I Watched WandaVision Ep. 7 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

19 feb 2021
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Detailed shot-by-shot analysis of WandaVision Episode 7 at 0.25x speed. This episode was crazy!
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  • The name's Agatha Harkness!

    The Canadian LadThe Canadian Lad5 dagar sedan
    • I found some mistakes from MCU films. How can I share them with you?

      AhmedovUzbAhmedovUzbDag sedan
    • 😎

      CormacCormac4 dagar sedan
    • 😎

      CormacCormac4 dagar sedan
    • 😎

      CormacCormac4 dagar sedan
    • 😎

      CormacCormac4 dagar sedan
  • woah!

    Andy SmithAndy Smith18 minuter sedan
  • “What better way to make a villain than making them kill a friking dog” Jojo fans crying in the corner

    JakotoJakoto30 minuter sedan
  • the inverted “the office” theme song had me rolling

    Kanga The RooKanga The Roo44 minuter sedan
  • he’s....”really aware of his surroundings”....?

    Kanga The RooKanga The Roo46 minuter sedan
  • The guy in the leotard is not the one that wouldn’t get Darcy, is the one that tied her to the car. That’s way she punches him in the face later in the episode.

    Glow Like Jesus PodcastGlow Like Jesus Podcast49 minuter sedan
  • I think it was Agness who was keeping vision away so wanda is alone

    Sam OliveiraSam Oliveira2 timmar sedan
  • is billy supposed to be wiccan?

    Oblivious SDOblivious SD2 timmar sedan
  • Why do i feel like you just watched a bunch of theory videos and compiled them all lol

    thespqrguythespqrguy2 timmar sedan
  • WTF is this, is this a new show???

    YLS FAD3YLS FAD32 timmar sedan
  • Sam Raimi is doing "The Multiverse of Madness", When the aspect ratio shifted and it went Horror Movie I immediately got an EVIL DEAD/ARMY OF DARKNESS vibe. LOL, best part in Sam Raimi's Spiderman 2 is when Doc Oc's new arms start trashing the ER surgery suite. When the One Doctor pulls out the Bone Chainsaw LOL Totally Evil Dead cheese style!

    Wake & BaconWake & Bacon2 timmar sedan
  • Agnes wears purple polo indicating the color of her power

    Ki PenKi Pen4 timmar sedan
  • I want to mention that the same hex effect is used when Wanda is holding back thanos and killing vision

    HexifiHexifi4 timmar sedan
  • She's sniffing the milk to make sure it's not spoiled or from the 60s...

    aewriteraewriter4 timmar sedan
  • 7:56 so the twins are real then...

    Rodrigo BaldeonRodrigo Baldeon4 timmar sedan
  • I think in the comics, Pietro runs so fast, it's like time stops. Maybe he can time travel by just running. It's a theory, right?

    Leena AlkhateebLeena Alkhateeb4 timmar sedan
  • FUN FACTS:scarlet witch is Magneto's child including quick silver Also polaris in the gifted is they're sibling

    mint cholcolate¿mint cholcolate¿4 timmar sedan
  • Wandas ‘we’ makes sense in context cuz she’s like ‘we all have those days where we expand the universe’

    laskin riubnlaskin riubn4 timmar sedan
  • 16:09 mafisto, you thought I wouldn’t notice

    Luca RodenLuca Roden4 timmar sedan
  • Wanda is eating Sugar Snaps, a kids cereal and one strikingly similar to Lucky Charms (which could be a reference to Wanda's powers). And there's the missing boy on the milk carton. Agatha confesses to having bit a child before. Is she trying to condition the boys to a point in which they can be consumed?

    IndigoPhoenix21IndigoPhoenix215 timmar sedan
    • Soccer is not only thz most popular sport i. Europe but in the world except for north America

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn4 timmar sedan
  • I don't know anyone who DIDN'T think "oh, Agnes is suspicious as hell. I heard she's probably this witch Agatha Harkness. Whatever it is, She's probably evil or behind this." I found it ironic Agatha All Along was like "you didn't suspect a thing! No one saw this coming." Like, nah man. We totally did. This song is a Munsters-style banger tho.

