So I added the dumbest 8 Minecraft Features...

14 nov 2020
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From 3x3 doors and portable bases to vertical rails and Vein-mining pickaxes, in this video I'm showing you 8 crazy new Minecraft features that I made together with CommandGeek. Make sure to check out his video for the remaining 8 items we made! :)
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Outro: Holly x Drivvin - Til The End [NCS]
0:00-0:57 Introduction
0:58-3:50 Category Door
3:51-6:19 Category Base
6:20-8:36 Category Transportation
8:37-11:18 Category Mining
11:19-12:07 Final words

  • If you wanna try the items out for yourself you can down download the datapack here. To get all the items use the command: "/tag @p add give". :)

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    • /tag @p add give

    • /tag @p add give

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    • dont work i not get :-(

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    • Where to laste this file plz tell

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    • H

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  • Wait, how do you craft these? There aren't any anywhere :(

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  • help the mod is not working, i think its beacuse its a zip file and not a java file, how do i make the mod work help

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  • how to craft ore pickaxe???

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  • I can't believe it's a datapack! Because it has a spawn egg :v

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  • u sound like farengar secretfire from skyrim

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  • The portable base is frickin cool.

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  • Please tell me all recipes in this mod

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  • can this mod be used on mobile?

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  • 4:08 They bass boosted.

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  • was all that done with command blocks

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  • Is it possible that German is your mothers toungh becouse your english has a german accent

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  • I completely disagree, that garage door is sick!

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  • What was the recipe for the base command geek

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  • how to you get to craft the base block

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  • its not working i went on to 1.16.4 like it says then downloaded put stuff where it goes and i put the datapack in but "this is not supported for this version"

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  • Hey u wanna go mining? (Nods head)

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  • what are the recipes for your items?

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  • The ore ⛏️ is just vain miner

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  • Amazing

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    • To Minecraft

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  • Please make MCPE version

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  • I hope that vertical rail was added to Minecraft

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  • HOW TO INSTALL Datapack?

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  • the weird door could be used for a fbi open up in minecraft

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  • Came here bcoz astonishing minecraft....

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    • @『RarSMan』 have you tried?😱

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    • Maybe

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  • Does someone have the crafting recipes?

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  • Can you crate that's to mc.pack? Pls I can't added the features.

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    • What? Astonishing?

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  • That garage door should be added to the game or atleast be a regular mod

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  • 1:25 fbi: *my time to shine*

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  • :O I hope the teleportation wand and garage door gets added. And the miner thing I think it should be a enchantment but not as good.

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  • I love how this wasn't click bait at all.

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  • It's something very incredible, because not long ago we couldn't do such things, I'm engaged in simple construction of houses, but with your videos I can do it much cooler, maybe you're wondering, I've already posted one of my houses

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