Beautiful Japanese Box

5 jan 2021
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Why don't we make 'em like this anymore?

  • That fly made it through without having to go through Customs! Just add water and you've got Mothra!

    Batman MBatman M9 dagar sedan
    • @Chris Gilbert Everything is from Godzilla!

      Batman MBatman M6 dagar sedan
    • bigrednick100 Mothra is from Godzilla, you may be thinking of Mumra?

      Chris GilbertChris Gilbert6 dagar sedan
    • And the clincher with a Thunder Cats reference 😂

      bigrednick100bigrednick1008 dagar sedan
    • When he said burial at sea I thought I was gone hear a flushing sound!

      therugburnztherugburnz9 dagar sedan
  • If you keep promoting the fact that 1st world countries like Japan can still actually manufacture things themselves... well, the powers that be don't appreciate that kind of talk... you not get the memo that it's jobs that are meant to be exported, not goods???

    golfbulldoggolfbulldog4 timmar sedan
  • Oh I saw these for sale at the local market - they also have a smaller single layer one that doesn't open as fancily but gets the job nicely done

    meh301meh3017 timmar sedan
  • Would have been cool to have had at woodstock

    Douglas WardDouglas Ward10 timmar sedan
  • Wonder who got the one with the giant hornet inside.

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  • Fucking love you content have a good day bud coming from flat as pancake Manitoba

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  • A rare beauty, indeed!

    Angelo SartoreAngelo SartoreDag sedan
  • I like Japan, but fuck China!!!

    Riley SessionsRiley SessionsDag sedan
  • Seriously what model is this I will go on eBay and buy one or I will fly to Japan and demand they make it again

    R3tr0hax Media GroupR3tr0hax Media GroupDag sedan
  • Nice piece of box !! Did you have to pick her up at the airport ?

    dmith smithdmith smithDag sedan
  • We will give AVE another day or two to post something new or else we will assume the Fukishima Fly Flu got poor Uncle Bumble. Dewclaw will have to take over all responsibilities of the Cap'n.

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    • Rumours of my glorious death were exaggerated.

      AvEAvEDag sedan
  • Take him to the moniker. Ja pan

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    • I said doniker

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  • I was hoping I could suggest a product/community project for you to have a look at as I quickly noticed the knowledge required to thoroughly review something like this is beyond me but the abilities and opportunities offered for implementing a system like this seems both amazingly useful not only for the end user but also in how we can influence the future trends and costs of basic communications like sms and bbs (so far), not just locally but globally. Don't think SEworld allows URL's anymore but if you search for the project name "Meshtastic" the different community pages should pop up on google. Considering current times and this projects versatility I was thinking this ought to be something that'd be right down your alley and they seem to be in need of programmers and what not so I figure this (your) community base ought to be the perfect people to lead towards this project to speed up development. I was also juggling with the idea of trying to lobby some local institutions to install a similar system in my old hometown as the area has experienced breakdown of local infrastructure for extended periods in later years and tends to be subjected to harsh climate for most of the year so something like this could be a perfect fit. Mind you, in my scenario it'd be mostly stationary units, preferably wall mounted while run on mains with the battery working as the emergency power backup so I would have to rewire and change the setup from what they are currently offering as pre-assembled units.

    KamiSapmelashKamiSapmelash2 dagar sedan
  • Not sure where to request this but can you do a video on air couplers? The 10 types, what they’re good for, and maybe some recommendations on some skookum ones. Thanks

    Clinton CoeClinton Coe2 dagar sedan
  • I haven’t been able to find a well made tool box anywhere. I have a good amount of tools, but I live in a NYC apartment, so a tool chest is overkill.

    Ben GoldBen Gold2 dagar sedan
  • Have you ever checked out a commercial Bunn coffee maker? Just curious if their worth the price..

    Jeff MooreJeff Moore2 dagar sedan
  • Title could be:man has hardon for a toolbox

    dave oneildave oneil2 dagar sedan
  • The Aussies turn these boxes into Barbecues

    Ian HobbsIan Hobbs2 dagar sedan
  • Is it made from stainless steel?

    chinablue whochinablue who2 dagar sedan
  • Box

    Mamizuka takumaMamizuka takuma2 dagar sedan
  • Hey ave, please for the love of god look up "the warthog build" on facebook. Guys an artist with fab work and its criminal his following is so small

    Max JoyceMax Joyce2 dagar sedan
  • Just woke up to an amazon prime package with a blue toolbox except mine says "TRUSCO MADE IN JAPAN" on the side. That's what I get for watching @AvE videos drunk last Friday at 1AM; I've made worse drunk Amazon purchase.

