Wilfur's Return (An Award Winning Short Film)

4 feb 2015
18 975 visningar

While taking a walk through the snowy forest, Andrei encounters an old friend.
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All music taken from SEworld Creative Library

  • This is a classic Andrei!

    Millionaire Focus - Making Money Online ChannelMillionaire Focus - Making Money Online Channel5 timmar sedan
  • So this is andreis face

    P a n Z e r 0P a n Z e r 03 dagar sedan
  • Oke.. So, 5 years later SEworld is like- you should see what this dude do with his purple goose...!

    AforAfnanAforAfnan2 månader sedan
  • Why are the such less comments on this vid?

    404 éRr0r404 éRr0r3 månader sedan
  • War is this

    AteHena GaremAteHena Garem3 månader sedan
  • I sure am little miss.

    Frash&Mk fanFrash&Mk fan4 månader sedan
  • Wilfur..? Is that you?

    Frash&Mk fanFrash&Mk fan4 månader sedan
  • It's so weird watching his old videos

    Rozen CundellRozen Cundell6 månader sedan
  • Is anybody on the way to the first vid

    nikita schallnikita schall8 månader sedan
  • Andrei, please. You've been talking to your hand for the last hour. Your coming with me to the mental hospital.

    CRTCRT8 månader sedan
  • so you were cool 5 years ago as well nice one my dude

    Iulian TrifanIulian Trifan8 månader sedan
  • Is wilfur a duck or a goose?

    The Green InsurgentThe Green Insurgent9 månader sedan
    • He's a goose 😂

      Dawn MabalosDawn Mabalos6 månader sedan
  • .....Please go see a therapist Andrei..

    しのくひまりしのくひまり9 månader sedan
  • 2019

    SmixenSmixenÅr sedan
  • You’re a good actor

    eXxeria aeXxeria aÅr sedan
  • Oscar worthy

    yeetimus46yeetimus462 år sedan

    Andrea LovatonAndrea Lovaton2 år sedan
  • Rip Wilfur :')

    Andrea LovatonAndrea Lovaton2 år sedan
  • Why do I always come back to this

    Mo0n_ Child_Mo0n_ Child_2 år sedan
  • He’s kinda sounds like pewDiePie

    Emma WoodEmma Wood2 år sedan
  • Wilfur should collab with Evil Sister from ItsAlexClark. Oh second thought...maybe they shouldn't...

    hindenburg2006hindenburg20062 år sedan
  • Lololol ur so cute

    Sireen StilesSireen Stiles2 år sedan
    • @Sireen Stiles true true

      Ryu RyuRyu Ryu2 månader sedan
    • @Lord Chungus it ain't simping if you're straight forward about it

      Sireen StilesSireen Stiles5 månader sedan
    • Simp

      Lord ChungusLord Chungus5 månader sedan
  • dang Andrei lookin like a snacc

    Kevin AinlayKevin Ainlay2 år sedan
  • At the start you sound like Solid Snake

    Loyal To Rangers FC Official YouTube ChannelLoyal To Rangers FC Official YouTube Channel2 år sedan
  • I honestly dont even know how to respond to this

    Dineke ScholtzDineke Scholtz2 år sedan
  • 3 years later...... YOU ARE NOW FAMOUS

    Blue VolcanoBlue Volcano2 år sedan
  • wow love your videos i am new in the chanel but a like all your hard work

    Daniel MendezDaniel Mendez4 år sedan
  • Dude. You're amazing

    Kashif SoopyKashif Soopy6 år sedan
    • Andrei Check

      Rathina SabapathyRathina Sabapathy3 månader sedan
    • @Andrei Terbea eyo

      amaramar9 månader sedan
    • @killerjoe2525 Thanks! :D

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea6 år sedan
  • Andrei, are you romanian?The name sound romanian :>

    scream.scream.6 år sedan
    • 5 years later yes

      smarahsmarah4 månader sedan
    • He is Romanian.

      ThatOcelotThatOcelotÅr sedan
    • Andrei is Romanian uwu

      John KarloJohn Karlo2 år sedan
    • Este

      SebyiSebyi2 år sedan
    • I believe he did say he was Romanian in some video.

      Rashiu ÁlvarezRashiu Álvarez6 år sedan
  • Lik dis if yo cry everi tin

    Mahdi MomeniMahdi Momeni6 år sedan
  • Oscar worthy, GodDamn Oscar worthy!

    Ryan BillingRyan Billing6 år sedan
  • this was just great, I can't believe how creative andrei is

    guitarguy622keguitarguy622ke6 år sedan
  • I love it!!!

    Carly MadisonCarly Madison6 år sedan
  • Yayyy for short films!!

    Florin SuciuFlorin Suciu6 år sedan
  • Andrei, You need to go see a therapist... .-.

    CLOSEDCLOSED6 år sedan
    • @Sachin V you just could've look at his channel

      Strawberri3sStrawberri3s8 månader sedan

      #16 Alfonso Patricia#16 Alfonso Patricia9 månader sedan
    • CLOSED I was trying to find who commented this and here he is.

      Sachin VSachin VÅr sedan
    • Ok

      A Normal guy just passing throughA Normal guy just passing throughÅr sedan
    • Ok

      Thanos Car 202Thanos Car 2022 år sedan
  • Forget Illuminati, WILFUR CONFIRMED! •-•

    Anime MangaAnime Manga6 år sedan
  • dammit, does this mean no more sfanimated? damn you wilfuuuur

    merlin1997ishmerlin1997ish6 år sedan
  • Wilfur

    AnnaAnna6 år sedan
    • is illuminati

      AnnaAnna6 år sedan