#DAKAR2021 - Stage 9 - Neom / Neom - Bike/Quad Highlights

12 jan 2021
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  • Yamaha not reliable anymore

    Kabul BudiansyahKabul Budiansyah7 dagar sedan
  • Owesome race yeeeee😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍

    CyMar MotovlogCyMar Motovlog8 dagar sedan
  • All this for what ???

    Calin FlorinCalin Florin8 dagar sedan
  • Fuck! I wanted to watch toby finish the dakar

    Da’Badest 13Da’Badest 138 dagar sedan
  • Força Joaquim!!

    Paulo FerreiraPaulo Ferreira9 dagar sedan
  • Stupid rules on tires putting the lives of these racers in danger.

    Green HornetGreen Hornet9 dagar sedan
  • Xavier de soultrait Toby Price Luciano This is bad day

    Troides ProjectTroides Project9 dagar sedan
  • Toby your still a winner & inspiration to me! get well bud

    jon morrisonjon morrison9 dagar sedan
  • Us caras são feras nas duas rodas👍👍👍✌️

    Rafael DuarteRafael Duarte9 dagar sedan
  • Im sorry, but we should stop bike racing at dakar.

    Matthias AnnabergerMatthias Annaberger9 dagar sedan
  • Sorry about pricey, get well boy, need you ready for Finke in June..🏆

    Bruno PhilpotBruno Philpot9 dagar sedan
  • Well done Pricey, You are a winner and clearly surrounded by Champions who are racers and great people.. Hope you mend well and get back to what you enjoy soon.

    Aussie KawimanAussie Kawiman9 dagar sedan
  • toby get well and give it another crack next year champ ✌

    SimpleRickSimpleRick9 dagar sedan
  • big respect for Ricky Brabec and Sam Sunderland for waiting Toby Price until the chopper arrive

    masaul27masaul279 dagar sedan
  • tranquilo Juan Nacho , eres el mejor !!!

    Leo FernandoLeo Fernando9 dagar sedan
  • Respect to all the riders who stopped and looked after Toby. And good luck and a speedy recovery to Tony Price, sad to see him out of the race.

    Rick RatcliffRick Ratcliff9 dagar sedan
  • #8 forever

    Alinel WoundhornAlinel Woundhorn9 dagar sedan
  • Shame for Toby .. get well

    dieseldiesel9 dagar sedan
  • Paulo is following the rally..

    dieseldiesel9 dagar sedan
  • Go brabec, and good luck to the whole honda team. But most of all I hope everyone that's been injured gets well very soon and you're all safe out there.

    Jim RedtalonJim Redtalon9 dagar sedan
  • Great video

    Ron BirchardRon Birchard9 dagar sedan
  • Toby, get well. Brabec, Rodrigues, with you. Gonçalves RIP and protectem all. AS ARMAS! :

    badger Jackbadger Jack9 dagar sedan
  • Withdrawal of Toby and Ross is breaking my heart... Dakar is tough

    Anton HermansyahAnton Hermansyah9 dagar sedan
  • RIP Toby.

    Jay JayJay Jay9 dagar sedan
  • bad luck Toby... great effort mate

    WacKEDmaNWacKEDmaN9 dagar sedan
  • these short clips are terrible .. miss those old dakar series!

    Tvensky86Tvensky869 dagar sedan
  • Cover ORIGINAL BY MOTUL I have no clue how any of them make it this deep into the race

    kfcrisskfcriss9 dagar sedan
  • Toby get well soon fight again next time

    Jojo MalakaJojo Malaka9 dagar sedan
  • Godspeed Toby Price!

    Kris HansenKris Hansen9 dagar sedan
  • rock & roll toby, get well soon....respect to all riders

    elias moraelias mora9 dagar sedan
  • Respect to other riders including Ricky Brabec who stopped and help Toby after the crash.... RESPECT!!!!!

    Arthur MuayaArthur Muaya9 dagar sedan
  • 5 riders on the top five and 2 were KTM. How are 4 Honda riders on the Top 5?

    Francisco Chagas CorreiaFrancisco Chagas Correia9 dagar sedan
  • Toby would have been flying, looks quite flat & open where he came unstuck. Well done to the other rider's for their support⭐. Get well Toby 🇦🇺.

    WaynoWayno9 dagar sedan
  • Get well soon Toby, such a joy to watch. Much respect to the riders who waited for medivac!

    Smartyrdumb ?Smartyrdumb ?9 dagar sedan
  • Its an unforgiving terrain for these race motorcycles

    Jojo DelimaJojo Delima9 dagar sedan
  • So tolle Aufnahmen. So tolle Fahrer. So schöne Landschaften und dann Interviews in der Wüste am Arsch der Welt und da stehen Erwachsene Männer mit GEHIRN (hoffentlich) und machen dieses unsägliche, blöde, unsinnige MASKENSPIEL mit. Was soll der Scheiss? Seid mal Vorbilder . Fangt an und zeigt der Welt, wo der Hammer hängt.