    N MN M2 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for making the content that you do. It is appreciated. Best regards.

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  • How about that Willfuky right angle die grinder? Now that would be a good one eh?

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  • “Hey honey, do you think we will be able to have sex after we die?” “Well we cadaver go I guess”

    Keith RobersonKeith Roberson3 dagar sedan
  • even the separators are metal. Shaking my head for the US, how the mighty have fallen.

    Mike PettengillMike Pettengill3 dagar sedan
  • Could you please post your content on Rumble so I can continue to follow after I leave utube? Thanks

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  • Did you ever try ratchets made by wera? I I have one of them and it's been working great for the past 3 years working on motorcycle mostly. Great vids by the way keep the good work up (:

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  • Check out Dave Stanton's camera setup. I think it will make your videos easier since it frees up both hands.

    cob garnercob garner3 dagar sedan
  • Snap on socket organizers are worth it I’ve had plastic ones holding up 7 years now. Idea is to leave em in the drawers lol.

    Mikey HueMikey Hue3 dagar sedan
  • Snap-On: UT22K Price:192.00USD lifetime warranty. Long time lurker, love your content dude!!

    Bornoutofwedloc 6678Bornoutofwedloc 66783 dagar sedan
  • Never thought I'd be jealous of someone bc they live in Canada like I am now

    Matt AllenMatt Allen4 dagar sedan
  • Post video, an exotic species of fly is introduced into the Americas and out competes all others. Sounds like...demonitization.

    Thomas MaltuinThomas Maltuin4 dagar sedan
  • Snap-On does still sell smallish cantilever toolboxes. You might have to order it and wait a while, but they still make them.

    Fenriz WulfFenriz Wulf4 dagar sedan
  • I'm pretty sure you know Cody's Lab... Cody got kicked out of college. Please consider making a short video about why Cody should be re-admitted so I can compile it with others and send it to Utah State University.

    Jesse ParkerJesse Parker4 dagar sedan
  • This thing is so nice that the Museum Of Modern Art has it on their website. Designed in 1969 by Keiyu Hisashi

    I am cheating on my husbandI am cheating on my husband4 dagar sedan
  • Check out the Hakko FR-300 desoldering gun. I don't watch many other channels for reviews (for a few reasons). You'd be the guy to properly shake it down!

    Trevor JutilaTrevor Jutila4 dagar sedan
  • fly from japan, you really want to make sure it's dead, havoc can be wrought with that sort of thing.

    SquishySquidSquishySquid4 dagar sedan
  • i thought they stopped making metal boxes because they sucked. they rust, they bend, they crack, stop working right after maybe a year if it were a good'n. i mean the bog standard lunch pail configuration with only one hinge could last a good long time, but the fancy multi shelf, multi hinge, 2 sided type you have here. i'd give it 6 months hard use if it were jeweled and made of unobtainium. one good drop the wrong way loaded and she'll never be right again.

    Brian JonesBrian Jones4 dagar sedan
  • link to order one please, aw, I went and #@$#@# around and found a link:

    Judah IamJudah Iam4 dagar sedan
  • No no no...wait hold the fekin phone..."a fly asleep in it".... ahahah....??????.....omg. really? So many thoughts rite now...lololol..

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  • Why people no subscibe to him

    jake Bruh momemtjake Bruh momemt5 dagar sedan
  • And I like it that you made this video!

    Kakariki Ick and Tom OLEKakariki Ick and Tom OLE5 dagar sedan
  • plastic gets a lot of hate on this channel but lets be honest: cheap plastic sucks. nice, appropriately used plastic is an amazing material that has positively contributed to our world in a significant way. i just want someone out there to throw a bone to our good friends, the hydrocarbons.

    celewigncelewign5 dagar sedan
  • FYI: For those dividers "外側" is "outside"/"interior" and "内側" is "inside"/"interior".

