My Mom's Biggest Priority tiktok soupimcup

2 maj 2021
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My Mom's Biggest Priority tiktok soupimcup
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  • Stay home from school on my birthday, let me wake up later on the last week of school, and I won't be mad if you get suspended or detention because you hit them after they already hit you

    Sara DebowSara Debow58 minuter sedan
  • I can smoke weed (havent yet) as long as I dont have it it the house

    Maya MarnetteMaya MarnetteTimme sedan
    • The only weed thatll be allowed is edibles for whole fam and cbd products for muscle relief

      Maya MarnetteMaya MarnetteTimme sedan
  • Allowed to play any game I wanted as long as we were killing nazis. Or overall bad guys.

    Isaac Schultz70Isaac Schultz702 timmar sedan
  • My voice is the fucking same after like 7 years of call of duty

    KiNg_KiRkKiNg_KiRk2 timmar sedan
  • My dad once told I could literally curse someone out as long as I had a valid reason to. Yeah when he told me that I was 8

    2028.Caroline Browne2028.Caroline Browne3 timmar sedan
  • I remember once my dad told me that if I ever went to a party and got drunk underage, he would much prefer me to call him to come pick me up rather than me trying to drive home myself so he wouldn’t know and get in a crash. He said he would be far more upset if I drove myself home instead of calling him to pick me up even if I didn’t crash on the way. Now, I would never go to a type of party that would have drinks anyway, nor would I underage drink, but it was nice to know in case that some how ever did happen. Another one was that if I was ever called in to questioning like from the school or something to answer questions about maybe something that happened I couldn’t answer any questions without my dad or a lawyer present, and dad had drilled that into mine and my brother’s heads since basically as long as I can remember.

    Boss WomanBoss Woman4 timmar sedan
  • My parents made my two older sisters carry anime in their shoe. So if things went South my sisters could call the old man and he would come get them. .10 cent phone calls( howling ago was that?

    Tucker DogglassTucker Dogglass4 timmar sedan
  • We could go anywhere on the street we could go to the corner store but we cannot get in trouble by the police

    Melody BrowningMelody Browning4 timmar sedan
  • My parents just have three big rules don't get in trouble with the cops, don't bring home the cops and graduate from school that's about it

    Demongirl 1027Demongirl 10275 timmar sedan
  • My parents said I would never be in trouble for hitting someone if they hit me first. 😏

    Mad HattersMad Hatters5 timmar sedan
  • My dad gave me a life tip that went "Always act like you belong somewhere and walk in like you own the place. No one will question you most of the time, even if you don't belong" Snuck into a lot of places this way.

    Gamzee The SorcererGamzee The Sorcerer6 timmar sedan
  • My parents said if anyone were to show me an inappropriate picture on their phone I could slap the phone out of their hand and if I broke it I would get $100

    ItsPandaaaItsPandaaa7 timmar sedan
  • I aspire to be that mom

    Hinata ShoyoHinata Shoyo8 timmar sedan
  • This is really good actually because it is the fact your mom cares about safety over being able to be in control. It is better if people are able to learn how to keep themself safe at an early age so the fact her mom lets her go out into the world is good.

    BL00PEBL00PE8 timmar sedan
  • Hit them back lol

    Charlee JordynCharlee Jordyn9 timmar sedan
  • My dad has told me that if I get a fight it better be for a good reason and that I better fight well, he was expelled from a school when he was a kid for the amount of fights he’s gotten into. I really hate my whole family, but I still think I can thank him for that.

    OhhhOhhh10 timmar sedan
  • Black moms WAY different

    TomtoSavageTomtoSavage10 timmar sedan
  • Mum told me when I was 15 that I was responsible & sensible and she was done telling me what to do anymore as i didn't need it. If I fucked up that I would be the 1 to suffer. She was right. I had no major problems & the freedom was great. Relationship with my mum has always been close & still is.

    Bec PicoBec Pico10 timmar sedan
  • Date whoever as long your happy not really a rule but I still think its cool

    •crxzy_ clxwn••crxzy_ clxwn•10 timmar sedan
  • My mom used to let me have sips of her alcohol so that i know what it does and so that i don't experiment with it

    anime weebanime weeb11 timmar sedan
  • If someone hits you, hit them back HARDER. Lol mom was a savage.

    Cathy theotheralienCathy theotheralien11 timmar sedan
  • My mom and I used to have this thing that If I didn’t want to go to a party or leave one earlier I could just say that my mom didn’t allow it and tell her later on. Or I called her and was like “Yeah those people were asking if wanted to come over they are right here, I just need a quick answer” and then she’d be like “oh but I don’t allow that” bc usually I didn’t have to call her if I just wanted to go over to somebody else’s place.I think this is kind of cool, even if it might not be good to lie to your friends, but sometimes you just find yourself in a situation where this would come in handy.

