The FNAF Predator Is Back

19 feb 2021
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  • jesus. survive the night and just gold were my favorite songs back then. and hes a creep. that just freaked me from 5 years ago out

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  • @lissawhite4 thanks for the opportunity, I know there are many of us who would greatly appreciate and benefit from this.

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  • Why spend almost 4 minutes just giving shout outs and shit this is so boring and unnecessary, it’s not an oscars speech..

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    • I literally say why. And there’s a time stamp. Calmer down

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  • I can never forget what he did,survive the night was the 1st fnaf song I heard and it got me hooked on fnaf to this day. I can't listen to the song thats why I am apart of the fandom because the man who made it is a creep who doesn't deserve a platform.

    vafatsvafats2 timmar sedan
  • I love how there’s all these FNAF fans in here 😂

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  • Why is everyone who was a comfort character to me on SEworld suddenly a predator Im not okay at all anymore

    Levi AckermanLevi Ackerman4 timmar sedan
  • Miranda_ernst

    Miranda ErnstMiranda Ernst5 timmar sedan
  • @wolfie_dere also thank you for more info on the topic!!

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  • Wow, is that mandopony?! I actually liked his songs.

    PhantomBonniePhantomBonnie5 timmar sedan
  • O_o I was upset when I found out he was a predator T-T

    Mystic CookieMystic Cookie6 timmar sedan
  • Instead of Mandopony, How about ManNOpony.

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  • that drawing is pretty awesome

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  • Instagram handle: cute_neko_art_mom *insert witty comment here*

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  • he shown his fans his “staff”

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  • For me to say one who commits an act so displeasing, doesn't deserve the right of redemption, others may, and will, look at me as if I was too, a being that radiates with disgust. I try, so hard, to believe that a person still has potential inside of them. All I desire is that communities maintain a firm, steady balance, providing a place in which none dread, regret, and hate. The power of forgiveness in me in so strong, yet so is the strength of justice. Communities work so hard to protect one another, that they forget the impact it leaves on the victim. A situation in which we try to make right by putting pressure down on the table, fighting, accusing, threatening, and arguing, slowly digs a deeper wound into the phycological state of not only the victim, but yourself, and others around you. The more the victim is included in their own fight for justice, the more they are lead to believe that what originally started the argument, is a cruel, unforgivable sin, and the more dread they will feel, knowing that they had been exposed to such a horrid taste of reality. I'm just, afraid. The internet is a place where comments like these are seen as defending the villain, when simply, I am just trying to consider the truth of a situation. It takes, so much will power, for me to write this, but my desire, for everyone to just, be happy, and not fighting, is so great. I'm left in a loop. I want peace, yet wanting peace brings the fire, but really, has the fire ever stopped burning? What he did could have been seen to the minor as a freak thing, and pushed it away from her life after being told a simple, bitter reality, but instead the prolonged search for justice weighs down as if they lye victim to one of the greatest tragedies, and now are reminded of their past every time something remotely relevant hits their senses. I am not defending him, what he did was not appropriate, and something certainly not mature for an adult to even conceive. But in the end, what does social war bring us?

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  • Remember when Kevin Clash's scandal where he is a original voice of Elmo, Turns out he was admitted to sexual attraction to minor as 15 year old man back in 2005, Sesame Streets announced that Kevin Clash decide to left Sesame Street and He won't be here anymore because of 2012 year. A lot of Ex-Elmo fans remembering that day back in 8 years ago, The Children's Music era is changing into the broken hearts. As you remember about Children's Music era back in many years ago, Children's Music is music composed and performed for children. In European-influenced contexts this means music, usually songs, written specifically for a juvenile audience. The composers are usually adults. Children's music has historically held both entertainment and educational functions. Children's music is often designed to provide an entertaining means of teaching children about their culture, other cultures, good behavior, facts and skills. Many are folk songs, but there is a whole genre of educational music that has become increasingly popular. So this is where 20th Century creating a lot of music for kids in Schools, A lot of music industries creating musics for mentally kids in Juveniles not in Public School. The problem about the cultures is creating every cultures they want like My Little Pony, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Unikitty, Five Nights At Freddy's and more, They all cultures out there and people wants to obsessed with FNAF and Bendy and the Ink Machine games, That's what the culture already created by Prehistoric era.

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  • Jeez people are crazy... @cult_koolaid

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  • @br_br_ding

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  • Wait....MandoPony is a predator...? Damn. I loved his songs and covers tho...smh.

    CasCakeCasCake9 timmar sedan
  • Wow... i suggest if you like the songs and wanna listen to them on youtube. id say look up some animated videos that people use the song for.. cant tell ya what to do about other sites like spotify :( i really like the songs but i dont want to support are predator......