    ErgzayErgzay5 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully its not manufactured by the same guys that make TOYO tires? Swear those things are made outtve a marshmallow n' mollassass matrix?! Chip seal'd &/or concrete/asphalt/NERF coated roads & those tires dont seem to mix well together... Every 3 months: "Looks Like I Need New Tires AGAIN"

    HURON AKA:Creighton Lee RoseHURON AKA:Creighton Lee Rose5 dagar sedan
  • how true! manufacturers do not go the extra mile anymore! they must have reckoned that replacing a busted poorly made tool put more money in their pockets so they go to town with it. i still have tools heirloomed from my late father that are yet to show signs of failure. "modern" shiny comparable tools have not come close! they do not have pride in their workmanship any more, just as long you keep buying new ones every so often. capitalism at it's greediest.

    ron elitzurron elitzur5 dagar sedan
  • I love the BS marketing behind "MADE IN USA" ... fine print says parts from china, india, pakistan etc... or "parts made in china, ASSEMBLED IN USA" ... china does 99% and the usa does 1% but must claim it in big bold letters. that 1% is probably the workers slapping on the sticker that says "made in usa" on the finished product that just came off the container ship from china.... LOL

    Peter DudasPeter Dudas5 dagar sedan
  • Fake headline .....a beautiful Japanese box is not what I pictured in my head !!!!!!!!!!

    Francis HattonFrancis Hatton5 dagar sedan
  • Appears to be a standard press. Trussco have the same one available but different brand marks

    Angus McDonaldAngus McDonald5 dagar sedan
  • So many great things in Japan! Well done, Japan!

    Jayyy ZeeeJayyy Zeee5 dagar sedan
  • Check out Kennedy tool box. Made in the Land of the Big Rock Candy Mountain

    Leo RLeo R5 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe I just payed $96.51 for a little toolbox. Well actually I can, I do have a thing for small toolboxes after all. I wasn't sure I was gonna buy it, but then I saw the military green color and couldn't buy it fast enough.

    Tyler SnyderTyler Snyder5 dagar sedan
  • it even comes with an invasive specie!

    mfThumpmfThump5 dagar sedan
  • My great grandad had one of these

    HoleyHouseOfAirHoleyHouseOfAir6 dagar sedan
  • This channel is like Red Green on acid

    Downtown IndyDowntown Indy6 dagar sedan
  • The light painting at the handle pivots is by design, you wouldn't want wet paint wicking into the pivot and ruining the smooth folding action of the handles.

    Ray GaleRay Gale6 dagar sedan
  • Deere makes metal tool boxes that attach directly to the tractor, I just bought one not too long ago.

    Randall GeeRandall Gee6 dagar sedan
  • Make some video in french ! Parce que tes vidéos sont sacrément bonnes !

    Bob L'espongeBob L'esponge6 dagar sedan
  • This dueling set of drills is better than a couple of chickens cock fighting!!! (not related to this video, just wanted to share it!)

    D MD M6 dagar sedan
  • If you don't care about radio-controlled hobbies at all, the rctestflight channel is amazing. Daniel is a kickass engineer/inventor who creates impressive open source designs - an autonomous solar plane, autonomous solar rover, rc snow cat... He's doing a kickstarter to build an injection mold for 1 part - a plastic tank tread. Seems to me like the townpump cnc could manage that... Check out rctestflight

    Jesse ParkerJesse Parker6 dagar sedan
  • How about a link to that box...

    David MeaneyDavid Meaney6 dagar sedan
  • Didnt know youtube allowed tool box porn. Minty

    MellistronMellistron6 dagar sedan
  • The double handles will pinch the skin inside your palm...

    Jens-Eike JesauJens-Eike Jesau6 dagar sedan
  • Looks pretty flimsy to me

    Paul WehrPaul Wehr6 dagar sedan
  • Weirdly enough, this is my most searched term on Pornhub.

    Nicholas LohinskiNicholas Lohinski6 dagar sedan
  • Are you sure it’s not a lunch box?That would explain the fly.

    Ripe OrangeRipe Orange6 dagar sedan
  • Kennedy still make good tool boxes

    sam fountainsam fountain6 dagar sedan
  • IIIIII like it too

    clayton hoffmanclayton hoffman6 dagar sedan
  • “We’ll just give ‘im a burial at sea ... ... ” 😂😂

    AJ ConstantineAJ Constantine6 dagar sedan
  • I might have to pick one of these up and keep my nepros tools in it.

    Natively Born AmericanNatively Born American6 dagar sedan
  • The painted metal box is nice but will not survive abuse. Paint will easily get scratched when storing tools in it.

    Emphasis213Emphasis2136 dagar sedan
  • Dear AVE, just a thought but have cam shaft lobes become more pointier these days and adding to their downfall and failure because of this, can they not make the lobes round instead of eggggggg shipped??!