    EthalaEthala5 timmar sedan
  • This is like 90% a recap video and the rest is noticable easter eggs

    AlanAlan5 timmar sedan
  • *Football

    Vedant SharmaVedant Sharma5 timmar sedan
  • The show gaba gaba has the 6 colors of the infinity stones Its missing 2 characters....especially the yellow robot...

    Pedro OscarPedro Oscar5 timmar sedan
  • Who's been messing up everything? It's been TikTok all along!!! (This is a joke please don't take this seriously plz)

    BellaYeetBellaYeet5 timmar sedan
  • Hey buddy at 15:25 Monica 's eyes are purple !! ... She's watching the energy flow in Agnes basement .... Why her eyes are purple even though her powers giver her blue eyes.

    Jason Abraham SilasJason Abraham Silas6 timmar sedan
  • guys I think Dottie is Arcanna Jones, Wanda has Red flowers, agatha has Purple powers and Dottie has yellow which is the color of her powers in the comics, and they also have the same Last name

    。・*ミʚ fluffshi ɞ彡 *・。。・*ミʚ fluffshi ɞ彡 *・。6 timmar sedan
  • But who was fillming agatha fillming vanda :?

    Marcin NajmanMarcin Najman6 timmar sedan
  • It was the fact Wanda was going to listen and agree with Monica and then Agnis shows up and touches her and then Wanda turns against her, she switched so quickly. It’s shown in the song that Agatha used her powers on the dude trimming his hedge. And the only reason we don’t see the purple is bc it was in the hex.

    IssyIssy6 timmar sedan
  • Agatha: And I killed sparky too! John Wick: Better go buy a sharpener

    Ganga SrinivasanGanga Srinivasan8 timmar sedan
  • I hope John Wick kills Agatha 2 after what happened

    Rocco RiveraRocco Rivera9 timmar sedan
  • 4:20 interesting that the Soccer players both look like Vision.

    Mako EntMako Ent9 timmar sedan
  • You know the book may is powered by Agatha's husband

    marvel gamingmarvel gaming10 timmar sedan
  • I just remembered that nexus was also in the marvel season in fortnite and could mean Galactus is coming

    spider-teen 2005spider-teen 200510 timmar sedan
  • Soccer is not only thz most popular sport i. Europe but in the world except for north America

    bashenga the black mantabashenga the black manta10 timmar sedan
  • You know, when Agnes was revealed to be evil, I was like ok, I'll admit I didn't see that coming, but other than that I don't really care for her character. But then she said she killed sparky, and at that moment I was SO ready to throw hands

    verityverity11 timmar sedan
  • Im so excited to watch episode 8

    Itz_GalaxyMakesItz_GalaxyMakes12 timmar sedan
  • I think Mephisto is the husband of Agatha

    Ritwin JeevanandanRitwin Jeevanandan12 timmar sedan
  • theory: energy emitted that produces color matches the color and probably the effect of an infinity stone Wanda-reality, Agatha-power, Monica-space, presumed Darkhold-soul

    serdy ximiserdy ximi13 timmar sedan
  • I also watched ur video in 0:25x 😂😂

    Priyansh ChauhanPriyansh Chauhan13 timmar sedan
  • So basically billy is just Spiderman but only the spider sense

    A NameA Name15 timmar sedan
  • Sugar snaps was indeed a real cereal.

    Cranky GrandmaCranky Grandma15 timmar sedan
  • 10:45 Why tf did he say "imposter" like that

    Aidan GillespieAidan Gillespie15 timmar sedan
  • Pause it, and you see there IS no mole... nothing is there... 3:55

    Im GarbageIm Garbage16 timmar sedan
  • You have to watch it with the subtitles on! Just do it

    Nafis ScottNafis Scott16 timmar sedan
  • i’m almost 100% sure vision has some kind of power

    AkayaAkaya16 timmar sedan
  • 3:48 did anyone notice Agnes is wearing a purple shirt?

