Gold Girl vs Silver Man / I`m Pregnant!

19 feb 2021
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Is gold compatible with silver? Without a doubt, yes! Moreover, such a couple may well have a baby!
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  • Nathan Silverman loves superhero stories. Jules Golding is as elegant and beautiful as 24 karat gold. Their relationship is one for the ages! Watch what happens to this happy couple in our new video!

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  • They should of named her copper

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  • Me:*sees thumbnail Me again:”SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND”

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  • Her: l love you hem: your weird her: I’m pregnant hem: oh no oh no

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  • Is the wife actually pregnant

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  • You guys should make a video when they’re kid is older

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    • I have to say I love the name of the baby

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  • I feel like the baby was copper

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  • The baby should be named leather

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  • By the way do you mean sister do you see the picture because because I am the Sistine you’re here cause I just want to use for school and this is my name my name is Alexa Rodriguez and I like to watch the videos a demon sister am I like to see your videos so much

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