    Berrnie MccannasterBerrnie Mccannaster6 dagar sedan
  • why didnt you just buy a tractor toolbox for the tractor?

    Russian-bot 01101010Russian-bot 011010106 dagar sedan
  • Long time listener, first time caller. Tried to locate you on the Instagram to initiate DIRECT contact and was disappointed by my findings or lack there of.. Anywho, I just had a random idea which could make (or BREAK) for a potentially very Skookumz Vijay-yo, and maybe kick some of that knowledge using a different medium than the usual BOLTR suspects. A bientot! should you see this message, please reach out to me on Instagram @13thWitness 🤟🏼 sending love from Brooklyn!

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  • That fly probably brought a new covid something to us. Good bye cruel world 🌎

    Patrick GoetzkePatrick Goetzke6 dagar sedan
  • Got an old beech metal tool box still strong

  • Nice box! Hard to find a nice box ;) also got my stickers! Thx Man!!!

    Bill RichBill Rich7 dagar sedan
  • Love a nice Japanese box.

    Paul CurranPaul Curran7 dagar sedan
  • Some sneak across the border in Semi Trailers, some sneak across in tunnels, the smart ones sneak across in tool boxes

    Pablo SchlessPablo Schless7 dagar sedan
  • Invasive species, soon all the trees in Kanuk wil be infested. THen you'll have nothing to sell Japan and China, which is mostly Timber

    Pablo SchlessPablo Schless7 dagar sedan
  • It looks pretty good 👍🏻

    Hans HenrikHans Henrik7 dagar sedan
  • why are versions of this box from Trusco. They are also made in Japan

    Jason TaylorJason Taylor7 dagar sedan
  • Buy a Kennedy cantilever tool box. All metal, made in America, $150 -$200 online. If you aren’t sure whether it will last, look at all the ones on eBay that were made decades ago and used hard.

    Jim Bridger HarneyJim Bridger Harney7 dagar sedan
  • Take pride in their work. Now, that's a nice memory.

    Craig VRCraig VR7 dagar sedan
  • Hey, your wife walks by rolling her eyes as you critique . She thinks, Jesus will it ever end.

    Mike WallaceMike Wallace7 dagar sedan
  • Whaa Whaaa Whaaaa , need a pacifier Big Boy.

    Mike WallaceMike Wallace7 dagar sedan
  • I'm confused, a BOLTR video with no trash talk about the tool or manufacturer under review? Has Uncle Bumblfuck sold out to the Japanese Conglomerates?!?

    ShuRugal OorusShuRugal Oorus7 dagar sedan
  • Good videos tutorial next time boss 👍👍👍

  • Not what i expected googling "Japanese box"... But ill take it.

    Early CuylerEarly Cuyler7 dagar sedan
  • I do indeed find Japanese boxes quite wonderful. However there is much more room on the inside than one would guess by looking at the outside dimensions.

    Steve ColemanSteve Coleman7 dagar sedan
  • “We don’t make them like this anymore” we don’t make em like that ever, it’s made in Japan!!

    Samuel TaylorSamuel Taylor7 dagar sedan
  • Buildskill makes them in India and there are many others thas I don't even know of.

    NYN jNYN j7 dagar sedan
  • A local company makes these for 45$ here. Sadly not a lot of people want these anymore. Nobody values quality anymore, its the color of the box what matters the most together with the famous made in PRC mark 🤣

    Žan PekošakŽan Pekošak7 dagar sedan
  • Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Toolbox

    Tai KTai K7 dagar sedan
  • wonder what it weights. love the old school metal tolboxes but they already weigh a shit ton before you put your own shit in

    Da OsDa Os7 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the sign off? I want a refund!

    Jason GuerardJason Guerard7 dagar sedan
  • Not the video I was expecting from the title... well back to Eimi Fukadas site!

    Shemp NutleyShemp Nutley7 dagar sedan
  • These are beautiful tool boxes. I have some smaller stackable boxes and a smaller tool box from Toyo. Beautiful reds and blues. I was tempted to get this box but have never had this style of tool box. I may have to get one. Chickadee would love the smaller stackable boxes. Can be used for art and school supplies as well. Anything her heart desires. Then she'll have a Toyo box like her daddy. Kennedy also makes good metal tool boxes.

    Lone WarriorLone Warrior7 dagar sedan
  • Damn, that is a nice toolbox

    Bobby RioS2KBobby RioS2K7 dagar sedan