Canucks @ Maple Leafs 5/1/21 | NHL Highlights

1 maj 2021
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Extended highlights of the Vancouver Canucks at the Toronto Maple Leafs

  • how does a leaf get a Stanley cup ring?. he gets traded to another team. it's a tradition.

  • GLG

    M BM B7 dagar sedan
  • Leafs are the goat

    Gamer Goat34Gamer Goat348 dagar sedan
  • why ddi the denfencemen turn toward the midde of the ice on the sencond goal did he not see mitch coming t him

  • Leafs sharp again. Canucks are brutal, Benning is useless ruined the team. I really think there is a curse on the whole organisation, nothing ever goes right or works out. Its a shame as they have talent but nobody can build a winner.

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  • 👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🥅🏒

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  • Triste de voir une bonne petite équipe comme les Canucks de Vancouver, perdre contre une bande de sacs à marde. Les Pukes de Tarantou représentent tout ce qu'il y a de méprisable dans ce ce pays fictif que certains appellent le Canada. Si l'équipe du Québec les affronte, lors de la première ronde, on ne donne pas cher de leur inculte peau. Sinon, Winnipeg, avec ses vedettes québécoise, va faire ravaler son arrogance à cette bande de ti-clins.

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  • Pauvre Vancouver... Pas facile d'affronter des équipes poches comme les Pukes de Tarantou.

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  • Toronto still sucks tho...

    ShroomovShroomov9 dagar sedan
  • Toronto Maple Leafs Super Star Mitch Marner!

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  • I want jumbo with a cup so bad

    Rileys LostmindRileys Lostmind9 dagar sedan
  • Thornton's empty netter was basically any of us on the ice in that position.

    Victor MealingVictor Mealing9 dagar sedan
  • "And the Canucks strike first!!!" Little did they know that would be their only goal of the game...

    Ali MalekzadehAli Malekzadeh9 dagar sedan
  • Matthews is a god

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  • me, not paying much attention to the league: the leafs have lost 6 of 7 me watching highlights: leafs win again

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    • @Harris so were all of your replies to my joke but here we are

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    • 2 months ago? Really lol

      HarrisHarris8 dagar sedan
    • Oh.... way back then.. yeah that's irrelevant lol

      HarrisHarris8 dagar sedan
    • @Harris no I do not mean they won 6 of 7. I said they lost 6 of 7. Go look at March 4-19.

      dustyb58dustyb588 dagar sedan
    • Wait you mean the leafs won 6 of 7.. right ? Lll

      HarrisHarris9 dagar sedan
  • We have some really good teams going into the playoffs. I am excited to see who wins the Stanley Cup this year. I really do not see a repeat by the Lightning. Toronto, Vegas, Boston, Pittsburgh, are better teams.

    Richard 1Richard 19 dagar sedan
  • 5 ads in an 8 minute video, gettin greedy SEworld...

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  • 6 ads NHL?!? Really??

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  • Oh man, Campbell seems to just keep getting better and better. Yeah, Matthews and Marner are freaking beaut's, but Campbell is looking practically flawless.

    WolvvesWolvves9 dagar sedan
  • So many turn overs and so slow to move the puck. Out of the five only one earned the rest self-made turnovers by the Nucks.

    John DoeJohn Doe9 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know if hyman is back before playoffs?

    Oscar StonehouseOscar Stonehouse9 dagar sedan
  • Demkos loosing it st8 after contract

    Ashnit PrasadAshnit Prasad9 dagar sedan
  • Matthews: 'Puck, go into the net!" Puck: 'Yes sir!"

    Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispyGuitar Lessons BobbyCrispy9 dagar sedan
    • Yes yes surrr

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    • Lol

      Lightning RodLightning Rod9 dagar sedan
    • @Lennox Hendrix yea, I have been using Flixzone for since november myself :D

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    • a tip : watch series at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.

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  • Gonna be a first round exit, its nothing new!

    Pao SouriyasackPao Souriyasack9 dagar sedan
  • 1st is pretty much a lock

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  • feel bad that 2 seasons in a row matthews couldve hit 60 goals but of course what hasnt covid ruined

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  • Poor Demko, I feel for the guy

    Andrew DockrillAndrew Dockrill9 dagar sedan
  • Mathews!

