KSI Has Already Lost To LOGAN PAUL. (Here's what I mean by that.)

28 jul 2018
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KSI and Logan Paul, along with Deji and Jake Paul, had their second press conference in London not too long ago, and I'm here to talk about it. #KSIvsLoganPaul #KSI #LoganPaul
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  • Ksi or Logan paul whos better

    Yuan LumberioYuan Lumberio19 timmar sedan
  • Look who won??

    Stanley TugesStanley TugesDag sedan
  • Ksi won let’s go

    Cristofer RiveraCristofer Rivera2 dagar sedan
  • Boy did this age well.

    LL3 dagar sedan
  • "see i think all ksi said was becoz of competition and wouldnt do it in rlf to him if there wasnt a boxing match" "also ksi funny as frick" (hears ksi's first line) yeah nvm

    Itz Aahan YogiItz Aahan Yogi3 dagar sedan
  • Ksi lost I don't think so

    stfustfu4 dagar sedan
  • What a flub jeez

    Zylar SquartZylar Squart4 dagar sedan
  • The real question is: SUBCRIBE to this channel or I will take your Minecraft girlfriend

    Rooney VelazquezRooney Velazquez6 dagar sedan
  • Lovee ur Chunnel can uuu do fousey

    Jesse J GarzaJesse J Garza7 dagar sedan
  • B

    8sm 1238sm 1238 dagar sedan
  • Yo ik it's been while since this fight but I just found this but deji takes it personally and ksi mybe a little but you said their confidence is high do you realize jake Paul and Logan paul is getting hyped up by his own team and ksi is not he is just working

    Isaiah MarquezIsaiah Marquez8 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Fret NFret N9 dagar sedan
  • I really think your fight was better

    Aaron GlastetterAaron Glastetter10 dagar sedan
  • 6:28 😬

    N̷o̷A̷i̷m̷N̷e̷e̷d̷e̷d̷ 6̷9̷N̷o̷A̷i̷m̷N̷e̷e̷d̷e̷d̷ 6̷9̷12 dagar sedan

    Floriana KrasniqiFloriana Krasniqi12 dagar sedan
    • now that children is a called a toxic person

      Aarnav GandhiAarnav Gandhi2 dagar sedan
    • lmao

      JerryJerry8 dagar sedan
    • Kid

      Ivett RiveraIvett Rivera9 dagar sedan
  • who's here after ksi beat logan? ps logan's dad deserved way mor than a punch

    Too_eazYToo_eazY13 dagar sedan
  • as much as i love ksi and deji they did take it too far and the reason for that is because the conference was in London and hardly hundreds of paul fans will fly there over

    Mati MakerMati Maker13 dagar sedan
  • He won

    AK47 yhyhAK47 yhyh14 dagar sedan
  • There's a reason ksi and deji were taking the fight personally. Ksi(and pretty much anyone with a brain) hates the paul brothers. Thats why he called them out, because he hates them. Not as a youtuber putting on a show, but as a person. If he didn't hate him irl, he wouldn't have called him out

    RiotselRiotsel16 dagar sedan
  • B or c, I know it;(

    Linh VuLinh Vu16 dagar sedan
  • Promotion level: god

    shubham sarojshubham saroj17 dagar sedan
  • You milked this so much

    James PlottyJames Plotty17 dagar sedan
  • “Who’s here when 2020 is about to be over!!”

    Orlando RamosOrlando Ramos18 dagar sedan
  • Well that didn't age well

    random playz xdrandom playz xd18 dagar sedan
  • Wilfur going Anthony Joshua against Andrei

    This GuyThis Guy19 dagar sedan
  • Hehe PETA GO Brrrrrrrr 7:09

    Hesham HeroHesham Hero21 dag sedan
  • 6:00 Wilfurs Face

    Joshua NarcisoJoshua Narciso21 dag sedan
  • Let's all just forget that the Pauls exist

    Philip Christian SutantoPhilip Christian Sutanto22 dagar sedan
  • 0.28 sec his laugh sounds like pewdiepie

    Jonas MazzoliJonas Mazzoli22 dagar sedan
  • This didn’t age well

    Suavage GamersSuavage Gamers24 dagar sedan
  • True Logan is a tit but what ksi said was just bullying him Greg Paul is just weird but he had no right to say that shit you might disagree with me tho

    Jack WJack W24 dagar sedan
  • A rare Moment of Andrei Swearing

    Sachin RamklassSachin Ramklass25 dagar sedan
  • Logan is sick shit

    Just_Emo 91Just_Emo 9125 dagar sedan
  • logan is stronger ksi is older this is intense

    Bleep ManBleep Man27 dagar sedan
    • @ClickonRL 04 Oh you got Offended? shame on you.

