PREPARING FOR BABY GIRL! + Pregnancy week 34 update! 🤰🏼

22 feb 2021
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  • I love your content Jannid! 💕

    Stephanie LepizStephanie Lepiz2 timmar sedan
  • Hello Janni, can you do self tanning being pregnant?? Thanks

    Luís Filipe FernandesLuís Filipe Fernandes4 timmar sedan
  • if you wear more clothes with patterns it's harder to see where you have a stain or drool. love you Janni!

    Dara RowellDara Rowell6 timmar sedan
  • Nice blanket - my cats would go insane!, - tell us where from? - guessing your homeland

    dudepauliedudepaulie10 timmar sedan
  • kkkk, Lion querendo bagunçar!

    patricia medeirospatricia medeiros12 timmar sedan
  • Love your blogs like they are!! It chills me down every time! I like the length of your hair at the moment and would not cut it. Could you explain how Antonio makes the color to your hair? How does he set the highlights? It looks sooo natural 😍! Also want it like that ☺️

    Miss BMiss B15 timmar sedan
  • Whats up with thumbs up all the time? grandma feels all over 😂👍

    Gatita AnnaGatita Anna16 timmar sedan
  • Looks like my condiments door in the fridge

    honie ortizhonie ortiz17 timmar sedan
  • I love this honest vlog, showing when Leon gets mad because it’s just normal for kids his age. Hope you’re enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy!

    Lena MLena M18 timmar sedan
  • Me as a mom, I totally felt it where Jon was like yeah, I’ll just decrease the time I’m not doing anything and you said „I don’t have any free time to take time away from“. It’s the exact same for me 🙈

    Lena MLena M18 timmar sedan
  • I’m curious how involved are you in your brand’s designs? I would also like to see some business side of you two on your blog.

    KatarinaKatarinaDag sedan
  • Like some people already suggested, it would be nice to see some more parks of Monaco. Just take us along on a stroll around when you go on a walk. We don't need anything special or action-packed, it's just nice when you take us along to your day. I wish you the best for the last weeks of the pregnancy and safe travels to Marbella :)

    Mari AnnaMari AnnaDag sedan
  • 20:35 You know you’re from sweden when you wanna fill her in with ”ekorrhjul”

    Fia ErikssonFia ErikssonDag sedan
  • Janni, those feelings are normal and you have absolutely nothing to worry about in regards to not having enough time for Leon, he will be just fine, Jon will be just fine, you are a great mum already. It's yourself you need to be worried about, don't beat yourself up and don't put that much pressure on yourself. If you're not sleeping well, try the pillow between your legs when laying on your side, it really helps. Also please don't feel you need to do everything and be perfect. Lack of sleep and the hormones are a shitty combination, if you are feeling stretched out, it's okay to not vlog, it's okay to tell Jon that you need time to yourself to rest. Having a baby that is teething and being whiny and also heavily pregnant, is tough on your emotions and hormones, it's okay to go out by yourself and walk, or just window shop to allow yourself to breathe. Baby blues and postnatal depression is real, so please be open if you feel overwhelmed. Again, I can't stress enough how important it is to not put any kind of pressure on yourself. I found being a mum incredibly hard, i wasn't a natural, had PD with my 2nd, it felt like i was failing at times, then over the years, i realised nearly every new mum goes through it, they just don't talk about it. ❤️

    MadDog LambertMadDog LambertDag sedan
  • Jag skulle vilja se mer natur från Monaco, havet, bergen osv

    Hanna LouiseHanna LouiseDag sedan
  • Love Janni ❤️

    Paula BeshouriPaula BeshouriDag sedan
  • What do You use for tanning? How you do it?

    Katarzyna GąsiorKatarzyna GąsiorDag sedan
    • She's talked about it on her instagram. She uses this kind of small hand held device that sprays a gentle spray on your skin. I think it's called Tan revel (not sure about the spelling)

      Mari AnnaMari AnnaDag sedan
  • Maybe a special vlog from Nice 🥰 love u guys!

    Dorottya PeteliDorottya PeteliDag sedan
  • Did you find a new appartment in Monaco?

    SaraSaraDag sedan
  • I'd love to see a mini tour of Monaco. Love your videos!!

    Rosie RawlinsonRosie RawlinsonDag sedan
  • Such a lovely family !

    Wiam BouzianeWiam BouzianeDag sedan
  • It gave me an anxiety when I saw her climbing on the ladder next to the starirs and railing 😬🙄🙄

    Aleksandra RutkowskaAleksandra RutkowskaDag sedan
  • Did you find a bigger apartment in Monaco?