    Lucky CharmLucky Charm12 timmar sedan
  • the coolest rule that my parents have gave me is probably my mom will give me money every week and i can do whatever i want with it but every month she will bring me to any store i want and i can buy anything with the money that my mom have gave me

    MikaelaMikaela13 timmar sedan
  • same with my parents

    Nut 999Nut 99914 timmar sedan
  • We have the same rules. My kids also have a person in their 20s who is a close friend they can call if in trouble without consequences from us

    Miss AnthropeMiss Anthrope15 timmar sedan
  • Your mom did it right! My parents were the same way. If we went to a friends house and even had to go to the store they wanted to know, that way if anything happened they knew where we were. But they always stressed how important it was that we knew we could go to them and deal with repercussions later. They always made sure we knew that our safety trumped any sort of punishment if we did something we weren’t supposed to do. It kept me out of trouble because that level of trust made me never wanna break it.❤️

    D. LD. L16 timmar sedan
  • Me & my mom also used to do the secret phrase thing to ♥️

    Brittanii StarzzBrittanii Starzz20 timmar sedan
  • My mum has recently adjusted my rules so I have the first one, I’m allowed to sit on the couch to eat my dinner if the parents are eating, I can go for a walk by myself just keep mum updated on where I am and I can have my tech in my room once I go to bed

    Shannon RAYNERShannon RAYNER20 timmar sedan
  • My mom is overprotective When it comes to me But I'm ok at least she cares

    joan Dimalantajoan Dimalanta23 timmar sedan
  • My dad told me that if you There’s no such thing as a fair fight. The only other rule I had was not to let the street lights beat me home 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Breezy BBreezy BDag sedan
  • Same

    Erin HyslopErin HyslopDag sedan
  • There was a rule for my house if your gonna drink don't drive if your gonna do drugs you better share😂

    Hopie LawsHopie LawsDag sedan
  • Well mine aren’t that cool but they let me do whatever I want to my room. They don’t care it’s my room they don’t have to look at it. As long as I’m happy with it they’re ok

    TaviTaviDag sedan
  • That wasn’t a cool room

    Josiah SandersJosiah SandersDag sedan
  • 'if they don't leave you alone and stop being douches to you, if they try and start something, beat them up'

    Draco and appleDraco and appleDag sedan
  • My parents let me swear when I was a kid

    Draco and appleDraco and appleDag sedan
  • My rule is I could cuss as long as my parents didn't hear me do it ...idk🤷🏽‍♀️

    Dominique MclaughlinDominique MclaughlinDag sedan
  • *ruins 999 comments*

    tOnY sTOrKtOnY sTOrKDag sedan
  • Mine is that If u just be honest where u are and I can pick u up at any time or if one of ur friends are in trouble I can come and help

    h o l l yh o l l yDag sedan
  • My parents weren't like this. I was with both my kids. Don't lie. If you need picked up, call no matter what (don't ever drink & drive). Be a good human. Be respectful. If you go to jail for doing something stupid, beg them to keep you bc facing me will be worse. Both kids turned out good.

    OK GraycieOK GraycieDag sedan
  • Coolest rule i got, if someone aggravates me constantly and i tell them 3 times to stop and they continue, i'm allowed to put the fear of the spirit of death into them

    Mathew PhelpsMathew Phelps2 dagar sedan
  • Those are both very cool rules

    Makayla valentinMakayla valentin2 dagar sedan
  • I had no specific bed time of 9

    Teddy DeatherageTeddy Deatherage2 dagar sedan
  • My mom is pretty much the same way. I literally have no reason to lie to her because she properly explained why it's important for her to know where I was at a young age.

    Peepee poopooPeepee poopoo2 dagar sedan
  • My Parent's Unbreakable rules • Never Get A Boyfriend unless You Finished School • "Give me your Friends Cellphone Number, Complete address and then, you're ready To go." requirements e?

    Bea D.Bea D.2 dagar sedan
  • You can drink whatever you want as long as your at home and not in public or someones over

    Roblox_JocelynRoblox_Jocelyn2 dagar sedan
  • The coolest rule my parents probably had is that whenever I went to a party, and I was drinking, even if I was underaged, no matter what they would pick me up. So if I snuck out and wasn’t supposed to be drinking, if I called them saying “hey I’ve been drinking... I think I need a ride home...” no matter what, they never want me to drink and drive. (I’m not saying they let me drink and go to parties lol, but on the rare occasion that that happened, they always picked me up.)

