LN2 Overclocking LIVE! #RIPGN

27 nov 2020
236 715 visningar

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  • 3:46:09 to 3:52:50 for the kick-ass "17,501 point" record run for fourth on the leaderboard. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🔥🤘😎👍 45:22 the moment Jay "finish, finish, finish, finish, finish!", beats GN Steve's 17,180 for sixth on the leaderboard.

    MonsterSoundMonsterSoundMånad sedan
    • @MonsterSound oh really sweet. Just cant seem to find Steves attempts after the EVGA comp. Do you know where he uploaded his attempts after the comp?

      Patrick WilsonPatrick WilsonMånad sedan
    • @MonsterSound Truth

      JayzTwoCentsJayzTwoCentsMånad sedan
    • @Patrick Wilson Actually it is how it works. They both agreed to continue trying to set new records on their own in a friendly competition, just like before. Peace

      MonsterSoundMonsterSoundMånad sedan
    • So the comp was already run Steve won, Jay did the same thing last year. Steve beats him in the actual comp then Jay does a stream after the fact saying hes won. not how it works

      Patrick WilsonPatrick WilsonMånad sedan
    • Boo

      Jeff YoungJeff YoungMånad sedan
  • Congrats jay on beating steve in just under an hour. Well done Mate from AUS

    Robert HeelsRobert Heels25 dagar sedan
  • would like to know what rgb mouse that your using.

    Brad TaylorBrad Taylor28 dagar sedan
  • felt you at 3:08:00 when you went "c'mon, there is nothing at all in the chat to talk about?".

    TNM001TNM001Månad sedan
  • Please do a edited version of this one.

    Robin ERobin EMånad sedan
  • eh hvac tape isnt all that bad....... you should get your hands on hvac joint gasket tape it resembles putty but stickier than 200 mph gaff tape

    ben bormanben bormanMånad sedan
  • 3:15:37 when he said, "just certain ones" and looked into the camera, I felt like he was staring into my soul :)

    0kazaki1010kazaki101Månad sedan
  • Why don’t you do this overclocking in a meat freezer that’s below freezing + LN?

    JetsiahJetsiahMånad sedan
  • tater tots ftw

    JP kancer techJP kancer techMånad sedan
  • nick's face during the g clamping lol

    JP kancer techJP kancer techMånad sedan
  • who tf says kryonaut is awful for ln2? that's bullshit, i used it plenty of times and i didn't get a single crack in multiple sessions i used it, i changed it only if i had to heat up and remount for condensation reasons or because my session has finished

    JP kancer techJP kancer techMånad sedan
  • boring

    derekderekMånad sedan
  • POLITICS HAS INVADED THE YUGIPOOPS EVEN. WOE BE TO THE UNINFORMED! If you want to protest this new direction, I'm streaming over at www.twitch.tv/hardleggaming. Come on down and shout at me.

    joe blowjoe blowMånad sedan
  • edit this shit

    Shahriyar TkShahriyar TkMånad sedan
  • Short and sweet. Just the way I like my school day long live streams

    Formacion OposlineFormacion OposlineMånad sedan
  • jay please do more of these streams, i didn't watch it live but please make mor, we need a funny guy making x oc live streams

    JP kancer techJP kancer techMånad sedan
  • Put that nitrogen on a car

    Tesseract95Tesseract95Månad sedan
  • Love how you only got into this 2 years ago and you destroy steve, even with kingpin babysitting him for years. Shows brains beat experience every day of the week

    da beastda beastMånad sedan
  • I love Jay and Steve wars. Keep it up guys. Always entertaining.

    miinyoomiinyooMånad sedan
  • what if you put the computer in a vacuum chamber? With a port just for the LN2 pot? I think electricity is supposed to go faster in a vacuum? idk. lol

    Ian ZaineaIan ZaineaMånad sedan
  • You need a spout for the thermoses so you can pour more controlled.

    Ian ZaineaIan ZaineaMånad sedan
  • Jay, for overclocking stuff, you should use a wired lav mic instead of wireless. Just get a super long extension cable and you're good. Then as long as the cable is shielded properly you shouldn't get any interference from your mic. Then normally, you can still use your wireless lav, but for overclocking at least you'll be safe.