      Bleep ManBleep Man21 dag sedan
    • Well bro stop being a dick then

      ClickonRL 04ClickonRL 0421 dag sedan
    • @ClickonRL 04 and buddy youre kinda late

      Bleep ManBleep Man21 dag sedan
    • @ClickonRL 04 reeee

      Bleep ManBleep Man21 dag sedan
    • Stop liking your own comment and re commenting the same thing

      ClickonRL 04ClickonRL 0421 dag sedan
  • Just London being london

    Daniel HollinsheadDaniel Hollinshead27 dagar sedan
  • 3:33 ksi welcome to London madder fucker Me and welcome too hell ksi

    David.G GamerDavid.G Gamer28 dagar sedan
    • @ClickonRL 04????

      Bleep ManBleep Man19 dagar sedan
    • funny 56 to 55

      ClickonRL 04ClickonRL 0426 dagar sedan
  • 2:49

    You TubeYou Tube29 dagar sedan
  • bro andrei's adverts are incredible

    Bama MarhaendraBama MarhaendraMånad sedan
  • What is it like when people ask for free animation

    MrLonewolfMrLonewolfMånad sedan
  • Stop the cap

    Jonathan TorrieJonathan TorrieMånad sedan
  • Who have 2020

    Mauricio ChavezMauricio ChavezMånad sedan
    • Everyone who seas this comment in 2020!

      Tassboi hussTassboi huss25 dagar sedan
  • Just because someone (Logan and Jake Paul) used to be bad,doesn’t mean they can’t change.remember that.

    Josuke HigashikataJosuke HigashikataMånad sedan
    • @Proxima I said that I agree with you that he is horrible, I'm just saying he is not as bad as a lot of people, like Hitler. Why would you even compare hitler to a SEworldr? He is just trying to make a living, even if he is being a trash bag. And also, what did he even do? I basically never watch him or Logan and I really don't know a lot about jake. I know a bit about Logan and Japan stuff and things like that, but I don't really know the whole drama with Jake Paul. I just know a few horrible things he has done. Msybe your right and he is just a horrible piece of trash, but from what I know, I would not like to see people telling me to kill myself everyday.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • @Simrah Qureshi bruh, y'know why don't you keep that kinda concern for someone who actually deserves unlike that piece of garbage jake paul. You fans are so inexperienced of reality that y'all dwell in the lives of these worthless beings. By your logic Jeffrey Epstein and hitler should be given chances I mean by your logic they're also 'humans'. Sorry to break this piece of reality to you but not everyone care about what others have to say, trash bags like jake paul live on the hate he is given and instead of thinking about what he has done he calls them out by being more of a piece of shit. Lemme ask u this, what do you even get by watching these douchebags?

      ProximaProxima21 dag sedan
    • @Proxima ok, I get that but imagine every day you wake up, you check social media, and all you see is hate and people telling you to kill your self. Even though he is horrible human being, he still has feelings.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • @Simrah Qureshi even a 12 year old acts better than them, heck most of the 12 yr olds I've met acts better than them. So don't pull out the they're "human" excuse. How could u even call jake trash paul a human smh

      ProximaProxima21 dag sedan
    • @Proxima Logan paul is redeeming himself, Jake on the other hand.. but you have to remember, they are only humans.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
  • 2:04 yo that red suit looking nice tho

    Josuke HigashikataJosuke HigashikataMånad sedan
  • Well this didn't age well...

