Guy doesn’t realize horse is standing right behind him.

7 jan 2021
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  • My ass would of been in the lake!🤣🤣🤣

    Awesome New Products ✅Awesome New Products ✅Timme sedan
  • these skyrim graphics mods are getting insane

    BrandonBrandon2 timmar sedan
  • this guy experienced zero trauma in his childhood....I would've shit my pants

    Concoctions By KatieConcoctions By Katie4 timmar sedan
  • This video shows speciesism so well - how we kill some animals but love others.

    Samu PuuronenSamu Puuronen5 timmar sedan
  • Guards in video games be like:

    Meme CoreMeme Core5 timmar sedan
  • At least it wasn’t a land shark 🦈

    Slippery StormSlippery Storm5 timmar sedan
  • Guy: "Oh shit i thought I felt breathing" Horse: "Hmm"

    Satwik KSatwik K5 timmar sedan
  • They're both so chill

    ClumsyAmbivertClumsyAmbivert6 timmar sedan
  • Its bidens gay horse

    dokhadokha7 timmar sedan
  • Hi, I'm here for the "most liked YT comment" competition?

    Shadow FallShadow Fall8 timmar sedan
  • Horse: I will watch him, I will protect him, as if he were my own. No matter what happens I will always.. Dude: Oh that's a horse. Okay. *like he's never seen a horse in his life*

    L WrightL Wright8 timmar sedan
  • That horse became John Cena for like 22 seconds.

    The Greatest EmperorThe Greatest Emperor10 timmar sedan
  • The same thing happened to me-was working by a horse farm and was leaning against the fence while eating a carrot-the horse reached over my shoulder and took it from my hand.My coworker was on the ground he was laughing so hard.

    chris goodaylechris goodayle10 timmar sedan
  • well this was underwhelming

    Tiago SilvaTiago Silva10 timmar sedan
  • Horse just wanted to say “hey” and chill with the dude. Didn’t want to rudely interrupt him while fishing either. Cool.

    PJMontoyaPJMontoya11 timmar sedan
  • Horse :- lets startle this guy😈 Guy :-hi🙂

    Vishal vishuVishal vishu12 timmar sedan
  • Is that a wild horse?

    eyeluv2danceeyeluv2dance12 timmar sedan
  • Horse: what you doing dale?

    DINNAH GODDINNAH GOD12 timmar sedan
  • I was actually expecting the horse to start standing on two legs

    Salty BrownieSalty Brownie13 timmar sedan
  • "Odd that I feel breathing on the back of my neck... now reel her in"

    Kathryn AlessiKathryn Alessi14 timmar sedan
  • Watch my gameplay streams on twitch at

    Laning SmithLaning Smith14 timmar sedan
  • Horse is just wait for it’s turn at fishing

    Cory M.M.Cory M.M.14 timmar sedan
  • That must be one sneaky horse.

    falcore91falcore9114 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else noticed he has a beard, I'm talking the horse 😁

    MO BMO B14 timmar sedan
  • I probably would've passed TF out...🤣

    Hopeless in NycHopeless in Nyc14 timmar sedan
  • everyone was waiting for him to get scared but honestly this reaction was funnier

    Lady LynxLady Lynx14 timmar sedan
  • Believe me, a horse CAN sneak up on you!

    Donna BarrDonna Barr15 timmar sedan
  • Horses are very curious creatures

    GreekMyth AOGreekMyth AO15 timmar sedan
  • I would be scared and consequently, I would scare the horse.

    DBforgoodsDBforgoods15 timmar sedan
  • 🐴: honey, whatcha doin? 👨: (turn back) oh shitt!

    magnifician 21magnifician 2116 timmar sedan
  • ♥♥♥

    The Goblin SteedThe Goblin Steed17 timmar sedan
  • I just hope that he gave that horse a nice pet after that

    Daniel FraizDaniel Fraiz17 timmar sedan
  • Horses with goatees make me melt like butter over fire, ugh they are so cute

    Thunder WolfThunder Wolf17 timmar sedan
  • Horse was like are you gonna share some of that fish big fella

    T-Hobbies G45T-Hobbies G4518 timmar sedan
  • Are we not worried about him accidentally getting his hook in the horse? My first thought.

    Leah PalzerLeah Palzer18 timmar sedan
  • I see..How Even Simple videos are enough to hit 1Million Views.. Lesson,Make it Simple for Easy Start .

    Nazeer AhmedNazeer Ahmed18 timmar sedan
  • Imagine it was a bear behind him

    jhon adamjhon adam18 timmar sedan
  • “Is the above video a good recommendation for you”

    Claws AnimationsClaws Animations19 timmar sedan
  • he couldn't feel the horse touching him? he couldn't hear or feel the horses breath? he wasn't even shocked turning around..........HE KNEW THE HORSE WAS BEHIND HIM.

    jamie ashmanjamie ashman19 timmar sedan
  • Horse: Somebody said you had apples?

    The FogThe Fog19 timmar sedan
  • Wait is it his, or wild? Either way it's funny

    xBlueWolfxBlueWolf20 timmar sedan
  • He just wants to fish with the boys

    lex johnsonlex johnson20 timmar sedan
  • How he not sense something was behind him is beyond me. The horse even touched his backpack for god sake.

    gabriel eliasgabriel elias21 timme sedan
  • That horse has a beard

    TazboyTazboy21 timme sedan
  • Shhh... Just let it happen.

