12 jan 2021
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  • Machu Picchu looks honest to god nothing like that?? Why would it even come into your brsin to guess lol

    Cooler BeanCooler Bean3 timmar sedan
  • My 6 year old sister is able to name all of these places while these 25 year old people can't even figure out where the Kremlin and the Chichen Itza are located and think that a French flag looks like a Soviet Flag.

    ChessTacticChessTactic20 timmar sedan
  • Haha that 2nd Moscow is a COD map

    TAskheimTAskheim23 timmar sedan
  • This was excruciating

    Thomas HerbertThomas Herbert23 timmar sedan
  • Simon deserves a dislike for going for Peru twice

    Luis PatinoLuis PatinoDag sedan
  • This was very painful to watch

    Sven PetrunicSven PetrunicDag sedan
  • Screaming behind my screen after Simon tried to find Moscow around Mongolia

    Outta NowhereOutta NowhereDag sedan
  • And I thought the American education system was bad.

    Jadon MoralesJadon MoralesDag sedan
  • i think i lost braincells watching this

    1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STi1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STiDag sedan
  • For traveling this much these guys are really dumb

    Marshall GabermanMarshall GabermanDag sedan
  • Simon “I feel likes it’s this “ proceeds to circle the whole globe

    Rory McGuinnessRory McGuinness2 dagar sedan
  • that wasn’t the Empire State Building actually! I think that building is called the Chrysler Building or something. they look really similar.

    Uncle JeezyUncle Jeezy2 dagar sedan
  • 6:40 I actually been there on a school trip I would have marked it on the spot

    Ivy the elemental heartIvy the elemental heart2 dagar sedan
  • i need compensation for the brain cells i lost watching this come on simon 😭

    ryan coombsryan coombs3 dagar sedan
  • Bruh they didn’t know where the Empire State or Versailles was😂😂

    Marlon Ben2891Marlon Ben28913 dagar sedan
  • Simon fucking hell that really fucking trigfered my ocd when you literally had your cursor over the empire state building and it said EMPIRE FUCKING STATE BUILDING and still kept looking I was like maybe he doeant know thats the esb but you twat you knew it exactly

    Faizan AlviFaizan Alvi3 dagar sedan
  • this dude knows nothing

    Wahidur RahmanWahidur Rahman3 dagar sedan
  • When Simon didn’t recognise Moscow I cringed so hard, may be beceuse I studied Russian history in school but still

    Nadya Karpova editsNadya Karpova edits3 dagar sedan
  • as a new yorker.. this hurt

    Margarita GutierrezMargarita Gutierrez3 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit these guys are uneducated🙁

    123 456123 4564 dagar sedan
  • Que bonita la Alhambra de Granada 😍😍

    Joshua JohnstonJoshua Johnston4 dagar sedan
  • Simon Im sorry but the russia one was common sense

    BBORODIBBORODI4 dagar sedan
  • The pain I suffered watching this video is unmatched

    Louis WalkerLouis Walker4 dagar sedan
  • 4:20 who’s gonna tell him it wasn’t the Empire State Building

    Jai DhillonJai Dhillon4 dagar sedan
  • painfullllllllllll, doesnt even know how the kreml looks like

    Olaf_ 5079Olaf_ 50794 dagar sedan
  • It triggers me so much no one ever uses the compass

    Rasmus LDSRasmus LDS4 dagar sedan
  • i was dying inside while watching this like who doesn't know where the red square is? and they didn't even recognize terracotta army

    gayfroggayfrog4 dagar sedan
  • there so uncultured lmao

    diego braundiego braun4 dagar sedan
  • Machu Picchu is up mountains, thats bad

    Connor McDonaldConnor McDonald4 dagar sedan
  • So cringe omg

    MrFaktenFaktenFaktenMrFaktenFaktenFakten5 dagar sedan
  • 5:40 I was like okay Moscow or St.Petersburg and he went for Prague oh god

    Johny SidestepJohny Sidestep5 dagar sedan
  • I mean technically Ellum did have the least distance wrong in that last round

