been unavailable for some time now. It's been pasted in several video descriptions. Please fix this. You should acknowledge artists' works in your videos. Namely from memory: Wild Nothing's "Shadow" - Chromatics' "Tick of the Clock" -

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  • I'm not getting notifications for these videos anymore and they are not showing up on my feed

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  • you say that in nature gamma rays usually only come from radioaktive processes, but arent they pretty comon around black holes and other fast and dense matter in the universe?

    QuarkhammerQuarkhammer7 månader sedan
  • So WiFi isn’t short for wireless fidelity?

    TravisTravis7 månader sedan
  • You have amazing voice and excellent narration skill with research backed content. Keep it going pal!

    Lakshmikanth RajuLakshmikanth Raju7 månader sedan
  • I love you conclusion ! We never know which applications can derive from space or more fundamental research.... 👍

    Freeman31Freeman317 månader sedan
  • A good piece but really 2 stories: first, the electromagnetic spectrum, and second, a little of the history of wifi. It would have been better if it focused on the latter- first the technical problem and solution, then the intrigue around the patent suit

    John YoungJohn Young7 månader sedan
  • ummm, "WI-FI" is clearly a play on "HI-FI"...

    Joe JoeJoe Joe7 månader sedan
  • Cold fusion you're the best request you please made a video on who invent " SATELLITE" it's functionality and how can you forget "I-MATE" windows mobile phone manufacturers in the mobile industry.

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  • I am an Electronic Engineer, this is good music to me.

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    • The CSIRO logo looks similar to Cisco's logo

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