The life of the super-rich in Central Africa | DW Documentary

3 apr 2021
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Many millionaires live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's poorest countries. This film depicts some of those who have made fortunes amid the chaos, including musicians, mining bosses, entrepreneurs and preachers.
The DRC is rich in raw materials, but only a few profit from its natural resources. While 60% of Congo's inhabitants live on less than $1.25 per day, businessmen, artists, former rebel leaders and evangelists are reaping the rewards of economic growth. In the capital, Kinshasa, these new rich live in safe and luxurious enclaves, while children toil in coltan mines in the eastern part of the country.
Fally Ipupa has made his money with music. Others rely on their business acumen, like Patricia Nzolantima, who founded a taxi company and aims to give more opportunities to women.
With 3,000 mine workers, Cooperamma is the largest employer in North Kivu, in the east of the DRC. Managing director Robert Seninga says his coltan mines are extremely well-run, yet safety standards are poor. Coltan, a globally coveted mineral, is used in cell phones and other devices. It’s both a blessing and a curse for the Congo. It makes some rich, but for others it means death. The region still suffers from ethnic and factional conflicts, with money from illegal coltan smuggling financing new violence. It’s a vicious cycle.
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  • this prophet dude is a scam

    Seo Jung ParkSeo Jung ParkMinut sedan
  • I understand how terrible extreme poverty is to a society, i dont understand why poverty and and filth have to walk hand in hand. Impoverished or not what compels human beings to live in they’re own trash? Its like for every thing corruption has done to Africa, Africans do 10 equally detrimental things to themselves and each other. How can this ever change? Especially when the people themselves are dead set on staying the same...

    Mr. EMr. E2 minuter sedan
  • Juice 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Saddam MughalSaddam Mughal4 minuter sedan
  • For those wondering at 17:05, 40 tons is about 1.6 million dollars.

    Business SeekerBusiness Seeker13 minuter sedan
  • Those properties would still only house our lower middle classes

    Laura BuckleyLaura Buckley15 minuter sedan
  • *That prophet thing is disgusting*

    The NovaThe Nova21 minut sedan
  • 21:43 that s capitalism and western cultural imperialism for you. We africains have our priorities all wrong. He lives in a box and he prays for an extravagant car like in '' a star poster'', and he is not a teenager but a father of three.. When you are under the poverty line and that you pray for extravagance and not usefullness, you are an africain. Colonialism just scrambled our brains, western capitalism did the rest.

    salwa Ajsalwa Aj32 minuter sedan
  • Ahhh... Unrestricted capitalism. With any luck, the USA will be like this in less than 20 years.

    Jack AndblazeJack Andblaze38 minuter sedan
  • Makes California look like Paradise on Earth.

    Charlie AccursoCharlie Accurso45 minuter sedan
  • It's sad to see this man

    The NovaThe Nova50 minuter sedan
  • Juice prophet.

    mayowa ojomayowa ojo51 minut sedan
  • Does she think air pollution doesn’t go by the rich community? Lol

    Jose FloresJose FloresTimme sedan
  • Fantastic documentary. Mobutu looted the country for his western imperialist masters for 30 years on an unimaginable scale. Don't try to put it to just 4 billion euros!!!

    Jaspal Singh SindharhJaspal Singh SindharhTimme sedan
  • Watching this made me angry and upset yet also gave me hope. I am a South African and one of the most painful things I have had to except is that this beautiful continent is ruled by the most greedy and evil individuals. I HATE that we have people using God's name to gain riches from the desperate and needy. DISGUSTING!!! Curing AIDS with stupid juice??? Really? What is this world coming too 🥺😑

    Lethi LethsLethi LethsTimme sedan
  • This is just like parts of India today. Same things.

    Jaspal Singh SindharhJaspal Singh SindharhTimme sedan
  • Africa is full of TOYOTA'S

    madhuchandra000madhuchandra000Timme sedan
  • Claustrophobia says Hi!,in the mines

    Sreejith P RSreejith P RTimme sedan
  • unfortunately the juice doesn't cure stupidity !

    Cristian ChelceaCristian ChelceaTimme sedan
  • Unity! Innovative minds.

    James DykesJames DykesTimme sedan
  • Yes let’s build million dollar homes next to the people who can’t even afford to feed themselves, yet work the hardest out of everyone.

    Jess ZimmermanJess ZimmermanTimme sedan
  • This documentary should have tested one of the bottles for the ingredients.

    Gerard KGerard KTimme sedan
  • Africa!!!

  • Its like watching Tropico gameplay...but in real life

    Abdul ZahrinAbdul Zahrin2 timmar sedan
  • 12:02 talk about the sun being a star 🌟

    Jay GuerreroJay Guerrero2 timmar sedan
  • is this the fault of white supremacy?

