Julius Maddox Breaks World Record AGAIN! + Olympia moved to October 2021? + Blessing 10 Weeks Out

21 feb 2021
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#JuliusMaddox #Olympia #Bodybuilding
0:00 Intro
0:08 Julius Maddox New Bench Press World Record
1:50 Blessing Awodibu 10 Weeks Out
4:07 Labrada
4:33 Patrick Moore "No Prep"
5:20 Victor Martinez Comeback?
6:33 Jay Cutler Says 2021 Olympia will be in October
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  • TIMESTAMPS BELOW 0:00 Intro 0:08 Julius Maddox New Bench Press World Record 1:50 Blessing Awodibu 10 Weeks Out 4:07 Labrada 4:33 Patrick Moore "No Prep" 5:20 Victor Martinez Comeback? 6:33 Jay Cutler Says 2021 Olympia will be in October

    Nick's Strength and PowerNick's Strength and Power3 dagar sedan
    • @Austin Collier total of 2600 raw. 1100lb squat. Man is built different. Best powerlifter out there and with the least amount of attention.

      Salvador CejaSalvador Ceja2 dagar sedan
    • I’m pretty sure Daniel bell just recently set a all time record in wraps but I can’t remember what it was for

      Austin CollierAustin Collier2 dagar sedan
    • Let’s get some talk going about Dan Bell

      Salvador CejaSalvador Ceja2 dagar sedan
    • Hey Nick I got a question, I haven’t worked out in about 5 years now, but I used to body build and I’m about to get back into it, but im 22 now and rk after not touching weights in the past 5 years my arms are only 16 and a 1/4 and my chest/upper torso is only 47 inches measuring from under the arm pits and thighs are only 26 inches there all still solid as a rock lol but I was was wondering if you think I still have good foundation to start with and how big do you think my arms could get lol

      Austin CollierAustin Collier3 dagar sedan
    • Thank you for the time stamps sir

      Murry StanfordMurry Stanford3 dagar sedan
  • Did Nick fart at 00:20. Hitting that protein hard, bro.

    MongoMongo13 timmar sedan
  • Julius is just built different bro

    VelvetyVelvety22 timmar sedan
  • Victor did Arnold like 2 years ago

    Creston BurksCreston Burks22 timmar sedan
  • E

    DemaDankDemaDankDag sedan
  • I think he could have done a double.💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍

    BiggunzBiggunzDag sedan
  • Victor Martinez Retired From Bodybuilding Since 2019 Nick.

  • Victor has nothing to prove anymore😎💪

    Dennis VisserDennis VisserDag sedan
  • Huge congratulations to Julius Maddox! That WL looked so smooth, what an amazing bench. Anyone that doubts this man is quickly losing ground to stand on lol. 800lbs is just a matter of time. Great video Nick, thank you for the ongoing coverage of what's happening out there!

    Logan FuryLogan Fury2 dagar sedan
  • No mention of Dan bells total!?

    Kreshnik VllasaKreshnik Vllasa2 dagar sedan
  • Where is big rammy in ur vid?

    Up SignedUp Signed2 dagar sedan
  • He made that bench press look easy. Crazy strong.

    ShackShack2 dagar sedan
  • Just like Phil Heath when he came up, Blessing needs more quad sweep and bring up the abductors. My opinion of course

    T.L MsaneT.L Msane2 dagar sedan
  • is Victor possibly still taking steroids or that genetic freaking factor is as crazy as it looks?

    SrodrMMABetSrodrMMABet2 dagar sedan
  • I think Victor Martinez is the victim of the biggest robbery in olympia history. He was amazing and if he hadn't gotten robbed by politics and locked up for gear distribution I think he would have gotten one for sure.

    Fatt DamonFatt Damon2 dagar sedan
  • 782.6 LBS. So he’s basically benching his own body weight.

    Derek SmithDerek Smith2 dagar sedan
  • WR nice job but who the fuk filmed it with 65p?

    fister123fister1232 dagar sedan
  • It looked super easy

    Matthew SingerMatthew Singer2 dagar sedan
  • If you ain't bending... Your just PRETENDING!

