Do We Have A New Puppy? (here is exactly what happened..)

6 jan 2021
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we talk about the puppy situation
Khoa crying in the kennel rn
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  • we have 4 dogs!!! 2 siberian husky's, a golden retriever and a yorkie!!! my roomba and vacuum get worked overtime with all the hair!!!!!

    Sherry BrockSherry Brock8 timmar sedan
  • Love you guys

    Nico FanNico Fan3 dagar sedan
  • Can Khoa do a video on tips for training. I have a big puppy with a ton of energy and I need tips on how to train her. I’m used to having smaller dogs so I need some tips.

    Daniella NationDaniella Nation3 dagar sedan
  • Who's the other dog in the background? It looks a bit like a sheepdog.

    CarolineCCarolineC8 dagar sedan
  • 2.... I have 3 dogs. One 11 year old lab/shepherd/Beatle mix, two 7 month old boxers. 🐶🐶🐶

    Cassidy LynchCassidy Lynch10 dagar sedan
  • Shes sooooo cute!!!!! Congrats you guys!!!

    Kassie MeyerKassie Meyer11 dagar sedan
  • Khoa: GSDs are well behaved Me: 👁👄👁 Idk about you but mines crazy

    JustisobelxxJustisobelxx11 dagar sedan
    • Lol my male shepherd is wild!

      Peyton ParksPeyton Parks10 dagar sedan
  • We had a single dog for about 5 years, and had discussed a lot about maybe a second dog. it's been a year and a half and it honestly was the best decision we made. IT is so much easier, and our older dog is honestly so much happier.

    Tamarulyn TTamarulyn T11 dagar sedan
  • Yall have such a perfect family

    Julia KempJulia Kemp12 dagar sedan
  • I have two standard poodle x golden retrievers and they are both giant haha. They love each other so much and definitely get up to mischief together haha.

    Zoe JohnstonZoe Johnston12 dagar sedan
  • My bf family has 4 golden retrievers! You’ll be ok with 2 hopefully😂😂 it’s always nice to have 2 because they play together

    caitlin johnstoncaitlin johnston12 dagar sedan
  • I like your dog

    Tammy KochTammy Koch12 dagar sedan
  • I have a cat name buttons

    Tammy KochTammy Koch12 dagar sedan
  • Yes. Lol It’s scary. lol I’m kidding it is great! I have a German Shepherd and a Husky. Lol They are the best. They take up a lot of space. Lol

    Shelby WhitakerShelby Whitaker13 dagar sedan
  • Khoa is the best dog trainer!! ❤️

    Suuz anneSuuz anne13 dagar sedan
  • We love having just big dogs I wouldn't change it for nothing

    Brittany SchmidtBrittany Schmidt13 dagar sedan
  • I’m still confused on who’s dog Stella is????

    kayla weirkayla weir13 dagar sedan
    • @Baylee Hockensmith Stella is their assistant's dog!

      Shootija 123Shootija 12310 dagar sedan
    • Me too! Someone please answer this 😂

      Baylee HockensmithBaylee Hockensmith11 dagar sedan
  • What’s the puppy’s new name?

    Somaly LamSomaly Lam13 dagar sedan
  • I too have a puppy and she is full of energy! Any advices, pleasee🥺💗 love your videos!

    Aranzazu RosalesAranzazu Rosales13 dagar sedan
  • Its called doggie sit fail. Lol instead of foster fail. She is cute

    Kristy VailencourKristy Vailencour13 dagar sedan
  • I have a black German shepherd and and malinois heeler mix lol.

    goldenstatefaithful loyalgoldenstatefaithful loyal13 dagar sedan
  • If they have big paws they’re going to be bigggg

    Brooke O’HaraBrooke O’Hara14 dagar sedan
  • shark eyeball is an OG

    Agus SoriaAgus Soria14 dagar sedan
  • I have 2 big dogs and it’s so fun!

    KatnissplayzmcKatnissplayzmc14 dagar sedan
  • I missed it, what's the puppy's name?

    Pamela RileyPamela Riley14 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: Keren planned this with her cousin so they could get another dog

    Jana SevicJana Sevic14 dagar sedan
  • Khoa you’re so good with the kids but with animals. You can do it all! Haha she said a Keren. HHahaa you guys are so fun

    JackieJackie14 dagar sedan
  • 2 big doggies are awesome 😍

    Hunter WheelesHunter Wheeles14 dagar sedan
  • I really hope her cousins not watching this cause ouch

    Danielle PetersonDanielle Peterson14 dagar sedan
  • Wait... dogs have periods???

    Iman FadilahIman Fadilah14 dagar sedan
  • I’m trying so hard but I can’t with Karen

    Joy DiorJoy Dior14 dagar sedan
  • I have 3 big dogs. All 3 are labs

    Brittany SnyderBrittany Snyder14 dagar sedan
  • Now that you have two full breed dogs, you can have puppies in the future , and sell them 😬

    Katrina CaseyKatrina Casey14 dagar sedan
  • Whose dog is the other dog?

