jschlattVODS: Skyblock with no blocks (w/ Wilbur)

20 sep 2019
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Streamed live on 2019-09-20 at twitch.tv/jschlatt
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  • the Wilbur and Schlatt combo has to comeback or :(

    chenlesleftairpodchenlesleftairpodDag sedan
  • This is a pain to watch..

    ¡! Honey¡! Honey2 dagar sedan
  • I translated the word from 42:35 and I got "History of the dish square block".

    AlexAlex3 dagar sedan
  • People born in 2012 are 34 now 😳😳

    kirbokirbo3 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt In his thumb nails : 😘🥰🥺🤗 Schlatt in his videos 🤬😡🤫😪😈🔪🗡⚔️

    ・ .Šūgår Ìçëd Têå. ・・ .Šūgår Ìçëd Têå. ・3 dagar sedan
  • Who the hell let funtime foxy record the intro

    itz pinkyitz pinky3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur falling 2 minuets into the video and just saying "oh fuck" as Schlatt laughs uncontrollably at both Wilbur falling and the resulting Chinese text describes how this video is going to go

    Jay Hornets PlaysJay Hornets Plays4 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt at the beginning powered up like a fucking robot dude

    Soulless TomatoSoulless Tomato4 dagar sedan
  • I’m more concerned about why his ENTIRE MINECRAFT SCREEN IS IN CHINESE.

    TimelessSightsTimelessSights8 dagar sedan
  • skyairlines

    julijuli9 dagar sedan
  • Man, I miss these days

    Logic is LogicLogic is Logic9 dagar sedan
  • W Ï L B Ü R

    Mango. Blitz10Mango. Blitz1014 dagar sedan
  • When wilbur fell out it ment wilbur soot fell out the world (i think)

    DoorDoor17 dagar sedan
  • This is so funny

    Kym McVickerKym McVicker18 dagar sedan
  • I thought the title said jshlattvods: sky lock with no blocks (w/wilby)

    CrosscontanimatedfandomsCrosscontanimatedfandoms19 dagar sedan
  • They were then stuck in game for two years unable to leave until they could learn enough Chinese to exit. SAO.

    KuurroKuurro23 dagar sedan
  • The "we have to install counter strike source" got me

    Silver ShogunSilver Shogun27 dagar sedan
  • 2:09 he didn’t pick the right title

    rAinygeorgiarAinygeorgia28 dagar sedan
  • bro i grew up in Brighton to but why did he go from Brighton to britian?

    Brendon DixonBrendon DixonMånad sedan
  • I didn't know that there was a city named "Oh For F*ck Sake" I learned something new today

    Zen 'KorpZen 'KorpMånad sedan
  • “Sky block with no blocks” “Or skyblock but with just sky” “One of those titles will get 1,000,000 views” **457,877 views** *_I guess they used the wrong title_*

    •Galaxy Swirl••Galaxy Swirl•Månad sedan
  • 污垢块

    your_local_cumsquidyour_local_cumsquidMånad sedan
  • I live in Brighton America

    Cole DaleyCole DaleyMånad sedan
    • Specifically Tennessee

      Cole DaleyCole DaleyMånad sedan
  • Wilbur: *Talk * Schlatt: "WiLbUr. WiLbUr ShIOt"

    player _105player _105Månad sedan
  • 28:21

    Nagito KomaedaNagito KomaedaMånad sedan

    sabotabosabotaboMånad sedan
  • 1:05:54 is my favorite part

    NyxNyxMånad sedan
  • not me thinking i could fall asleep to this video ✋

    Lucy _Lucy _Månad sedan
  • 1:05:48

    J GJ GMånad sedan
  • Wilbur:just talking schlatt:WILBUR

    Nothing to See hereNothing to See hereMånad sedan
  • Minecraft, but we’re basically blind and in china

