Swimming in a pool of oobleck #Shorts

14 apr 2021
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  • I'm Dylan

    Bridget ConlonBridget ConlonTimme sedan
  • 🍉🍉🥭🍉🥭🍉🍉🥭🥭🥭

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  • Me:bruh

    it's me amyit's me amy3 timmar sedan

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  • I did this in school

    Sonia HormozSonia Hormoz6 timmar sedan
  • ¿Slime?

    Olga HermanOlga Herman9 timmar sedan
  • Do slime

    Chris LambeChris Lambe11 timmar sedan
  • My God I done this at school and it was really fun then I saw this on the video then when I put my hands in it oh my God it got so stuck and it said like so hard clay and if it's so awesome I hope you get 10,022,12,522 likes I hope you love this video bye

    Melissa Kress ColeMelissa Kress Cole13 timmar sedan
  • I'm confused is it a solid or a liquid

    sceince with Neylandsceince with Neyland16 timmar sedan
  • He did a lot of the stuff that Collins Key did

    _*C0mfy Roblox*__*C0mfy Roblox*_18 timmar sedan
  • I try that like a week ago and it was good but a bit messy

    NM MsrNM Msr18 timmar sedan
  • Her: he is probably cheating on me😥 Him:

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu21 timme sedan
  • New bed

    Eileen AdhitirtaEileen AdhitirtaDag sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • Filling a pool up with slime but telling your friends it's jelly

    As SinAs SinDag sedan
  • eycisie

    ana randoyana randoyDag sedan
    • How do you make it?

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu21 timme sedan
  • Do you know what a stupid

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  • Hey

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  • Just taking forever

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  • Shoot it

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  • Joomla a la mires y

  • I did that

    terrice boyceterrice boyceDag sedan
  • Could u use it as body armor?

    LeonardLeonardDag sedan
  • Have a pool full of coke (I mean the drink)

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  • Interesting to much time on your hands

    Grace BGrace BDag sedan
  • oobleck

    Jessica RexJessica Rex2 dagar sedan
  • Fill it up with glue

    Jessica RexJessica Rex2 dagar sedan
  • الي يبي الطريقة يحط نشاء وماي

    D HD H2 dagar sedan
  • This is the most original video of pool of oobleck ever

    Lucas MelcherLucas Melcher2 dagar sedan
  • How do you make it?

    lofi zyrolofi zyro2 dagar sedan
  • That looks fun

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  • Is oobleck bullet proof if you put it in glass

    Red plays RobloxRed plays Roblox2 dagar sedan
  • Be in the full week

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  • Isn’t he walking on water cause the stuff is just made out of cornstarch and water- 👌🤭🙃😧

    Sloane HicksSloane Hicks2 dagar sedan
  • Kinda sus 😳

    purpaxopurpaxo2 dagar sedan
  • Shoot it

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  • This is cornstarch

    The_true_nderue daved_qThe_true_nderue daved_q2 dagar sedan
  • Only if you could make it look like water and bring it to a park and walk on it-

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    • copied comment.

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  • 🔵oooooooooo

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  • When u washed off I thought I PeEED

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  • You need merch that says So one day I...

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  • #Shorts

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    • Bruh you and you're buddies need a real damn job.

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  • #shorts

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  • Sorry

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  • Who else made corn starch mixed with water before not knowing it was called oobleck?

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  • Fake unspeakable video

    ChubChubs8ChubChubs82 dagar sedan
  • It Lokks like gooby slume

    Stjepan VargicStjepan Vargic2 dagar sedan
  • So that's how jesus did it

    MetalGhostyMetalGhosty2 dagar sedan
  • Alright folks move along, move along nothin to see here.

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  • Bro this is what this guy does for a living JUST CHALLENGES think about that for a sec

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  • Eat It!!!!!

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  • Love it

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  • Hi tú si eh

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  • bruh

    A CA C3 dagar sedan
  • Jump out of a plane into a pool of that stuff and you’ll smack the surface and slowly sink into it like a cartoon character

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  • Bruh you and you're buddies need a real damn job.

    stewiestewie3 dagar sedan
  • Corn starch and water lol

    Shannon CShannon C3 dagar sedan
  • The narration sounds like it was a 3rd grader's essay on what he did during summer

    Jimmy NguyenJimmy Nguyen3 dagar sedan
  • Imagine copying Collins key

    Yusuf AyazYusuf Ayaz3 dagar sedan
  • Do something like walking on water

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  • !!!!!!

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  • 😂😂😂😂

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  • Uhm...cornstarch does the same when you mix it with a little water

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  • Fill it with gummy bears or haribos

    G OG O3 dagar sedan

    Little ArtistLittle Artist3 dagar sedan
  • Didnt collins key do this????

    Giovanna CruzGiovanna Cruz3 dagar sedan
  • Step 1 : put some ooblek Step 2 : go mad

    THE NADERTHE NADER3 dagar sedan
  • 🤣


    Zuzu ZuluZuzu Zulu3 dagar sedan
  • Slime or coke and metose

    Pedro CuevasPedro Cuevas4 dagar sedan
  • So much detail🤭👍👏

    kylee sullivankylee sullivan4 dagar sedan
  • ... u should fill the pool up with pudding just imagine

    Jayda ComerJayda Comer4 dagar sedan
  • Also know as a non-Newtonian fluid

    Joshua MeyerJoshua Meyer4 dagar sedan
  • The definition of a kid trapped in a teen body

    Marcellus AshfordMarcellus Ashford4 dagar sedan
  • Do a pool of marbles!

    Porcia TuttonPorcia Tutton4 dagar sedan
  • Her: he is probably cheating on me😥 Him:

    asioe kiouasioe kiou4 dagar sedan
    • 🤣

      SaffronSaffron3 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    James LawsonJames Lawson4 dagar sedan
  • Put cracked eggs in there then jump in it

    rteakell7983rteakell79834 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone else realize that this is use a shorter version of Unspeakable's video from a few years ago about oblecc

    《Burning Rose》《Burning Rose》4 dagar sedan
  • How do you make it?

    Zach JonesZach Jones4 dagar sedan
  • Cool

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  • It’s a sliquid

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  • Fill it up with glue and play on it I dare u hehe

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  • I wanna do that so bad

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  • I wanna do that

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  • 🤦🏼

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  • COOL

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  • Giving me 2016 Collins key vibes pool filled with Oobleck vid

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  • Copycats you got the idea from collins key

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  • the neighbor's child :

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  • 😲

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  • Did someone say o block 👀

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  • 🎨⚽🎨⚽🎨🎨🎂💋🌹💔💔🌹💋⚽

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  • That is so cool I really wanna try it now but I won't cos like where do u even get that stuff from

    Liv NLiv N4 dagar sedan
  • Nice feet

    TheZahnFactorTheZahnFactor4 dagar sedan
  • umm... just quickly gonna credit Collins Key...

    Djuna Glasson GreenDjuna Glasson Green4 dagar sedan
  • I'll try at a friend's house next weekend

    J.J.4 dagar sedan
  • I'm guessing you watched collin keys old obleck vid 🤣 and u try these out for yourself

    Luv WavyLuv Wavy4 dagar sedan
  • Fill a pool full of lego heads

    Buggs channelBuggs channel4 dagar sedan
  • Pagal ha ye to jo aisa lag raha ha poop ha

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