    JSGツソノンシ斗JSGツソノンシ斗Månad sedan
  • alright that sponsor was pretty good

    IanIanMånad sedan
  • Ok

    Janathan JanathanJanathan JanathanMånad sedan
  • He didn’t tho...

    reversalWRLDreversalWRLDMånad sedan
  • Boxing is always about aggressiveness, seems like you never watch boxing matches 😂😂

    Atharva StarkAtharva StarkMånad sedan
    • It's an entertainment show. Also, boxing is not just hate and aggressiveness, it's a sport. It's not supposed to be personal. It's just for fun.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
  • Bruh that's called of power of ksi 💪🏾. Paul brothers are already a joke.

    Atharva StarkAtharva StarkMånad sedan
    • What the hell? It's a fricking entertainment show, not a real hate fight. It's not personal. I don't like jake and Logan, but atleast be smart and see that KSI and Degi where in the wrong.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
  • Who’s watching this in 2020

    Shéa KennyShéa KennyMånad sedan
  • If u did not make this video Logan would have won the fight

    Orbz is coolOrbz is coolMånad sedan
    • @Orbz is cool don't be an idiot mate, they probs did not even see this video

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • @ClickonRL 04 sorry

      Orbz is coolOrbz is cool25 dagar sedan
    • Yeah because a video would’ve changed the outcome

      ClickonRL 04ClickonRL 0425 dagar sedan
    • @ClickonRL 04 just saying

      Orbz is coolOrbz is cool25 dagar sedan
    • yeah as if

      ClickonRL 04ClickonRL 0426 dagar sedan
  • I feel SO bad for Logan and Jake😢 I know that there are jerkjerks, but they DON'T deserve this. KSI and Deji is CLEARLY crossing the line!

    Fredrika KnutsenFredrika KnutsenMånad sedan
    • @Shane nobody asked for you to comment, reply to my comment, or even to be in this conversation. From your logic, pls leave because nobody asked for you to be here 🙂

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • @Simrah Qureshi didn’t ask

      ShaneShane21 dag sedan
    • are the people in the replys 3? Even though they are jerks, they clearly did cross the line. Stop being biased and look. For god sake, there dad got punched in the head. It's a sport, it's not supposed to be personal. It's supposed to be for fun and for entertainment. You guys are idiots

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • @Shane who me? I'm 14😝

      Fredrika KnutsenFredrika Knutsen28 dagar sedan

      ShaneShaneMånad sedan
  • This didnt age well

    gas mastergas masterMånad sedan
    • Even though KSI won, does not mean he is not in the wrong on how KSI was taking it too far

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • Watch the video

      Kushal KulkarniKushal KulkarniMånad sedan

    LaskGLaskGMånad sedan
  • I guess you only care about views and you are not very reliable either. Unsubscribed 100% bye never watching another video of yours

    Andreas MüllerAndreas MüllerMånad sedan
    • He IS reliable. He explains everything. He is not on any side, he is just saying facts. Everything he says has video proof or is just common sense. Just because he was wrong on the Logan paul winning, does not mean the whole other video is facts

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • You are a terrible person.

      Herro, I existHerro, I existMånad sedan
    • @Andreas Müller your trying to insult me because your trying to defend logan paul but i do kinda like him but ill give it a solid 3.5/10. jake's content is pure trash.

    • @Andreas Müller not offended.

    • @COOKIE THE CORGI your mother is

      Andreas MüllerAndreas MüllerMånad sedan
  • Delete this video bro Lol😂😂😂

    SoLxGruntSoLxGruntMånad sedan
    • @SoLxGrunt he ment that Logan already won is a MORAL STANDPOINT. Here is the timestamp ,6:46. Watch the video before commenting idiot

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi17 dagar sedan
    • @COOKIE THE CORGI Lol I did he sounds dumb as hell considering its not "100%" factual.

      SoLxGruntSoLxGrunt18 dagar sedan
    • @SoLxGrunt did you read simrah qureshi's comment?

    • @SoLxGrunt you should have said that

    • @SoLxGrunt oh yeah i searched ingoogle and ksi did win.