    BennoJamesBennoJames5 dagar sedan
  • Lol, 2 times Chichen Itza and you are 2 times in Peru.. Wtf mate :D

    EziorasEzioras5 dagar sedan
  • Simon has the geography skills of an American, this was awful to watch. Back to ZerkaaClips I guess

    DynamiccookieDynamiccookie5 dagar sedan

    KtongmmKtongmm5 dagar sedan
  • Seeing him scroll past the Empire State Building like 6 times was tuff

    Joel EppletteJoel Epplette5 dagar sedan
    • It wasn’t even the Empire State Building though so

      Jonny CorryJonny Corry10 timmar sedan
  • what to take away from this video: my wold geography teacher would be very dissapointed in my, especially considering im taking his class this year

    Weeb in Wolf's ClothingWeeb in Wolf's Clothing5 dagar sedan
  • Wtf this have me a headache

    Brandon RamBrandon Ram5 dagar sedan
  • How do you not know the Kremlin and St Basils Cathedral??

    •slimjimmy••slimjimmy•5 dagar sedan
  • Fucking knob obviously it’s 🇷🇺

    Jack StephensonJack Stephenson5 dagar sedan
  • He’s so dumb he was scrolling past the Empire State multiple times and didn’t see it

    Charlie MawleCharlie Mawle5 dagar sedan
  • "no one clocked the empire state building right Infront of us." IT WAS THE CHRYSLER BUILDING

    Ben ReevesBen Reeves5 dagar sedan
  • Forget what you guys r talking about . Why is no one talking about how Simon got put in the same place twice but guessed tha same place where he got it wrong in Chichen Itza

    Peugeot 206 1.4lPeugeot 206 1.4l5 dagar sedan
  • jj would do better than this while he's half asleep

    Neetigya BisenNeetigya Bisen5 dagar sedan
  • How do they not know the Basilica? 😂

    Bilbo BagginsBilbo Baggins5 dagar sedan
  • That was the chrysler building not the empire state building

    Conan StathamConan Statham5 dagar sedan
  • yeah that wasnt the empire state building, that was the Chrysler building...

    RagingGamingHDRagingGamingHD5 dagar sedan
  • Simon passing the Empire State Building key in the game so many times😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    Giselle JosephGiselle Joseph5 dagar sedan
  • This group really doesn’t know shit at Geography huh-? And this is coming from an American. . .

    Sadie AdlerSadie Adler6 dagar sedan
  • I did a project on the Spain location the other day

    shaka vírguez doradoshaka vírguez dorado6 dagar sedan
  • He doesn't recognize the Kremlin. Are you kidding me.

    Mc BratMc Brat6 dagar sedan
  • It’s not the Empire State it was the Chrysler Building

    Liam BradyLiam Brady6 dagar sedan
  • simon simon simon did you hit your head again

    CludyCludy6 dagar sedan
  • Well, if I ever feel that I doubt my own intelligence, I can always come back to this video.

    Louis CashLouis Cash6 dagar sedan
  • Man literally put the the mouse on Empire State Building and clicked it

    Nathan WallaceNathan Wallace6 dagar sedan
  • This is so cringe watching Simon just sit and scroll over the place it actually is...

    jakob mortensenjakob mortensen6 dagar sedan
  • *This video is clearly an example of* *zero IQ making bags by posting video*

    Lalu Yadav Bihar waleLalu Yadav Bihar wale6 dagar sedan
  • The synonymous input etiologically itch because fog unlikely shade before a acoustic spring. massive, fortunate south africa

    Efrain HellenEfrain Hellen6 dagar sedan
  • Geo guesser football stadiums or airports should be next

    Jack NelsonJack Nelson6 dagar sedan
  • The moscow round broooooo why PRAGUE???