    Erik ShenErik Shen2 dagar sedan
  • Julius takes such a narrow grip on the bar it's crazy.

    Magnum MuscleMagnum Muscle2 dagar sedan
  • There's no way Julius isn't getting 800. That 782 went up clean af. 👌

    nick durdlenick durdle2 dagar sedan
  • Blessing has better balance, better symmetry, overall a better physique. IMO, it will be tough for Nick to defeat him. Nick is too big for his height. It's really not all about size.

    BrianBrian2 dagar sedan
  • Julius made that look easy, but Brad Cassleberry did it for like 8 reps

    Brent DuBoisBrent DuBois2 dagar sedan
  • @Nicksstengthpower I think all your subscribers should go and help jay Cutler hit a million subscribers and subscribe to his page. I mean he is the champ right💪💪💪💪

    Kris KellerKris Keller2 dagar sedan
  • If he hits 800, I doubt anyone will break it. He's one in a billion

    MegaRawBerryMegaRawBerry2 dagar sedan
  • Why didn’t you talk about Dan Bell who broke the ATWR raw w/wraps total in the same meet as Julius’ benched? He also squatted a casual 500kg/1102lbs

    Big McDickBig McDick2 dagar sedan
  • What Julius is doing is no longer human!

    Edgar RamosEdgar Ramos2 dagar sedan
  • Blessing upper body looks like Sergio Oliva 1970 , this guy is the real deal, you can not fall asleep on him

    Pete RodriguezPete Rodriguez2 dagar sedan
  • I don’t understand how someone with legs shorter than their midsection could give anyone else problems in that area..

    Gfj gc g FhcbbGfj gc g Fhcbb2 dagar sedan
  • Olympia Oct. 7-10 in Orlando again

    Evan LoehrEvan Loehr2 dagar sedan
  • Victor is done

    Bridgeforth SolutionsBridgeforth Solutions2 dagar sedan
  • Has anyone noticed Nick has lost almost 400k subscribers

    Bridgeforth SolutionsBridgeforth Solutions2 dagar sedan
    • What are you talking about? I haven’t lost any 😂😂

      Nick's Strength and PowerNick's Strength and Power2 dagar sedan
  • Blessing looks light years ahead of Nick Walker 😂😂

    SdonaG MacSdonaG Mac2 dagar sedan
  • Victor competed at the Arnold Classic 2020

    Nekron BeastNekron Beast3 dagar sedan
  • My favorite thing is that Julius is actually using full ROM, extremely impressive

    Mjolnir LightningMjolnir Lightning3 dagar sedan
  • Who can see that photo shop on blessings left last by the window

    natasha buinatasha bui3 dagar sedan
  • Let's go Julius🔥

    Owam Sage HoyiOwam Sage Hoyi3 dagar sedan
  • Idk, he's decently strong, but he's also a huge guy. A 150 pound man benching 315 with impeccable form is waaay more impressive to me. Keep in mind I've been a strength trainer for 10+ years and could leg press over 1000 pounds raw (with knee wraps) back when I coached high school football. My body's not the same anymore (got bad knees and a bad back), but that's the price of leg pressing world class weight. Not many guys can claim to have felt over 1000 pounds on their bodies, but then again, I'm not exactly most people lol. Just food for thought. (please dont take this seriously its a copypasta)

    Nikolas DarlasNikolas Darlas3 dagar sedan
  • How much gear do you reckon Julius takes to bench that much?

    GambarizingGambarizing3 dagar sedan
  • No Comment on Daniel Bells 500kg squat? feelsbadman

    J RJ R3 dagar sedan
  • Victor competed last Arnold Classic...

    The DomeThe Dome3 dagar sedan
  • That 780+ bench looking disturbingly easy.....

    Syed Zaheer Hussain Shah Kazmi CR 2B BS Eng MorSyed Zaheer Hussain Shah Kazmi CR 2B BS Eng Mor3 dagar sedan
  • That is the smoothest of all his WR's

    iLubembziLubembz3 dagar sedan
  • That's a paused bench press!?

