Minecraft, But Three People Control One Player...

5 maj 2020
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Minecraft, But Three People Control One Player... this was super hilarious...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. We try to beat the game, while I am stuck together with my 2 friends. One can break blocks, one can attack, and I control where we move. It's like those challenges where one person has the mouse and one has the keyboard, except with 2 people

If this video gets 200,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a new challenge. This video was structured very similarly to my other video "Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time...", so you may notice those music and content themes in this video.

  • Out of all the playthroughs I have seen, this has to be the most entertaining and intense yet :D Thank you all three of you :D

    tryAGAIN 1987tryAGAIN 1987Timme sedan
  • “ok, fine. *EAT.”*

    Andy SutterAndy SutterTimme sedan
  • Wouldn't this make gorge a top🤔🤨

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  • 16:36 bless you

    mutecanary'smutecanary's8 timmar sedan
  • Did anybody notice how his durability on his bow didn’t go down?

    SumeraSumera8 timmar sedan
  • Honestly I dont understand how you code this stuff sheesh

    Emmy LawtonEmmy Lawton10 timmar sedan
  • 1:13 SAPNAP dababy is real!!!

    Diego Leiva EscuderoDiego Leiva Escudero11 timmar sedan
  • What george and Sapnap the whole video:DREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Dream the whole video : chill & *maniac laugh* George alone the whole video: eat eat eat the food sapnap the whole video: Dream what the heck & dream your a maniac

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  • 3:15 this.

    ☺︎︎ sᴀʀᴀ ☺︎︎☺︎︎ sᴀʀᴀ ☺︎︎13 timmar sedan
  • clip?

    Jaime PchJaime Pch13 timmar sedan
  • 3:16 perfect

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  • You only have one job..

  • George,dream and sapnap -DIAMONDS!!!! me- am I hearing christmas music . 🧐

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  • 3:14 nice dream

    calvin narendracalvin narendra15 timmar sedan
  • 2:28 baby pigs cute

    Damon ChenDamon Chen16 timmar sedan
  • ok so is this a mod or is it a scary movie?

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  • George: I saved the day as usual 🙄

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    Sɪᴍᴘʟʏ MᴀʏᴄɪᴇSɪᴍᴘʟʏ Mᴀʏᴄɪᴇ17 timmar sedan
  • Imagine George saying it's not my fault i am colourblind

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  • I love how reckless dream was in this video 😂🤣😂🤣. Lmao damn

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  • 1:58 it was herobrain😨

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  • I love the fact that they played the ''jingle bell music'' in the background (17:02 - 17:32)

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  • Why does it have alot of dislikes?😐

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  • ''dream just jumping to a cob web** sapnap and george: dREAM!

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    • also why is there christmas music..?

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  • Jesus fu***** crist george it is autisticly slow when they are trying to make a portal

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  • I forgot George has his hot bar set differently maybe that's why he got confused with the tab switches

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  • Look at the water on 9:13. it’s glitched

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  • Reviens,

    Bonnie MillerBonnie MillerDag sedan
  • Dream: just jumping over revings. George and sapnap: aghhjhj Dream: chill i just jumped over a revien. george and sapnap: wth

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  • They scream at Dream when he dies the cobweb mlg

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  • They are such good freinds

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  • The christmas music when they got the diamonds killed me haha

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  • Ooooooo

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      Minkie & LunkieMinkie & LunkieDag sedan
  • Minecraft: [Diamonds!] Music: *it's Christmas :D*

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  • dream kill the pig george i will not kill the pig

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  • 13:31 oh no he is covid

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  • Alternative title: sapnap and george helping dream to survive

    ☁︎💠Selever💠☁︎☁︎💠Selever💠☁︎2 dagar sedan
  • 00:53 Sapnap: dream team baby

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  • THANK YOU SMP YOU MAKE MY DAY SO MUCH) dont YOU DARE mind my profile) but not in 8884398849 years will dream like my comment)

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  • dream team:finds diamonds *CHRISTMAS MUSIC INTENSIFIES*

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  • JUST EAT!!!

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  • 17:10 🎶it’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶🥳

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  • Sapnap: **trashtalks Dream's movement** Dream: bAdABaM, bAdAbAm

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  • 26:30 Best

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  • One thing they didnt know is that they had to deal with dreams recklessness

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  • dream:does pro like things dreams friends being scardy cats:Ahhhhhhhhh!