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  • Lets go boys

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  • seeing joe score that empty netter i could hear brent burns saying joes only allowed to score empty netters lmao

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  • i feel bad playing the canucks idk how they can play nhl hockey after most of the team having had covid

    daniel chandaniel chan9 dagar sedan
  • told ya guys foligno would be our new zach untill he comes back lol

    daniel chandaniel chan9 dagar sedan
  • Brooks has the silky mitts

    Mike CurrieMike Currie9 dagar sedan
    • You see thats what im saying brooksy

      LouieLouie9 dagar sedan
  • Matthews an Marner made elder look like a joke 😂

    Tyler MarksTyler Marks9 dagar sedan
    • Don't give them too much credit. Edler makes Edler look like a joke all on his own.

      LMAO WHATLMAO WHAT9 dagar sedan
    • he is a joke tbh

      SpliffySpliffy9 dagar sedan

    Ryan Christopher KotackRyan Christopher Kotack9 dagar sedan
  • Poor ole Vancouver must be looking forward to the end of this season.

    Go Leafs GoGo Leafs Go9 dagar sedan
  • Canada’s team wins again

    Zeke ElliottZeke Elliott9 dagar sedan
    • The 🤣

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  • болею за торонто.но игра люкс.

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  • Out of shape, Out of breath, Out of hope... hard to watch the Canucks trying to compete at an NHL level right now, especially without Pettersson in the lineup for 20 straight games. Not that I wouldn't take a Cup this year, but with a raging pandemic, it wouldn't be the most fun year to go on a long run, let alone enjoy a Cup parade. Still, tough to see the team playing like they have the last 4 games.

    joelfacejoelface9 dagar sedan
  • TORONTO!! ONCE AGAIN 6 wins in a row

    epic KIDDepic KIDD9 dagar sedan
    • Don't get too cocky, they are basically playing an AHL team.

      ridingwithdavidridingwithdavid9 dagar sedan
  • Matthews is literally Thanos in endgame, there's only one out of 10 million scenarios that he loses the Rocket.

    Cameron DurhamCameron Durham9 dagar sedan
    • If Thanos is Mathew's what's McDavid ?

      NOSNOS9 dagar sedan
    • Matthews over The Rocket Richard Trophy: "I am inevitable"

      lasthope64lasthope649 dagar sedan
  • So no play off this year for the nuck, huh?

    Milad BaghoueiMilad Baghouei9 dagar sedan
    • Nope not in the stars for us this year oh well.

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice9 dagar sedan
  • Matthews : 2017 - 40 goals 2018 - 34 goals 2019 - 37 goals 2020 - 47 goals 2021 - 38 and counting, That's been his goal production since entering the league.

    D 95D 9510 dagar sedan
    • @Samuel Gustafsson that is true

      NOSNOS9 dagar sedan
    • @Thanos If he broke his neck in his first shift he would have zero NHL goals.

      Samuel GustafssonSamuel Gustafsson9 dagar sedan
    • If he stayed healthy/no shortened season 2016-17: 40 goals 2017-18: 45 goals 2018-19: 45 goals 2019-20: 55 goals 2020-21: 66 goals

      ThanosThanos9 dagar sedan
  • Mathews almost knocked in his own rebound in mid air... That kids hand eye, is something else.

    True NorthTrue North10 dagar sedan
    • @Jayus this ain’t 1967 brodie Habs ain’t the better team and stats prove that wether u like it or not. Get over urself and just hope ur team gets better bc as a leaf fan that’s something I had to do at an early age

      cypinaxcypinax8 dagar sedan
    • @Jayus 🤣🤣 you're the one that doesn't know what they're talking about

      WolvvesWolvves8 dagar sedan
    • @Jayus I wish I was not a habs fan because habs are trash and will get slapped up in the playoffs by guess who leafs

      Jovin GillJovin Gill8 dagar sedan
    • @Jovin Gill srry you must wish you were habs fan

      JayusJayus8 dagar sedan
    • @Jayus oh so your talking about 1967 you are so weird my guy

      Jovin GillJovin Gill8 dagar sedan
  • Who the hell pulls the goalie down 3?? Really? You screwed me out of 600$ by doing that! I had leafs and under 6. That goal made it 6 total ffs. Huge leafs fan here, but damn. I’m also broke!

    Kid KennedyKid Kennedy10 dagar sedan
    • HAHAHA yea man that last goal was just embarrassing and perfectly sums up why everyone hates Toronto. And don't even get me started on that obnoxious goal song... Toronto fan here too :)

      Wade BWade B9 dagar sedan
    • I agree, it's stupid to pull the goalie sometimes. Only reason I can see is practice. Also, gambling money on sports results is not a wise financial investment. Stop doing that.