    Ian ZaineaIan ZaineaMånad sedan
    • Or just set up a couple of boom mics.

      Ian ZaineaIan ZaineaMånad sedan
  • What a pointless exercise this is!

    Tom QuimbyTom QuimbyMånad sedan
  • okay then

    mRipXmRipXMånad sedan
  • My GPU predictions: (6900XT = 3080Ti) > 3090) < TITAN = [Nividas flag ship]. I'm waiting for that great shoot out, Paper launches are great, no remorse at buying the early junk.

    tudomerdatudomerdaMånad sedan
  • you know things are about to go down when you need LN2 to cool the cpu

  • you have been "drivered" ...

    odiumodiumMånad sedan
  • Enjoyed watching this... ty

    Fermioncool FermioncoolFermioncool FermioncoolMånad sedan
  • Audio is ok

    Marcin BartczakMarcin BartczakMånad sedan
  • Legalize LN2 pot!

    Samira PeriSamira PeriMånad sedan
  • is there a reason no one tries a glycol chiller?

    FatNerd ReviewsFatNerd ReviewsMånad sedan
  • War... War never ends.... Or was it the rip thing? We all know you are good at OC, no need to over prove it.

    Nicolas Chapados GirardNicolas Chapados GirardMånad sedan
  • hi AMD could have World Records - but they went for BIOS limits instead seworld.info/will/mpLM1bq4o3Si1Yk/video

    lemes István Krisztián Hungária shootinglemes István Krisztián Hungária shootingMånad sedan
  • It looks like you are squinting. Do you need to get your eyes checked?

    Jason RummeryJason RummeryMånad sedan
  • You know you've achieved a proper mount if it results in a pregnancy.

    squib 31squib 31Månad sedan
  • hey, have you considered a product similar to this everdry? this one seems to be safe on electronics and for icy conditions. #JayTwoCents www.spillcontainment.com/products/ever-dry

    Murray BartonMurray BartonMånad sedan
  • Curious to know if someone watched it all at once

    Samer AbdallahSamer AbdallahMånad sedan
  • fs7? no, it's you, J.

    Shojan20Shojan20Månad sedan
  • next time, stfu and eat b4 you go online. #snowflake good job btw. u still a baby.

    Shojan20Shojan20Månad sedan
  • damn, you're pompous.

    Shojan20Shojan20Månad sedan
  • I over clocked my monitors at the same time today and now my pc boot loops when plugged into my asus. Sad days😢

    Michael McphersonMichael McphersonMånad sedan
  • I'm trying to build my own pc over the next month, considered getting a crazy case that was really expensive. Do a build with the Thermaltake Distrocase 350P. It would be really interesting because there's not a whole lot of videos (1 POV video of some korean guy building it and that's it) of builds with this case.

    Gavin McconnellGavin McconnellMånad sedan
  • Arnold is that you

    WrathionRX3WrathionRX3Månad sedan
  • So, im all for supporting a youtuber i watch, but FIFTY DOLLARS for a hoodie is too much for me to justify.

    biginchsmallblockbiginchsmallblockMånad sedan
  • OMG get the gloves-

    Lipi19821Lipi19821Månad sedan
  • i just accidently called you gazstwocents lol sorry

    Bluu ArroweBluu ArroweMånad sedan
  • Is it bad I'm still running that cpu in my main gaming rig

    Mad HatterMad HatterMånad sedan
  • i don't care who does the OC first and you know why? because I'm going to watch all of them anyhow sooo...

    Eon ReevesEon ReevesMånad sedan
  • this happened to me on black friday at newegg seworld.info/will/anvLxNmar3RqqaM/video

    Johnnie Retta Henley Jr.Johnnie Retta Henley Jr.Månad sedan
  • wow 7 hours, okay imma skip this. Anyone wanna tell me at which point it shows the figures?

    Nicholas BassaholicNicholas BassaholicMånad sedan
  • Entertainment: Squeak, squeak, squeak!

    Random UserRandom UserMånad sedan
  • The trick with a bad camera like that is to go to manual focus, set it and then LOCK IT. You're not moving the camera so the image will stay sharp when zooming/panning.

