They Used MY FACE in a Mobile Game Ad??

23 okt 2020
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okay gamers this is not okay....
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  • *smash subscribe or i use your face in an ad* also check out twitch

    Dani2Dani2Månad sedan
    • I did not sub

      Bforce 121Bforce 1212 dagar sedan
    • Smash subscribe or are use your face in an ad

      Real DeeReal Dee5 dagar sedan
    • I won't so I will get popular

      Eeshan SaiEeshan Sai9 dagar sedan
    • no i

      ReifansyahReifansyah18 dagar sedan
    • *unsbs*

      ZxspZxsp19 dagar sedan
  • Cringe

    James MaxJames MaxTimme sedan
  • 🥛

  • Omg there are lithuania pll in his chanel i from lithuania too If you dint know lithuania is a small country and lithuania is not really pupuler In country there is only 3mil pll

    lolas LTUlolas LTU5 timmar sedan
    • 8:55

      lolas LTUlolas LTU5 timmar sedan
  • I can't drink milk for my health.

    GD LeaksGD Leaks5 timmar sedan
  • Lol the way he called it a piece of shit lol

    Blaye BidzinskiBlaye Bidzinski8 timmar sedan
  • What is unity's P A R T I C L E S Y S T E M?

    Google User4628Google User46289 timmar sedan
  • I

    Sabine BazaudSabine Bazaud9 timmar sedan
  • I

    Sabine BazaudSabine Bazaud9 timmar sedan
  • I

    Sabine BazaudSabine Bazaud9 timmar sedan
  • I

    Sabine BazaudSabine Bazaud9 timmar sedan
  • #choccimilkgang

    coolstealth10coolstealth1010 timmar sedan
  • Hmmmmm I m alergic to milk

    Taka RodjalTaka Rodjal10 timmar sedan
    • True dani fans drink milk anyway

      Da crazy KidDa crazy Kid10 timmar sedan
  • Dani why did you add Billy in Karlson even if you hate Billy?

    Mobile GamerMobile Gamer12 timmar sedan
  • I think I know the real reason why his neck is so long it's because he hasn't been tickled in a long time by the neck so he's never have to go down with the neck

    blue eyeblue eye13 timmar sedan
  • 11:09 COVID 😅

    Poké ProjectPoké Project14 timmar sedan
  • Isn't it suspicious he keeps making videos about people stealing his stuff? Is this clickbait?!

    Vanessa LevyVanessa Levy16 timmar sedan
  • 5:31 look at his clothes!

    AlexaAlexa16 timmar sedan
  • no the drill noooo

    Hat LHat L17 timmar sedan
  • Just saing I realized that I like every vid I wach and ur my 5000 soooo LUCKY

    Izzat ShamiIzzat Shami18 timmar sedan
  • Karlson *

    abdul hameedabdul hameed18 timmar sedan
  • Plzzz zzz make a Karl's on game for me plzz on mobile

    abdul hameedabdul hameed18 timmar sedan
  • Make racing game (or you can't do that)

    Anuradha SinghAnuradha Singh18 timmar sedan
  • If milk come from cow do that means the cow is our mom

    Noah NunezNoah Nunez19 timmar sedan
  • why dont try to make to make 5d game (or u cant do that)

    Teh BrickTeh Brick20 timmar sedan
  • Your brrr is Amazing Dani :O

    ImShrpy's ARTImShrpy's ART22 timmar sedan
  • Didn’t you just say coca cola was black poison?