    Sanjith_Gaming69Sanjith_Gaming6918 timmar sedan
  • I just noticed that Monica's eye shadow was blue just like the color of her eyes when she went through the hex.

    tawnyadtawnyad18 timmar sedan
  • This has been my favorite episode so far tbh

    Vix but BricksVix but Bricks18 timmar sedan
  • If you go back to when she was sent back to the “real world” , in the hospital if you have subtitles it says captain marvel

    alecia hallalecia hall19 timmar sedan
  • remember what Agatha said to the camera? that she said "I actually did bite a kid once." the kid what Agatha meant is on the milk carton, that's the kid is missing. sorry bad english, can't speak english actually.😄

    AelAel19 timmar sedan
  • Ralph=Mephisto

    Xr Clan ツXr Clan ツ19 timmar sedan
  • The mail man is Agathas husband! The presto and bunny on his hat is a nod to a magician and the bunny Agatha was holding.

    Ashley WaltersAshley Walters19 timmar sedan
  • Quicksilver from wolverine

    Samit ManjunathSamit Manjunath20 timmar sedan
  • Isn’t this like the best show on TV right now?!?

    David KearneyDavid Kearney20 timmar sedan
  • There is a nano second at 6:19 right before 6:20 that we see a shadow of someone walking (Edit) I think it could be the mail man as the sound guy?

    Mariner ValleyMariner Valley20 timmar sedan
  • Don't know if anyone mentioned this yet, but if you listen carefully to that "Do you think maybe this is what you deserve"... it's definitely not a man. It's Kathryn Hahn's voice and they altered it to deepen her voice to make it less recognizable as her. I thought that was a nice touch to keep us from figuring it out too soon. The scene in Agatha's theme song where we see Wanda having that "you're not supposed to talk" reaction to whoever is in the chair happens after that line, so we don't see/hear Agatha delivering it... but the fact that we see her there in the chair behind the camera proves it was Agatha all along.

    Dave GrohDave Groh20 timmar sedan
    • Watch my latest video. :)

      The Canadian LadThe Canadian Lad20 timmar sedan
  • The 4th Monica looks like the full black and white spectrum outfit. Monica sees the purple haze energy when she reenters... It's very likely Monica already had some form of her powers before reentry, her eyes almost glow for a second when she is laying in the grass and she didn't seem surprised at all to hear that she was changing. Maybe Carol tried to save Maria with her power and it affected Monica too. Has anyone seen the rabbit and the mailman together? 🤔 Dottie Jones is definitely Arcanna Jones.

    BklynBabeBklynBabe20 timmar sedan
  • My theory is that, Agatha put the twins in different Universes, but Tommy was sent to a different Universe which was X men’s universe, thus still having his powers in that universe, he came to be quicksilver there. Also, his hair is long like quicksilver.

    GalaxyINDORAPTORGalaxyINDORAPTOR21 timme sedan
    • Like, if you support my theory

      GalaxyINDORAPTORGalaxyINDORAPTOR21 timme sedan
  • Maria is a skrull?

    Karissa KKarissa K21 timme sedan
  • Theory: from your idea of Agatha’s husband being worse I believe that Ralph is Mephisto

    Jamie PearsonJamie Pearson21 timme sedan
  • 11:55 you forgot to mention that was clearly a reference to the "Woman Yelling at a Cat" meme Monica even did her best cat impression

    That guy from AggretsukoThat guy from Aggretsuko21 timme sedan
  • What if Agana killed the dog because the dog was eating her flowers

    Shadow PowerShadow Power21 timme sedan
  • One thing about the episode. The reveal that Hayward is preping to launch something into the Hex, from a camp just outside the HEX dosen't sit well with me with beeing a bombardment, a nuke, or anything like that. Considering that he was studying vision body to try and recomission him, what about... Sentinels! Haywards hates people with powers. He hates aliens. Probably, any kind of enhanced or mutants.... And he was studying the body of the most advanced android in the MCU. Add to the possibility that he may have gotten some of Ultron drones, fuck maybe even he managed to get a hold on Ultrons Vibranium body that was supposed missing\destroyed with Sokovia, and the we may be seeing the first prototype for the Sentinels in the MCU. Basically, Hayward = Trask.

    SetArkSetArk21 timme sedan
  • Don’t forget that Pedro when Monica found the basement door was speaking nonsense

    Idk IdkIdk Idk22 timmar sedan
  • plot twist: ralph is mephisto

    Owen CheungOwen Cheung22 timmar sedan
  • yo gabba gabba god i loved that show. i almost screamed when i saw it.