    Luscious3174Luscious3174Månad sedan
  • Spite upload lol

    Yucky RoryYucky RoryMånad sedan
  • Do you know why the only mITX socket 2066 motherboard by ASRock no longer in production?

    Rockn OutRockn OutMånad sedan
  • Over 6 hours... WTF. For everyone who watched it till the end, congratulations you have no life!

    Eelko A.Eelko A.Månad sedan
  • Y’all need my help. Lmao where do I apply?

    Di3selpower YouTubeDi3selpower YouTubeMånad sedan
  • Can overclocking mess up your computer if not done right

    Jason SwiftJason SwiftMånad sedan
  • Where do you get such a huge tank of nitrogen? And how much does it cost? :D

    Karl LeegoKarl LeegoMånad sedan
  • Hello everyone ✌️😄

  • Jay... I built my first PC a little while ago, and so far I love it 100x more than any prebuilt I've ever had lmao. Now If only you would make a video on creating case fan curves lmao

    Eazy EEazy EMånad sedan
  • Cpuld you not use a spray on conformal coating to protect against condensation maybe something like this uk.rs-online.com/web/p/conformal-coatings/0494714/ that goes down to -70 c which might be a bit cleaner than vaseline and maybe get into all the parts better, or maybe one of the new hydrophobic sprays that repel the water or finally but a bigger job a box with all the moisture removed so condensation is impossible.

    BinaryGeniusBinaryGeniusMånad sedan
  • Yeah, but can it run crysis 😂

    R_Sinist _icR_Sinist _icMånad sedan
  • 3:55:07 when you hit Octane render button in 3Dsmax and it doesn't crash.

    The Reflected OneThe Reflected OneMånad sedan
  • Very disappointed in you Jay, donated on Super Chat twice with a question an never answered, well I learned that unlike you, Steve will answer Super Chat questions, so I guess I just need to send him my money. Before you go off, he can find time to answer Super Chat questions while doing LN2 overclocking.

    Bazinga_XBazinga_XMånad sedan
  • How is this fun, this is like letting a cow kick you in the nuts.

    Hitz NKoffHitz NKoffMånad sedan
  • When we can actually buy a 6800 xt could you do a video comparing FPS on the cheapest model vs. the most expensive model. Seems like we are going to be bombarded with marketing speak this generation. Some of us could care less if it looks like a pager from the 90's we are only wanting FPS gains.

    rick haddixrick haddixMånad sedan
  • You have no idea of what you are doing.

    gr33nbitsgr33nbitsMånad sedan
  • U are crazy Jay :P

    FreeKanalFreeKanalMånad sedan
  • good morning, would you be so kind to tell me which processor is the best to use on X-Plane and FS2020? considering that I want to use an RTX 3080 or 3090 card. I have seen your videos but unfortunately I do not speak English and I am using Google translate. pending. thanks for your attention.

    Eduardo Davila MartinezEduardo Davila MartinezMånad sedan
  • discord.gg/xYRXr6atzW

    KairuuKairuuMånad sedan
  • Someone gave you $100 and you didn't even say thank you? You absolute turd of a man.

    shut up bitchshut up bitchMånad sedan
  • Not that it matters for gpu testing but wouldn’t the way you have the water loop on the cpu factor the heat cuz your not getting the proper water flow

    FishingFloridaFishingFloridaMånad sedan
  • Jay is kinda like the mad scientist in his lab. Also, Linus should wear some of Jay's merch.

    John WilkersonJohn WilkersonMånad sedan
  • JAY is watching Arnold Schwarzenegger too much... hahahaha Can you drink Liquid Nitrogen? -Jay : Once LMAOOOOOOOO

    Dr DyzenDr DyzenMånad sedan
  • I just didnt get it, what GPU did you use there?

    Libelt StevenLibelt StevenMånad sedan
    • EVGA 3090 KINGPIN card.

      Edge64Edge64Månad sedan
  • I thought the Merch was finished??????

    Elmtree LineElmtree LineMånad sedan
  • I went to the end of the video to see if he rage flipped the table. So disappointed.

    Misc ChanMisc ChanMånad sedan
  • The noises from the LN2 canister freaks my cat out.

