When A.I. Becomes Creative

23 sep 2020
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General Adversarial Networks or GAN's are the new kids on the block, but they're already doing some interesting things.
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  • Deepfakes kind of change nothing. People have been writing stuff about people for hundreds of years and they could be writing the truth or something else. We need to make deepfakes general knowledge before someone uses them in malicious way.

    zabnatzabnat16 dagar sedan
  • 6:44 and so, a new meme was born

    Fractal ParadoxFractal Paradox22 dagar sedan

    Jared QueirozJared Queiroz23 dagar sedan
  • അയിന്....

    Anuvind RajAnuvind Raj28 dagar sedan
  • As an amateur photo editor and restorationist, I am most interested in the capability to upscale, clean, or otherwise improve old media. Videos like the Moon landing scaled to HD or even 60 FPS.

    Andrew CarrAndrew Carr28 dagar sedan

    Raditiya ValendetoRaditiya ValendetoMånad sedan
  • It would be great to see some of the old movies get a new lease of life. I hope the movie industry picks up on this and tweaks all the old movies and add some zest and I feel people who have past away can be brought back to life in new movies so the story goes on. Great SEworld Clip!

    Knightsberry iPadKnightsberry iPadMånad sedan
  • When i was 6-8 back in the 80's I always thought that a computer could reconstruct from the sound data with visual data at the other end of the phone.

    Quoss WimblikQuoss WimblikMånad sedan
  • And how the mankind is benefiting from it?

    SUperStaniszSUperStaniszMånad sedan
  • This AI was clearly programmed by Disney...

    gundam fangundam fanMånad sedan
  • When the AI is creative!

    Kavi Sugiharto WeberKavi Sugiharto WeberMånad sedan
  • smash mouth + AI = 3 doors down

    Kavi Sugiharto WeberKavi Sugiharto WeberMånad sedan
  • bruh are we living in a simulation

    Not-KenNot-KenMånad sedan
  • I beg to differ about your belief that computer scientists thought neural networks were useless until 2012. I was working on neural networks in antivirus software around 2000 and we actually released a component in our antivirus engine using that NN to detect new unknown computer viruses with > 80% accuracy and very low false positives. If you are interested to know more let me know.

    Christopher FormulakChristopher FormulakMånad sedan
  • Was that an AI version of an Asian Gilbert Godfrey at around 1:40? I may be mistaken. Never can tell these days.

    Bill BarrettBill BarrettMånad sedan
  • Humans are so easily impressed that just seeing an old movie running at the right speed blows their minds. Wait, TV used to be black and white? I literally can't IMAGINE that!! No internet? gaaaaahhhhhhhh...

    BariumCobaltNitrog3nBariumCobaltNitrog3nMånad sedan
  • Check out the ai driven site "thispersondoesnotexist". Also, I swear there is a SEworld channel that uses artificial human narrators. But I can't find it now.

    PhilLesh69PhilLesh69Månad sedan
  • This is scary...

    nickrd182nickrd182Månad sedan
  • I'm this whole episode cause a fan of ALICE! 😏 What's really the best way to train an AI!? I don't think we're there yet! 🤨

    VRtechmanVRtechmanMånad sedan
  • When hentai girls become a reality.

    BrigzLobzBrigzLobzMånad sedan
  • So, why not use this technology to create decision-making processes, using the increasing accuracy algorithm to feed in this loopback style, when it exits the loopback, the decision that it's come to will resemble human reasoning.

    Darin ParkDarin ParkMånad sedan
    • pretty much every recommendation algorithm does this I believe. I think the problem for higher order reasoning is that we don't have thousands upon thousands of examples to feed the neural network. Like, you can't just give it The Art of War and expect it to be a perfect war strategist.

      Kyler CasimirKyler CasimirMånad sedan
  • 8:43. What?

    This is uselessThis is uselessMånad sedan
  • This is absolutely mind-blowing technology. We live in one hell of an era.

    RyanRyanMånad sedan
  • Oh no. It’s happening. GAN is here, which means we are only a few steps away from GANTZ.🤦‍♂️

    Aaron MartinAaron MartinMånad sedan
  • How to become a 2010s Disney Princess in about five seconds. :P

    blakegriplingphblakegriplingphMånad sedan
  • Like all technology: it's a double-edged sword. The intent of the user is what matters most.

    sarasotauptoseattlesarasotauptoseattleMånad sedan
  • If A.I. is a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behaviour in computers. It's limitation is still restricted due to human programming.