    Charlotte RahierCharlotte RahierDag sedan
  • i find lentil chips taste like fart..

    msmatou22msmatou22Dag sedan
  • 💗💗💗

    Aurélie JennaAurélie JennaDag sedan
  • Love a good time lapse- so satisfying. You’re so positive and Janni xx

    Cynthia LeafCynthia LeafDag sedan
  • Could you find a new Apartment?

    FranziPflanziFranziPflanziDag sedan
  • I would cut the hair even shorter then last time 😍😍 it looked soooo good und fresh. Long hair is a little boring in my opinion 😌

    AlinaJilAlinaJilDag sedan
  • Älskar dessa vloggar!

    Malin HenrikssonMalin HenrikssonDag sedan
  • Love your blogs, such a cute family. Poor little Leon teething is horrible .

    Nicolette Le RouxNicolette Le RouxDag sedan
  • What about your new flat? Did you find one or even search for one?

    Sigrid WeinhandlSigrid WeinhandlDag sedan
  • can you post the recipe of your meal it looks delicious Yuuum ? I would love to see a travel vlog to Marbella if possible haha

    Manel NefzaouiManel NefzaouiDag sedan
  • For the next vlog, since it is lockdown : your own journey? I just recently started following our account and love it. But it would be great with like a: "who am I, where do I come from, your family, how was it to start dating Jon, your life changing after that, why do you live where you live" an so forth. Perhaps a bit boring for someone, but would love like a recap of your life with old youtube clips and your perspective on how your life has changed and how. And maybe fun before the new baby arrives :) Love your vlogs and Leon is the cutest!

    baremegmoibaremegmoi2 dagar sedan
  • I wish you had a television show so I could watch you even more! Even in a lockdown you have great content ❤️

    solberfulsolberful2 dagar sedan
  • LOVE YOUR BLOGS)))))❤️

    Lena KaLena Ka2 dagar sedan
  • Travel vlog xxx

    Emily BarkerEmily Barker2 dagar sedan
  • Please can we see the sea! I miss it so much! And lots of Leon too! 💕

    Sally LeeSally Lee2 dagar sedan
  • Jon- Always taste the food during cooking, you have to!! Haha

    Lisa FredrikssonLisa Fredriksson2 dagar sedan
  • You are glowing ! Grow your hair long :)

    Grete M.Grete M.2 dagar sedan
  • Вы очень позитивная семья! Удачи ВАМ!!!!

    Гадание на воске. Древний Мир.Ancient knowledge.Гадание на воске. Древний Мир.Ancient knowledge.2 dagar sedan
  • I love your videos Janni, they are so relaxing, please keep uploading like you're doing now it's so cool !!!!!!!!

    Eléonore BEléonore B2 dagar sedan
  • Maybe you can go to Jardin exotique (beautiful view and you can go by bus) or jardin animalier (near by Place D'armes)☺️

    Emma SnauwaertEmma Snauwaert2 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful

    Band Cội NguồnBand Cội Nguồn2 dagar sedan
  • You look so good! Can't wait to follow along on this new chapter in your life with two kids

    Malin HernarMalin Hernar2 dagar sedan
  • You should show more of your baby items/clothes you have! Must haves etc :)

    Krista Da SilvaKrista Da Silva2 dagar sedan
  • Grow your hair long again Janni, your sister asked the same question about her hair. My answer was the same for you both. ❤️

    khs17khs172 dagar sedan
  • hauls?

    Austin & EmmaAustin & Emma2 dagar sedan
  • Love the blog you are a fabulous mother I hope you know that. 💕

    ReaTexasReaTexas2 dagar sedan
  • I think Leo is mini you and new baby doll will be Jon mini :)

    marie sanchezmarie sanchez2 dagar sedan
  • I really liked your creative opening scenes with the music!

    John McMillenJohn McMillen2 dagar sedan
  • C'mon, lets package in anything but plastic.

