A Farmer Removed His Own Skin Cancer With A Pocket Knife. This Is What Happened To His Brain.

6 aug 2018
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If you find a discolored, irregular lump on your skin, please see a dermatologist as soon as you can.
This is a case from north-west Illinois, January 2011
For more in-depth: seworld.info/will/mLCruJWbi2B0nmg/video
MRI images are from a different metastatic melanoma case, courtesy of A.Prof Frank Gaillard ► radiopaedia.org/cases/29116
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Music performed by Chubbyemu, inspired by R Prince.
Other music by Lifeformed ► lifeformed.bandcamp.com
These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your own physician in person for that.
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    • @Sarah Angelhair do you have a link to that please?🌿

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    • It might also be interesting to know there is now a true pandemic of soft tissue cancer i.e. melanoma, breast, prostate, & lymphoma caused by the 200 million tainted polio vaccines that caused soft tissue cancer 30 years later. I urge the listeners to read "Dr. Mary's Monkey" by Edward Haslam. They sold the first 100 million doses unknowingly, but after being informed sole the next 100 doses at a time that polio was cycling out it kept it around for 40 years. Nothing like the amount of cancer that just keeps increasing.

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    • I have often heard that by abscess cause cancer to spread through the body. Is it possible that when KC cut off his cancer that it was much like doing a biopsy and spread it through his system?

      Sarah AngelhairSarah Angelhair18 dagar sedan
    • @Bruce Smith a similar thing happened to my mate's greyhound. He named it One-Pearl.. 😂😂

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    • I have a story which actually happened to me and you could definitely do a segment on it (keep me anonymous, lol). I hate to say it but I actually attempted to remove a 1/2" cyst (I thought it was a large zit) from my testicles with a new razor blade that I didn't properly disinfect. I have a rather high pain threshold so I didn't think it would be that bad. It wasn't...at first...small incision...band-aid..."Voila". Then, the next day, my testicles became infected, multicolored, purple and yellow (apparently from puss buildup). I went to the doctor and they had to remove my testicles....just kidding, lol. Anyhow, I went to the doctor and they performed surgery (VERY unpleasant with only local anesthetic that didn't numb ALL the pain). They drained all the puss, etc. and cleaned it up and left it partially open to drain. I had to return every day for ten days while they opened and cleaned the surgical area. The moral of the story is don't perform surgery on your own testicles.

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  • OMG is this idiot still on youtube.

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  • My high school chemistry teacher used hydrochloric acid to get rid of his warts

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  • Why you always upload scary and idiotic videos..post something positive you moron

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  • Showing my age here, but 3:34 love the DOOM 1 Game Muzak ("Suspense")... nice

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  • Is that a Doom soundtrack i hear?

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  • Do I hear Doom music about 1/3 of the way in?

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  • So did cutting it off cause it to spread, or not seeing a doctor early enough?

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  • I just realized how sensitive our body is

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  • A man watched chubbyemu for 5 days this is what happend to his body he started feeling week this was a joke not real

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  • Eh, put some ice on it.

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  • These videos make me extremely uncomfortable

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  • If you notice something odd in/on your body, PLEASE get it looked at. My dad found a lump in his abdomen, and it turned out to be a very aggressive type of lymphoma. He had no other symptoms, but by the time they caught it, it was all throughout his lymphatic system. If we caught it even a few months later, it may have been too late. But he got treatment and is now cancer-free. I got my dad back.

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    • I am so so happy that your dad is alright!

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  • This is what happens when a visit to the doctor costs your entire life savings

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  • I stopped watching at the armpit. Is this worse than the woman who cut out her own breast implants? I don't know but I'm done.

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  • Man those 250 gummies got too him, then he got cancer (rip)

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    • Then he cut it off! Then cancer pulled out a Blastoise,sadly all he had was a ponita...

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  • dude u scare more than horror movies.

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  • This shit is already scary. Why add your dramatic music and your stone-faced expression to it? You want to scare us to death,?

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  • I'm a boy and theres a big stick looking thing in between my legs I think it's a tumor.....😏

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  • To be fair to the poor farmer though, cutting it probably didn't do it

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  • *Men - if you have an illness, go see a doctor.* Good lord. A lot of my own gender act like they're being dragged to the gallows if they have to see a doctor or other healthcare practitioner. My 68-year-old father has tinnitus, a persistent hacking cough for the last 15 years, chronic inflammation and pain and chronic anxiety. He has lots of money and lots of time. Will he get help? God no. But he drives us all crazy with his complaining and mood swings.

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  • You don't mess around with cancer.

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  • I just burned off what I hope was sebaceous keratosis 2 days ago and now this is in my recommended. That can't be good.