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  • Was this mod made by FUNDY

    SWETHA SunilSWETHA Sunil2 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of minions when they pretend to be a adult woman

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  • 3:12 gorge and sapnaps panic killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • R u inside me rn? Silence Yes

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  • Kids, this is what u call team work.

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  • George is like the the mom and Dream is his son

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  • [{"name":"Dream","uuid":"8e176c5a-c26d-4c14-8efe-77b598b8b3ea","expiresOn":"2323-06-10 15:34:15 +0200"}] I FOUND DREAMS UUID

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  • *teamwork* makes the *dream* work

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  • 13:28 Dream: -sneeze 2x- George: *U idiot* Sap: *Why th are u sneezing?!*

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  • u real ee hate dream

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  • "Wait- we'll use the power of friendship :D"

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  • I thought badboyhalo would do the craft

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  • I have idea dream can you become evil dream can you make a video please dream

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  • One day their friendship will fail, I don't know how but I DO know when. And Im NOT TELLING

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  • 😂

    Hari MhatreHari Mhatre3 dagar sedan
  • 3:16 bruhhhh

    Jerome LoquisJerome Loquis3 dagar sedan
  • Three Players, One Water Bucket

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  • I want dream to do speedruner vs dream but with 2 speedruners!

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  • This was so trippy to watch :/

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  • PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOOOOR..... SAPDREORGE!!!!!!!! the most cursed thing in the world

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  • hey lets say something random so i could get likes SAWARESENAI KIMI WA SHOUJO NA NO BOKU WA YARICHIN BICCHI WA OSU DA YO

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  • I just heared DREAM!!!!!

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  • How about Minecraft, but one person controls three players?

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  • Dreama

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  • POV: you’re schizophrenic and playing Minecraft and they’re your voices in your head deciding your decisions. 2:26

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  • You know sapnap is raised fine by his parents as he refuses to kill the baby pig !

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  • Whenever I trust my friend to drive us places, this is how it is. Two of us freaking out while she drives like a maniac

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  • Dream play game world war z

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  • Dream: we can make a sword, a pick and a SPOON Sapnap: what’s up with you and spoons?

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  • hey dream iam the biggest fan of urs can u invite me in ur smp please man.......pls i commented in ur every video to remind u p.s. i am a biggest fan of urs pls broooooooo

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  • 13:28 Dream: Achoo!

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  • Dream, George,Sapnap finds diamonds- Christmas song plays Dream, George, Sapnap finds more diamonds- *Christmas song intensifies*

    Kanhaiya SaranKanhaiya Saran3 dagar sedan
  • I felt like dream was controlling both placement and movement at 15:00

    Pranjali kashidPranjali kashid3 dagar sedan
  • Congrat on 22 mil.¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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  • The chicken that they killed was unkillable

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  • When dream dose a scary thing sapnap and george: DReAM!!! DREAM I HATE UR MOVEMENTS!

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  • Dream: wheres our little hole!? George and Sapnap: *starts laughing*

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  • this was before sapnap murdered pets

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  • so we’re all ignoring the fact he played christmas music august

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    • yep

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  • New Title: Dream giving his friends a heart attack for 30 Minutes

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  • Dude, the Christmas music though...

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  • Short version of this vid George: EAT THE FOOD!!! Dream: playing normally scaring them to death Snap: chilling George and Snap yelling: DREAMMMMMMMM

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  • 25:07 i love the way sapnap said pow at the same time dream fell in the lava

    DarkCallerDarkCaller4 dagar sedan
  • George: Sapnap Kiwl! P.S.: this is a joke not a hate comment.

    Cheyenne BacaniCheyenne Bacani4 dagar sedan
  • dream: at lava pool* creeper: oh hello there *explodes* Sapnap: DREEEeEEeeEEAM!!

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  • dream walk luky, george is stronger, and thhe other guy is who see better. ALL THIS COMBINED IS THE MOST POWERFULL PLAYER IN THE WORD!!!!!

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  • Dreamnotfoundnap

    Techno BladeTechno Blade4 dagar sedan
  • I thought this gonna be like Dream control the camera George control the breaking and attacking And sapnap control the movement And im wrong

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  • 13:25

    Don’t know what to name my accountDon’t know what to name my account4 dagar sedan