Deep Cleaning the MOLDIEST BIOHAZARD CAR EVER! | Satisfying DISASTER Car Detailing Transformation

19 mar 2021
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Deep Cleaning the MOLDIEST BIOHAZARD CAR EVER! | Satisfying DISASTER Car Detailing Transformation. Today, we tackle the interior of the moldiest car EVER. This car's sunroof leaked for 5 months and let tons of mold grow! If you find our videos satisfying or motivating make sure you hit subscribe!
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    • I wanna travel to South Korea

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    • @Blue Feathered Cub hmm well, I only know like 2 locations and they are both close to where I live and I’m not giving out my location sorry. Maybe you can search on google, “SkyZone” or “SkyZones Near me” to get a better understanding

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    • @eidas Wow, really? Where is this place? Sounds fun! 😃

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    • I wanna go to this place called SkyZone. It’s like an indoor trampoline park and I love it but it’s close rn

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    • @Tha Ants thanks for the info buddy

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  • I’m the dog taking a dump in the background

    Berkeley NormanBerkeley Norman7 timmar sedan
  • Hope she gets the leak fixed immediately or it will be right back again. Lord I would have just burned that car!

    Anonymous oneAnonymous one16 timmar sedan
  • 😦

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  • The first thing I will do is burn all my masks

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  • When lockdown ends im gonna hug my girlfriend, like long as cuddling is gonna happen. It's our 1 years soon as we got together during lockdown. We've only been able to see eachother face to face once every 1-2 months since December, we've only kissed twice and hugged 5 or 6 times because we bubbled over Christmas When we counted we've only roughly seen eachother about 50 times in our year relationship. It's been hard for us both and I can't wait for that to end

    Ash -tonAsh -ton23 timmar sedan
  • I have the same vehicle, would love to get it this clean.

    Jermaine JonesJermaine JonesDag sedan
  • You guys did a marvelous job, and with the mold condition how did you guys handle the electronics to keep the heater and air condition from circulating mold back into the car.

    Hamidullah A. SaahirHamidullah A. SaahirDag sedan
  • Que vacuum utilizan para aspirar el líquido de los asientos? O que producto líquido usaron para poder lavarlo?

    fran leonfran leonDag sedan
  • I wonder how much this detail costed

    Kingdrosive 3Kingdrosive 3Dag sedan
  • But there are still black points on the seats?

    FloFloDag sedan
  • As a new car detailer this is horrifying XD

  • They're cleaning the car due to mold, that's bad for you. But they're not wearing masks? The US has the most Covid cases, and most deaths, regardless of population. And people still don't wear masks?

    Sam BrownSam BrownDag sedan
  • At 9:15 that dog in the background gave his personal opinion on the original status of this car! :)

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  • Hell yeah RJ congrats on your yt page

    Mark ZiembaMark ZiembaDag sedan
  • I love how they don’t say anything bad about the persons car condition, not saying “ew, no.” and not being ashamed to be seen in such a car. Just thinking about the smiles and helping out anyone who is struggling during such hard times. Keep it up 💕

    ayvuh revailaayvuh revailaDag sedan
  • The dog taking a dump in the back tho....

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  • DETAIL MY CAR FOR ME!!! Where are you guys located?!

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  • That water was black at the end 😳🤭

    Laylaa AkilLaylaa Akil2 dagar sedan
  • hi, i don't use my car that much so mostly its parked hence get dirty just in 2 3 days, how do i dry dust instead of washing every 3 days without scratching it ?

    Ravinder SinghRavinder Singh2 dagar sedan
  • props to you guys, i probably would've just set the car on fire and called it a day

    LeahLeah2 dagar sedan
  • huan spass lo :awesome:

    Ahmad. KhxAhmad. Khx2 dagar sedan
  • Even if they kill all mold there should be at least one that it would grow back!

    Luigi CotoceaLuigi Cotocea2 dagar sedan
  • damn

    Covid 19Covid 192 dagar sedan
  • You must clean her brain befor clean tha car.

    Deary JamalDeary Jamal2 dagar sedan
  • You guys are amazingly good wow

    Kristie OlingerKristie Olinger2 dagar sedan
  • Go back to concerts and plays.