    Scott LeeScott Lee2 timmar sedan
  • This is really sad

    serenity4ever2010serenity4ever20102 timmar sedan
  • "Brand new apartment brand new furnishing the next thing we need is a brand new baby" Olivier doesn't seem to flinch even on camera

    Jeremi YoungJeremi Young2 timmar sedan
  • i see sadio mane 😭

    Thousand BeastThousand Beast2 timmar sedan
  • its heart breaking seeing people believe that con man 'prophet'

    optimusprime699optimusprime6992 timmar sedan
  • Fix the roads lol

    MissX LegionMissX Legion2 timmar sedan
  • Is it true that people who have a basic needs and education met are blessed ? I think it's true after seeing

    Sai ChaitanyaSai Chaitanya3 timmar sedan
  • How would anyone who sees this help change the DRC?

    J GJ G3 timmar sedan
  • Instead of spending on that stupid car he could build them all a nice modest house instead of the falling down shacks they have. Same problem in the US. Heck those shacks look better than the tarps people are living under in the US

    Wolf HouseWolf House3 timmar sedan
  • we should ask the prophet if his lemon juice can get us rid of coivid 19.

    James Jameson GreyJames Jameson Grey3 timmar sedan
  • There's a Donald Trump in every country😬 the juice

    Clifton MobileClifton Mobile3 timmar sedan
  • This is where Gustave was living at, this is how the story of the war made that crocodile so massive, he hunted and feed of the the dead bodies from this war, and how he hunted ppl for the taste he acquired from the war.

    Niamya BrownNiamya Brown3 timmar sedan
  • The prophet is a scammer

    Clifton MobileClifton Mobile3 timmar sedan
  • One thing about the Congo don't believe nothing they say everything is a Ponzi scheme over there

    Clifton MobileClifton Mobile3 timmar sedan
  • Those are kids out there that man lied when he said he don't have kids working for him that was a lie

    Clifton MobileClifton Mobile3 timmar sedan
  • How can you go around in a lambo when your people earn less then one euro a day!!

    Roberto De LucaRoberto De Luca3 timmar sedan
  • Their high-income neighborhoods are America low income

    Clifton MobileClifton Mobile3 timmar sedan
  • What’s a shame it is I am from Ethiopia all this documentary is true Very sad Africans wake up

    One EthiopiaOne Ethiopia4 timmar sedan
  • Humans are full of miss beliefs

    fofo Vlogsfofo Vlogs4 timmar sedan
  • That fake prophet's need to be jail

    Anthon JontahAnthon Jontah4 timmar sedan
  • Looks like 600,00 Euros is equal to $718! That0 huge house fir less then $800???

    Diamonds R4everDiamonds R4ever4 timmar sedan
  • How does a dead person drink the liquid?

    Andy SmithsonAndy Smithson4 timmar sedan
  • They don't wear masks helmets they don't have the proper tools it's so scary just so they can EAT!! NOT FOR DESIGNER BAGS OR JEWELRY ITS SAD.

  • I am claustrophobic

    Cultured dudeCultured dude4 timmar sedan
    • Take the juice, it can cure anything.

      Andy SmithsonAndy Smithson4 timmar sedan
  • After you drink the gasoline, what happens if you light up a cigarette?

    Andy SmithsonAndy Smithson4 timmar sedan

  • Lemon juice in that condition is bad for you. Just take the gasoline.

    Andy SmithsonAndy Smithson4 timmar sedan
  • Is that gasoline leaded or unleaded?

    Andy SmithsonAndy Smithson4 timmar sedan
  • Yoh...

    Eldon MoyoEldon Moyo4 timmar sedan
  • How could a lemon juice with mix of gasoline make a dead person alive?🙄

    Amelia RicafortAmelia Ricafort4 timmar sedan
  • Oh. So poverty is not just in the capitalist west? how about that...

    AlorianadreiAlorianadrei5 timmar sedan
  • "We want to have more millionaires?" A truly democratic wish ... 🤣🤣🤣 As long as such people are the heroes of society, freedom and equality will probably not be the result.

    Lak CuriousLak Curious5 timmar sedan
  • No comment.

    PeterPeter6 timmar sedan
  • I need that petroleum-lemonade 🤣🤣🤣

    Fakawma SamaFakawma Sama6 timmar sedan
  • Known internationally?

    Fritz FritzFritz Fritz6 timmar sedan
  • Just sad.

    Kurt Eric MunroeKurt Eric Munroe6 timmar sedan

    Joshua BeckettJoshua Beckett6 timmar sedan

    K SK S6 timmar sedan
  • Does amazon sell the juice yet? I need some for my car!

    Peter Van De VeldePeter Van De Velde6 timmar sedan
  • @2:47.. he thinks he has this mansion.. but its a pile of bricks... Italy go get your Lamborghini back

    Mustang BossMustang Boss7 timmar sedan
  • Typical africans... Few take all the riches from the poor and when the other European countries give support then the few take it all for themselves and dont help the poor. Some of there own families are starving.

