Japan's Flying Car - Problems and Solutions

14 sep 2020
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  • For all those wondering about piloting, the Japanese vehicle is mostly autonomous - from the Japanese Times: "The initial model will fly basically on auto pilot, but it’s not 100 percent autonomous because a pilot would need to manoeuvre it in case of an emergency, for example." Forgot to mention that.

    ColdFusionColdFusion7 månader sedan
    • The Korean guy that made something like (he is on SEworld seworld.info/will/bpvM0Ku9nK17unU/video ) that already flys way faster and higher and he is 1 dude. He has videos flying around a lake etc. What have the Japanese people been doing for 6 years with all those employees One guy should have hired the Korean guy and skipped the 6 years of development.

      BetazeroBetazero5 månader sedan
    • @LB Hey someone is being real here. (:

      ricky vricky v5 månader sedan
    • Unfortunately, electric passenger vehicles will never gain momentum using the current methods. Batteries are far to heavy to transport people or cargo at the speed or distance required by industry today. Battery research is not even close to a breakthrough of necessary significance. Even if batteries could be used they are not an energy source the electricity required for such an electric passenger vehicle industry would put tremendous demand on current infrastructure and power plants would burn much more fossil fuel and natural gas resulting in similar CO2 emissions as today. So no environmental benefits. Their is a solution to these problems that would quickly make electric flight the new norm while also solving the "green energy source" issue but strangely industry is not exploring this solution as much as they should. Give this comment a like if you want to know what the solution is.

      LBLB5 månader sedan
    • As there will be increasing numbers of flying vehicles, have there been any recent advances in air traffic control for these vehicles? Thanks for all of your documentaries, I'm really enjoying them.

      dmmdmm6 månader sedan
    • That's an important point and thus I think these are more than 5 years away now. :(

      ricky vricky v6 månader sedan
  • There is one big problem with air taxis, delivery drones, etc and we get a skyway type thing like in back to the future 2 if they unlike their ground base counterparts they fall out of the sky and in urban areas there are a lot of people down there. There is also the hacking problem, if I was a terrorist with hacking skills this would be my wet dream

    flock thisflock this17 timmar sedan
  • We don't need these

    raushan kumarraushan kumarMånad sedan
  • The closed tin parenthetically gather because fireman jekely welcome pro a ugly raincoat. shiny, nebulous quince

    Joel ReyJoel ReyMånad sedan
  • I would like to hear more about overcoming VTOL efficiency issues! This is especially needed for concepts like Hyundai's urban airports that would often be on top of buildings! :D

    Jason CadyJason CadyMånad sedan
  • Im ready for Blade Runner

    Faiz JumaFaiz JumaMånad sedan
  • The proud fork affectively inform because wire extragingivally knit abaft a splendid router. bloody, standing mistake

    flipping thingsflipping thingsMånad sedan
  • 1:53 What is this bullshit?

    SkijtijsSkijtijsMånad sedan
  • They scaled up a drone

    Sid JSid JMånad sedan
  • Using a diesel generator to charge an electric plane is pointless lol

    Blowin KkBlowin KkMånad sedan
  • All these electric charging stations, powetrd by..... Oil and gas

    Michael WilliamsMichael WilliamsMånad sedan
  • People will abuse this new dimension of travel to commit crimes. Landing on top of banks, etc.

    Raging BrainerRaging Brainer2 månader sedan
  • A flying car doesn't have to have wheels. The ability to drive is not what makes it a flying car. The flying car is a car which flies instead of drives. Sure, literally you could put a helicopter system on a car and call it a flying car, but the concept as used in SciFi and popular depictions is a car which flies, but which can be as convenient as a normal car, with the same configuration of space, and which can land where you would normally park, thus it has to be the same size as a regular car - and it should need no special runway. Almost invariably it has been expected to use a mode of powering not invented yet. No matter how many wheels you put on that thing in the video, it is still JUST a helicopter and nothing but a helicopter.

    mroldnewbiemroldnewbie2 månader sedan
  • Autonomous vehicles on the ground are required before ANY flying manned vehicles. IMHO

    freedom rocksfreedom rocks2 månader sedan
    • Thats not really an oppinon, thats just a must. Imagine the amount of drunk drivers crashing ontop of innocent families roofs and causing injuries or even death.

      amanuel2amanuel22 månader sedan
  • It will take many decades before we can use electric battery planes. 1 1/2 year ago one fall down in Norway. It is not safe to use them. www.tv2.no/a/10778842/

    Oddgeir RanvikOddgeir Ranvik2 månader sedan
  • "Flying Cars", specifically commercially viable passenger-carrying electric quadcopters, will require solid-state batteries or other batteries with energy density better than currently available lithium-ion batteries.