    WeDidntStartTheFire BigTWeDidntStartTheFire BigTMånad sedan
  • 威爾伯索特陷入虛無

    Funtime_Frexy GamingFuntime_Frexy Gaming2 månader sedan
  • 90% of this is just Wilbur throwing himself off into the void

    OliverjoinedthegameOliverjoinedthegame2 månader sedan
  • I think Wilbur was on somting during this vid😂

    Emily GamingEmily Gaming2 månader sedan
  • 1:05:55, is why I'm here

    FrensziFrenszi2 månader sedan
  • schlatt is Minecraft's Breaded Expense

    Hotline Miami FanHotline Miami Fan2 månader sedan
  • This is just pure chaos and confusion in the highest element

    RoofusRoofus2 månader sedan
  • just install css

    DawnDawn3 månader sedan
  • From lovers to enemies 😔👍👍😭😭😭😭🙄🙄💯💯💯💯 dhmu 🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥💯💯😭😭😭🙄👍👍

    all, for nothing at all.all, for nothing at all.3 månader sedan
  • Watching these videos during the Dream SMP War is super weird

    Jacob InnamoratoJacob Innamorato3 månader sedan
  • How dare Jschlutt insult us new zealanders. It's insulting. All three of us are insulted.

    NicoNico3 månader sedan
  • What if they just typed out the items in chat- then they’d know what is it

    LuciLuci4 månader sedan
  • 14:09 schlatt pronounced herbs like a british person lol

    Reagan BReagan B4 månader sedan
  • Thank god he didn't go to China...

    Just CubifyJust Cubify4 månader sedan
  • "How are we gonna stay warm?" *is standing next to lava*

    BruceBruce5 månader sedan
  • "Should i go to china wilbur" :0

    TowMaterTowMater5 månader sedan
  • I watched this from wilburs perspective and when I saw grumpy I fucking cried

    Nathan WrightNathan Wright5 månader sedan
  • American Wilbur Soot and British Jschlatt play skyblock but without the block while angering Big Grumpy more than he already was and making fun of the Chinese language

    Why Am i hereWhy Am i here5 månader sedan
  • they’re so like giggly in the beginning i love it 🥺

    sitrizsitriz5 månader sedan
  • 37:53 "nah, nah, you're thinking i'm australian, mate, i'm from new zealand" "this is a culture that i do not talk to with a 10-foot pole" me, a new zealander: .. o h

    regrettspaghettregrettspaghett6 månader sedan
  • hahah funny mic go brr

    gh0st._.b0nezgh0st._.b0nez6 månader sedan
  • That intro tho.. 😂😂😂😂

    Hyper LeniHyper Leni6 månader sedan
  • Peepeepoopoo

    aquafinityaquafinity6 månader sedan
  • it makes me kind of sad to watch this. he has such genuine joy and amusement in his voice but now his videos seem very forced. ill always watch his stuff, and hes a comedic genius, but it doesnt seem like HES happy with his content anymore :(

    David DoughertyDavid Dougherty6 månader sedan
  • 10:05 he wasn't fucking wrong

    Xia AuXia Au6 månader sedan
  • Gayschlatt

    the cruz 4the cruz 46 månader sedan
  • Wilbur’s Boston accent sounds like the token American/Italian character in an anime

    h hh h7 månader sedan
  • the intro in these is always the best part

    волкволк7 månader sedan
  • 29:24 97% sure Wilbur just got Greedo and Watto mixed up. Greedo doesn’t speak English

    Emerald Equipped KyleEmerald Equipped Kyle7 månader sedan
  • Let me put in a language you can understand:

    IJSyncIJSync7 månader sedan
  • 26:00 Man I miss sjin

    KKayKKay7 månader sedan

    Krasota BellaKrasota Bella7 månader sedan
  • yeast

    Enderguin58 The youtuberEnderguin58 The youtuber7 månader sedan
  • Their social credit score (aka irl GAMER score) just decreased