    Yehshua RamaYehshua Rama22 timmar sedan
  • MILK

    Merry GonzalesMerry Gonzales23 timmar sedan
  • Dani: I'm gonna send the drill after you Me: We don't speak about the drill in these parts

    Yueri LiuYueri LiuDag sedan
  • Is it just me or is Dani not looking kinda THICC

    Rakan AlkRakan AlkDag sedan
  • I have 2 Chanells the one I'm using right now has karlson vibr in it but in a different app

    Dust MsgDust MsgDag sedan
  • But, i actually don't like milk-

    Darkwarrior Gaming YTDarkwarrior Gaming YTDag sedan
  • Dani karlson

    bubblesmusic&memesbubblesmusic&memesDag sedan
  • Dani karlson

    bubblesmusic&memesbubblesmusic&memesDag sedan
  • Dani karlson

    bubblesmusic&memesbubblesmusic&memesDag sedan
  • Dani karlson

    bubblesmusic&memesbubblesmusic&memesDag sedan
  • #MilkGang

    Yoshi JoséYoshi JoséDag sedan
  • I drink chocy-milk every morning,can I be in milk gang?

    fat yoshifat yoshiDag sedan
  • 4:18 funny

    crafty titucrafty tituDag sedan
  • your game is now 7th most wishlist game in steam

    crafty titucrafty tituDag sedan
  • yes good memes this round on this fine day

    KingmiltonKingmiltonDag sedan
  • The scuffed among us game name is: *sike* you gotta go to r/danidevs lol

    EhramEhramDag sedan
  • 6:09 yup i just started learning unity and unity particle system is kinda super cool

    KubaKubixKubaKubixDag sedan
  • 9:44 the best game ever *SAID NO ONE*

    among us Hits Differentamong us Hits DifferentDag sedan
  • No one: Dani:unitys particle system

    Blaster DisasterBlaster DisasterDag sedan
  • Dani: Umm....we don’t speak about the drill Also dani: imma get you with my drill you ass.......

    Bryan LamBryan LamDag sedan
  • Dani: makes a new episode Me: wants a thicc robot called thiccey

    iain kinneariain kinnearDag sedan
  • 5:26 why do that guys look like karlson?

    SteakLakeSteakLakeDag sedan
  • Wow that was really cool wow that's really cool wow that's really cool wow that is really cool 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Donald DJDonald DJDag sedan
  • 5:01

    Hj AsmaraHj AsmaraDag sedan
  • Pls can you add me on discord I will show you proof

    Unpoppble GamingUnpoppble GamingDag sedan
  • I wished it

    Unpoppble GamingUnpoppble GamingDag sedan
  • Dany remakes Among Us people remake Dani's Among Us :D

    Beyond LogicBeyond LogicDag sedan
  • I drink Milk.

    Beyond LogicBeyond LogicDag sedan
  • :0

    Jignisha ParmarJignisha ParmarDag sedan
  • Wait it's all unity particle system *always has been*

    average australianaverage australian2 dagar sedan
  • Dani is in the matrix confirmed 10:12

    mzm nationmzm nation2 dagar sedan
  • I drink water

    DrakoDrako2 dagar sedan
  • Wtf the fake among us even use one of my favorite track from creo

    MorphR. MusicMorphR. Music2 dagar sedan
    • Yeah we can't let such a good music track be ruined by being used in that piece of trash

      jean_tha_n00bjean_tha_n00bDag sedan
  • why don't you try and make karlson vr, or, you can't do that?

    KnoximousKnoximous2 dagar sedan
  • Milk

    Zeros_ PlayzZeros_ Playz2 dagar sedan
  • Your mom is gay

    Matvey gamingMatvey gaming2 dagar sedan
  • Lol 😂

    the kingthe king2 dagar sedan
  • Is just me or the subscribe button is kinda T H I C C

    Bforce 121Bforce 1212 dagar sedan
  • MILK + UNITY PARTICLES SYSTEM = dani's way to succes

    Bforce 121Bforce 1212 dagar sedan
  • Is your neck long?

    rengganis adistyrengganis adisty2 dagar sedan
  • When ur name is blake 👀

    xXEndlessgamingXxxXEndlessgamingXx2 dagar sedan
  • I know i also write a Q like that

    Shweta AzadShweta Azad2 dagar sedan
  • Console players ... Like meeee This is good game but i want this on console pls 🍌🍌🥛🥛 👇🏻 🖕🏻