    KobinalsKobinals3 dagar sedan
  • Juilus's bench records have left the planet. Prolly gona need an alien at this point to break 'em.

    Kanwar Singh GillKanwar Singh Gill3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah...Patrick New blood, the future at 38 years old...

    Bugheanu AlexandruBugheanu Alexandru3 dagar sedan
  • Lmao Julius' 783lb was even cleaner and easier than his 770lb! 🤯🤯🤯

    murozmanmurozman3 dagar sedan
  • Didn't victor do the arnold last year

    seemendastreetseemendastreet3 dagar sedan
  • Big rammy will not win mr.o again.

    Tony FullerTony Fuller3 dagar sedan
  • Julius can bench the 800, we all know this by watching this video

    Chris PereiraChris Pereira3 dagar sedan
  • Julius is a beast! No question he gonna reach that dreamy 800

    GibbonRikeGibbonRike3 dagar sedan
  • 1969: 801 lb = deadlift WR 2021: 800 lb = raw bench press WR That's some crazy sh*t.

    Sam SamilliaSam Samillia3 dagar sedan
    • In 30 years people will be warming up with 600 😂

      Patrick SotoPatrick Soto3 dagar sedan
  • nice arm shots and then you put them side by side.insta bodybuilder against an actual bodybuilder ..go nick

    nill zeronill zero3 dagar sedan
  • Blessing has come so far

    Paul JawandaPaul Jawanda3 dagar sedan
  • Breaks world record and calls it a warm up ! Totally believe him too there was no straining whatsoever looked easy af ! What a beast 💪

    Jordan LiftsJordan Lifts3 dagar sedan
  • I think its good that the Olympia 2021 is moved to October

    Official FilmilenOfficial Filmilen3 dagar sedan
  • CAn Julius pls just bench 800 already so can move past this barrier...

    howard condomanhoward condoman3 dagar sedan
  • Blessing looks amazing! Crazy x frame factor

    Jade ClevelandJade Cleveland3 dagar sedan
  • Spending time in watching your channel videos is the best part of my day,well,aside from I'm sleeping and eating... Such big bodybuilders muscle worship,flexing and posing are in my channel.

    Haider KhanHaider Khan3 dagar sedan
  • Blessing has a better lower half than cedric? If we're talking about aesthetic open guys.

    Bryan BBryan B3 dagar sedan
  • Nick's gonna make dwarf blessing awodibu so much he'll change his name to cursed awodibu

    Nightbeard _Nightbeard _3 dagar sedan
  • The guy benches more than most people deadlift squat and bench all together. Which is quite insane

    Damien VdveenDamien Vdveen3 dagar sedan
  • What's most impressive about julius bench is how controled and relaxed he is with a pause at the bottom. Hes gonna smash 800 easily

    Chad EhlingChad Ehling3 dagar sedan
  • Patrick will never again be top 10. He doesn’t have anything that can make him surpass almost every guy in the pros

    Muscle MadnessMuscle Madness3 dagar sedan
  • I think Jay's smoking crack.

    Harry LoewenHarry Loewen3 dagar sedan
  • John haack benched 573 @181 bodyweight. Now that’s insane

    Douglas StorchDouglas Storch3 dagar sedan
  • Victor competed at the last 2 Arnold Classics

    Solo the MonSolo the Mon3 dagar sedan
  • Blessing nicer to look at, he wins.

    *M A R S**M A R S*3 dagar sedan
  • Blessing vs nick Nek minute Rolly: just joined the chat

    Robert BrandonRobert Brandon3 dagar sedan
  • And he brings the bar so low it digs into his pecs! No arching his chest up to the bar here! Well done!

    Nebol's Channel - AI, ML, general coding etcNebol's Channel - AI, ML, general coding etc3 dagar sedan
  • Has Victor not competed at the Arnolds last year??

    Stefan Patrick KaiserStefan Patrick Kaiser3 dagar sedan
  • What the hell !!! That Julius is not Human

    NassiNassi3 dagar sedan
  • Nick's Voice and power point presentations

    Clax AmnellClax Amnell3 dagar sedan
  • Julian...the only man that can get away with always having chest day. Lol Victor could have had several titles if he didn't have such a challenging personal life.