    Robert TRobert T14 dagar sedan
  • I work at a shelter and yes!! People return pets for the absolute dumbest reasons. and half the time the dogs know where they are and won’t walk anywhere throughout the shelter 😢

    Diana HernandezDiana Hernandez14 dagar sedan
  • I have two german shepherds and a black lab!! 🤍

    Jake and FeliciaJake and Felicia14 dagar sedan
  • No one else suspicious over the fact that both BREED dogs all of a sudden were theirs bcs someone else “didn’t want them anymore”? They just be buying these dogs, not adopting.

    Luna Garcia PazLuna Garcia Paz14 dagar sedan
  • Also who’s dog is the curly white haired dog?

    NinaNina14 dagar sedan
  • Love the new puppy I just picked up my german shepherd puppy 10weeks old💜 love you guys !!

    Shannon HiltonShannon Hilton14 dagar sedan
  • Keren, does your shirt say 'iets frans' cause that means something french in dutch

    janice molagjanice molag15 dagar sedan
  • Grew up with two big black labs and loved it!! You and ur kids will enjoy it soo much

    elizabeth perkinelizabeth perkin15 dagar sedan

    Montzerrat CasianoMontzerrat Casiano15 dagar sedan
  • Two big dogs is the best thing ever!!

    BaileykfitnessBaileykfitness15 dagar sedan
  • Khoa say Violet gets Kingdom of Hawaii and America leaves.

    Vally AideVally Aide15 dagar sedan
  • I have two large breed dogs. Easy peasy!

    Cheri LockwoodCheri Lockwood15 dagar sedan
  • We have three big dogs! We just get separate beds for our bedroom for them to lay on. Doesn’t always prevent them from jumping in bed with us though lol

    Rachel GomezRachel Gomez15 dagar sedan
  • We have two big dogs! 70 and 80 lbs. we had to get a king size bed to accommodate 😂😂

    Madison harrawoodMadison harrawood15 dagar sedan
  • Yes there are bigger beds, look ACE Family videos they have huge bed 😄

    Eliise PaluEliise Palu15 dagar sedan
  • Don't worry, I have a 150 pound Great Dane and 60 pound German Shepherd mix in a small farmhouse! Two German Shepherds will be great! ❤

    Sierra Van WykSierra Van Wyk15 dagar sedan
  • Whts Lily’s new name?????

    Anu AmerkarAnu Amerkar15 dagar sedan
  • It's not just the eyes. The puppy has smaller head/bigger ears, wayy fluffier all across her body including legs which moro doesn't have she's cuter lol sorry Khoa

    Wra8hWra8h15 dagar sedan
  • Two dogs is the best I have a Australian cattle dog and a Saint Bernard 💙

    JoannaJoanna15 dagar sedan
  • i have 2 great danes and we are getting another in february!

    Molly CaytonMolly Cayton15 dagar sedan
  • Khoa pushing Keren’s hair behind her ear 😭🥰

    dead39bunnydead39bunny15 dagar sedan
  • I had 2 German shepherds growing up as well

    Lexi RogersLexi Rogers15 dagar sedan
  • I have 4 dogs two small two big three outside cats and fish (plural)

    Amber80680 StewartAmber80680 Stewart15 dagar sedan
  • They will play and itll be the best thing for Moro

    Lisa MarieLisa Marie15 dagar sedan
  • She looks like a polar bear 🐻‍❄️🥰

    Jasmine SidhuJasmine Sidhu15 dagar sedan
  • Curious, did you spay Moro? Not sure if the "she's on her period" was a joke

    TheBookWomanTheBookWoman15 dagar sedan
  • I have 4 dogs & 4 cats... it’s a lot of work but there the best things that have happened. 💙

    Galaxy AmberGalaxy Amber15 dagar sedan
  • I’m so excited!!!

    Jenna HammondJenna Hammond15 dagar sedan
  • I used to have 3 big dogs. It's a fun time lol

    tori732tori73215 dagar sedan
  • What's her name?

    Granny Nora SwihartGranny Nora Swihart15 dagar sedan
  • I too took in an unwanted puppy, a malinois, 9 years ago. The best thing I ever did. ♥

    Sonya JerseySonya Jersey15 dagar sedan
  • What’s the new puppy’s name? I didn’t hear them say

    leslie stephensleslie stephens15 dagar sedan
  • Moro is try to be like a mom to the baby puppy

    Beauty By EricaBeauty By Erica15 dagar sedan
  • Khoa is such a caring person and Keren too.