    Özgüner BerkeÖzgüner Berke2 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact : They used Dani as mobile Ads/Scam Games To Become Rich

    Alypgz MasireAlypgz Masire2 dagar sedan
  • *mulk*

    Jknormol ReeeonaJknormol Reeeona2 dagar sedan
  • proceed for smg4 to make a karlson video but its mario 64

    Janice ChenJanice Chen2 dagar sedan
  • hey dani can you help me with my game? because i am not that good but can do it just want help cause i am 10

    Carden StephensonCarden Stephenson3 dagar sedan
  • i know what game this is...

    Brendan SommerBrendan Sommer3 dagar sedan
    • Oh i know the game name but it already deleted

      Syaugi AtharSyaugi Athar3 dagar sedan
    • What is the game name

      Syaugi AtharSyaugi Athar3 dagar sedan
  • me: do not have microfon also me: buying orange juice and stabing the shit out of the juice im milk gang

    Valentīns KeišsValentīns Keišs3 dagar sedan
  • if smg4 made a video on karlson 7:54

    Nada AlkhulafNada Alkhulaf3 dagar sedan
  • Straw berry milk, chocolate milk, regular milk

    Puffer gamesPuffer games3 dagar sedan
  • Only true milk gang know banana milk

    Matthew LopezMatthew Lopez3 dagar sedan
  • I drink milk

    Yichuan DingYichuan Ding3 dagar sedan
  • Justice for the Orange Juice Gang Member, that used Dani's footage for an ad!

    VortexVortex3 dagar sedan
  • Wait was i the only one to se Praleiati skelbimą?thats so cool it means Skip ad

    Lack Of OxygenLack Of Oxygen3 dagar sedan
  • Can you recreate Minecraft (or you can't??)

    NINJA EliteNINJA Elite3 dagar sedan
  • why don't you make a 1d game, or you can't do that?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lit ClipzLit Clipz3 dagar sedan
  • 7:45 why dont you try to make 4d game ( or u cant do that )

    Jan GolonkowiczJan Golonkowicz3 dagar sedan
  • Steven.wats up gamer.randomperson.iam not a gamer

    steve boy asim's game chatsteve boy asim's game chat3 dagar sedan
  • lol i had an AD like this too but it was another youtuber named @VanossGaming lol 8:56

    Bluesimn DXBluesimn DX3 dagar sedan
  • 9:39 This is a remake of hunter assassin

    Games2 FreeGames2 Free3 dagar sedan
  • 4:56

    Naitik Kumar DasNaitik Kumar Das3 dagar sedan
  • Can you do an 4d game or (u can’t do that)

    Rush NexusonrrRush Nexusonrr3 dagar sedan
  • I might use Dani footage for an ad because I want to see the drill.

    RedBitGamingRedBitGaming3 dagar sedan
  • I was watching videos at like 1 in the morning and an add blasted at full volume and woke my mom and dad up

    Skip MCSkip MC3 dagar sedan
  • Bruh. Im from Vietnam

    Long GiaLong Gia3 dagar sedan

    Gamer group227 /boyGamer group227 /boy3 dagar sedan
  • make karlson on ps4 or you cant do that?

    Nathan ChippingNathan Chipping3 dagar sedan
  • I chug milk every day

    Diavalo CrimsonDiavalo Crimson3 dagar sedan
  • This was not posted by me but get Rick rolled

    Game show animates And GamesGame show animates And Games3 dagar sedan
  • Wow that was really cool.

    Anton Baldwin-RobergeAnton Baldwin-Roberge3 dagar sedan
  • limeade gang wants an alliance

    grillygrilly3 dagar sedan
  • Wow that was really cool.Wow that was really cool.Wow that was really cool.Wow that was really cool.Wow that was really cool.Wow that was really cool

    Dust MsgDust Msg3 dagar sedan
  • the drill

    NKplayzNKplayz4 dagar sedan