    70% Sparky70% Sparky2 dagar sedan
    • My dad had the same rule. Lucky for me I never had to exercise my use of it though cuz I was (usually) a good child

      Boss WomanBoss Woman3 timmar sedan
    • same with my dad

      Nut 999Nut 99914 timmar sedan
  • I had the same rules as I got older! I didn't really have friends in the first place, but when an 'angsty' teen is feeling lonely and rebellious, they tend to meet the wrong people. So we set up the same things. No matter what, I could and can still call her and she'll be there. Do I still get disciplined for doing bad things? Of course. But she doesn't punish me by leaving me there. And now that I'm 25, all my rebellion has faded.

    Summer WassonSummer Wasson2 dagar sedan
  • Eating in my room , unlimited roblox and screen Time

    Ruby starRuby star2 dagar sedan
  • Thats awesome

    The aesthetic ButterflyThe aesthetic Butterfly2 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    Bang PD's ManagerBang PD's Manager2 dagar sedan
  • That's exactly what my parents did. I'm a guy with 3 older sisters so they were wore out by the time it got to me. They pretty much waved the punishment for honesty.

    TheDeafMonkeyof89TheDeafMonkeyof892 dagar sedan
  • Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents they spoil me and my siblings often, they’re always putting us before themselves, etc etc. *but* ... they do some questionable things sometimes. Like locking me in the car for three hot summer days and not letting me out because I refused to have a parenting control app on my phone.. which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I really wanted my privacy cuz whenever my parents would see something like anime or something in my search history, they’d announce it to everyone in the family and make fun of me. And when my siblings get in a fight with each other or with my parents, my parents don’t let us leave to cool off. They just continue to yell at us and lock us in the basement or in our rooms.. I would be so lucky to have a rule like that without being afraid of being punished harshly for it Edit: also for the parental control app story, they’d also lock my apps so I couldn’t talk to my friends, which I have pretty strong separation anxiety with some of them, so if I can’t at least text them, I kind of panic and cry uncontrollably and hyperventilate and all that 🥰cute stuff🥰

    O DeerO Deer2 dagar sedan
  • I didn't have any restricted age on the internet

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻2 dagar sedan
  • This should be the top video on YT. Every parent should be like this. My littles are 8 and 1 but I will do the same thing, just like my parents.

    Chad YouwonderChad Youwonder2 dagar sedan
  • My parents dont care about me anymore they like 'Holy she went outside!???????!?!?!' 😂 its sometime funny and when i go to party and come back at 2am they would be like 'I-You-you went out..? How- like-#

    Maira_Maira_3 dagar sedan
  • My mom has a rule that if someone says something I have to say something back and if someone hits me hit them twice as hard or harder because right didn’t start it 😌

    keitlyn pestanakeitlyn pestana3 dagar sedan
  • Mom did the same thing. Best decision she’s ever made

    Jacob VarnadoJacob Varnado3 dagar sedan
  • It’s when on the weekends I get to do whatever I want

    Bexerleybear9032Bexerleybear90323 dagar sedan
  • My sister raised me.... She had this rule that I could only smoke & drink on weekends lol

    Rochelle ElleRochelle Elle3 dagar sedan
  • In implementing these rules when I have children

    Scoobert DooScoobert Doo3 dagar sedan
  • This is a good way to build trust with your kids. My moms so strict she doesnt allow me to go anywhere thats why i lie abt where im going. And she literally gets angry about me being sick...typical asian moms

    YeonnieTanYeonnieTan3 dagar sedan
  • When 15 I was aloud to sneak out to parties and just not stay past 1 AM but I had my permit and my friend was 16 so she would come back with me

    siimplyxreidsiimplyxreid3 dagar sedan
  • My parents do that to

    Evelyn AvantEvelyn Avant3 dagar sedan
  • Strict parents: thats illegal

    kieshia jasminkieshia jasmin3 dagar sedan
  • My family motto is literally:"Don't get caught"

    Stellar likes monsterStellar likes monster4 dagar sedan
  • My moms rule was if somebody starts a fight I better finish it

    Rainbow SkiesRainbow Skies4 dagar sedan
  • "If a women hits you and abuses you... gather evidence then beat that bitch up". I'm gonna use this when I'm older.

    vitaltrazhvitaltrazh4 dagar sedan
  • I could smoke weed any time anywhere

    Dominik DuchatellierDominik Duchatellier4 dagar sedan
  • Yes yes yes. We started stressing this early with our son. And now he has even started asking us like what things to avoid or be careful with at parties that we wish we knew as kids. Never drink everclear (lol but really), dont accept open drinks, peer pressure issues, how to interact with cops should the situation arise etc. Its nice we can have that open line of communication, he trusts us & theres mutual respect. 🖤