    Ferdinand ZebuaFerdinand Zebua2 månader sedan
  • many many years away...... should be used for light cargo to rural areas

    Armon MitchellArmon Mitchell2 månader sedan
  • it will take longer for them to come out cause FAA will see to it and mess it all up with stupid rules and laws

    David WalkerDavid Walker2 månader sedan
  • I don't think this will ever become commonplace for the average citizen. If your car fails and halts to a stop, the most that can happen is an accident, but as long as your brakes etc. are fine you're usually safe. If anything fails on a flying vehicle it can easily go down. You're working against gravity here. Maintenance is paramount. Not to mention the qualifications to pilot them. I can see taxi companies using it maybe, but not the average person

    MarcoMarco2 månader sedan
  • Aim.High.

    Joseph SwaffordJoseph Swafford2 månader sedan
  • Most drivers already have a hard time in 2D, adding another dimension doesn't sound like a good idea.

    Sir Richard the Easily StartledSir Richard the Easily Startled2 månader sedan
  • Well I deal with cars all done long whereby they fuel light is on they get brought to me to be fixed and run out of fuel , will be the same with planes only theyl be dropping out of the sky lol

    Jon PhillipsJon Phillips3 månader sedan
  • "Adding wheels is easy." Not so easy is making something light enough to take off vertically meet crashworthiness standards. That difficulty should not be overlooked.

    ztoob8898ztoob88983 månader sedan
  • I don't think they will be a high impact tech, though it might, the future always holds some surprices, I'm more into the self driving vehicules and their spread around the world so I can avoid my drive license test. D:

    Nelson PedrazaNelson Pedraza3 månader sedan

    AryAry3 månader sedan
  • If you can fly... Why drive it on road then?

    Antony DecostaAntony Decosta3 månader sedan
  • Deszo has been building flying cars in his LA lab for many years seworld.info/will/j6mlp6eaZmBq32Q/video

    Felix BaumFelix Baum4 månader sedan
    • And they are crudely effective! Motorcycle + Autogyro = Awesome. Like the previous generations of auto-car they do require a runway to take off but they can be road driven quite easily. If Deszo had a financier he'd be making history.

      Felix BaumFelix Baum4 månader sedan
  • Imagine LA rush hour traffic - but everyone with flying cars - that should be great. If you thought crashes in 2 dimensions were cool, wait until you have 3 dimensions to work with and a guaranteed fall to earth in each case.

    DLWELDDLWELD4 månader sedan
  • will there be any tesla in india in the future?

    Tony StarkMK85Tony StarkMK854 månader sedan
  • All of them are gonna keep trying to develop electric planes, and one day elon musk would surprise them by beating them to the market with a killer product.

    Jaidev JampaniJaidev Jampani4 månader sedan
  • why start straight with an electric flying car, lets start with an electric flying local bus or just a flying bus. they are bigger and have specified routes. so they will be easier to prove the concept

    Emon KhanEmon Khan4 månader sedan
  • To some who look at the earliest days of powered flight, there was an even earlier proponent of a road-able airplane, and to some think it preceded the Wright brothers. The design of Gustave Whitehead's Number 21 aircraft was wheeled, when the Wrights were using skids and a rail to launch. Whitehead's monoplane design had folding wings and Tail, with a kingpost type wire rigging holding the wing level from above before take off,, and wires going down to hold them level in flight. Two of Whitehead built engines powered the craft, allowing for differential steering along with weight shift. The very simplest electric model aircraft use the differential steering technique today. I am not absolutely convinced of the 1901 flight written up in the local paper, and subsequently reprinted in Scientific American before the Wrights triumph at Kitty Hawk, but there was a lot of claims in the same era that were even less well documented. Though Whitehead was almost as well known an engine builder as Glenn Curtiss was, and a copy of his design has been shown to fly by the Germans from the region where he was born before emigrated to America, U.S. history has not been kind to him or to Californian John Montgomery who built gliders as good as the Wrights did. I credit the Wrights with a better control system in turns, but I think that Whitehead would be in the history books if he had been able to turn as well. Folding wings, four wheels, It was a flying car design from its beginning. Did it fly first, we have no photographic proof, and the Wrights have just the one, plus the Coast Guard observers word. Whitehead had a newspaper editor's word for it, in an age like our own where the more outrageous the claim the more news it sold to the wire services. History is written by the winners and in some cases lawsuits determine who wins in the end.