  • B.

    green cheep cheep kinggreen cheep cheep kingMånad sedan
  • 0:30 under the sea

    cacodemon with armscacodemon with armsMånad sedan
  • I am

    mikail salmanmikail salmanMånad sedan
  • You:Everyone Logan loves Me:And Jake lol

    Bernardo Alvarado TorresBernardo Alvarado TorresMånad sedan
  • Ksi won lol

    Cullen Luke ChuaCullen Luke ChuaMånad sedan
    • Doesn't mean KSI was not in the wrong.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
  • 2019: KSI went all in on Logans private life, and Logan just sat there quiet. The fight ended as a draw. 2020: Logan went in on KSI's private life, and KSI just sat there quiet. But this time KSI had full control over the situation. Logan tried to get onto his nerves and KSI just sat there laughing. Then Logan freaked out backstage, frustrated about how KSI was just there quiet, and thats were KSI already won. The 2020 fight ended up as a win for KSI.

    wilmerwilmerMånad sedan
  • It happened years ago and I know what happened so why am I watching this with full on interest years after everything is over.

    WOMAWOMAMånad sedan
  • LMFAOOO you was wrong

    • @JDKGAMING the title says here is what I mean by that. You have to watch the video. He is saying that KSI lost from a MORAL perspective.

      Kushal KulkarniKushal Kulkarni21 dag sedan
    • @JDKGAMING shut up and watch the video. Bet you did not and your just a KSI Fanboy that got pissed from the title

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • @Simrah Qureshi cap

      JDKGAMINGJDKGAMING21 dag sedan
    • @Kushal Kulkarni look at the tittle

      JDKGAMINGJDKGAMING21 dag sedan
    • How was he wrong? He did not say it was 100% that Logan would win. Also, the whole video is just facts.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
  • 4:24 ksi has 100% and logan has 85% ksi is willing to give 15% so logan has 100% as you said simple math

    javi citojavi citoMånad sedan
  • Man calls true jordie “ referee”

    bronZebronZeMånad sedan
    • @Neko Singh sry mate

      bronZebronZeMånad sedan
    • Geordie

      Neko SinghNeko SinghMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Synixx GamingSynixx GamingMånad sedan
    • Hello

      Lé BobLé BobMånad sedan
  • I hate humans

    Juah LeeJuah LeeMånad sedan
    • An Korean SuperPowers Movie fan thinking he was a hero not a human xD

      Bleep ManBleep Man19 dagar sedan
    • @FrostyFry okee

      Precision EditsPrecision EditsMånad sedan
    • @Precision Edits r/woooosh

      FrostyFryFrostyFryMånad sedan
    • xD

      Precision EditsPrecision EditsMånad sedan
    • You're also a human bruh

      Precision EditsPrecision EditsMånad sedan
  • Well this aged well

    Comrade Kartoshka YTComrade Kartoshka YTMånad sedan
  • Now that you mention it

    dogedogeMånad sedan

    EletrikEletrikMånad sedan
  • I’m may be wrong but the reason they are making it personal is because they hate the Paul’s with passion

    Sean SponheimerSean SponheimerMånad sedan
  • I know someone here choose B So did i

    Temaj MoodyTemaj MoodyMånad sedan
  • This didn’t age well

    Box HeadBox Head2 månader sedan
    • How? Just because he was wrong in logan winning, almost all of it was facts with video proof or just common sense

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • ... Are you kidding rn?

      JeveleanuJeveleanuMånad sedan
  • damn, this is not epic

    comment kingcomment king2 månader sedan
    • Exactly, I don't really like Logan and Jake, and I am a KSI fan, but I am not brain dead. KSI and Degi took it too far this.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • Nah it is

      Spot StrangeSpot StrangeMånad sedan
  • Punch jack pol

    Asher WilliamsAsher Williams2 månader sedan
  • This like Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

    Redpyxl TranRedpyxl Tran2 månader sedan
  • idk why but logan and jake: smart ksi and deji: strong (?)

    • they are not smart theyre neurodivergent

      Bleep ManBleep Man19 dagar sedan
    • They are smart in a business and entertainment stand point. I don't think in anything else though

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
  • When the bobbies find you 3:33

    Gavin MerastyGavin Merasty2 månader sedan
  • Imagine PETA strikes this video down cuz he punches wilfur in the end.

