A Farmer Removed His Own Skin Cancer With A Pocket Knife. This Is What Happened To His Brain.

6 aug 2018
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If you find a discolored, irregular lump on your skin, please see a dermatologist as soon as you can.
This is a case from north-west Illinois, January 2011
For more in-depth: seworld.info/will/mLCruJWbi2B0nmg/video
MRI images are from a different metastatic melanoma case, courtesy of A.Prof Frank Gaillard ► radiopaedia.org/cases/29116
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Music performed by Chubbyemu, inspired by R Prince.
Other music by Lifeformed ► lifeformed.bandcamp.com
These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your own physician in person for that.
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    ChubbyemuChubbyemu2 år sedan
    • Thanks for the video. I'm now a bit better informed and might be able to understand what a friend of mine will be telling me this week about her metastases-melanoma (from her breast cancer) in her brain. She had the brain-tumor removed last week and will have a discussion with her onkologe on Monday. He had already told her to expect no more than a year to live. Should she look now for other collecting-places for the metastases (liver, kidneys etc.)? She was pronounced metastases-free after the OP on both breasts and ovaries, but that was about six months ago. She was surprised that they did not check her brain until she complained of headaches.Thanks, again.

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    • Fear is a powerful advertisement

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    • Is that DooM music at the beginning?

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    • What about Spanish bro? Don’t forget your Latino/South American audience too 🤣

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    • Theres even more captions thanks i can see captions in a different language that i don't understand !

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  • Damn! I'm gonna buy some sunscreen now.

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  • You think that u can handle it untill u realise that u can't and u need help. This is why, you don't ignore any early signs.

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  • KC and the Sunshine Band reference? Hmmmm

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  • “Man successfully beats melanoma, forms band and ‘Get(‘s) Down Tonight’”

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  • I don’t think it’s skin cancer but I have the exact same thing on my skull (under my hair on my skin)... I’ll just pay a doctors visit in a few days since this is like this for 2 months straight and now thing happened instead of it spreading rapidly and hurting every time I itch it.

    Just Dance Addicted GirlJust Dance Addicted Girl9 timmar sedan
  • I had a few very painful lymph nodes under my right armpit this year and Ive had like 12 seizures I'm getting an mri finally tomorrow night. No lymph nodes right now but sometimes I wake up and cant move my right right for a few minutes.

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  • Nihilism is for fools....

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  • DIY Cancer treatment VS 4 years of Medical School

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  • i thought it was gonna be a florida man moment where he easily got rid of a cancer but then i clicked and saw the full title of "This is what happened to his brain" and i was like "... wait what?"

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  • That comes from a vaccine not the sun jackass

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  • "I... think i have cancer..." "Nah, it's fine. Lemme just grab my knife here..."

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  • im so grateful for sunscreen

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  • Very informative

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  • These kind of videos makes me want to go to a doctor for a scratch

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    • unless you search up all your symptoms, google will say you have. stage 4 testicular cancer in your left foot

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  • This made me order sunscreen

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  • Yall im tryna take this thing seriously and yall are making jokes about my man getting deleted by cancer 😭✋

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  • I like why chubbyemu uses so much doom music in his vids. sounds like an orchestral remake of the soundtrack.

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  • i thought he was going to start a flow like eminem at the beginning of the video kkkkkkkkk

  • Thumbs up for Doom soundtrack Chubbeh,!!!

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  • 😂 damn farmers, gotta admire the balls they have. But yea.. go see a doctor instead

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  • Farmer:Cuts off cancer Cancer:should've had a v8

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  • A guy was living , this is how he died.

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  • A man blinked. This is how feces erupted out of his toenails.

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  • Okay. I got it. Use the sunblock. 👍

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  • If you don't want skin cancer just be like me and have a UV allergy! you get to wear a cool hat, but also your skin cells start to die if you're outside for 5 minutes- so you know, equivalent exchange

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  • Guy found a cure for canser

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  • He should of just kept lil bit of Melanin 😂😂

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  • It sounds like this poor guy should win a Darwin award. In case you don't know these awards are given to people who because of their lack of common sense remove themselves from the gene pool.

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  • “A man had lipstick on his lapel “ this is what happened to him when he got home. 😅

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  • I'm fucking terrified rn LMAOO

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  • The moral of this story? Farmers aren't doctors.

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  • very patient and down to earth man: aight imma cut off a piece of myself

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  • baking soda$.89 CENTS and water cure.there is a 1000 cures for cancer!

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  • Use herbs.

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  • Sounds like parasites, the root cause of all diseases.

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  • KC=King Crimson

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  • After studying 100 years, humans can’t fix Cancer… what will happen to Covid-19 ???

