18 aug 2020
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buy more cars

  • "walk with me" -jawsh 2020

    tsu asuitsu asui2 dagar sedan
  • How much for the parking lot?

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  • Comedy gold

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  • Look how far hes been, now hes the current President of the United States

    StoicStoic4 dagar sedan
  • hello yes i would like to buy a fine automobile

    Rick Does stuffRick Does stuff4 dagar sedan
  • why does Josh look like a young Charlie Sheen?

    SkyBladeSkyBlade5 dagar sedan
  • i memorized this whole video and can now recite it to my friends

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  • I wanna walk with him

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  • Dreamworld

    Sebastián NavarroSebastián Navarro6 dagar sedan
  • Respectable young man, I think I shall walk with him

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  • Walk with him, guys. WALK WITH HIM.

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  • Legend says he’s still walking to this day

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  • Cars 0:03 if you don't get it.

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  • i’d walk with this guy into hell

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  • it’s a CAR

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  • That's 3 minutes I am never getting back.

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  • This is not a good asmr

    Rafael.A HDRafael.A HD10 dagar sedan
  • One sec lemme walpk my fish his name is Rigby hes a good bpy

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  • I want to walk with him

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  • Walk with me

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  • I'd walk with him!

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  • walk with him

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  • wow so many cars

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  • By far the best commercial ever

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  • I kinda wanna walk with him.

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  • wow it feels like I'm actually walking with him

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  • Bruh that first dealership pic is from a dealership near me look up Leonard Evans Wenatchee Washington

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  • Ok, this video is only 3 minutes, but why the hell does it feel like an hour??? But, then again, not necessarily a bad thing

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  • come with me with the butterflys and the bees's

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  • legend has it he's still walking to this day

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  • *”Walk with me.”*

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  • the way he walks, turns around and then like huffs is so fucking hysterical

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  • I love that he wore this shirt for election day. It's perfect

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  • I would like car.

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  • Y'know, my wife bought me this shirt

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  • I fucking love his smile while he doesn't look at the camera

    Carloslol109Carloslol10920 dagar sedan
    • he's looking at carson

      MagellanicMagellanic14 dagar sedan
  • That car lot in the first 5 second is in my hometown Wenatchee, Washington

    Nicholas TaylorNicholas Taylor21 dag sedan
  • groovy

    Solid PumpkinSolid Pumpkin21 dag sedan
    • groovy

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    • groovy

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  • I used this on an assignment for ethos, logos, and pathos in commercials, and got an A.

    Twisted WizardTwisted Wizard22 dagar sedan
  • I love this man and this video is the best thing I’ve ever seen

    Hannah AlmeidaHannah Almeida23 dagar sedan
  • Best ad if ever seen 10/10 🙆🏽‍♀️

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  • car

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  • I’d walk with him, that’s for sure

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  • Who watches this video after watch Dagames

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  • cars

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  • Walk with me

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  • this is gonna show in everyone’s recommendations 3-9 years later

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  • Would you buy car

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  • Walk with him

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  • The way he says “walk with me”

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  • no lo he terminado

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  • bieno lo estoy viendo

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  • ya lo vi perdonenme

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  • I just had to watch an ad to see this ad

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  • "i am selling it for ONLY..!" **silence** 2 seconds later "مرحبًا ، لقد وجدت رسالة سرية"

    jagjyotjagjyotMånad sedan
  • a friend posted this thing word-for-word across like ten different channels in an rp server and i still don't understand why he did it

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  • Instead of a car can I just pay you to let me walk with you? Thanks

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  • josh this is my favorite video on SEworld

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  • I would not by a car But I would walk with him

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  • This was recommended to me in the car section seriously

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  • I just watched a man have a mental breakdown for 2 minutes and 50 secounds.

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  • He clearly likes selling cars!

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  • cars

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  • I’m selling cars today. I’m selling … big cars. They’re SO long- There’s so many cars here at my dealership. Hey *snap* You, over there! Come with me. *Inhale* *Exhale* If you step over here, here’s the- here’s- here’s my- here’s my- here’s my baby, she’s my- she’s my girl, it’s my baby. Oh, no no, don’t touch her, this is MY car. Okay, so bo- if you come over here, Let’s- let’s- come on, walk with me. *breathy walking* Over HERE, though, this one. W- I- the- I- this one? This- it’s a CAR! You want a car? *walking* *breathing* *walking* I’m gonna need to ask you a favor. I’ve been- I’ve bee- c- I’ve come on some REAL hard times recently. Honestly, I haven’t sold a car in like four years. These aren’t even mine. This vehicle right here, is SOOO much cheaper than the competition. I am selling it for ONLY… Uhhhhhh… This one! Now let me tell ya about this- this beauty. This is a bicycle. Aha-Aha-Aha-b-Aha *sniff* *walking* *glare* *walking* *more heavy breathing* Over HERE, is- is another car! This is a car dealer- this is a car- this is what we call a car dealership. Anyway, walk with me. *walking* *heavy exhale* *sniff* *walking* This is a long wire on this microphone, lemme tell ya. *walking* Anyway, walk with me. *walking* *heavy exhale* *walking* *walking* *sniff* *heavy breathing* *walking* *confused glare* *tapping* Is that on? Is THIS on? You know my wife bought me this shirt? She said- she- she said- she said, wow. *snap* So you know- *unintelligible* th-the uh-the other day, I was at the- I was at my CAR STORE and he was like- w----- w- whe- where’s all the cars at? And we didn’t have any cars ‘cause I SOLD ‘EM ALL- you should come to my car store, by the way. *clapping* *cheering* *nodding of approval* You know I- you know I get really- I get really lonely at night, *more walking* Oh yeah, come to my store, buy cars. buy car

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  • W a l k

    Ben DriscollBen DriscollMånad sedan
  • cars

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  • Just walk with him guys What could go wrong

  • *walk with me.*

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  • Hey, do you have some cars i could buy?

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  • what a surprise

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  • I came to this video just to see if it was Carson clapping and not anyone else

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  • Please make more content like this.

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  • i'd walk with him

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  • "I'd walk with him"

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  • I am now in the mood to buy a car. I think I am going to the car store to buy a car right now

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  • Make this his most viewed video.

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  • *W a l k w i t h m e*

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  • I want to walk him so bad

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  • "would you buy car?" . . . . . . . . . "i'd walk with him"

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  • I literally haven't laughed at anything harder than I laughed at this in a long time

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  • I would like to walk with him

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  • cars

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    • I would like to mention how I got a car dealership ad and a Preparation H ad. I feel like it's an omen.

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  • im walking jawsh don't worry

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  • 2:00 my zoom teacher trying to make sure his computers working

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  • Id walk with him!

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  • Imagine a version of this masterpiece where every time he says “car” the res gets lower

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  • After viewing this I got a car ad at the ending of the video

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  • jawsh ive been walking for 2 months straight please i just want to buy a car

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  • I kinda wanna buy a car from him...

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  • why is he walking over and over

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  • car

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  • "walk with me" -jawsh

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  • I have now built a stupid website that links to this video, brilliant times.

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  • i would buy a car

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  • i like short films

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  • Walk with me

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  • "No no don't touch her, this is MY car" While someone else is driving it

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  • Walk with me

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