    Burp IeBurp Ie2 dagar sedan
  • Janni can you list your hair colour brand & numbers, lovely colour plus the brand of tan you use the wash off one . I love watching your vlogs as I too used live in Marbella & really miss it . Prayers 🙏 for your pending birth Xxxx

  • Can't wait to see the new baby I'm so excited she's going to be amazing janni you are going to see Jon fall in love with a nother woman his little girl there is something special between fathers and daughters and you'll also have your special bond with her I just can't wait I feel like an invisible aunt lol well til next time bye 😎❤️🙏🎿⛵

    Ruth LongRuth Long2 dagar sedan
  • You prettier than first pregnant

    Tina RTina R2 dagar sedan
  • Are you looking to adopt a 25 year old child (aka me) LOL 😭

    Jovanka Smiljanic-JazicJovanka Smiljanic-Jazic2 dagar sedan
  • Janni,I pray for a happy and healthy and safe delivery of your baby girl. God bless you

    Samuel SandeepSamuel Sandeep2 dagar sedan
  • It's always enjoyable to watch your vlogs and Jon's as well. And yes I agree with one of the comments that mentioned that it would be interesting to see how you prepare for your trip to Marbella from Monaco and also vlogging along the journey! Just be safe guys!

    Brian BartoloBrian Bartolo2 dagar sedan
  • Jon is a G. Taking care of Leon and not even having to fake it for the camera, just his natural way of going I guess. Good shit Jon.

    StfuStfu2 dagar sedan
  • So I guess you didn't find a new apartment in Monaco yet .

    Dee DeeDee Dee2 dagar sedan
  • leon dancing is the cutest thing ever 😍

    Vanessa MVanessa M2 dagar sedan
  • I dont mind at all if your videos are " same same", it can be really nice and relaxing to just watch this kind of chill content

    ShnaaShnaa2 dagar sedan
  • It doesn’t matter if you have 1 child or lots! (I have 5!). If you are a good parent and you know how to provide basic needs, emotional needs, and love and attention, your kids will turn out awesome! From what I see, you and Jon have it! So no need to worry about it any more.

    Jeannie EakinJeannie Eakin2 dagar sedan
  • Show us some of your excersize routines. Do you still go for you Monaco morning walks?

    Lucia RaubenheimerLucia Raubenheimer2 dagar sedan
  • mam of 3 and i recognise the feelings very well :) but really, don't worry jani, those feelings pass quickly ones she is there and you see how it all works out. he'll love it to be sometimes alone with you, sometimes 'help' you with the babysister and sometimes just get some 'alone time' to do sneaky things when you are busy with his sister haha ;) and it is so so nice and important for them that they get eachother. best gift!! well worth having a little bit less attention for :) one big tip for you: try to keep leon on his big afternoon sleep as long as you can, with some luck she can do one of her naps at that time too; that might give you an hour (or 2? haha) that you will be really thankfull for :) btw, what date is she calculated to come? my second one is a girl too and she was born on april 4th, she's the most amazing girl ever!

    San StoopSan Stoop2 dagar sedan
  • Is c'est normal a sustainable brand?

    TF LifestyleTF Lifestyle2 dagar sedan
  • Your Vlogs are always a treat of the week, Janni! Even the food and dribble bits!

    Phil CPhil C2 dagar sedan
  • You think you're vlogs might be a bit boring but remember, for most of us- our lives are SUPER boring (We are still in lockdown in Canada) so keep on vloggin'! P.S. You need Mirin and Miso to add to your fish sauce/soy/rice vinegar/sugars selection for tasty authentic Asian sauces. YANNI- 🥾 Can you mention the brand of the camel colored boots you were wearing in Jon's 'I Bought a Car!' video?? 🥾 (!)

    Sasha LynSasha Lyn2 dagar sedan
    • @Mari Anna Thank you!

      Sasha LynSasha Lyn2 dagar sedan
    • I've seen similar ones in

      Mari AnnaMari Anna2 dagar sedan
  • You don't vlog too much food, I am following what you both cook! x

    Tim FeeleyTim Feeley2 dagar sedan
  • Does everyone in Europe have two duvets for a double bed?! Are British people just weird for having one big one?? 🤣

    Genevieve LewisGenevieve Lewis2 dagar sedan
    • It depends on the people. But when one of you gets too hot and other one too cold at night, it's almost impossible to share a duvet.

      Mari AnnaMari Anna2 dagar sedan
    • Yes. 2 duvets is the way to go. No sharing.

      Callie MastersCallie Masters2 dagar sedan
  • I would like to see the Japanese garden. So if you could include that in ur next vlog it would be nice.

    Leon BuchLeon Buch2 dagar sedan
    • The fish there are HUGE.