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  • Totally thought this dude was about to put down some bars on that beat lmaooo

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  • 🖕😮 "Presenting to the emergency room."

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  • I am a big believer in being self sufficient but goddamn, leave cancer/other severe medical issues to the professionals

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  • The sun doesn't cause cancer toxins do.

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  • Seems like a stubborn man

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  • Watching your videos make me feel very big brain 🧠

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  • Farmer: *thinks he has won cos he removes cancer cell Cancer cell: you should have gone for the head 😤😤

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  • Hi

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  • All this literature on how cancer operates and we’re supposed to just believe that chemo is the only option. They prolong our lives until we’re out of money and then we die.

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  • Despite all this they still can't say what exactly what was the original cause for the sudden cancer development on his skin.

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  • So basically, Casey didn’t buy the farm because he already had one.

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  • Got it I'll stay inside forever

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  • Holy shit thats hardcore

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  • a man had a sip of water, this is how he became blind.

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  • See this is why i have to regularly bitch people out. Oh this person with 8 to 12 years of college has less medical schooling then i do as just a normal person.

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  • We had a friend a few years ago who kept complaining about pain and we noticed his stomach kept growing. We told him to switching hospitals but he wouldn’t. Even in the emergency room, the family had to beg the doctors to do something. By the time they did, they found five different cancers in his body. We stayed by him and his family until he passed a month later 😞

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  • KC must be the most unluckiest name ever.

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  • He Should insisted Do a test on his arm.

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  • I love the Doom 2 music added here!

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  • Lmao the first song that plays in the video is "The Demons from Adrian's Pen" from the doom 1 soundtrack

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  • i appreciate the doom soundtrack

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  • A man was born, this is what he had to say

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  • My family was tobacco farmers in Kentucky...looks like home.

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  • A farmer has a large brian and cut his own skin cancer but the cancer is brainly that target his brian

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  • If I had cancer I would go to a healer who will actually heal you and not use Chemotherapy there are other ways besides Chemo but they are not allowed in America but are in Mexico or Germany I would choose Germany and go to Leonard Caldwell as long as you do not have Chemo he could heal you fairly easy as he did his mother when he was 14.

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  • Long winded video and explanation, but definitely some beneficial knowledge. Get some sun but not a lot of sun

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  • Drama, fear porn here... Curaderm fixes it...no cutting an poison for me thanks. Ive had it for ten years and Curaderm works..Bec-5 cream. I DONT trust doctors and SUNSCREEN is THE worst thing you can DO...it lets in the harmful microwaves and that causes cancer.

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  • For decades in the early years of sunscreen, the formulations had photo initiated acrylates which reacted to the UV rays before they damaged the skin cells. Down side = Acrylates cause cancer.

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  • Did everyone get this?

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  • Nice voice!

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  • Casey may not have died if he had done what I did. I was Casey in many ways albeit the melanoma spread rapidly after doctors removed my melanoma from my back by way of a biopsy.. and a few days later removed the entire area surrounding it in which they found another, separate melanoma. I, knowing the melanoma had already been spreading (due to the two spots found) and my symptoms such as strange lathargy, decided not to allow the doctors to operate on me anymore (due to my belief that doing so would not stop the spreading but rather increase it and kill me faster). I considered myself terminal and basically prepared to die. Within a year I could feel the cancer all throughout my lympnodes and organs, including my brain. As my heart began to fail me towards my eminent demise and I could only move very slowly and gingerly, I had a miraculous dream that (long story short) gave me a cure in the way of an antidote. I was highly skeptical of the dream, but I had nothing to lose, so I tried it. It worked miraculously and rather instantly, killing lots of the cancer immediately, and instead of dying I started recovering. The cure was simply to buy and consume honey bee propolis and fresh seaweed. I believe that these two things somehow worked together to kill my cancer and as long as I continue this regimen, I will not have to worry about dying of melanoma cancer. My recovery was so quick I regained enough strength to return to work 5 months later. I got a great new job working in the sun as a tour guide on a large tourist boat in sunny San Diego. Yes, it was totally out in the sun, on the water all day (with sunblock of course). Despite having had skin cancer, I've never avoided the sun, as I believe the sun provides us with a lot more good than harm. We just need to make sure that we don't overdo it. Over 6 years later, and I am still consuming fresh seaweed, taking propolis capsules nearly everyday, and my health is excellent with no signs of the cancer returning or taking hold. (for more info, please watch my SEworld channel video about my miracle cure. 🙏)

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  • Did you know that sunblock can cause cancer too?

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  • Man removed his skin cancer with a poket knife, what happened to his brain? His brain: now i know that i removed my skin cancer

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  • Any chance of you reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” the Classic Christmas Poem?