    Former GhostFormer Ghost22 timmar sedan
  • This happened with me once and the horse almost ate my hair

    DaniyaDaniya22 timmar sedan
  • Good horse

    The DocThe Doc23 timmar sedan
  • The horse is friends with the elephant who hid behind that post after eating sugarcane

  • who knew horses could be stealthy

    Mouse RatMouse RatDag sedan
  • Somebody give this horse a zorg nut.

    selfie kroosselfie kroosDag sedan
  • Darn it I wanted him to get really scared when he turned around that he almost fell in. Or at least jumped.

    King WackyKing WackyDag sedan
  • His reaction "Oh shit, anyway"

    darek lokesdarek lokesDag sedan
  • I thought he was going to buck him off.

    Daka BakaDaka BakaDag sedan
  • THIS is a REAL... Horse Whisperer! 🐴 😂

    HolyLand FanHolyLand FanDag sedan
  • Better a horse than Biden

    Squatting DogSquatting DogDag sedan
  • Sneak: 100

    Valiente KiddValiente KiddDag sedan
  • You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it say it's right behind you.

    Nathan HangNathan HangDag sedan
  • Who did he think was sniffing him, Joe Biden?

  • Such a beautiful horse

    abhinav singhabhinav singhDag sedan
  • Who's horse is that?

    JoJo PotatoJoJo PotatoDag sedan
  • Ninja Horse

    uberhorseyuberhorseyDag sedan
  • Well that was anti climatic.

    JustPickAlreadyJustPickAlreadyDag sedan
  • This guy would be the first to go in a horror movie

    Elizabeth LassiterElizabeth LassiterDag sedan
  • Did he go to shake the horse’s hand at the end?

    TheWonderSquidTheWonderSquidDag sedan
  • We will just call the horse, Biden

    whitelifesmatter savetheboerwhitelifesmatter savetheboerDag sedan
  • He's standing so perfectly still he's invisible

    chillin like a chinchillachillin like a chinchillaDag sedan
  • A Ninja in real life. But on vacation.

    R BledsoeR BledsoeDag sedan
  • This guy just calmly said "oh shit" and the video ends. You, if that was me, I would've fallen into the water and had a heart attack

    Cleanu ReevesCleanu ReevesDag sedan
  • Never stand behind a human. They kick

    Bentley LockwoodBentley LockwoodDag sedan
  • I was convinced the guy was gonna do that trope where u talk shit abt someone or challenge someone to a fight without realizing they're right behind u

    Dmitri VasilyevichDmitri VasilyevichDag sedan
  • this dude is chill af

    gustavo lemosgustavo lemosDag sedan
  • Did Drax taught that horse?

    Hadi YazidHadi YazidDag sedan
  • Always a backseat driver

    Aspen HillAspen HillDag sedan
  • Guy: what a beautiful day Horse: just like you Guy: wait what!!!!!!

    Cute KittenCute KittenDag sedan
  • He had a cameo in Avengers.

    Dark KnightDark KnightDag sedan
  • I wish for peace in your mind, love in your heart, hope in your spirit, and joy all around you. I want you to know that you are loved beyond your knowledge, you worthy, and appreciated. I hope you fulfill your destiny and triumph over any battles that you may face. I wish you nothing but the best in this life😗.

    edwine gomenasaiedwine gomenasaiDag sedan
  • Horse is trolling him 😆

    Macblink SkylightMacblink SkylightDag sedan
  • Looked like he was gonna shake the Horse’s hand at the end like “fair play man you got me”

    MoBroMoBroDag sedan
  • He didn't feel anything 🤔

    GmonkeyJ777GmonkeyJ777Dag sedan
  • .... was there a carrot on the end of that reel? 👀

    Shezza BezzaShezza BezzaDag sedan
  • Easy prey if I was a lion

    Dwight SchuetteDwight SchuetteDag sedan
  • Incredibly powerful sniff... “I thought I heard breathing” lol.

    Stefan RijosStefan RijosDag sedan
  • The horse is so beautiful.

    vikram dharmavikram dharmaDag sedan
  • Horse was sniffing him out

    Mopelola ayeniMopelola ayeniDag sedan
  • This dude is what's known as an *easy mark*

    Tim A.Tim A.Dag sedan
  • that horse got lucky he didn't startle the human, he could've kicked him without even turning around when getting nervous.

    Dude SoupDude SoupDag sedan
  • The horse was later named Drax the destroyer

    Chris DudeDurianChris DudeDurianDag sedan
  • Im mad bec i thought the guy would be scared. But i got, well, nothing.

    Theza Marie VlogsTheza Marie VlogsDag sedan
  • He has a great body .....the guy .

    juzores1juzores12 dagar sedan
  • Horse: sup

    Deez NutzDeez Nutz2 dagar sedan
  • Anybody Knows What type of Horse is this ?

    MysteriousMysterious2 dagar sedan
  • Was waiting for the horse to push him.

    random person person.random person person.2 dagar sedan
  • Is it a horse or joe biden

    joelincoln Lincolnjoelincoln Lincoln2 dagar sedan
  • “Hey little momma let me whisper in ya ear”

    VulcanVulcan2 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think i will ever see a horse eat a human. Not commen lololo

    we liTwe liT2 dagar sedan
  • That is a very manly horse. Look at that beard.

    Netherwolf6100Netherwolf61002 dagar sedan
  • Stealth 😂

    Melanie BruceMelanie Bruce2 dagar sedan
  • Cute horse! 😍😍🤗

    Krystal Harmony TikvahKrystal Harmony Tikvah2 dagar sedan
  • Look, its Biden’s spirit animal.

    Kipp DKipp D2 dagar sedan
  • The horse looks like Michael Jackson 😂

    TT2 dagar sedan