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  • 3:42 why are you saying the same thing twice? pigmentation and color are the same... down vote

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  • MORALE OF THE STORY: don’t cut anything of yourself!!!- let a pathologist look at it so they can give you the CORRECT TREATMENT depending on how far the cancer has spread! *health care professional

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  • I don't know if he's a chad or very stupid

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  • this guy put on sunscreen regularly. This is how his head blew off. (Another video of this channel, probably)

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  • Your videos are absolutely incredible to someone with little to no medical knowledge, thank you

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  • This is horrific

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  • Half expected the dude to perform brain surgery on himself to remove the tumor.

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  • Good knowledge sharing platform👍

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  • Lost two childhood friends to cancer a month apart right before the pandemic. One was melanoma the other was testicular

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  • i fast forward to the end to see if he survived. The stress of not knowing nearly gave me a coronary. From the dire report from our host he was a gonner.

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  • The guy scanning KC everyday before he went to hospital and decided to not help him?

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  • Yes he had melanoma but could this have been a changed DNA caused by chemical pesticides/herbicides, trigger Lymphoma?

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  • Hmm

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  • I hope there will be effective vaccine for cancer in future 🙏🏻

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  • Y'all are talking about him cutting his skin, and I'm over here thinking how much we've technologically advanced in genetic sciences after listening to 5:44

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  • So very sad

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  • 11:59 When Chubbyemu was talking about how the character for the word "cancer" is based off the word for "rocks" in ancient Chinese, he wasn't talking about the Northern Chinese dialect we now call Mandarin. They have completely different readings in Mandarin (癌 is ai2, 岩 is yan2). He was talking about the Southern Chinese dialects which were more commonly spoken back then. In Cantonese (a Southern Chinese dialect) the two characters use the exact same reading, ngaam4. I don't know what the readings are in the other Southern Chinese dialects, but they would be much closer than the Mandarin readings.

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  • Bingeing this channel and fascinating horror's channel makes me want to never leave my bed and not eat anything

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  • Why is this guy speaks and acts like he was a stand-up comedian himself.

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  • As a melanoma survivor, please, wear sunscreen!

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  • The Fox News effect.

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  • Don’t mess w cancer man...

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  • "All those people are suckers for going to oncologists." -This guy, probably

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  • My dad had a cyst removes from his balls. The stitches opened up when he was home. He got a couple of aunts and my sister to help him stitch it back up. No painkillers he stitched up his own scrotum. Yes, hes a farmer.

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  • A man watches tiktok this is what happens to his brain cells

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  • Casually takes pocket knife cuts off own skin... Wtf

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  • 4:05 oma also stands for grandma in Dutch

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  • RIP KC.

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  • this is the kind of information that might save a life... the more you understand that which may do you great harm, the more equipped you are to deal with it. thank you so much for the time you take to detail the medical science that is abundant in your videos - i have reason to believe that it may inspire people like me - who are normally shy and would sooner find comfort in familiarity than challenge the great unknown - to more thoroughly adopt habits of awareness regarding our bodies. don't ever be afraid to acknowledge what may be going on inside of you, even if it is not the most pleasant thing to think about.

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  • Next video title: kid picks his nose, this is what happened to his liver.

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  • There's a freaking eye in his brain or at least that's what it looks like

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  • Isn't taking care of himself exactly what got him into this mess?

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  • i ate a melanoma for lunch, here’s what happened to my skin

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  • Amphetamine developed In the skin Crater signaling his brain to develop more

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  • Poor guy :(

  • So the white woman was in 140degree Egypt,Africa building in the Sun???? hahahaha Suntanning is death. MELANIN IS NEEDED.period.

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  • Treat your body as separate from your mind. Honor it like a person who works tirelessly for your benefit alone. As a mind, do right by it by deciding to treat it with care. Control that body to lead it to what keeps it safe.

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  • Felt like I was listening to a poem

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  • Wow, this story gives significantly more plausibility to the speculation that Jack Ruby was murdered by injection with cancer cells. Tumors in Ruby's lungs were discovered while he was imprisoned and, within a month, it quickly spread to his liver and brain killing him at the end of that month.

    Savannah RhodesSavannah Rhodes8 dagar sedan
    • @Savannah Rhodes when studying rats you don't inject them with actual cancer cells, you inject them with a strong carcinogenic substance.

      2HIGH2HIGH2 dagar sedan
    • I don't know about that. There are many studies I have read where cancer has been induced in rats followed by subsequent metastasis by injection of cancer cells. One study I read showed tumor development only 3 days after injection! If it can be done in rats why not humans? Google "inject cancer into rats" and you'll find plenty of sources.

      Savannah RhodesSavannah Rhodes3 dagar sedan
    • You can't inject cancer cells into someone else, the immune system will just kill the foreign cells

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