    Benjamin KatzBenjamin Katz2 månader sedan
  • Wow this video aged well

    Just Your Average Reddit YoutuberJust Your Average Reddit Youtuber2 månader sedan
  • Everyone thought Logan would win but Ksi won

    Roksana RuheRoksana Ruhe2 månader sedan
  • Who here watching in November 2020

    Luka HockleyLuka Hockley2 månader sedan
  • In 2020 logan paul and jake have gotten alto better

    Leo PerezLeo Perez2 månader sedan
  • Describe to Logan and KSI already it's described Dick's escribe gyro Channel not that hard to do it but okay if life Angela take the day off life and Northern Logan fans okay what are all the K outside fan on Logan Paul fan okay just do it the w a k d w a k ak ak a k a k a m e m e e Emma Emma

    Rayvin CoakleyRayvin Coakley2 månader sedan
    • What is this gibberish?

      JeveleanuJeveleanuMånad sedan
    • What is your grammar...

      SnipinJPSnipinJP2 månader sedan
  • Pictorial ready OK Google do it let's do it do it right now in Logan Paul they do it KSI and Logan do it okay if I and Logan Paul yeah can do it the door for the Paul brothers that just do it with a ball Brothers okay let's do it for the Paul Brothers

    Rayvin CoakleyRayvin Coakley2 månader sedan
    • More gibberish

      JeveleanuJeveleanuMånad sedan
  • @Dramaalert Keem i am your biggest fan please choose me IT would make me happy beacuse i am in depresion here is my Twitter mobile.twitter.com/Abdiriz47803995

    Gaming with CokeGaming with Coke2 månader sedan
    • Depression is not going to make people choose you.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
  • f

    MLGYolofadeMLGYolofade2 månader sedan
  • Dude.... ksi just wanted logan to lose mentally before the fight hence he got toxic af

    Aditya JainAditya Jain2 månader sedan
  • The only Logan I watch these days is Logan Thirtyacre

    Akira KurusuAkira Kurusu2 månader sedan
  • I fucken hate ksi (not a Logan Paul fan I hate him too but Ksi makes me physically die inside

    mr. table legsmr. table legs2 månader sedan
  • Is it just me, or does 4:15 remind anyone of that scene in Rocky 3 where Clubber Lang challenges Rocky in front of his statue?

    DarkStarX30DarkStarX302 månader sedan
  • When he said “the extra 15” he meant all of it and the extra 15, I think...

    King KenzieKing Kenzie2 månader sedan
  • I swear to god there are still so many dumbasses who keep saying this video didn’t age well without even watching the video.

    Kushal KulkarniKushal Kulkarni2 månader sedan
    • Yesss I know right. Just because he was wrong with the KSI loosing, the whole other parts of the video is facts with video proof or just common sense

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
  • this didn’t age well.

    RezqRezq2 månader sedan
    • Omg just shut up. Watch the video.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • Did you even watch it?

      JeveleanuJeveleanuMånad sedan
  • Ok who is here after the second fight and just came her cuz of quarantine

    Clouwdipuff HClouwdipuff H2 månader sedan
  • This didn't age well

    ZScorpia ZZScorpia Z2 månader sedan
  • This is the most stupid video

    HelliousHellious2 månader sedan
    • @Simrah Qureshi you said it 👍🏼

      Nicko hiraNicko hira21 dag sedan
    • How? Just because he was wrong about the whole ksi loosing, does not mean the whole other parts of the video that is factional. Ksi took it too far.

      Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi21 dag sedan
    • This video isn't stupid

      Nicko hiraNicko hiraMånad sedan
    • oop an offended pauler

    • @Oggy Pilestro You have one sub he has 25 x more than u

      Mezlekia TebebeMezlekia TebebeMånad sedan
  • 4:45 I can't anymore

    Kiros EssilfieKiros Essilfie2 månader sedan
  • This males me respekt the paul bros alot mor. They were gud sports and they u derstood it was for fun and fame not to be personal

    craving gamercraving gamer2 månader sedan