    Vanessa WhitneyVanessa Whitney4 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who noticed she only did one eyebrow 🤣

    Kam HKam H4 dagar sedan

    GongGong4 dagar sedan
  • I raise my 7yo to just be honest. I may get upset i may not but even if I do ill always be there for any and every reason. Theres absolutly no need ro make up stories or lie about things. You get much further being upfront and honest rather than being strict and controlling which initially leads to bigger problems like underage pregnancy underage alcohol poisoning and most of all around rebellion. Your children will respect you more as they get older and tend to take your advice more seriously.

    Justin LarrabeeJustin Larrabee4 dagar sedan
  • Same for drink !

    Jeanne PMJeanne PM4 dagar sedan
  • that’s what I call a good parent

    some personsome person4 dagar sedan
  • Ik at least my parents have location sharing on my phone I would be mad if I were any other kid but actually I love having it cause I can see where they are and they can see where I am if smth happens to me :'D

    AnnaAnna4 dagar sedan
  • Mum: you can ask me whatever, I'll always answer you truthfully to the best of my capabilities

    JiminAlphaMaleTOPJiminAlphaMaleTOP5 dagar sedan
  • My mom was the same way with me and I'm the same with my daughter. There good lessons to be taught

    Nichole StroupNichole Stroup5 dagar sedan
  • I’m 16 and the only rule I have for going out is I can go to the store across the street if I bring a sister. Yeah, I don’t go out

    YESThatPsycoCanDrawYESThatPsycoCanDraw5 dagar sedan
  • I could play video games all day

    Lolsom GamesLolsom Games6 dagar sedan
  • My parents are too controlling to be cool. My grandparents on the other hand had the rule I could do anything I want as long as it’s not a crime or doesn’t affect anyone else negatively. Nicest people ever

    OmletOWOmletOW6 dagar sedan
  • Legit

    Stony2032 ADStony2032 AD6 dagar sedan
  • That's what my parents rule was too... Just being honest to them cause they would allow it anyways... They just wanted to know where I am so that if I call them and something happened someone might be able to pick me up... Never happened but I'm glad I could tell them and they would approve it.

    Alina SchulzAlina Schulz6 dagar sedan
  • When we get in a fight

    gammingwithmonicagammingwithmonica6 dagar sedan
  • The coolest rule my parents have is that sometimes on weekends (like once a month) we get to stay up as much as we can. I stayed up until 8 AM once

    ThatGuyWithAPCThatGuyWithAPC6 dagar sedan
  • My dad has that same rule for me. He has told me this rule for a very long time too.

    MiraculousFanMiraculousFan6 dagar sedan
  • My mom... well she... I guess... 😔

    iisunlxtiisunlxt6 dagar sedan
  • Every parent should be like this

    veronicaveronica6 dagar sedan
  • The coolest rule was none

    toast edtoast ed6 dagar sedan
  • My mom has a rule where if i tell the truth i cant get intruble no matter what

    Anthony LukachikAnthony Lukachik6 dagar sedan
  • Fam these parents sound great I ain even finna cap

    shawtee.b2shawtee.b26 dagar sedan
  • My parents said that I am allowed to sneak out of the house but if I get caught they won’t get mad

    Lauren Verhoeven élèveLauren Verhoeven élève6 dagar sedan
  • The coolest ruley parents give that you can have your own phone 📱 when your eleven but surprisingly they just give me there old android mobile phone is was thinking I can have a I phone but now that I have one it sucks 🙃

    Anshika ChauhanAnshika Chauhan6 dagar sedan
  • My mom didn't care what I did with my hair and she said I was allowed tattoos as long as she saw them first

    just wolf thingzjust wolf thingz6 dagar sedan
  • Bruh I go out in The town at 10:30 pm lmao on a school night at 13 y/o lol

    RCM GamingRCM Gaming6 dagar sedan
  • Same rules with my dad

    lolbitgirl123lolbitgirl1236 dagar sedan
  • Mine is that i can sleep at 2:00am

    Ocean MUI [5P]Ocean MUI [5P]6 dagar sedan
  • my rule was not to swear

    Hendrik RoosHendrik Roos6 dagar sedan
  • Peak parenting I want to be this kind of parent to my kids

    BuhagsigwasanBuhagsigwasan6 dagar sedan
  • None

    The Green ManiacThe Green Maniac6 dagar sedan