      MrClebophdMrClebophd10 dagar sedan
  • Canada’s team strikes again! Watch the haters come out of the woodworks hahah (Canada’s best team)

    Bruce LeeBruce Lee10 dagar sedan
    • @Tobias Ketteringham there we go. Go Leafs Go! If you’re talking about disappointment then 29 out of 30 teams each year will be disappointed, since winning the cup is the ultimate achievement. No one remembers second place. Yeah for sure you’d want your team going further in the playoffs but some may think making the finals just to lose hurts more. Ahem (Boston losing to St. Louis) You can’t deny that leafs are getting better as a team and that they’re in a great position for many more years to come

      Bruce LeeBruce Lee9 dagar sedan
    • @Bruce Lee you are right I stick with the leafs to the end, and I think the leafs will take it this year, just have to be realistic with the past attempts. Dont get your hopes up to high

      Tobias KetteringhamTobias Ketteringham9 dagar sedan
    • @Tobias Ketteringham I’m ngl. Leafs have been disappointing in the playoffs. Every year feels different. I’m a real fan so I stick with them through thick and thin. But to be honest since making the playoffs with the young core and matching up against heavily favourite opponents. Took bruins to 7 and caps to 6 games I believe... I’d say we did well. Leafs were not expected to even make the playoffs as soon as they did. Now the core is more mature. They will do their damage. Also, you’re a fake leafs fan stop pretending. We know you’re a habs fan. How are they doing? Lol

      Bruce LeeBruce Lee9 dagar sedan
    • @Bruce Lee as a leafs fan you should be used too upset

      Tobias KetteringhamTobias Ketteringham9 dagar sedan
    • @Tobias Ketteringham sure... fellow leafs fan lol

      Bruce LeeBruce Lee9 dagar sedan
  • Wait till they face American teams lol😂

    Dan HDan H10 dagar sedan
  • Vancouver lost. habs gain points so that means habs will be 4 points up on them if they happen to win their 5 games in hand. Habs are in a really great position now to make the playoffs and hey maybe they finish 3rd.

    Tony PTony P10 dagar sedan
  • That Pearson shot just WOW!

    MKGaming By MunishMKGaming By Munish10 dagar sedan
    • It was a blind wristler on net, nothing special lol

      W -W -9 dagar sedan
  • Although I love Chucky on the 2nd line, Brooks is tied w him at 4 goals and he’s played a considerable amount less, something to consider when FA comes around?

    JP SolymosJP Solymos10 dagar sedan
    • @Tl2aV W brooks can play any position hes a versatile player - Keefe said that in a interview 2 days ago

      HarrisHarris9 dagar sedan
    • brooks is a centre

      Tl2aV WTl2aV W9 dagar sedan
  • And Mathews had a great game today as always well done can’t forget about Him

    Tyler HallTyler Hall10 dagar sedan
  • What a goal by Brooks and a big win for Campbell we got our buts wiped in Vancouver but they smacked their asses the last 2 games Go Leafs Go

    Tyler HallTyler Hall10 dagar sedan
    • You see thats what im saying brooksie

      LouieLouie9 dagar sedan
  • Canucks need to mail in remaining games and hit the links.Maybe their golf game may be better.Hope they rid of that big goof Edler.Takes a lot stupid lazy penalties.Give him to the Seattle Crackheads.!

    Gary WenzlaffGary Wenzlaff10 dagar sedan
  • Okay. Last time I said the Canucks weren't going to make the playoffs. I know I'm right on that. I also wonder why we're pulling the goalie, with 2 mins to go and down by 3. I think that is DUMB!! We aren't going to win so why bother? Anyway, Go Leafs. All the best to everyone. Stay safe, stay healthy and Go Leafs Go. Or Montreal. Or Winnipeg.

    Sir DragonSir Dragon10 dagar sedan
    • It's what Jesus said. Now I will agree, they will not make the playoffs. However, looking at it from the Canucks side in the best possible light, Montreal as not had a great record in the past little while {good comback win tonight however}, Montreal has a tough schedule both team wise and time wise, and the Canucks have 5 games in hand over them. They are not going to make the playoffs, they need to run the table and hope the schedule for Montreal breaks them, but if you are a Canuck player/Green, you still have a slight hope of 'We may be able to pull this off", and if you believe that, you have to stuff like pull the goalie to try and keep that alive.

      lasthope64lasthope649 dagar sedan
    • Might as well try.