    David DellacasaDavid Dellacasa6 dagar sedan
  • So painful to watch

    Lucas IsdahlLucas Isdahl6 dagar sedan
  • No cap simon the worst at geography but the vids are great

    COD JoshCOD Josh6 dagar sedan
  • 13:25 anyone recognize this place from assassins creed lol

    Mahdad ShaghaghiMahdad Shaghaghi6 dagar sedan
  • At 15:57 I see my area! Right by DC lol

    umer malikumer malik6 dagar sedan
  • My man said the Empire State Building 😂

    Jake HastingsJake Hastings6 dagar sedan
  • im screaming at the screen throughout this entire video

    shreeya singhshreeya singh6 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit, how dumb can someone be.

    Jelly Twins101Jelly Twins1016 dagar sedan
  • These guys are so dumb

    Christian MathewsChristian Mathews6 dagar sedan
  • They don’t know Red Square or Palace of Versailles? 😹

    Kodiak1234Kodiak12346 dagar sedan
  • Simon scrolled past Empire State Building

    Ayush patelAyush patel6 dagar sedan
  • I lost braincells watching this

    StijnStijn6 dagar sedan
  • NDL

    ReshirexReshirex6 dagar sedan
  • That was the tomb of 1000 soldiers lol

    sean smithsean smith6 dagar sedan
  • Damn you all suck at famous locations! Hahaha

    sean smithsean smith6 dagar sedan
  • Shocking.

    bendiktsbendikts6 dagar sedan
  • The great wall *was* the border.

    Less ._.Less ._.6 dagar sedan
  • This video made me unsubscribe

    PurryPurry6 dagar sedan
  • Just remember there is a compass on the screen

    RoryRory6 dagar sedan
  • Simon, I love you but you were looking at the Chrysler Building, not the Empire State Building lol. Also for future reference from a guy who lives in New York, every street going east west that is north of Canal St. is numbered and goes up the more north you go.

    Jrock2339Jrock23396 dagar sedan
  • Just saw the moresidemen video

    Paul HolbanPaul Holban6 dagar sedan

    Aarnav RainaAarnav Raina6 dagar sedan
  • its the bloody terracotta army

    The_3_KnightsThe_3_Knights6 dagar sedan
  • Comparing chichen itza to Machu Picchu is like comparing Simon to KSI 😂

    Callum BowlerCallum Bowler6 dagar sedan
  • This was just sad to see

    Bo KristiansenBo Kristiansen6 dagar sedan
  • The collective IQ of this lobby is in the single digits

    JebThePlebJebThePleb6 dagar sedan

    Karl PattisonKarl Pattison6 dagar sedan
  • Check Out My Gaming Videos!!!

    AVAKIAVAKI6 dagar sedan
  • Didnt know Simon was this dumb

    Bo KristiansenBo Kristiansen6 dagar sedan
  • Did Simon think Normandy was in Germany or was he just guessing Germany?....

    conor manganconor mangan7 dagar sedan
  • Love Simon but his geography is acc shit

    Bigman44Bigman447 dagar sedan
  • This video is so fun

    Reband GreebReband Greeb7 dagar sedan
  • Simon ur my favorite but I expected more from you.

    Creative CrafterCreative Crafter7 dagar sedan
  • This is actually so painful the lack of general knowledge

    Richard RaithbyRichard Raithby7 dagar sedan
  • I have been to the one in norway

    Lavrans GustavsenLavrans Gustavsen7 dagar sedan
  • This is really painful to watch. I mean this is basic geography

    Ricky DiasRicky Dias7 dagar sedan
  • being from NYC it was hard to watch you guys try and guess where you were considering i walk that street like every day 😭

    liam mcgeeliam mcgee7 dagar sedan
  • Take a shot every time someone says “bro”

    Ben SMCBen SMC7 dagar sedan
  • I would just love to say that machu pichu isn't a pyramid, it's mountain with loads of like ruins of stone buildings on it

    JessJess7 dagar sedan
  • Man said Normandy when it’s mount saint michael 😭

    The zLMBThe zLMB7 dagar sedan
  • Has anyone else been to the third one 😂

    Leah RobertsLeah Roberts7 dagar sedan