    PipPipMånad sedan
  • thanks brother bear!

    E CE CMånad sedan
  • 4:35 i think thats in Flushing, The Netherlands.

    Budget KingBudget KingMånad sedan
  • People in 2000: Yeah, we're not going to live in a Matrix, you couldn't emulate 3D convincingly. People in 2010: Yeah, we're not going to live in a Matrix, you couldn't produce convincing imagery. People in 2020: Yeah, we're not going to live in a Matrix, you couldn't train a big enough model without enormous super computers. People in 2030: ?

    NFSHeldNFSHeldMånad sedan
  • This is juvenile compared to our future with AI, these are like little toys where the real A.I. power tools are managing markets, countries, cities and peoples lives. Your life and/or death will be decided by a machine in the future.

    Rob MacKayRob MacKayMånad sedan
  • I'm no expert on technology. However, I got a funny feeling the content we consume in media is way more advanced and created almost completely by AI. Now that's a real spooky conspiracy theory..... and if it would be correct.......most will be unaware for sometime to come. Some may never realize what happened. A really deep rabbit hole to go down.

    Richard VecchioRichard VecchioMånad sedan
  • I think it's pretty fair trade to kill human made art vs curing cancer or whatever diseases.

    IchigoMaitIchigoMait2 månader sedan
  • 7:50 hi @pewdiepie

    Shikher SrivastavaShikher Srivastava2 månader sedan
  • Absolutely brilliant for an indenti-kit tool for fighting crime, imagine feeding someone's description into a GAN AI.

    etmax1etmax12 månader sedan
  • Too bad all that couldn’t change your real face and personality

    Marc DuchampMarc Duchamp2 månader sedan
  • when the imposter sus

    《そこEdgeweaver》《そこEdgeweaver》2 månader sedan
  • I was just thinking that gans could probably help us explore the universe because it might be able to help astronomers and astrophysicists bring in more data from light-years away. Imagine being able to use it to see an exoplanet!

    Steven WilsonSteven Wilson2 månader sedan
  • 5:40 hmm.. human music - I like it

    Topa TopaTopa Topa2 månader sedan
  • ahmpp,, by the way this is amazing AI software when i can fing the perfect apps for this

    vlogScoutvlogScout2 månader sedan
  • So... Zoom and enhance finally exists!

    JJ StubbsJJ Stubbs2 månader sedan
  • jukebox was in the book "1984"

    Chet ManlyChet Manly2 månader sedan
  • AI is a lost cause,

    Bryo MuchBryo Much2 månader sedan
  • The empty polyester simplistically connect because cloudy phylogenitically hang without a ill-informed bit. disturbed, frightened frightening full fumbling functional bay

    hz duoduoxhz duoduox2 månader sedan
  • For vintage video, for history, for improving gaming, yes. But always a bad idea when in the hands of malfeasance.

    John EarlJohn Earl2 månader sedan
  • That should the Sims implemented

    Judiele BuenaventuraJudiele Buenaventura2 månader sedan
  • The idea that deep fakes and deep fake detection methods might compete forever in a kind of arms race sounds very intuitive, a bit like computer security and hackers, weapons and armour, sensors and stealth.

    DarkSkayDarkSkay2 månader sedan
  • As Always, immaculate video!

    SovL:RemedySovL:Remedy2 månader sedan
  • 8:40 This is awesome for artists like me who love “cartoonify” (that’s not a word lol) everything and everyone!

    DJV ArtDJV Art2 månader sedan
  • If Gan is abused it might be able to frame people, commit theft, and create a whole slew of scam and counterfeits. Other than that there's no fear exist.

    BJM GraphicsBJM Graphics2 månader sedan
  • This is why videos will no longer be evidence. It may already be the case. Who knows.

    Mark DevlinMark Devlin2 månader sedan
  • that deep fake was scary

    Yinka BabalolaYinka Babalola2 månader sedan
  • I can see some networks resorting to synthetic anchors to present the news, weather or stock market info. There are already a number of written reports that are produced by algorithms. I expect some competition to Harlequin novels to pop up to.

    Pierre CPierre C2 månader sedan
  • 这不就是老顽童的左右互搏术吗

    Jonsnow KnownothingJonsnow Knownothing2 månader sedan
  • What's the link for the app/website?

    UniversalmusicgroupUniversalmusicgroup2 månader sedan
  • where i can find something like on 9:50 to try?