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ10 dagar sedan
  • Canucks tanking

    A DA D10 dagar sedan
  • The 4th line is scary good now with Brooks!

    Kevin DuongKevin Duong10 dagar sedan
    • You see thats what im saying brooksy

      LouieLouie9 dagar sedan
  • there will be more pain before they win anything

    Mike BobnocockMike Bobnocock10 dagar sedan
  • Canucks is officially “team tank” get that high draft pick boys!

    Rocky BRocky B10 dagar sedan
    • I think that's what we are shooting for since the covid thing

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice9 dagar sedan
  • At this point I want the Canucks to lose, but I would like them to actually play well.

    viperswhipviperswhip10 dagar sedan
    • Exactly. Owen Power, here we come!

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ10 dagar sedan
  • I miss the days they would shoot in the net and puck would stay in... they may as well replace the net with a rubber wall...

    Callypso32Callypso3210 dagar sedan
  • Went as expected. Some awesome saves for a your highlight reels Demko. Thanks Pearson for not making it a shut out. Had a ruff season next year should be better. GG leafs. GO CANUCKS🍻🍻🍻

    Nathan SticeNathan Stice10 dagar sedan
    • @brooklyn schmitz 🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅thank you

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice9 dagar sedan
    • @Nathan Stice lol thank you

      brooklyn schmitzbrooklyn schmitz9 dagar sedan
    • @brooklyn schmitz 😂🤣😅😂🤣😂 your awesome

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice9 dagar sedan
    • @Nathan Stice yes we probably will!

      brooklyn schmitzbrooklyn schmitz9 dagar sedan
    • @Money Dynamic Matanya right

      Nathan SticeNathan Stice9 dagar sedan
  • Canucks have no defense?

    Neil MacKenzieNeil MacKenzie10 dagar sedan
  • god I hate the canuckles with a passion, what a bunch of unlikeable asses.

    Rene designRene design10 dagar sedan
  • Lets goooooooooooo 🍁🇨🇦

    Red BullRed Bull10 dagar sedan
  • This Leafs team is dangerous when they play up to their potential .. so many skills and talented players

    TinTin NTinTin N10 dagar sedan
    • that's what they have been saying since '67.

      CHECABEARCHECABEAR6 dagar sedan
    • @Brandon Hurst By your logic the exact same thing could be said about the Avs and the Knights. They’re in an extremely easy division but that shouldn’t discredit the fact they’re still good teams. The Leafs are a good team and to say they only have the success they do because of the division they’re in is a weak argument. Campbell has been playing lights out, defence has improved and we have arguably the best depth in the league.

      Clay MClay M9 dagar sedan
    • @Clay M if they played the american teams like theybwould in a normal season they would have alot more losses

      Brandon HurstBrandon Hurst9 dagar sedan
    • @Brandon Hurst so by your logic the only reason Colorado and Vegas are doing well is because they play the same shitty teams over and over again right? 5 out of the 7 teams in their division are .500 and below.

      Clay MClay M9 dagar sedan
    • If they weren't playing the same shitty teams over and over they wouldn't have so many wins.

      Brandon HurstBrandon Hurst9 dagar sedan
  • Another dub for the boys!!!!!😎🏒

    SyrupySyrupy10 dagar sedan
    • YESSS SIRR 😎🍁🇨🇦

      Marcus CarbonaroMarcus Carbonaro10 dagar sedan
  • With the leafs if you look away or leave the room they already score. Which is why these are so crucial.

    honkingantalopehonkingantalope10 dagar sedan
  • I'm interested to see the Leafs play in the playoffs. They finally fit the pieces together and didn't let stagnation get through them (meaning they fall and perform terribly)

    Zylenoy MKZylenoy MK10 dagar sedan
  • Love the hockey maple leafs play!,😀😀

    Mark LucianiMark Luciani10 dagar sedan
  • Jumbo still got it

    F KuksF Kuks10 dagar sedan
  • Nyt loppuu toi saatanan spoilaaminen.

    Mika HeinonenMika Heinonen10 dagar sedan
  • Once again gentlemen we meet again... and one day soon we will raise Lord Stanley, Toronto’s prodigal son... Yonge st... get ready 🏆

    Per GustaffssonPer Gustaffsson10 dagar sedan
    • if they say you cant have a party bc of Covid would you guys still party ?