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  • The sun is not to be taken lightly, when I used to go abroad I would use a sun block, not sun screen as I still don't trust sunscreens.

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  • A cop defended himself, this is how he got defunded

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  • You are amazing.

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  • 13 minute video that should have been 2 minutes MAX.

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  • A man removed his lungs to heal COVID, this is what happened to his penis

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  • DIY surgical intervention. In Europe even homeless ppl wouldn’t do that. But universal healthcare is socialist witchcraft, I forgot

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  • So are you saying that because he removed said from his arm, it has spread through the rest of his body?

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  • I would really like to watch this, but everytime I try to watch one of this guys videos my lower part of my body is like "nope" It's not like I have to use the bathroom, it just makes this uncomfortable sensation and I can't watch the vid.

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  • These parodies of what he was doing are so cringey, but good video tho

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    • What would you prefer to see instead then?

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  • This is a good video, one that I probably needed to hear. I would be that guy to take care of it myself...

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  • The start of the video sounds like you’re about to rap the story lol

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  • That music. WHY?

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  • Too bad if you were born in Brisbane! @8:26

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  • Sunscreen, they say, helps you prevent cancer, instead causes cancer. Do not take health advice from someone that can profit from you being sick.

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  • Melanoma? Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis is based on the thickness/ depth of invasion of the tumour. This requires proper excision and analysis. This guy was stoopid in the extreme.

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  • Dermatologists are expensive.

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  • So scared when I saw a pretty good sized brown spot on my left breast. Made an appointment that day to see my doctor. He took a scraping of the brown spot. I've never been so scared in my entire life...... Results: it was a piece of brownie that had fallen in my bra. Great news but how embarrassing😋☺

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    • @Cole Simmons It's a true story and I don't have to prove anything to you Cole you troll

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    • This is the fattest lowest thing i have ever heard.....

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    • OMG girl! That is hilarious!😂😂😂

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    • doctor: this is literally brownie

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  • All that sun radiation in combination with all those chemical pesticides will do that I'm pretty sure.

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  • It’s good they he didn’t get brutalized by the medical industry, and wasn’t left with nothing.. fortunately I hope his family was able to keep their property , and weren’t left with hundreds of thousands in debt .. I know a few who were sent home to die from cancer, and they were completely cancer free by following food laws, and natural healing. I myself will never let the medical industry infringe in my life, best to stay away from hospitals and learn from those who know how to heal ... instead of practicing .

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  • well if this hasn't been set up for pharma to make people sicker by frightening them into using toxic sun screen that gives us cancer. the suns radiation doesn't give cancer. Processed food dose and lack of vitamin D from the sun. that the sunscreen stops. so big pharma is using us to line their pockets. open your eyes and wake up.

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  • To summarize, Cancer is deadly. Period.

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  • Already more than 100 years ago we had a 100% cure for all cancer. There was a doctor, scientist that has no match till today. Royal R. Rife. His machine repaired ill tissue by correcting its original energy frequency. He cured every patient. At that time already existing and influential Big Pharma paid off the officials who had his inventions destroyed and his office set on fire. These doctors today know nothing about anything. The results prove it. If you give chemo to a healthy person, he/ she will develop cancer. Stay, better, away from doctors, they certainly won't help you with your health. They can cut, but not cure!

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    • This comment hurts to read with it being filled with so many bogus pseudoscific claims. You dont seriously believe this shit, right?

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  • Chinese never ceases to amaze, and tire me

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  • prob it got into his blood from when he cut it out of his skin dumb ass

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  • I used a spoon to remove my cancer

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  • Did cancer exist 100 years ago?

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  • Thesd are and of the stupidest fucking comments I've ever seen; especially for something as serious as cancer.

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  • When consuming fruits and vegetables, know that there is some farmer whom is growing cancer, fruits and, vegetables so you can consume and enjoy your vegetables.

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  • The man sealed his *DOOM*

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  • Buy or make cannabis resin. Put it on a mole or skin cancer and watch the results.

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  • I'm a Mexican Roofer. My skin hair and eyes are dark. My genome is largely from from North America. Silly Anglo Celtic newbies have trouble w the sun here? Have you tried this? We call it tobacco...

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  • Best way to avoid skin cancer is work and play at night..

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  • Still got friends calling me a pussy for using sun screen lmao.

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  • Excellent explination.

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  • What does this have to do with his brain

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  • So I read a theory on skin cancer & supposedly it wasnt common in egyptian times & it has to do a lot with our diet activating the cancer cells in our body.

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    • @npgoalkeeper _ meaning they are vital?

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    • ah yes, we should trust the people who thought the heart had the same function as your brain

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