Using 666IQ Imposter Techniques to Win EVERY 50/50 (Jester and Sheriff Mod)

3 apr 2021
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  • Hearing CORPSE laugh makes my day

    Elizabeth MaloneyElizabeth Maloney7 minuter sedan
  • Who's justbret couldn't find them on SEworld

    drexen 69drexen 6935 minuter sedan
  • Thumbnail be like: big brain

    gacha paitengacha paitenTimme sedan
  • Hey can you check. inquisitormaster channel they have someone in there squad that has a deep voice like yours named Levi

    Frog EditsFrog Edits2 timmar sedan
  • Am not gonna lie sykkuno sound like Ao bing in nezha

    gojo satorugojo satoru4 timmar sedan
  • The fact that I want to be corpse caretaker and best friend says something.

    Tierra SmithTierra Smith4 timmar sedan
  • I accidentally disliked the video and now I’m upset

    Gacha _anime loverGacha _anime lover5 timmar sedan
  • Amazing keep it up keep the channel

    Angel And mattAngel And matt5 timmar sedan
  • 26:42 I mean, he DID find a body in 3..2..1-

    Account StuffAccount Stuff5 timmar sedan
  • Just want to say Corpse that I know it is hard right now but it will get better. We your fans and your online friends are here for you. If you don’t want to do a face reveal that is compeltely fine. Please don’t feel pressured or anything, we love you Corpse❤️

    Shadow MoonShadow Moon7 timmar sedan
  • Brooke is beautiful asf

    Shane WShane W8 timmar sedan
  • Hi Corpse!! Can I please have a request??? It's not a big one!!!!

    Bea FernandezBea Fernandez8 timmar sedan
  • Hi Corpse!! Can I please have a request??? It's not a big one!!!!

    Bea FernandezBea Fernandez8 timmar sedan
  • Hi just wanna say im a big fan and ive just not recently have subscribed to u and i love ur vids and everything about u some day I'd love to meant u ofc it would be amazing but have. A good day - love as a friend Kaseymay

    shoto todorokishoto todoroki8 timmar sedan
  • I spilt water on my white tee

    Christian PeelChristian Peel10 timmar sedan
  • So corpse apprabtly your a super star musician now ?! and da ladies want to kiss you on the butt, I’m proud of man, I hope you still read a creepy story of two from time to time.

    tt12 timmar sedan
  • It's kinda sad that corpse wont read scary stories anymore, but I get it dont wanna scare the kids away.

    Psychotic KreepsPsychotic Kreeps14 timmar sedan
  • No entendí nada pero la tuya por si acaso y buen video carnal

  • Lol I been sup to u since 5k I just came back to your channel and was like damn

    jeff shilanskijeff shilanski15 timmar sedan
  • Me: wait wha- My bestfriend(male ._.): What ;-; theres nothing stupid a-- Me: o>o * see's corpse * My best friend (male ._.) : oh .. ;-; .. -.- Me: are u Jelly ;.; My bestfriend (male ._.): He ll no! -_-... Me: u sure?

    Ivan BalazIvan Balaz17 timmar sedan
  • karl guess what, tirza said the b slur to her dog and then pushed the dog off her bed

    bre martinbre martin17 timmar sedan
  • Hi corpse your probably never gonna see this but can you make a video of how people in public react to your voice please

    Unice Mendoza-GamaUnice Mendoza-Gama18 timmar sedan
  • So umm no more scary stories or only on Halloween maybe

    Saul TorresSaul Torres18 timmar sedan
  • Hi corpse im a new sub

    Crazy coco cakeCrazy coco cake19 timmar sedan
  • Pov:Corpe is a demon because he's caption is 66*

    ItsJoshCraftsItsJoshCrafts20 timmar sedan
  • Love Corpse’s voice it always calms me down and makes me smile, especially after having a stressful day. He is also hilarious to watch. 😊

    DeirdresueDeirdresue21 timme sedan
  • Not to be a header on anything but is the voice really that deep like you could be using a voice changer

    Boba Fett the Bounty HunterBoba Fett the Bounty Hunter21 timme sedan
  • Toast tryna reverse psychology brooke 🤣

    FreakinHellFreakinHell21 timme sedan
  • rip prince pihilip :(

    NiklasNiklas21 timme sedan
  • BROOKE-CORPSE rivalry is the best 🤣

    FreakinHellFreakinHell21 timme sedan
  • Omg there was something on my volume and whenever corpse talked it started bouncing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    TinaTina21 timme sedan
  • I’m going through these comments and I have not seen a single person make an Inquisitormaster joke.🙄 I wanted to hear some good ones.

    ArticPlayz101ArticPlayz10121 timme sedan
  • Karl: "... the one and only murderer, BROOKEAB!" everyone: hnUhGh :0 :0 :0 !!