    Don JohnsonDon Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • Oh I hope victor competes!!!

    Andy BraunAndy Braun3 dagar sedan
  • Also should be mentioned is Daniel Bell squat haft ton which is 500kg and broke the total WR.

    Chris YanChris Yan3 dagar sedan
  • If Ramy improves in 2021, we'll have to call him " ripped Ramy " from then on.

    Glorious AdonisGlorious Adonis3 dagar sedan
  • Blessings legs are awsm and cut, he is an overall package

    Shabab and Sairab AlamShabab and Sairab Alam3 dagar sedan
  • Actually, Victor Martinez competed less than a year ago as he did the AC... Hewas one of the "old" ones, with Johnny Jackson.. Julius looks like he was going to do reps !! It was so easy, smooth, fluid, not shaking..

    fabien delaviefabien delavie3 dagar sedan
  • I hope Julius is done with powerlifting of this caliber after he gets the 800lbs. Being that big cant be good for his heart.

    Mr SamehMr Sameh3 dagar sedan
  • Everytime Julius hits a PR it’s a World Record... that’s cool 😅

    Daniel NolteDaniel Nolte3 dagar sedan
  • It will be end of December

    Paulo SevickPaulo Sevick3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like you’re missing a lot of powerlifting coverage that happened today Nick. Just a thought since your channel is called “Nick’s strength and power”

    Juan VillagranJuan Villagran3 dagar sedan
  • Warm up for June? He's gonna lift a whole month?? Sheesh.

    DH NibbhayaDH Nibbhaya3 dagar sedan
  • Better legs than Brandon

    discriminate 6discriminate 63 dagar sedan
  • julius just to fat.

    Someone from denmarkSomeone from denmark3 dagar sedan
  • Awodibu will defeat Nick hands down.

    King CheemsKing Cheems3 dagar sedan
  • Julius after that bench looked like he could have managed around a 100 pounds more on the bar 😂 Mah man landed on the wrong planet fo sho 😂💪❤

  • This bench press looked so easy - 800 pounds was totally within range, TOTALLY! Blessing's arms looks GOOD when compared to Nick's, and we know Nick has "decent" size. Patrick looks weird - I mean, I don't see much more space in his frame to pack signifficantly more muscle mass

    Damian MaterowskiDamian Materowski3 dagar sedan
  • When victor competed in 2020 AC

    Donk BoxDonk Box3 dagar sedan
    • Bruh

      Donk BoxDonk Box3 dagar sedan
  • Julius Maddox :-bench presses Weights :- Am i a joke to you😂

    md tauseefmd tauseef3 dagar sedan
  • Didn't Victor just compete like last year or the year before and didn't look good, and isn't he retired??.. or am I crazy?

    Jonathan ThurstonJonathan Thurston3 dagar sedan
  • Maddox is a monster

    Gabriel MalinisGabriel Malinis3 dagar sedan
  • Bench Pressing a round 800 pounds is great, but in KG it's 363.63636363636363.... Try engraving that on a cup.

    terry willisterry willis3 dagar sedan
  • I thought Victor was retired

    L. K.L. K.3 dagar sedan
  • is it me or did that 782lbs move waaaay too easily? hes going to absolutely smash 800

    Terrance ButlerTerrance Butler3 dagar sedan
  • Jay cutler takes so long to get a sentence out

    Bang bang A aBang bang A a3 dagar sedan
  • Why nobody talks about the lack of actual pause on Julius' bench? Yes, the barbell touches his chest but it is never motionless as it should, as stated by the rules. Rather, I see a sinking into his fat which feeds into a dipping to use his leg drive. Not hating on the guy, he is a beast. It's the referee's job to validate the lift, I don't see a motionless barbell. Do you?

    alan rastellialan rastelli3 dagar sedan
  • Blessing looks fantastic .. will do better than Nick I think .. he’s got nicer lines and more visually appealing

    Patrick BarrettePatrick Barrette3 dagar sedan
  • I am genuinely confused that that was a WR. Julius made it look like nothing 😳

    BammyQBammyQ3 dagar sedan