    CGI_MaxCGI_Max2 månader sedan
  • This is so bad

    joanne readmanjoanne readman2 månader sedan
  • that's actually very interesting, as an indie game dev, a commercial version of that with various different artstyles would be a very nice tool to have to make some quick art for a game, just taking photos of friends and family. Anybody can suggest me a good one in case I've been living under a rock and they are already available?

    Federico PettinicchioFederico Pettinicchio2 månader sedan
  • Ich weiß nicht, ob ich diese erstaunliche Technik gut finden soll. Sie ist auch gefährlich, nahezu unmenschlich.

    Jurgen SchurJurgen Schur2 månader sedan
  • And then the true manipulation begins where anything and everything is not real, or is it? We will be limited to waiting for an 'official' to tell us if a thing is true or not. We are all doomed.

    Rick HicksRick Hicks3 månader sedan
  • Toonify turned me into a Mexican. I can assure you, I have never had such nice hair or skin.

    The Dali LlamaThe Dali Llama3 månader sedan
    • Lol

      the wanderingartiststhe wanderingartists2 månader sedan
  • I think that Nixon speech might've been the first deepfake to fool a large amount of people

    SoulChoreaSoulChorea3 månader sedan
  • About at the same time this video was uploaded, I was hired by 2 guys as a photo retoucher, to find a front facing photos of some bitcoin moguls and edit them to be compatible for this exact AI, to make them more cartoony. It was a weird project, I wasn't aware what this was all about till now. But the guys they needed faces barely had any photos online let alone a non emotional front facing one. I always thought the project was dodgy as supposedly they are the ones that wanted this but then...why would they send them that passport looking photo to input in the app instead of me searching for them online and hoping there would be a usable photo.

    WickedlNlWickedlNl3 månader sedan
  • which companies focus on this? NVDA?

    useruser3 månader sedan
  • Scary and amazing at the same time. Brilliant video!

    Jonas RosengrenJonas Rosengren3 månader sedan
  • to be clear, a human brain does NOT watch at pacman once or twice and understands the rule of the game. that statement dismisses the fact that this brain already has years and years of training and experience behind it which it can apply and transfer to new situations. If you were to show pacman to an "untrained" (baby's) brain, you could probably show the whole thing 50,000 times and still get no results.

    MondVogelMondVogel3 månader sedan
  • Very impressive. I can see it being very useful for a lot of practical applications but also the issues that might be abused. Thanks for sharing such interesting information.

    Artytom Inquisitive MindsArtytom Inquisitive Minds3 månader sedan
  • Bella Poarch looks like she uses this tech haha

    Videos for Cats and DogsVideos for Cats and Dogs3 månader sedan
  • Not technical enough to explain how - just 'look at all these interesting pics, vids' showing stuff some inaccessible people far away can do. Also, didn't catch a mention of a single tool a normal consumer could try, just a website where you can look at people who don't exist. And then, the marketing and selling started.

    Klaus CartesiusKlaus Cartesius3 månader sedan
  • If you have the GAN watch all the Avengers universe movies, can it generate the next one?

    vigilantezackvigilantezack3 månader sedan
  • That thumbnail is the direction human evolution want to go.

    puddingninjapuddingninja3 månader sedan
  • Can I just say that so many people have a skewed Idea of what AI is it will NEVER truly be creative and it will NEVER have true personality. All an AI is is something that finds a pattern in something and uses it to solve problems it doesn't _understand_ anything, there is not such thing as general AI

    IsaacIsaac3 månader sedan
  • Brilliant! Fun!

    Brandoch GarageBrandoch Garage3 månader sedan
  • AI needs 50,000 examples and human brain is evolved for millions of years

    Sachin KopardeSachin Koparde3 månader sedan
  • Aphex Twin....

    Stefan NEWELSStefan NEWELS3 månader sedan
  • Shiiiiiiiit... It was easy enough to rewrite history with the written word, but if governments apply this to propaganda and future education, this will be George Orwell saying, "I told you so," from the grave. Imagine making your parents and grandparents look like crazy conspiracy theorists because they remember the past correctly, but it doesn't match up with "archive footage." That's a real-life Mandela Effect.

    Trapped KittyTrapped Kitty3 månader sedan
  • The 2013 film "The Congress" talks about this in a very interesting way.

    Charismatic CreatureCharismatic Creature3 månader sedan
  • 3:51 that hurts the eyes damn it

    Wandering NowhereWandering Nowhere3 månader sedan
  • Who needs models, actors etc when we can just make our own in movies....