    CitrienwolfCitrienwolf9 timmar sedan
  • I loved this man’s music, he was my inspiration, thank you mandopony for letting me down and fearing almost all my idols now! :)

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  • Oh man not him again... insta: @_tanuki.draws_

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  • I used to listen to his musical almost religiously when I was younger. I even considered buying his music at some point. It’s sad to see that someone I idolized so much turned out to be a monster. You won’t catch me listening to his music anymore.

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  • terra.overload

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  • fuck i'm still so angry that he turned out to be such a gross and creepy person, some of his songs like Nullified and Serial dreamer made me SO happy and made me feel better on shitty moments and now the memory is tainted. it genuinely pisses me off

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  • congrats on 430k shannon!!! my insta handle is @/seanrbrown_ !!

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  • @TheArtOfMondoma

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  • Mini ladd vibes

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  • Oh i know this mandopony guy he made many popular fnaf songs

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  • Is he like the Purple Guy from FNAF?

    AJ HildebrandAJ Hildebrand14 timmar sedan
  • I'm sad that he wrote one of my favorite songs.

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  • i didnt know he was a creep. damn it, now all of those songs are ruined now :(

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  • Spends approximately 5 minutes actually talking about mandoponies failures and 6 repping their brand. Sounds about right.

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  • mikayladrowned on Instagram I really would benefit from it tbh

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  • mikayladrowned on Instagram I really would benefit from it tbh

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  • i’ve been watching for a few months now & love, love, love your content! my handle is @authorcharityryan ❤️

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  • Atleast the phony pony bronies aren’t predators.

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  • An actual good FNAF song writer is CK9C (ChaoticCanineCulture) My friend recommended him to me one day. I don’t really like FNAF, but his songs are good.

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  • my instagram is gracayyhx , btw i love your videos and i find huge comfort and distraction in watch thing them! tysm

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  • My insta is @kensie_draws love you Shannon!!!

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  • Is the giveaway still open? :'D @at_vivee

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  • I wanna listen to his songs but... it alright to enjoy one's content but not the creator themselves?

    greenknight9000greenknight900020 timmar sedan
    • I'd say yes? The creator for harry potter is homophobic (apparently. She made a gay character in her story once, or that was probably for attention) Notch, creator of minecraft, is transaphobic. But, mojan isn't.

      LuckiLucki15 timmar sedan
  • The only reason I know about any SEworld or internet drama is because of these videos. I don’t even come here for the drama, honestly. Creepshow’s art, voice and personality just brings joy to my day. (Also, not sure if the giveaway has been done yet but if not @jackaboxboy is my insta handle)

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  • Bruh

    Electro CatElectro Cat20 timmar sedan
  • I feel so bad that I still listen to some of his songs. I feel like I should stop listening to them cause of this

    Alice CarverAlice Carver21 timme sedan
  • Survive the night used to be my favorite 😔

    •Sweet Pea the Unicorn••Sweet Pea the Unicorn•21 timme sedan
  • Da fuck did I walk int-.... W.T.F. Bruh, my little sister listens to his fnaf songs, I listened to them. How the fuck am I only finding out about this now!?!?

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  • Yo legit the art is also pog 👌😎 Also wtf is with these predators also coming back like yuck. Here's me insta handle 😳 @ross_thelost1

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  • I had no idea.

    JulesJules23 timmar sedan
  • i just got to know about this, is liking some of his songs wrong at this point?

    abbie blocksabbie blocksDag sedan
  • Okay but can I still listen to his songs because some of them are bops and I have emotional attachments to them 😭🤚

    DessyDessyDag sedan
  • I've been binging your videos for days. Can't believe I've never seen these before. Not sure if this is still relavent but I figure I'd make an attempt. @sequelhook

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  • Whose skull is that

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  • I loved his song purple why mando pony why

    Ariel RuhAriel RuhDag sedan
  • wait mandopony is a what. oh my god my childhood

    LockandKeyHyenaLockandKeyHyenaDag sedan
  • *I don't even wanna believe this, i'm shocked. This guy inspired me to wanna try and make music. now I wouldn't mind burning my keyboard.*

    Stephanie CourteoreilleStephanie CourteoreilleDag sedan
  • *what*

    KyuuKyuuDag sedan
  • I'm so glad I never liked his fnaf music

    Smilez VibezSmilez VibezDag sedan
  • Once I saw this vid I was like Fnaf? Fnaf has a predator?! HOW!!!?? Who?! Wait hold up let me see the vid

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  • Not me thinking this was Kevin Jonas making a comeback 🥲

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  • I... can’t believe this... Some of the FNAF songs he made, I liked them! This really shocks me and breaks my heart... I’m glad I found out tho. I don’t even know how to feel about his songs.