    The1RandomFoolThe1RandomFoolMånad sedan
  • Hmmm, have you thought about your PSU? The card could be drawing like 600w or more at those voltages. Your PSU may not be able to go from idle draw to 600+w on the 12v rail quickly enough. I would try running 2x PSU for the next run, one used on mobo and one 8 pin on the GPU and the other PSU on the other 2 8pins. It definitely has something to do with power in my opinion but I don’t think it’s your VRMs getting too hot when you are crashing instantly and your pcb is cold. They wouldn’t have time to overheat. Like when you go to SLI I’d be running 3 PSU. One for main board and one beefy one like 1200w plus for each gpu. That’s my 2Cents

    Radu GrigorasRadu GrigorasMånad sedan
  • Jay, can we get some more eGPU content? I use an eGPU with my professional laptop for work so I can game when I get home and have some nice battery life for when I'm on the go. I would like to know if the 3080 is worth it.

    Tom BTom BMånad sedan
  • Is it normal to sweat while watching this?

    Nick PNick PMånad sedan
  • Sooooo, still no RX 6800 series AIB coverage, huh? Nice.

    Kyamil NasufKyamil NasufMånad sedan
  • I think those won't come out till 2021

    Ryan MulhernRyan MulhernMånad sedan
  • Haha gl finding a pcie4.0 board for a CPU socket with that many lanes lol

    Ryan MulhernRyan MulhernMånad sedan
  • Hey I want to see a 30 series vs Rx new vid from you Jay

    Ryan MulhernRyan MulhernMånad sedan
  • Jay I didn't get to watch live Jay but my only comment on this video is when you get the other card you should drop them both in a x399 threadripper or at least something with the lanes to support SLI then LN2...

    Ryan MulhernRyan MulhernMånad sedan
  • We want the short video of this stream. (Highlights)

    Dil statusDil statusMånad sedan
  • LTTstore.com

    Saravanan KSaravanan KMånad sedan
  • I hope you take the time to read this Jay. I dont remember at what time you said it I commented live at the time, but you stated the CPU dosn't matter in Port Royalbecause the entire test is stored in RAM. I am here to tell you Yes it does. And here's how you can prove it take your 3960x lock all cores to 4.0 in Easy Tune and your 3090 at stock settings and run Port Royal. Then Set the cpu OC to the single core 3.8 and run it again and tell me you don't se an increase in your score, Because I sure did and a big one at that....

    OG GamerOG GamerMånad sedan
  • and all that just to run minecraft with raytracing in stable 30 fps

    1Grainer11Grainer1Månad sedan
  • The DO make gloves that are safe for LN2 work specifically so that you can use them to protect your hands when working with liquified gases. But yeah, bare hands are safer than anything you can get at a hardware store.

    Konstantin KhitrinKonstantin KhitrinMånad sedan
  • Do GPUs have a heat spreader with its own thermal compound like CPUs have inside? Guess that a more direct coupling with super even and polished surfaces with no thermal compound that crystalize when too cold between the GPU and the Cooling container can help. I love to follow these GPU "drag races", Keep up the good work Jay

    Einar ElleEinar ElleMånad sedan
  • Man, this is the most frustrated I've seen you, hope you had a better day after the stream. Appreciate the time to share it though, I enjoyed what I saw though.

    Corey BlackCorey BlackMånad sedan
  • Majorhardware has a water block you might find quite interesting.

    EvilKabukiEvilKabukiMånad sedan
  • More blow torch and vaseline please!

    P SP SMånad sedan
  • Respect for keeping at it.

    ZAPZAPMånad sedan
  • ltt water bottle.

    Parth SoniParth SoniMånad sedan
  • Abrakadabra!

    Oskars StrelnieksOskars StrelnieksMånad sedan
  • What lab were you taught to use LN2?

    • The lab of youtube

      luc1dluc1dMånad sedan
  • I know the number 1 hes laughing at this guy, very lost at whats going on but i guess having th fastest cpu wins yea. people are insane. in a good way.

    mydogztymydogztyMånad sedan
    • I'll come knockin for his place in SLI... just prepping my second card for some runs and will be getting my hands on the SLI bridge tomorrow afternoon... xoxoxoxo

      EscapeeEscapeeMånad sedan