      BottomingOutSniperBottomingOutSniper9 dagar sedan
  • brooks is an absolute machine

    sodaflat 2sodaflat 210 dagar sedan
    • @Louie Torts moment ever.

      ridingwithdavidridingwithdavid9 dagar sedan
    • You see thats what im saying brooksy

      LouieLouie9 dagar sedan
    • Who?

      ridingwithdavidridingwithdavid9 dagar sedan
    • Matthews

      sWooZie_ _sWooZie_ _9 dagar sedan
  • Leafs win

    Shayan FidaShayan Fida10 dagar sedan
  • Canucks are the best team in the league....

    Bill KeonBill Keon10 dagar sedan
    • @Tony P Don’t trust any of my fellow Canucks fans who think Canucks are good this year. A total revamp of the D and a GM firing should get us back on track next year.

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ10 dagar sedan
    • @Bill Keon K well I am not going to know that from a message. Also there are fan boys who were saying this last week.

      Tony PTony P10 dagar sedan
    • @Tony P it's called sarcasm... they SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!

      Bill KeonBill Keon10 dagar sedan
    • ​@TrixsyFN it's called sarcasm... they SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!

      Bill KeonBill Keon10 dagar sedan
    • That's why they are 14 points out of a playoff spot

      Tony PTony P10 dagar sedan
  • Mathews is worth every penny of that Contract!!! Money well spent Leafs.

    STONESTONE10 dagar sedan
    • @ridingwithdavid oh I'm not denying that he's probably going back to Arizona. That's why it's more crucial that Toronto makes a run at the at the Stanley Cup. But yeah it's 100% fact I can't see him wanting to resign after this contracts up I'll be very shocked and surprised if he does.

      Wayne WaltonWayne Walton8 dagar sedan
    • @Wayne Walton I will bet Matthews will not re sign in Toronto. He is an American, and could go play in a city with no state taxes, plus live a normal life, being able to go out in public,etc. This is why Stamkos stayed in Florida, same goes for Loungo.

      ridingwithdavidridingwithdavid8 dagar sedan
    • To bad we can't say the same for jt . I still love him though

      Nathan HendrieNathan Hendrie8 dagar sedan
    • @STONE Yes, by cap hit....Matthews is actually making 15.7 this year, his cap hit is lower.....cap games.

      ridingwithdavidridingwithdavid9 dagar sedan
    • @austinhockey11 next season Tavares should do the right thing and hand the C to Mathews.

      STONESTONE9 dagar sedan
  • Mikeys feet faster than his hands

    Royce ViklundRoyce Viklund10 dagar sedan
  • What an amazing season for Matthews!! I think he can hit 43.

    Marco ReyesMarco Reyes10 dagar sedan
  • WHAT TIME IS IT KIDS? Kids: "It's 34 AM !!! Yaaaaay!!"

    Joe SmithJoe Smith10 dagar sedan
  • Canucks out there getting smoked 💨💨also where are those salty Canucks fans???

    SpliffySpliffy10 dagar sedan
    • You watch the NBA ..🤣

      Vancouver ViKinGVancouver ViKinG10 dagar sedan
  • Leafs for the cup!! Go leafs go!!

    -Leafs Nation Forever--Leafs Nation Forever-10 dagar sedan
    • LEAFS WIN CUP***************************************************************************************************************************************************

      Wade BWade B9 dagar sedan
    • Leafs for the cup of beer after a game 7 round 1 playoff loss

      Joe GoodmanJoe Goodman10 dagar sedan
    • Golf laughs Golf. Stfu

      JohnnyBlaZeJohnnyBlaZe10 dagar sedan
  • That play by Marner on second goal. Creamy smooth.

    DRL CADRL CA10 dagar sedan
  • It is a pleasure to watch Awesome Matthews play!

    Rick GalloRick Gallo10 dagar sedan
  • A Midget AA Hockey team could have beaten the Canucks today.

    Terry BibleTerry Bible10 dagar sedan
    • @Cityth The Dragon lol it was a joke based off the skill level of the nhl right now :P

      Tobias KetteringhamTobias Ketteringham9 dagar sedan
    • @Tobias Ketteringham Didn't the North York Rangers AAA U15 Boys team win against them?

      Cityth The DragonCityth The Dragon9 dagar sedan
    • @Gary Wenzlaff the womans team is better than most nhl teams🤣

      Tobias KetteringhamTobias Ketteringham9 dagar sedan
    • The women’s national team would give them a run for their money!