    Lisa Martin-MagyarkutiLisa Martin-Magyarkuti2 dagar sedan
  • I hope that sunroof got fixed if not park it undercover I'm glad you all got suited up wow

    Kristie OlingerKristie Olinger2 dagar sedan
  • Great job guys💪💪👏🥳, the fungi were so scary 🙀

    Senyuorta coolSenyuorta cool2 dagar sedan
  • How did the owner f-ing not see that??!?!?

    MIBOMIBO3 dagar sedan
  • Ewlk if her car look like that and its so simple to keep clean imagine what her house look like 🤢🤢 she dirty

    Nadja DevlugtNadja Devlugt3 dagar sedan
  • Heftig wie krass sauber

    kurdestyler55kurdestyler553 dagar sedan
  • This is your brand new used car

    GangGang3 dagar sedan
  • You guys are professionals especially dealing with this car.

    Fizaan Apple new techFizaan Apple new tech3 dagar sedan
  • This is amazingly done A+

    felicia ramosfelicia ramos3 dagar sedan
  • Pooping dog at 9:12 guys

    BabyFace ClutchBabyFace Clutch3 dagar sedan
  • Removed my seat. Got them up to the local jet wash. Come up lovely 😎. Lot of vexing afterwards though

    ZoolZool4 dagar sedan
  • i would love to have my car detailed like this. there is a stain where my dad was throwing up and driving at the same time...ive never been able to get it out lmao

    KerushiiKELSEYKerushiiKELSEY4 dagar sedan
  • 6 y/o me thinking that mold is only on bread

    Nattanon IntharachomNattanon Intharachom4 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised she’s not sick or worse in hospital

    Harms_music 14Harms_music 145 dagar sedan
  • I used to own a 2002 subaru wrx and the trunk of those generations were known to always have rust spots underneath no matter what. During the first shut down, I had my car reversed up my driveway and it actually stormed frequently. One day, I looked inside and it was pretty moldy (not this bad^ but there were some spots). The water got in from rust in my trunk, and gravity pulled the water to the front my car🥲 My dad had to help me gut the car, hose down, and vacuum the seats

    taylor maetaylor mae5 dagar sedan
  • my question is always, just, how?

    DNA_ hound7DNA_ hound75 dagar sedan
  • Dang what's a price range for a interior job this bad? Looks like you had to but ppe and special chemicals plus lots of labor...has to be expensive.

    Stephen WhiteStephen White5 dagar sedan
  • brasil??

    Arthur FreibergerArthur Freiberger5 dagar sedan
  • Haha dog pooing in background

    Trev NeuzTrev Neuz5 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else see the dog take a dump💀 9:12

    Chancellor CharlesChancellor Charles5 dagar sedan
  • Imagine before the detailing she used to sit in the car & all the mold is on her clothes & everywhere else she sits

    tiffykinsx3tiffykinsx35 dagar sedan
  • Check the inside of the seats

    Cookie KimeCookie Kime5 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only person that noticed the dog taking a poo?

    Dominique D'AngeloDominique D'Angelo5 dagar sedan
  • I can’t Believe she would actually drive in a car like that- I would be like every kind of cleaning products I can to get all this mold out-I’m sorry that’s nasty 😷

    Kathie DaramolaKathie Daramola5 dagar sedan
  • My mom like- when the last time you clean this car? -me be like uh-uh-uh- -mom like some on now- me- seeee I can be honest NEVER 🙁🤭 -mom be like 😑😶sad

    Kathie DaramolaKathie Daramola5 dagar sedan
  • Can I hire you?

    grapelike13grapelike136 dagar sedan
  • How can I get my car done ? I need this work, great job 👍🏽👍🏽

    T&Z FAMT&Z FAM6 dagar sedan
  • My hats to y'all that clean up was AWESOME

    Danny RichardsonDanny Richardson6 dagar sedan
  • If looking for a service like this, would you all suggest strictly connecting with a biohazard company or do many regular car detailing services offer this?

    Liz WoodLiz Wood6 dagar sedan
  • I thought it was clickbait jeeeeesusss

    Samantha GrassmanSamantha Grassman6 dagar sedan
  • U can die from that no way cleaning it I still wouldn’t get in it just throw the whole care away

    Queen CQueen C6 dagar sedan
  • bold of you to assume the pandemic will ever end

    _.kadenlol_.kadenlol6 dagar sedan
  • probably had moisture get in and spores cultivated in the ventilation. then you turn on the heat/fan and it spreads spores all throughout the car. had it happen to my old corolla. although i didn’t let it get that bad; you’d be surprised how easily the little spots of mold can cultivate throughout the interior. at that point it’s just a matter of it spreading.