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  • Hi Shannon I love your videos @bxtch_itz_nullify

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  • Aight but Just Gold still slaps to this day fight me

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  • The man behind the molestation

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  • @ bigspicydspice on Instagram. Thank you for your wonderful content, and congrats on 430k!!

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  • He did this one cover of a Night in the Woods song that I really love. It's sad he turned out to be a weirdo

    Soupy_Soupy_Dag sedan
  • Your not annoying at all, your sweet, interesting and mature.

    Victoria GoodVictoria GoodDag sedan
  • The baby was having their moment

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    • lmao-

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  • oh god-

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  • I used to like his songs Used to

    Scraggles StudiosScraggles StudiosDag sedan
  • Oh my gosh I thought that image was Natewantstobattle and I was so upset thinking he did something wrong :(

    Pika NyachuPika NyachuDag sedan
  • his songs are beats still, but i just cant enjoy them as much as i did before. i lost so much respect and charm for them.

    Hoping Star EHoping Star EDag sedan
  • He also DMCA strikes people making redbubble stickers calling him out on the bases of his name

    Hayatsu BunnyHayatsu BunnyDag sedan
  • It's crazy how many predators are coming out of the woodwork ;_; Ty for always talking about these topics fr

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  • @mostly.epic !! nice art

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  • Pickles

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  • @gemstone_fluff

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  • Imagine getting gutted by your favorite SEworldr

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  • shae.casey The pfp is a grunt from halo but with the promethean colour schemed

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  • Danielle_ludwig 🥺

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  • @Maknaelidia is my insta!! I really hope I win bc I never win these! I’d pay my sisters rent so she wouldn’t have to stress! 🥺💗 thank you Shannon! And good luck to everyone!!

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    • I never win these either. I hope you win to be of help to your family 😭

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  • my instagram is @galaktikvibes love your art btw

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  • Yall need to fill me in cus I accidentally skipped a few steps in this story

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  • Wow ! Congrats on 430k ! You deserve it ! My instagram is @HardlyMentionable I make art & handmade jewelry if you wanna take a peek! I love this plague doctor style piece in the video !

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  • Who on earth would spread a theory that someone faked being homeless for clout?

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  • wow the give away is so exstreamly shoking if i happen to win well im proboly gona save some and i also want to donate to lgbtq teens and my instagram is yimir_11037 with a black pfp but thanks for helping exposing the fnaf predetor i never knew about him before i saw your other video you made in oct and your art is so relaxing to watch (sorry for spelling mistakes i have dyslexia lol)

    Ibuki TogaIbuki TogaDag sedan
  • I was introduced to him in his FNAF era. Survive the night was one of my all-time favorites. Not much of his other music appealed to me much. I did really like his content and I was so upset to find out he was a groomer. I can still find myself humming his songs.

    Pinkpod 321Pinkpod 321Dag sedan
  • My insta handle is @otaku.on.a.budget_ Im a been a binge watcher for a while now since your videos got recommended to me randomly and im thankful for that cause your fun to watch and pass time, im glad you are giving out 1000 dollars because honestly I think I could say many many people have been struggling since 2020 , even me and im happy you're going to help someone out there in these rona times like yas selfless queen help the community 🤗❤️

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  • 48.mgs :-3

    48ngels48ngelsDag sedan
  • I used to listen to just gold fnaf song now whenever I listen to it it just creeps me out knowing that the person who made it is a predator

    Starlight plays minecraftStarlight plays minecraftDag sedan
  • Nooooooo not FNAF! That’s the community I am in + just hold is soooo good! Why mando whyyyyy

    Disconnected StudiosDisconnected StudiosDag sedan
  • Casually deletes any songs that I used to listen to when I was younger by Mandopony and cringing at the fact that I had downloaded them- I might as well shoot my shot here my slipping my insta in qwq @d.0.m.i.n.o

    Jost the JokeJost the JokeDag sedan

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  • While I will not cease enjoyment of his old FNaF songs, as I am a firm believer of separating the art from the artist, you will NOT catch me within 10 feet of this "Edge of Dark" shit. Never meet your heroes, kids.

    Morden EverbleedMorden EverbleedDag sedan
  • It’s insane that not many people know about this guy then listen to his songs thinking they’re great. @_not.trending_art ;3

    Trisha PlotkeTrisha PlotkeDag sedan