    Red RedRed Red7 månader sedan
  • 57:16

    Delirium ElipticDelirium Eliptic7 månader sedan
  • when he got the "Hot stuff" achievement i new that's what it was and didn't even look at it and he was like oh nice achievement, and i was like U~W~U

    MeMe7 månader sedan
  • you do know the text was in english right

    MeMe7 månader sedan
  • 27:53 the first appearance of Shlattina

    Johnny KiehnJohnny Kiehn7 månader sedan
    • its all coming together

      Jesus RuizJesus Ruiz6 månader sedan
  • knowing chinese makes this 10x more funny too bad idk chinese lol

    bumblaurbumblaur7 månader sedan
  • Waitwait, Willbur actually grew up in Brighton? Woah, I wonder how many times I've passed him and never even knew. It's funny how so many SEworldrs live here, but unsurprising because Brightons rad.

    Mint MochiMint Mochi7 månader sedan
  • "I oughta throw you off of this fucken invisible chinese hole"

    that øne persønthat øne persøn7 månader sedan
  • 35:06 "short and pointless" story of my life

    EggEgg7 månader sedan
  • *its not spider text is Chinese*

    MichisUserWasTakenMichisUserWasTaken7 månader sedan
  • 27:50

    catboy spritecatboy sprite7 månader sedan

    now I've lost itnow I've lost it7 månader sedan
  • Willbur and Gayshlatt Anytime they're together

    Hey AssholeHey Asshole7 månader sedan
  • 2050 anyone?

    Josh is noJosh is no7 månader sedan

    Profile NameProfile Name7 månader sedan
  • Not Chinese but I know a little bit of Japanese so I recognised a few things and I’m awfully proud of myself for that

    Profile NameProfile Name7 månader sedan
  • they really did predict another plagued, and to top things off it started in China.

    BlackberrymushBlackberrymush7 månader sedan
  • Idky but I kinda expected schlatt to put Chinese in the description

    Kieran DeaneKieran Deane7 månader sedan
  • Woah sky with no block 😳

    BubbaBubba7 månader sedan
  • why did i get a pro trump ad on this

    gabbiegabbie7 månader sedan
  • "Spider Text" thx, I feel kinda insulted (jkjk), I'm Chinese

    语浮恋止水语浮恋止水7 månader sedan
  • 57:53-58:05 well fuck me.

    Shauna DelaneyShauna Delaney7 månader sedan
  • do it again but semitransparent

    User NameUser Name7 månader sedan
  • what is this *spider text*

    User NameUser Name7 månader sedan

    travistravis7 månader sedan
  • YOOOOO Skyblock with no block

    Noah GuetschowNoah Guetschow7 månader sedan
  • 1:05:46

    HaduHadu8 månader sedan
  • schlatts charater: 非常有益健康 his personality: 迪克和球

    CAKE 0CAKE 08 månader sedan
  • "the worst people ive ever met have come from new zealand" :eyes emoji:

    Kennedy CutterKennedy Cutter8 månader sedan
  • Everytime I read Skyblock with No Block all I can think of is Yankee with No Brim

    NaterthotNaterthot8 månader sedan
  • If Wilbur does the farming... And Schlatt does the mining... *That makes Wilbur the crop top and Schlatt his rock bottom*

    g h o s t e ag h o s t e a8 månader sedan
  • Your icon ? You a furr?

    TipTip8 månader sedan
  • why is the game in chinese

    vRiftyvRifty8 månader sedan
  • 一二三四无六 lmao I started typing 1-6 in Chinese

    idexiousidexious8 månader sedan
  • He dodnt sound like geredo or however that's spelt from star wars at all. Smh wilbur

    Your Back GardenYour Back Garden8 månader sedan
  • Schlatt: I don’t speak this spider language Me(a half chinese): same

    盈H. C.盈H. C.8 månader sedan
  • English was just another texture they removed

    DarthKnight GamerDarthKnight Gamer8 månader sedan