    Nikki CameronNikki Cameron15 dagar sedan
  • I have 7 dogs lol 2 German Shepherd mix, 1 Pitbul, 1 mix, 2 cocker spaniel and 1 French poodle

    Nicole DominguezNicole Dominguez15 dagar sedan
  • I have 4 dogs and its such a blast and it works out cause they have each other to play with when I don't want to like when there's 2ft of snow outside lol!!!!!

    Olivia NicholsonOlivia Nicholson15 dagar sedan
  • I have 5 big dogs Nd it’s the worst but the best 🙃🙃🙃😂

    Natalie LeyvaNatalie Leyva15 dagar sedan
  • Thanks shark eyeball 😂😂😂

    Karissa StrattonKarissa Stratton15 dagar sedan
  • Tempted to get one for me and my family

    Hi MommyHi Mommy15 dagar sedan
  • I have two big dogs one is Labrador and German she’s a girl named Athena and the boy is a Berenice mountain dog named Hercules :)

    Isis RamirezIsis Ramirez15 dagar sedan
  • Please post a training video @Khoa!!

    Adams_234Adams_23415 dagar sedan
  • Did Jeremy get a new ring??

    Presley JohnsonPresley Johnson15 dagar sedan
  • I have two German Shepherds, as well. It’s the best decision I ever made. I’m so glad I didn’t just get one. They keep each company all the time 🐾🐾

    Elizabeth FollansbeeElizabeth Follansbee15 dagar sedan
  • I have 2 big dogs (yellow labs). The shedding is terrible but I love them. Double the snuggles :)

    Olivia GibbOlivia Gibb15 dagar sedan
  • I have 4 big dogs and they're soooooo much happier being together. It's also funny you say you got Moro an emotional support puppy because i literally had to do that for my German Shepherd. He got so attached to me that he was unable to go anywhere without me. So I got him an emotional support pitbull and now they're a bonded pair 😂💗

    Becca TobeyBecca Tobey15 dagar sedan
  • Great another animal for your children to miss treat SMFH

    julie bolducjulie bolduc15 dagar sedan
  • What her name

    Mckaela WootonMckaela Wooton15 dagar sedan
  • I had 2 big dogs, one passed away a few years ago but I grew up with 2 big dogs and LOVED IT!! I’m a sucker for big dogs! ❤️

    Abs CAbs C15 dagar sedan
  • "and a keren" lmao

    Cameron SmithCameron Smith15 dagar sedan
  • Thank you very much 😊😘 good luck 👍👌 family ☺️

    Nahid 2020Nahid 202015 dagar sedan
  • khoa: not getting attached khoa 5 mins later: I luv u puppyyy

    Revati BannattiRevati Bannatti15 dagar sedan
  • Having two big dogs is great! They play together and really seem to bond with each other

    Amanda MarieAmanda Marie15 dagar sedan
  • thats nothing i have 7 huskies lol

    cindy hernandezcindy hernandez15 dagar sedan
  • Can you do a recap video on 2020??

    Its Marianna SongIts Marianna Song15 dagar sedan
  • I have three gsds.

    Our Grayceful LifeOur Grayceful Life15 dagar sedan
  • Where can you find Canadian Shepherds?

    Preston MillerPreston Miller15 dagar sedan
  • What about the other curly dog ?

    Natalie DiazNatalie Diaz15 dagar sedan
    • That's stella, their assistant's dog

      Malaika FernandesMalaika Fernandes15 dagar sedan
  • Omg!! I have two german shepards. It's the best thing. Double the love 💞 Also.. WHATS HER NAME? I'm dying to know. Mine are named Osa and Toro (the bear and the bull). My angels 🥰🐕🐕

    Stephanie KellyStephanie Kelly15 dagar sedan
  • Oh Whats, 2 dogs e 1 cat. 😱🥰

    Taiane QuintanilhaTaiane Quintanilha15 dagar sedan
  • Did you ever say her name? She isn't cute, she is beautiful!!!

    Cheryl SCheryl S15 dagar sedan
  • What’s the name

    Martina hansen vikMartina hansen vik15 dagar sedan
  • I have 6 big dogs and it’s not scary at all

    Georgia BarrGeorgia Barr15 dagar sedan
  • We have 2 big dogs. Our bigger one is 8 months. They okay 24/7 and I have a hole the size of his head in my living room wall from how nuts they get together! Lol

    Sarah SchraderSarah Schrader15 dagar sedan
  • It;s a Swiss shepherd..

    Linda RaterinkLinda Raterink15 dagar sedan
  • My dog is on her period too lol

    Mere StasioMere Stasio15 dagar sedan
  • I had 2 huge labs growing up and it was the best thing. They kept each other busy and lived to 16 years old together

    AngiedemAngiedem15 dagar sedan
  • Keren and Khoa: new puppy!!! Me: it’s moro!!! Keren and khoa: no. New puppy. Me: ..... moro!!!

    EvieEvie15 dagar sedan