    フェリンクリスタルフェリンクリスタル22 timmar sedan
  • BrookeAB: IM SORRY Corpse: 1.0 GPA?? Oof!

    Jennifer ReckersJennifer Reckers23 timmar sedan
  • Sykkuno is like an Asian Loki. Just wants to cause mischief.

    Primal PredatorPrimal Predator23 timmar sedan
  • I used to like you... then you played with POKIMANE

    Demonic ZeroDemonic ZeroDag sedan
  • brentmans char is so boujee

    pluto.pluto.Dag sedan
  • hey corpse like your vids bye

    chris garlandchris garlandDag sedan

    BillieWASfound?BillieWASfound?Dag sedan
  • sus

    XDhan FFXDhan FFDag sedan
  • This mans voice is higher than my grades

    RileyRileyDag sedan
  • I'm I the only one who finds it weird that corpse actually has a real name😅😅

    12 3412 34Dag sedan
  • Where’s the corpse who did horror stories.. all I’m seeing is this rubbish game from him.. I’m really disappointed.

    MissNightmareMissNightmareDag sedan
  • Will someone explain what happened in 6:44

    Coco ZeliangCoco ZeliangDag sedan
    • Brooke was killed by the sheriff which is a crewmate who has the ability to kill impostors. However, if the sheriff is wrong and tries to kill a crewmate then they end up killing themselves and that crewmate.

      KelseyKelsey21 timme sedan

    UndeadHoundoomUndeadHoundoomDag sedan
  • His voice is so deep

    noura311noura311Dag sedan
  • His voice ❤️

    Ritika SinghRitika SinghDag sedan

    Frosty_CreamFrosty_CreamDag sedan
  • Who else misses his creepy story’s

    SNOWBOIL ToastSNOWBOIL ToastDag sedan
  • Your music is trash bruh don’t nobody care

    gregory monteirogregory monteiroDag sedan
  • Love corpse ❤️

    XeRxEs OPXeRxEs OPDag sedan
  • you use my trick or dont say we same iq 7_7

    qhizan faatirqhizan faatirDag sedan
  • I’m sorry man but I just unsubscribed you! You used to have so much awesome horror content, but here you are now making among us content 🤦‍♂️ this game is so boring and why do u keep making videos about it! You need get back into the horror videos dude.

    Nathan Michigan69Nathan Michigan69Dag sedan
  • I wanna hear corpse inhlaes Sulfur im dead-

    Bun Trap•Bun Trap•Dag sedan
  • im still confused how randall have a deep voice-

    ItsAfdhalRobloxGamerItsAfdhalRobloxGamerDag sedan
  • Who was here before among us.

    skys!skys!Dag sedan
  • Why did brooke died in the first game shes the imposter i dont understand HAHAHA i havent watched their vids for months

    Kiyopon AyanonKiyopon AyanonDag sedan
    • Brooke was killed by the sheriff which is a crewmate who has the ability to kill impostors. However, if the sheriff is wrong and tries to kill a crewmate then they end up killing themselves and that crewmate.

      KelseyKelsey21 timme sedan
  • Corpse is super good a gettting out of voted off

    CadaverCadaverDag sedan
  • Is corpse ever crewmate?

    OLIIVI studiosOLIIVI studiosDag sedan
  • Hey, I've been watching your videos for awhile now and i urgently needed some help, I don't know who else to even ask, i was mugged day before yesterday and lost all my belongings, and I'm stuck in a different city due to covid. Any kind of help would be really amazing right now, and I'll try to return the money or favour as soon as possible, i just need it urgently right now, please just anyone?

    Natasha KaurNatasha KaurDag sedan
    • I'd really really appreciate any kind of help

      Natasha KaurNatasha Kaur22 timmar sedan
    • @V M I'm not able to reply to your comment, what's happening

      Natasha KaurNatasha Kaur22 timmar sedan
    • Yes. Sure.

      V MV MDag sedan
  • Hey corpse not to rush you but do you know when you will do the face reveal

    Alex ScottAlex ScottDag sedan
    • Why even ask this question then?

      KelseyKelsey21 timme sedan
  • could u go back to reading scary stories pls the among us videos are very repetitive

    Jakub NepomucenoJakub NepomucenoDag sedan
  • Toast, with the mustache and your hat should be mr.toast, idk just a thought

    Aiken BeraliyevaAiken BeraliyevaDag sedan
  • just got your hoodie and mask in today! it looks so cool!!! the hoodie is so comfy and not too thick; thinn but keeps ya warm. tho the mask does give me 2nd glances lmao; i love it all. thank u!!

    Belissa LoveBelissa LoveDag sedan
  • Big brein.