      Callie MastersCallie Masters2 dagar sedan
  • Vad är det för temperatur i Monaco/Marbella nu? Älskar dina vloggar 🌸🌸🌸

    Malin LandbergMalin Landberg2 dagar sedan
  • Det skulle vara intressant att höra din/eran åsikt om ”debatten” som förs kring huruvida barn borde exponeras i vloggar så mycket. Vet inte om du sett/hört Jacob Liebermanns åsikter kring det? Hur tänker ni kring det hela? Obs inte menat som kritik, förstår att ni vill Leons allra bästa ❤️. Men vore intressant att veta om det är något ni tagit ställning till? Jag själv var lite delad men efter att ha hört Jacobs argument så kan jag nog tänka mig att det vore mest hälsosamt för ett barn att inte bli för exponerad, iaf inte vara i huvudfokus. Obs 2 ni har ju en otroligt gullig son och man blir såklart glad av att se er! 😊

    Emma StinaEmma Stina2 dagar sedan
  • I cant jst stop admiring Jon he is like really a helping hand for uu.....luv to see that btw u two....and Leon z charming boy luv uu dear cant think of him being a big brother😘😍 i really luv to see u guys making the trip to Marbella.....ur packing,getting ready and stuffs....i hope u would think abt this idea for new vlog.....🤗🥰

    • Jon is the main cook and is very nurturing with Leon. He works hard!

      TrumpWonTrumpWon2 dagar sedan
  • Love your vlogs ❤️💕

    Vera BäcklundVera Bäcklund2 dagar sedan
  • The new apartment hunt please 😘

    cupcakesteria cupcakecupcakesteria cupcake2 dagar sedan
  • Janni, they have drool bibs/ bandanas that might help you guys out. I found a bunch off of Amazon.

    Strick TroubleStrick Trouble2 dagar sedan
  • You guys are so lovely 🥰

    Berina Q5Berina Q52 dagar sedan
  • Hi Janni, did you find a bigger house in Monaco yet? Greetz from Holland😘

    Eva ErnstEva Ernst2 dagar sedan
  • An apartment Update would be great!

    Michael WetterMichael Wetter2 dagar sedan
  • I watched your vlogs for a good while now and i never understood why you travel back and forth between marbella and Monaco?? Do you have to or is it a choice? :)

    g0gg01g0gg012 dagar sedan
    • They live permanently in Monaco (Jon for 20 years soon I think) but Janni's dad and brothers live in Marbella so they got a house there too

      Mari AnnaMari Anna2 dagar sedan
    • €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ Even with high living costs, for some people it's cheaper to be a Monaco resident to beat taxes.

      Callie MastersCallie Masters2 dagar sedan
  • Hi Janni, Thanks for sharing your life with Jon and Leon. I do wish you all the best for you guys and the pregnancy.🐧 Leon is so cute.🤗 I would like to know if the shops and restaurants are open for the public in Mobaco? We in Germany are still in a strict lockdown. Would love to see the Aquarium, old town and Monte Carlo. 😊

    S KS K2 dagar sedan
  • Could you please do a taning tutorial? Love your Videos 😍♥️

    Celine ComCeline Com2 dagar sedan
    • She sometimes does on her instagram

      Mari AnnaMari Anna2 dagar sedan
  • Haha det är alltid lika kul att se hur mycket Leon totalt ääälskar kameran och hur frustrerad han blir när den inte längre är på en armlängds avstånd. Framtidens youtuber har vi nog där va ;) Så gullig

    Emilia BEmilia B2 dagar sedan
  • I just want to say: I love your recipes! I made the breakfast scones, the lussebullar and the next one I want to make will be the peanut butter cookies. I wish you all the best with your last pregnanyweeks. Kind regards, Joanne

    J. N.J. N.2 dagar sedan
  • My favorite SEworld channel. Seriously Janni, why aren’t you designing your own children’s clothes! Your taste is amazing. Did you find a ew apartment yet?

    MidwayMidway2 dagar sedan
  • Have you seen all the gardens in Monaco? Japanese Garden, the Rose Garden, St. Martin gardens are all nice for photos and kids without being such a walk as the Exotic Gardens. Not sure if Leon could handle the Animal Garden zoo yet.

    Callie MastersCallie Masters2 dagar sedan
  • You guys are very brave-bringing a child into this world during these tough times of the Covid 19 pandemic

    GoldenBoyGoldenBoy2 dagar sedan
    • @Mari Anna Its not about being fine-its about always wearing a mask-lockdowns everywhere-the risk of contracting a bad strain.If you got away with it-thats just luck and you can easily be reinfected after 6 months.The world can be a prison of some sorts-and thats why these 2 surprised me with their cavaliar attitude.We have to adapt our ways and that adaptation really sucks BIG TIME

      GoldenBoyGoldenBoy17 timmar sedan
    • @GoldenBoy most people are fine. Me and my boyfriend, his sister and bf, and about 15 other friends have had it without any issues. If you have no underlying issues, you're most likely fine and will get away with a nasty cold like symptoms. There are risks to everything in life, we can't stop living because of this because it's here to stay and at some point it will become like flu, it will come and go several times per year.