    Mike KilotangoMike Kilotango9 dagar sedan
  • Another Yamaha engine bites the dust. Red Riders repeat! Sorry KTM maybe next year. Perhaps take over another manufacturer so you could have 4 teams in it..

    H8er MakerH8er Maker10 dagar sedan
  • I hate KTM for forcing Toby to ,,run like Hell´´

    Travel YourselfTravel Yourself10 dagar sedan
    • I hate KTM also , but have high respect for the team .

      David skeenDavid skeen9 dagar sedan
  • Hope you have a speedy recovery Toby. Great mateship and sportsman ship in the desert by your rivals, what a great sporting culture in the Dakar.

    soundzRinmygardensoundzRinmygarden10 dagar sedan
  • C'mon Sam Aussie Aussie Aussie

    pheno hunterpheno hunter10 dagar sedan
  • Get well soon toby

    pheno hunterpheno hunter10 dagar sedan
  • Paulo, you will never be forgotten!! Joaquim make you proud for sure... Get well soon Toby 🤜🤛💪 #speedyforever 🇵🇹🥇🙏⭐

    Leandro CarvalhoLeandro Carvalho10 dagar sedan
  • Joaquim Rodrigues and Tobi Price very heroes this is Dakar ❤️💝

  • What the shit yamaha. Dakkar /MotoGP build a engine. Go honda 😂

    Andrew OomsAndrew Ooms10 dagar sedan
  • It's good that riders who stop and help are given back lost time.

    Daniel MoresDaniel Mores10 dagar sedan
    • @Shaun Bean this video I skipped time a lot because I saw it when doing work, but I remember Toby helping Paolo last year and he was given his time back

      Anton HermansyahAnton Hermansyah9 dagar sedan
    • @Anton Hermansyah did you watch the video? They clearly stated Ricky got time back for stopping.

      Shaun BeanShaun Bean9 dagar sedan
    • @Anton Hermansyah It does,they got there time back

      Graeme BartmannGraeme Bartmann9 dagar sedan
    • I forgot when I saw the rules, probably in this channel as well, but the stop to help other riders would not be count as time loss

      Anton HermansyahAnton Hermansyah9 dagar sedan
  • Hoping all crashed riders the best .. and good luck to all the Honda riders!!

    Dick LazoDick Lazo10 dagar sedan
  • GO BRABEC!!!!! USA!!!!!

    Darren FredricksonDarren Fredrickson10 dagar sedan
  • nothing better to see than other riders stopping to help out the injured ....total respect ....the mullet will return ....

    Fabian CallowFabian Callow10 dagar sedan
  • Get well soon Toby and fast recovery 💪

    dave knightdave knight10 dagar sedan
  • RIP Paulo Gonçalves - Good luck Toby - Go Honda Go

    Shaun FaheyShaun Fahey10 dagar sedan
  • Next year Toby! Get well soon..

    Jacob on:Jacob on:10 dagar sedan
  • pronta recuperación a Luciano #77, a volver más fuerte y con más ganas el próximo Dakar 💪

    silvia Gómezsilvia Gómez10 dagar sedan
  • aguante Kevin, nuestro único "soldado " en pié... vamos Argentinaaa!!

    silvia Gómezsilvia Gómez10 dagar sedan
  • So sorry for Toby... that's the end of the rally for me :(

    MaxTrykMaxTryk10 dagar sedan
    • @Strong Hold Sanders, right? got beat up this time too - but maybe that's for luck... go go Daniel! :)

      MaxTrykMaxTryk9 dagar sedan
    • @Strong Hold Chucky's done fantastically well for a rookie.A definite winner in the future

      Graeme BartmannGraeme Bartmann9 dagar sedan
    • Still another Aussie in the mix mate. Needs our support👍

      Strong HoldStrong Hold10 dagar sedan
  • Esos palos que se pegan me duelen asta a mí,ahique sacarse el sombrero por estos pilotos!!!

    Sebastian HobertSebastian Hobert10 dagar sedan
  • Get well soon Toby

    Kiran GhadgeKiran Ghadge10 dagar sedan
  • Massive shame about Price, he was looking like he was in line for another Dakar win. Fingers crossed his injuries aren't too bad.

    OnTheBackWheelOnTheBackWheel10 dagar sedan
  • i feel bad for toby but its so cool to see honda success over ktm! its about time.

    Idan FarkashIdan Farkash10 dagar sedan
  • Forzavale price

    carlos briceñocarlos briceño10 dagar sedan
  • There goes ktm's another dakar win

    Adriel AnandaAdriel Ananda10 dagar sedan
    • Relax two more Ktm’s on the race

      Oscar BottazziOscar Bottazzi10 dagar sedan
  • lots of brothers.

    Cameron OneelCameron Oneel10 dagar sedan
  • yamaha ded

    Cameron OneelCameron Oneel10 dagar sedan
  • TEAM HONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cameron OneelCameron Oneel10 dagar sedan
  • Paulo lives on in our memories 🙏 Massive respect to bikers who stopped to check on Toby and wishing you a speedy recovery mate!