    BamboozledBamboozled3 månader sedan
  • we called it "morphing" way back in the 90's

    Happy HandsHappy Hands3 månader sedan
  • In 20 years we will face a crisis created by AI or be helped by it beyond our imagination. No one knows what will happen...

    Rick NelsonRick Nelson3 månader sedan
  • amazing

    Surya PratapSurya Pratap3 månader sedan
  • This technology is like COVID-19, nobody is going realize how powerful it is until it's too late.

    dominik blackmandominik blackman3 månader sedan
  • How they made the Sims soundtrack 5:20

    DylanDylan3 månader sedan
  • "We're destroying the planet's capacity to sustain human life. Can we use technology?" "NO! We need it for animation apps!"

    inthsointhso3 månader sedan
  • Maybe they they could use GAN voice to see if an image of the Delphi killer is possible

    Darla HolidayDarla Holiday3 månader sedan
  • And here I was back in 1995 thinking that Toy Story is the pinnacle of computer animation.

    CypherCypher3 månader sedan
  • Thank you very much for sharing. * It is so incredible, so wonderful, and beyond impressive of those who have AI, successfully create such a mechanical robot that could move, talk, and express many functions much similar to the real human. *** However, if the creator of the robot did not have the complete and orderly knowledge and wisdom into the ultimate nature of true human, true love, true friendship, feelings, emotion, rational, intelligence, human responsibility, interpersonal communication, moral, ethical, justice, conflict, war, peace, happiness, health, strength, power, poverty, sickness, pain, cancer, suffering, dying, death, longevity, rejuvenation, immortality, and many other critical concepts beyond the five senses of perception; then how could they be more qualify to teach or program into the dead mechanical device the very high standard of "intelligence" audience, which they did not have from the get-go? *** Would the creators be much willing and open to learning more for themselves? Best wishes, altc, Paideia Academy.

    Alexander PaideiaAlexander Paideia3 månader sedan
  • Why do you slavishly follow the "huge eyes" convention? That's silly.

    Ed DeWanEd DeWan3 månader sedan
  • This would. be very exciting -- except it will create chaos in our social and political lives. In fact, it's already begun. People already don't know what to believe and what not to believe. What people don't want to believe, they'll say it's fake. What they want to believe, they'll say it's real. And if you tell them it's fake, they'll accuse you of being part of a conspiracy. Hold on. It's only going to be worse.

    Mr. TeffMr. Teff3 månader sedan
  • You can be sure the political spin doctors are having orgasms over this. We have no chance.

    HilldwellerHilldweller3 månader sedan
  • I think being able to extrapolate clear imagery (and audio for that matter) from vintage or low quality film or video is amazing. Interpolating frames in low frame rate video will also be very cool for visual effects.

    TheCyberHippieTheCyberHippie3 månader sedan
  • wow, this will be awesome in the future. think about that: you feed the GAN with a comic (pictures, text, storyline) and it creates a movie out of it! all the pictures become living movie scenes in the exact same style (or maybe you could even choose style) as the original comic, including generated voices speaking the text and last but not least it generates music that fits to the atmosphere. you just feed the GAN with a comic pdf and after a few hours of rendering you get a complete animated movie WOW, all my dreams will become true in the future :o)

    Stian ThijsenStian Thijsen3 månader sedan
  • Everybody get ready to meet your avatar very soon.

    AMPERE MAMAMPERE MAM3 månader sedan
  • An application I'd like to see for video: Reducing/Removing frame jitter from shaky video (hand-held) video recordings. Allow the user to choose a center of action, and have the resulting video keep that at or near the center of the frames.

    David TribbleDavid Tribble3 månader sedan
  • Two applications I'd like to see for audio recordings: 1. Removing echo and reverb from recordings (e.g. from auditoriums and press rooms). 2. Converting noisy mono sound into stereo (e.g., noisy press announcements).

    David TribbleDavid Tribble3 månader sedan
  • The engineer has become the artist.

    Samuel PerngSamuel Perng3 månader sedan
  • 6:28 stock photo models just lost all their jobs.

    sor3999sor39993 månader sedan
  • I just want to see the porn, I don't want to hear the music or think about any other possibilities, thanks. I've had enough of the future very much. Goodbye, I do not wish to participate anymore.

    v av a3 månader sedan
  • Another video with a misconception about "AI", and confusing an optimization algorithm made by humans with "AI". Call it "machine-learning" (which is already a bloated term).

    3rdman3rdman3 månader sedan