    Mustang BossMustang Boss7 timmar sedan
  • Prophet? No, a scammer chasing a profit.

    cyclonicleocyclonicleo7 timmar sedan
  • Every single countries has a civil war behind the resources. And western countries need that

    doodaaydoodaay7 timmar sedan
  • This guy with his juice is scamming people wtf cure aids wtf wow he’s making millions off these people wtf trash

    dat boy young trippdat boy young tripp8 timmar sedan
  • Sidenote: if you manage on those roads without accidents you manage anywhere

    Kata FTKata FT8 timmar sedan
  • When your country's own riches basically comes from enslaving, thieving and misery of other countries for generations, but you have to point out income equalities of a third world countries.

    dvs288dvs2888 timmar sedan
  • The Congo Dandies

    riptornriptorn9 timmar sedan
  • Fally has a foundation he helps his people but he cannot give his wealth away he worked his way up to , if y’all look up his story you would see he was poor too ! At the end of the day you cannot help everybody he does his part but he has the right to enjoy the fruits of his work

    Laseule MerveilleLaseule Merveille9 timmar sedan
  • The “prophet”..... JAJAJ

    Esnoel SilvaEsnoel Silva9 timmar sedan
  • I understand its not someones fault for having money but to go and flaunt it in front of some of the poorest ppl in the world and give them $7 is so crazy and messed up to me...

    Qween B.Qween B.9 timmar sedan
  • the con artist with the juice should be in jail, how is he able to deceive so many ?

    Silu DanjiSilu Danji9 timmar sedan
  • Just take the juice

    Tricks? Or Treats?Tricks? Or Treats?9 timmar sedan
  • Maggots what?????????🙃

    Boti KapBoti Kap10 timmar sedan
  • I feel sad.

    your boss is onlineyour boss is online10 timmar sedan
  • The so called homes for the rich is a Total Rip off, zero aesthetic value.

  • I don't understand if I had that type of money I would live much more humble and help out others

    Tricks? Or Treats?Tricks? Or Treats?10 timmar sedan
  • cant even believe the beauty and the pain in one place. Africa can do better than this!

    Fredrick AbogeFredrick Aboge10 timmar sedan
  • i swear i have seen this documentary already a year ago, or atleast parts of it, like that with the rapper. Also i thought this would be about the Central African republic, with that title.

    666 BRLN 999666 BRLN 99910 timmar sedan
  • so this is how you live if you steal a diamond :D

    Petros KomninosPetros Komninos11 timmar sedan
  • All governments steal. As for Robert he is a businessman. It is better for him to be running the mines than Europe, China, USA, etc. Children work all over the world as actors, sport prodigies, etc. but no one question these tactics because of who is practicing it. The title of the documentary is to focus on the super rich of Africa, not the negativity. You can show poverty anywhere in the world. It is all over.

    Cola7upCola7up11 timmar sedan
  • not sure I would flaunt wealth here, its painful

    Fredrick AbogeFredrick Aboge11 timmar sedan
  • Who got the "The Juice?"😉

    KeengKeeng11 timmar sedan
  • Never heard of him.

    moon shinemoon shine11 timmar sedan
  • Breaks my heart. All these people risking their lives to live in huts, sick, old, disabled people drinking gasoline from a man exploiting their faith, people working long hours and have little to show for it. You don't have to work half as hard as these people do to have so much more than them here. I'm so spoiled to be where I'm at.

    Autobot RockAutobot Rock11 timmar sedan
  • 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️That prophet

    Jimmy ElvisJimmy Elvis12 timmar sedan
  • So he is making people drink gasoline and nobody says anything ?? He is even supported by the prime minister wtfff

    DjekDjek12 timmar sedan
  • The prescription is always the same are you taking the juice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Nkosinathi DlaminiNkosinathi Dlamini12 timmar sedan
  • Mr Fally Ipupa - bite me - I'm going to share this video around the world just to show how selfish you are

    Cadoo55Cadoo5512 timmar sedan
  • $7.50 per person. Wake up, they are not bums.

    Christopher BergsChristopher Bergs12 timmar sedan
  • When greed and stupidity combine....

    MericanSportMericanSport13 timmar sedan
  • Greed is such a beautiful thing

    S.J. GordtsS.J. Gordts13 timmar sedan
  • Never heard of him

    heavenly waterbugheavenly waterbug13 timmar sedan
  • I m proud to all Congolese who returned home and make the economy moving .Can't blame them for the poverty in the country.

    Wilfried Cedric Roch GnepoWilfried Cedric Roch Gnepo13 timmar sedan
  • 39:45, me wanting the documentary people to buy the juice and do testing on it to free the people from that scam.

    Jennyann CarthernJennyann Carthern13 timmar sedan
  • The sun looks like a star ⭐️ it’s usually a circle in America

    Debbie is LegendaryDebbie is Legendary13 timmar sedan
  • 1 in 600 millionaire.......

    Bs ChristopherBs Christopher13 timmar sedan