    Neo TorchwickNeo Torchwick22 timmar sedan
  • its called football

    BlackJaguerBlackJaguer22 timmar sedan
    • Aghata all day

      zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsv22 timmar sedan
  • The only bad thing in wandavison is how the episodes end I wish they were longer

    the running manthe running man23 timmar sedan
    • I haven't even watch any episodes and yet here I am looking for spoilers and easter eggs

      zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsv22 timmar sedan
  • It was agatha all along!!

    gwendolyn dunngwendolyn dunn23 timmar sedan
  • I watch you because your voice is so chill xD

    SopatoSopato23 timmar sedan
  • Also Sanka Coffee

    Jonathon LastnameJonathon LastnameDag sedan
  • I FEEL THE NEED (if you understand the sentence complete it)

    Clips eclipseClips eclipseDag sedan
  • Maybe the book is something to with Ralph

    70sbitch 122970sbitch 1229Dag sedan
  • Wandaaaa Charmed

    Art By ZáynArt By ZáynDag sedan
  • Do you actually watch these in 0.25x speed? or is that an exaggeration

    Isaac RomanIsaac RomanDag sedan
  • You just managed to make a 16.25 mins Episode explaining a 27 mins episode! Please come to India!

  • marvel so obviously showed that wanda wasnt the only one who made the hex

    MarcmelloMarcmelloDag sedan
  • But want happened to the children I honestly enjoyed does character

    Sign UpSign UpDag sedan
  • hes rong he means nexus from fortnite nexus war the marvel season

    L.J. Kettle-SpenceL.J. Kettle-SpenceDag sedan
  • Vision this whole episode: 🔵👄🔵

    Ashley DAshley DDag sedan

    BATtyBATtyDag sedan
  • I haven't even watch any episodes and yet here I am looking for spoilers and easter eggs

    BlinkBlinkDag sedan
  • Aghata all day

    Lego ManLego ManDag sedan
  • In real nobody cares of 🛑Spoilers🛑 I said nobody✋

    Sunil ShuklaSunil ShuklaDag sedan
  • That quicksilver is played by Evan Peters I looked it up right as he asked

    TheRealPiplupTheRealPiplupDag sedan
  • I'm pretty sure when Monica is going through the hex it shows her cape. In the freeze frame u have in the video in back of the present Monica it looks like a white sheet which could be her cape

    Dominic AmaroDominic AmaroDag sedan
  • So it’s basically the upside down except the next to edition?

    MaddMonkeyMaddMonkeyDag sedan
  • at 16:03 to give a thumbs up and grab the subscribe button but a few seconds water he says till next time im mephistio

    Adamschannel 567Adamschannel 567Dag sedan
  • I think that stork-like animal is a pheasant, at least that is what I think it is

    Mysterious YouTuberMysterious YouTuberDag sedan
  • The alarms went off when Pietro showed up. They only go off when something passes through the barrier. I think his body is real. The rest...

    DavZ NoT HerEDavZ NoT HerEDag sedan
  • Bruh darcy gets to see every episode of wandavision AND was part of thor? Lucky

    Paranormal blacktivityParanormal blacktivityDag sedan

    MacNCheese242MacNCheese242Dag sedan
  • Lol it looks like baymax im realizing now its just the window :b

    Amelia ArbizoAmelia ArbizoDag sedan
  • OMG I FOUND AN EASTER EGG!!! when wanda talks go to the time 6:00, YOU SEE BAYMAX :0 CHECK IT OUT

    Amelia ArbizoAmelia ArbizoDag sedan
  • Now I know why everybody watch this channel . Its been Agatha all along

    Rajan KunwarRajan KunwarDag sedan
  • some of the easter eggs being called out are just eyeroll worthy. Wanda is from Europe so of course the Westview 9 news would have soccer. jeez.

    River MerchantRiver MerchantDag sedan
  • “Monica gains the power of Spectrum...” Is it unreliable and not what you paid for?

    CEFG101CEFG101Dag sedan
  • I think Agnes rabbit is actually her cat with a spell to make it look like a rabbit just before Wanda goes in the basement the camera pans over to the rabbit and you can hear a cat purring

    JB And Son KnivesJB And Son KnivesDag sedan
  • Plot twist “Pietro” was actually Tommy from the future

    zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsvDag sedan