    Oinam AnandOinam Anand10 dagar sedan
  • The aerodynamic mullet has left the race...

    ThisIsAnotherChannelThisIsAnotherChannel10 dagar sedan
  • Get well soon TOBY

    BikeTTechBikeTTech10 dagar sedan
  • Let's Go Honda!!!!!

    Prox BayuProx Bayu10 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    ابو عزوووز فابو عزوووز ف10 dagar sedan
  • Hope Toby is ok! Good luck Mr.Price

    Sean HSean H10 dagar sedan
  • Yamaha needs to work out the bugs on their engines. This engine failures happened a few time in MotoGP as well.

    BrevaBreva10 dagar sedan
    • It's ironic that Yamaha is a engine builder to for many other brands.

      WaynoWayno9 dagar sedan
    • That was surprising to me. Blue bikes are reliable AF

      Steve StifflerSteve Stiffler10 dagar sedan

      hieu phanhieu phan10 dagar sedan

    Whalk IssWhalk Iss10 dagar sedan
  • Vamos Kevin carajo!!!

    Normando Arnaldo AlemanNormando Arnaldo Aleman10 dagar sedan

    John AustinJohn Austin10 dagar sedan
  • Get well soon Toby, respect for other leaders riders to stay with you.

    photmotophotmoto10 dagar sedan
  • This year is the year of HONDA RALLY 👊

    hieu phanhieu phan10 dagar sedan
    • Ahahaha and yamaha keep breaking

      Bang HansBang Hans9 dagar sedan
    • @GodfatherMaxi how can you say that you hate KTM BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD this year is for KTM to get there win streak back 🍊🤜🏻🍎

      GellyBean15GellyBean159 dagar sedan
    • All 4 Honda's in the top 5,amazing achievement with reliability.Yamaha need to work on that

      Graeme BartmannGraeme Bartmann9 dagar sedan
    • Did you not see last year ? .. it's good I hate KTM's...

      GodfatherMaxiGodfatherMaxi10 dagar sedan

      Cameron OneelCameron Oneel10 dagar sedan
  • 10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Penelo r J xArmPenelo r J xArm10 dagar sedan
  • I'm Alone 😍😥

    eone Max SNinfeone Max SNinf10 dagar sedan
    • stay alone

      Philip AckermannPhilip Ackermann10 dagar sedan
  • Vamos Nachoo 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • Hope not to much damage Toby, take care from your fan's in Ireland

    Steven StilesSteven Stiles10 dagar sedan
  • NACHO! "Keep your feet on the pegs and the rubber side down."🏁🏆🇸🇦

    Jon JacksonJon Jackson10 dagar sedan
  • Good luck Toby. Get well soon.

    JayJay10 dagar sedan
  • Vamos Benavides 🇦🇷👍

    Facundo HentschFacundo Hentsch10 dagar sedan
  • RIP Paulo Gonçalves! The most humble Elite rider in Dakar, a true champion!

    ZoopRustyZoopRusty10 dagar sedan
    • @ADVMoto not all unfortunately...Can’t think that about Despres for example...

      FedeFede9 dagar sedan
    • They are all pretty awesome.

      ADVMotoADVMoto10 dagar sedan
  • Good luck Toby !!!

    Yamaha Raptor 700RYamaha Raptor 700R10 dagar sedan
  • THIS is how the beginning of a new year should start! watching this incredible race thank you for the updates... hopefully next year I'll be there smiling and experiencing this myself as a spectator of course haha

    L0rdCROISSANTL0rdCROISSANT10 dagar sedan
  • Good luck Toby

    Saudi Dirtbike ChannelSaudi Dirtbike Channel10 dagar sedan
  • Amazing views. Really love DAKAR :). Please, share to us more from Quads :)

    Yamaha Raptor 700RYamaha Raptor 700R10 dagar sedan
  • vamos Kevin carajo

    gonzaejuarezgonzaejuarez10 dagar sedan
  • A recuperarse Toby, vamos Nacho Cornejo👌👍

    Jorge SevJorge Sev10 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    lani RoberPierlani RoberPier10 dagar sedan
  • Good luck Toby.

    Peet du ToitPeet du Toit10 dagar sedan
  • They are figth each other but stay together..... good luck Toby...👍

    Mike BadcossiMike Badcossi10 dagar sedan
  • My Camel more reliable than YAMAHA

    Ahmed AlotaibiAhmed Alotaibi10 dagar sedan
    • @M SJ Yeaah,in his country maybe.....here not...😂😎

      Mike BadcossiMike Badcossi10 dagar sedan
    • @Mike Badcossi Camels worth millions. If he can ride one, lucky he is 😂

      M SJM SJ10 dagar sedan
    • I think a camel would be more reliable than just about anything. Go Honda!

      Ralph WattenRalph Watten10 dagar sedan
    • Thats the only thing what you can ride.....

      Mike BadcossiMike Badcossi10 dagar sedan
    • 🤣🤣🤣👍

      Checkyoursix77Checkyoursix7710 dagar sedan