      Gary WenzlaffGary Wenzlaff10 dagar sedan
  • #16 rocks

    japbir singhjapbir singh10 dagar sedan
    • @DRL CA Do they come in Men's sizes?.

      ridingwithdavidridingwithdavid9 dagar sedan
    • Your right

      brooklyn schmitzbrooklyn schmitz10 dagar sedan
    • either someone who doesn't know Tucker or doesn;t know Marner or just troll?

      DRL CADRL CA10 dagar sedan
    • He’s a Wannabe Darcy tucker

      Matt Oilers97Matt Oilers9710 dagar sedan
    • If you don't own a Marner jersey then you aren't doing it right!

      DRL CADRL CA10 dagar sedan
  • big win for the boys

    Duster4LifeDuster4Life10 dagar sedan
    • @Oweeny mad

      SpliffySpliffy9 dagar sedan
    • @Oweeny salty canucks fan, eh?

      TrixsyFNTrixsyFN10 dagar sedan
    • @Oweeny salty 🧂

      Omq EctOmq Ect10 dagar sedan
    • Shut up

      OweenyOweeny10 dagar sedan
  • The Leafs are on 🔥🔥🔥. Anyone think that the Leafs can win the cup?

    Leafs Fan45Leafs Fan4510 dagar sedan
    • @Duster4Life they have only play 25% of the teams. defense win championships.

      CHECABEARCHECABEAR6 dagar sedan
    • @D 95 He is undeniably a very good goal scorer, I don't think I ever said otherwise.

      ridingwithdavidridingwithdavid9 dagar sedan
    • @ridingwithdavid Maybe not 75 lol, be realistic here, but yes Matthews would be flirting with 60. He scored 47 goals in 70 games last season! He scored 40 as a rookie. Your problem is that you're in denial of how good he is. 😂

      D 95D 959 dagar sedan
    • @D 95 Do you really think he would score 75 in a regular year, I am not hating on anyone,it is reality. I also think many teams would have worse, and better records in a full season.

      ridingwithdavidridingwithdavid9 dagar sedan
    • @Ryland Denley well, what if I told you that I’ve been living in the Greater Toronto Area my entire life but I cheer for Ottawa because I have the balls to put up with Leafs Nation?

      Ottawa Senators#1FanOttawa Senators#1Fan9 dagar sedan
  • here when there is 18 views

    Duster4LifeDuster4Life10 dagar sedan
    • @Justin I never said that i am proud of it i just felt like writing the comment

      Duster4LifeDuster4Life10 dagar sedan
    • @Justin I just saw the recommendation and clicked

      Duster4LifeDuster4Life10 dagar sedan
    • @Justin ???

      Duster4LifeDuster4Life10 dagar sedan
  • Leafs winning the Canada Cup

    Mike BisschopMike Bisschop10 dagar sedan
    • @uppity i’ve been a leafs fan for as long as I can remember

      The Vaughan’s VaughanThe Vaughan’s Vaughan10 dagar sedan
    • @The Vaughan’s Vaughan SOunds like youve been a Leafs fan for 5 minutes. Yeah they're a good team but you obv havent been around long enough to watch the curse in the playoffs. It'll be considered a cup win here if they make it past the first round ffs.

      uppityuppity10 dagar sedan
    • @Matt Oilers97 Edmonton 🤣🤣🤣

      Vancouver ViKinGVancouver ViKinG10 dagar sedan
    • @Matt Oilers97 you’re an Oilers fan leafs are doing better than them

      The Vaughan’s VaughanThe Vaughan’s Vaughan10 dagar sedan
    • This makes me laugh you guys get your hopes up then get let down

      Matt Oilers97Matt Oilers9710 dagar sedan
  • 1967

    Drôle de TalbotDrôle de Talbot10 dagar sedan
    • @JohnnyBlaZe ya i did , just being sarcastic..

      NorthlanderNorthlander9 dagar sedan
    • @YouZettaSonsOfDigits lol 😅

      JohnnyBlaZeJohnnyBlaZe9 dagar sedan
    • @Northlander last maple leafs cup was in 1967 lol you didnt get the joke 😅

      JohnnyBlaZeJohnnyBlaZe9 dagar sedan
    • Since you last took a shower?

      YouZettaSonsOfDigitsYouZettaSonsOfDigits9 dagar sedan
    • it's 2021 idiot !

      NorthlanderNorthlander9 dagar sedan