    KallKallDag sedan
  • Poki says what the f

    Zhian Gabagat Official ChannelZhian Gabagat Official ChannelDag sedan
  • Vote for the NDL

    Tenzin lhendrup DorjiTenzin lhendrup DorjiDag sedan
  • Corpse GTA has changed sulking 🥲🥲🥲

    123dragonledgends12 3123dragonledgends12 3Dag sedan
  • Sup. Are you done with scary stories?

    Rene rharveyRene rharveyDag sedan
  • do a music vid with eminem

    ieateggs withcrackieateggs withcrackDag sedan
  • eminem

    ieateggs withcrackieateggs withcrackDag sedan
  • turtle

    Turtle BeyerTurtle BeyerDag sedan
  • His SEworld sucks BIG TIME!!

    Martin LilesMartin LilesDag sedan
  • We love that dream intro

    Lexi RunyanLexi RunyanDag sedan
  • Hey corpse, I just wanna say that your music has helped me a lot me personally I'm not in a good place and I'm a suicidal person and I have always been super self conscious and I wear a purge mask to cover my face and only my friends I trust and my girlfriend only know what my face looks like and I'm an agoraphobic and I hate going out in public if I do I always wear my purge mask and I can make my voice deep so I also hide my voice and I have Tourettes and multi personality disorder so I'm constantly bullied witch is the reason to all of this and my mom onece told me that I was going to be raped when I'm older because I wasn't sitting Lady like and now I have a fear of men I do trust you I think because you have the heart of an angel

    clara aftonclara aftonDag sedan
  • lmao this game is literally too stressful for me to play, had a genuine panic attack when i was made imposter

    InfinInfinDag sedan
  • UwU you need to see my hero academia CORPSE

    ivy hissivy hiss2 dagar sedan
  • Can you plz make a Horror Story vid again plzzzz

    Ricky spanishRicky spanish2 dagar sedan
  • My mom asked me who I was watching and I said Corpse..... I have never seen that women raise her eyebrows so damn high.

    NightmareNightmare2 dagar sedan
  • Am I an idiot or do corpse and billy styler sound similar?

    CenturionCenturion2 dagar sedan
  • Aye corpse i know how you look in real life you have one red eye black hair O-o

    Tanya DuranTanya Duran2 dagar sedan
  • I would like to play Among Us with you guys but I'm not as famous as you guys but you guys are epic

    Gavin DeDonGavin DeDon2 dagar sedan
  • Isn't machine gun Kelly a 1920s mobster

    Dillin JeterDillin Jeter2 dagar sedan
  • I love how every time everyone thinks its corpse

    Jayce MckinnisJayce Mckinnis2 dagar sedan
  • What the hell happened to your channel man. 7 months without a proper video. what is this shit?

    Mike JarrettMike Jarrett2 dagar sedan
  • What happened to greaseball?

    OPyonaOPyona2 dagar sedan
  • Voice 🥵🥵🥵

    DreamWasTaken LOLDreamWasTaken LOL2 dagar sedan
  • whats that sound in the beginning of the video?

    Kosta KonicKosta Konic2 dagar sedan
  • that guy is a legend

    Introuble deIntrouble de2 dagar sedan
  • Hey Sam

    koko vincentkoko vincent2 dagar sedan
  • Pls give us face reveal you can even do it how hdo delirious did it JUST PLs

    Gontaye DingabisiGontaye Dingabisi2 dagar sedan
    • chill out lol, he doesn't have to show his face just because you decided to stan over him

      InfinInfinDag sedan
  • I forgot what your voice sounded like 🤣

    R͟O͟Y͟A͟L͟S͟R͟O͟Y͟A͟L͟S͟2 dagar sedan
  • I’m guessing he does he’s voice like that or just a very deep voice

    GlizzyFZ GunnerGlizzyFZ Gunner2 dagar sedan
  • Dead game and dead channel

    Blitz 10Blitz 102 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who cringes at his voice because I know it’s put on but he acts like it’s his normal everyday voice ?

    Sandbox ManSandbox Man2 dagar sedan
  • Love the new song with MGK dude!!!! Went and watched it as soon as i watched the start of this video!

    Dayna MilitoDayna Milito2 dagar sedan
  • Omg i laugh so much😆😂😂

    Rosli RosliRosli Rosli2 dagar sedan
  • New subscriberr♡♡♡

    Rosli RosliRosli Rosli2 dagar sedan
  • Remember when this channel was more then this retarded game so sad to see what it's become

    Chad RichardsonChad Richardson2 dagar sedan
    • Lmao , his voice cringes me out since it’s put on but he acts like it’s his normal everyday voice

      Sandbox ManSandbox Man2 dagar sedan
  • Hi corpse! 🥺 🥺

    Trinity DeJesusTrinity DeJesus2 dagar sedan