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  • Theaters... N movies family time after the covid is officially gone.

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  • Therapist: Moldy car does not exist, it can't hurt you This car: i'm about to end this guy's career

    Sclade NightSclade Night6 dagar sedan
  • 100% watching again

    Wesley McgowanWesley Mcgowan7 dagar sedan
  • ....what's the point of cleaning it if you dont know how the water is getting in? It will just fill back up and mold again..

    Bethanie BootsBethanie Boots7 dagar sedan
  • Okay but I mean if she doesn’t know how it got like this, and maybe hasn’t fixed it, its just going to come right back....

    JessicaJo2100JessicaJo21007 dagar sedan
  • Very cool reaction video...

    Michelle HoodMichelle Hood7 dagar sedan
  • So glad I watched until the end! Your customer had an amazing experience, nice job!

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  • How to clean moldiest car; burn it

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  • New sub ☺️

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  • Nice little surprise in the background at 9:15 💩

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  • I watched a few videos of your work and you definitely deserve the subscribe button well done 👍

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  • Ozone machine needs to run for 3 to 6 hours to kill mold, not one hour. Products you spray on surfaces have a dwell time, a required amount of time they need to remain undisturbed on surfaces to be effective. For example, lysol has a dwell time of up to 4 mins. Bleach 10 mins. The effectiveness is not instantaneous. For mold, I'm going to guess the dwell time was easily 5 to 10 mins. Nice surface clean up, but the biohazard wasn't really addressed properly.

    Masha MitchellMasha Mitchell8 dagar sedan
  • Do what your doing

    Tronk’s FishingTronk’s Fishing8 dagar sedan
  • 9:14 did you see it?

    Csaba VértessyCsaba Vértessy8 dagar sedan
  • I had mold like that in a car. It had been stored in a garage where a pipe burst. The floor still had a puddle after the repair. With the pandemic, I didn't visit the location for a month, when I got there, the interior looked exactly like that.

    Bogdan BuzduganBogdan Buzdugan8 dagar sedan
  • Boy does the vac have to be cleaned out from sucking all of this. Oooo!

    kellsy hkellsy h8 dagar sedan
    • @Masha Mitchell Well it seems like he knows what he is doing and has done it before so im sure either he throws parts of the Vac away or cleans it out.

      kellsy hkellsy h8 dagar sedan
    • Yes. It was pretty dumb of them to use that vacuum to suck up all those mold sores.

      Masha MitchellMasha Mitchell8 dagar sedan
  • Is there any way to turn off the Spanish subtitles, I don't speak Spanish ans the text obstructs the video.

    Pat StretchPat Stretch8 dagar sedan
  • I wonder what the test would pick up for mold spores once the car was cleaned? Certain kinds of mold can cause serious health problems.

    Shellie LeepShellie Leep8 dagar sedan
  • doggo pooping at 9:12

    TsunamiB0mbTsunamiB0mb8 dagar sedan
  • How much does something like this cost.

    Robert WoodenRobert Wooden8 dagar sedan
  • I want to travel and move out of the USA and hopefully just do everything I’ve ever wanted to

    Vanessa RosendoVanessa Rosendo8 dagar sedan
  • Lol I hope you threw out every single tool you used on this car. The vacuum, every cloth, the ventilator you put into the car before you started, all the hazmat gear. Its all infected now. You should have turned this customer away and told her to do a complete gut of the car or to have it wrecked. The mold will just resurface, and now all of the tools you used on her car, will introduce toxic mold into others cars. Did you not do a hazmat course? Jesus christ.

    Love, LiliLove, Lili8 dagar sedan
    • 100% this. But this is youtube and people do dumb shit for views. They didn't address the mold issue correctly at any step of the cleaning process. The vehicle owner should have notified her insurance. That car needs to be labeled as a "salvage" because it is a total loss.