      Mari AnnaMari Anna2 dagar sedan
    • @Merishor Meri its not just about finances-its also the risk aspect

      GoldenBoyGoldenBoy2 dagar sedan
    • they have financial security, so that's for sure not a problem

      Merishor MeriMerishor Meri2 dagar sedan
  • You could do "A week in Monaco" for the next video

    Audrey suAudrey su2 dagar sedan
    • Take this vlog and repeat it 7 times. This is all they do.

      Callie MastersCallie Masters2 dagar sedan
  • Lol..Jon, "but what about me?" 🤣The realities of being parents☺💛

    tessa bodenhamtessa bodenham2 dagar sedan
  • I don't know if that is possible, but I would love to see a travel vlog from Monaco to Marbella. With all the packing, the preparations and the entertainment for the little one on the flight. But of course only if that is not too stressful to film. 💞

    Laura BLaura B2 dagar sedan
    • @Mari Anna Yeah, but i ment that benny would drive alone and jon and janni would come by plane🤷

      Mikko KeränenMikko Keränen2 dagar sedan
    • ​@Mikko Keränen Probably not the best time to do it when Janni is so far on her pregnancy. But for sure they will do it at some point like they said in Jon's vlog

      Mari AnnaMari Anna2 dagar sedan
    • I would also love a blog like this!!

      Trish WheelerTrish Wheeler2 dagar sedan
    • Jon purposely bought the rolls for roadtrip to Marbella! Crossing ours fingers guys!

      zefa17zefa172 dagar sedan
    • @The Forsaken One i’m not sure but if i remember right, benny said that he would drive the car to marbella

      Mikko KeränenMikko Keränen2 dagar sedan
  • It’s always an interesting vlog just watching Leon alone! He so cute and funny and smart! When he was trying on Jon’s sneakers 👟though! 😂

    TiffiT.TiffiT.2 dagar sedan
  • I nästa blogg kan ni göra en house toure?🚪

    Matilda CleaverMatilda Cleaver2 dagar sedan
  • Does Baby Leon know or understand that he is getting a baby sister? Have you tried to explain it to him? (Btw, it would be great if you do a vlog of Leon's day where he wears a go-pro and we see him run around!)

    Lisa_ and_ChristianLisa_ and_Christian2 dagar sedan
  • I love dancing Leon. How fun is that? When baby girl gets here, you will just involve Leon in your care of baby girl. You will still have time with Leon. No fear Mom.

    Beverly CrowderBeverly Crowder2 dagar sedan
    • Its true - especially if you praise the elder child for helping and kindness 🤗

      Henna GalHenna Gal11 timmar sedan
  • Anna Sophie KodesovaAnna Sophie Kodesova2 dagar sedan
  • I hope the new baby loves the camera as much a Leon. He is such a cutie always hamming it up for the camera.👶😋 Life will only get richer with new baby. You and Jon seem to be managing baby life just fine.

    Marisol JacksonMarisol Jackson2 dagar sedan
  • I just have to say Jon is such an amazing husband and father. Women forget what an important role a man plays in everything. He certainly is showing the world that a couple shares all the responsibilities of bringing up a family and home. I believe the most important part of having a healthy and happy family is that you don’t forget to nurture your relationship as a beautiful couple. 💕💗💜 happy marriage means happy children 🙏

    Cynthia Le BosseCynthia Le Bosse2 dagar sedan
    • @Sarah yes they are a beautiful couple. An example of what a family is.

      Cynthia Le BosseCynthia Le BosseDag sedan
    • Jon seems to be the main cook.

      TrumpWonTrumpWon2 dagar sedan
    • It is soo true- every time when I am watching the vlogs I think that jon is such a helpful, respectful and super cool dad/ husband. This shows me that there is still little hope that these kind of men exist. Honestly all men I know are totally different. And of course janni is super cool and nice too😍🥰 their kids can be soo happy to have them as their parents.🥰

      SarahSarah2 dagar sedan
  • Where is the peanut butter from? Love you guys 💕

    Charlotte A01Charlotte A012 dagar sedan
  • Jannid Karlsson, när ska nästa ägg kläckas

    Tripio 2077Tripio 20772 dagar sedan
  • My fav vlogger ever!!! Your my inspo 💗💗💗 always looking forward to your vlogs

    Tracey GhandourTracey Ghandour2 dagar sedan