      Masha MitchellMasha Mitchell8 dagar sedan
  • go on a mega huge visiting my friends.

    stephen victor baileystephen victor bailey9 dagar sedan
  • Them: *cleaning mold* Dog: “Don’t mind me just pooping”

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  • u guys made it to 100k congrats u beat ur goal 😀😀

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  • こんなん掃除したって根が残ってまたカビ生えるやろと思ったらオゾンだのスチームだのでバッチリ殺菌してて安心した

    きしべきしべ9 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who tried imagining what driving this must have been like? Like if she had kids they would refuse to go anywhere.

    miu on drugsmiu on drugs9 dagar sedan
  • Also I would be terrified all my cleaning equipment would have mold spores in it now that would get growing. I would do a deep clean on all my equipment as well after. I say this because we had a leak in our basement from a water heater which we got fixed but ultimately had to trash the vacuum because it started smelling months later and we opened it and it had mold growing on the inside from when it happened. Watch insides of the vacuums!!

    Linsey ShewmakerLinsey Shewmaker9 dagar sedan
  • If the owner says she is not quite sure where the mold came from....she says 'possibly a leaking sunroof' is the initial problem even fixed or is this going to come right back if moisture is still getting in the car? Hopefully it is all fixed so this has a chance at being not a waste of time.

    Linsey ShewmakerLinsey Shewmaker9 dagar sedan
  • I can’t be the only one that saw the doggy doing his business in the background at 9:15 🤣🤣

    Tamara PalominoTamara Palomino9 dagar sedan
    • lol this is the comment i was looking for. the dog was taking a mean 💩 in the background like yes i’ve been waiting on this

      Nequa ThompsonNequa Thompson7 dagar sedan
  • 9:12 dog taking a shit in the background

    bellovelo1bellovelo19 dagar sedan
  • Wow, that really *is* the best reaction you guys have gotten from a customer! That lady seems so sweet! :D

    Blue Feathered CubBlue Feathered Cub9 dagar sedan
  • I hope she got the leak fixed before you did this otherwise it will be back 🤦🏾‍♀️ Great video!

    LaToya Plans LifeLaToya Plans Life9 dagar sedan
  • Oh man, this car is toxic. It should've been quarantined and destroyed instead of being detailed.

    thomas1020thomas102010 dagar sedan
  • I would have gotten the car cleaned and then sold the parts (none of the affected interior though) and dumped the rest of it. My fear of mold is too strong and I would never drive that car ever again

    Coffee_Is_My_SanityCoffee_Is_My_Sanity10 dagar sedan

    DSC LullabyDSC Lullaby10 dagar sedan
  • now that i can, i am moving to the city to get a degree in mental health care and hopefully end up helping people in the impending (and currently happeneing) mental health crisis.

    ZoeZoe10 dagar sedan
  • I just know shawty was not whipping that car like that 😂

    TJTJ10 dagar sedan
  • Video got a like when I found out ur a cleveland fan

    Jeffrey KesterJeffrey Kester10 dagar sedan
  • Do you have any social networking platforms like instagram,twitter? Thanks in advance

    Danniel Angelo ManaloDanniel Angelo Manalo10 dagar sedan
  • Excellent work! Get pump-up pressure sprayers and lose those trigger sprayers! Few people understand the necessity of what I’ll call “agitation in situ” for fabrics that can’t be removed, and the spinning brushes are perfect! I have used everything from battery powered reciprocating pumpkin carving tools (modified with brushes, scrapers, etc), and electric toothbrushes, to ‘mouse’ or pad type sanders with felt pads, scotch brite pads, mr. clean eraser sponges, terrycloth towels, and even those frictionless furniture sliders when I need vibration but no abrasion. One other secret from the chemistry lab - when everything else has failed, mix equal parts FOOD GRADE, that is, 12% to 35% hydrogen peroxide, and ‘janitorial strength’ ammonia (ace hardware carries it). It will even remove rust from steel. This stuff is so reactive that, once contaminated with whatever you’re cleaning, within 3 minutes it will heat itself to the point that it boils itself out of the container; so don’t mix up too much. The peroxide will disassemble the ammonia molecules, and off- gas oxygen, leaving you with water and some kind of inert salt, I think, so you can’t store it .. it turns to something useless but gives off enough gas to pressurize a sealed container to the point of possibly exploding. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that breathing it will cause you to gag, choke, and cough, so wear a mask or respirator; and if you get it on your skin, it waits about 30 -60 seconds and starts to burn like hell, won’t wash off except by dousing it with alcohol, and will leave your skin blanched white, and pretty much dead, so wear gloves ... on second thought... maybe you should skip that option unless and until you have somebody on the team that is trained or experienced in HazMat. Best of luck to you! You made that lady very happy, and what greater reward is there?

    Kenneth VaughanKenneth Vaughan10 dagar sedan