    Paul GraceyPaul Gracey4 månader sedan
  • What about the following questions: 1. What about the sound of those things? How loud will they be? Now imagine hundreds of them (thousands?) flying around? Why are there no videos (at least I can not find any) with actual SOUND available? 2. Air Taxis will not bring any benefit to the ground traffic as many suggest: You would need thousands and thousands in the air to decrease ground traffic significantly. Am I missing a point? 3. Many of the suggested air Taxis need some 50-100 m² free space to land. Where do you get this in cities? Where do you get this for hundreds of air taxis? And MOST OF ALL: 4. I doubt that the battery technology available now allows for the specs companies like Lilium are promising. 300 km range at 300 km/h? With something that weighs in at around half a ton? I fail to see a battery solution that would allow this stunt. I have looked around, but I can not find any answers to those critical questions.

    Armin HierstetterArmin Hierstetter4 månader sedan
  • Nuh sorry But Philippines have manananggal

    Karl SologastuaKarl Sologastua4 månader sedan
  • Flying car? More like a mini airplane or helicopter

    Autumn UniverseAutumn Universe4 månader sedan
  • "Flying cars" won't happen in the sense of personal flying vehicles. The traffic control implications are mind-boggling and there are no "fender benders" in the air. This is the problem with air taxis, too. Uber has *increased* city traffic. Uber air-taxis, if vaguely affordable, would create an air control nightmare for the same reason, I surmise.

    Kit BradleyKit Bradley4 månader sedan
  • I am very interested abt battery and wireless charging in the future. I heard abt a pilot project that China is undertaking now where they are developing in where they use wireless charging ports lining strategical location to wireless charge electric cars as they travel along the stretch of street. I don't know it is true. If it uis true den whoever create that technology wld b the pioneer in that technology and way to go. Maybe the car will b charged wireless through a unique account by the power supplier and charge accordingly like our electricity bill monthly. Then we won't have to worry abt pulling up to gas station throughout the journey from lets say San Francisco to LA, becoz our electric car wld be charged wirlessly throughout the stretch that we travel from SF to LA n we don't even hv to worry abt charging our electric car wen we reach LA late at night to look for charging station. Is that the reason also the reason that China has already set a date in the v near future to ban d selling of new gas power cars in China in d v neary future? US shld not let China win this this technology field bcoz it means mega business so if US hasn't start this project, they better do. Can U kindly do a documentarty of this technology?

    John KongJohn Kong4 månader sedan
  • Safety though?

    Van CruisingVan Cruising4 månader sedan
  • Imagine seeing traffic above your house

    俺ブサイク俺ブサイク4 månader sedan
  • The flying vehicle of the future has not come about just yet, because I have not shown my idea of it. All these flying vehicle are having a hard time achieving success, because they are using old ways of thinking. I can’t wait to start, (in about 8 years from now.) the technology I will be using does already exist, but has not been used in the context in which I will be using this technology. One day, my flying vehicle will be soaring the skies.

    dedicated2exceldedicated2excel4 månader sedan
  • We already have flying buses We call it airplane

    Common ManCommon Man5 månader sedan
  • Flying Plane-Cars of the near-Future, Hope so...🙂

    Dipankar BoriDipankar Bori5 månader sedan
  • man, cover the mini jets !

    Ivan GuerraIvan Guerra5 månader sedan
  • That's what's real

    Garvin Benjamin -G LIONGarvin Benjamin -G LION5 månader sedan
  • This is still far off. Im sorry but topping off in an hour? That’s not convenient considering that I can go and get gas in 15 minutes. It has to get to that point. Also the fact that we are still using air and not magnets to fly or whatever aliens use....I know we don’t know what those tictacs were but they exist and we have them on film so that kind of flying exists. This still looks so old school....it’s too clunky. It needs to be like a car and this isn’t it. Maybe for someone who already owns helicopters.

    Just MeJust Me5 månader sedan
  • As far as the tech goes, 5-10 years is not an unreasonable timeframe. As for the regulatory, admin, bureaucratic, and legal aspects, well, they can take *years*.

    Milas ThompsonMilas Thompson5 månader sedan
  • FAA rubbing their hands, well well well, what do we have here.

    Alfonso LagunaAlfonso Laguna5 månader sedan
  • whydo you need wheels when it flys

    arima44arima445 månader sedan
  • This channel is a gem❤️

    Ayush PatelAyush Patel5 månader sedan
  • 0:58 omfg you can see how slow he has to rise and how incredibly unstable it is, look at how many microadjusatments he's having to make lol, we don't want a flying car... we want a private aircarrier.

    Anthony QuigleyAnthony Quigley5 månader sedan
  • Less cars. More public transport. Ez life.

    Ralph WaromRalph Warom5 månader sedan
  • Imagine the licensing for drivers

    Warrick TerryWarrick Terry5 månader sedan
  • working in the car industry and involved with electric mobility, I can't wait to see the development of those technologies. Graphene is surely the development I'm waiting for the most for now but seeing flying vehicles and the future of mobility, stays extremely exciting. When you just see what DJI achieved with its drones within the last 5 years, we can be very confident to see amazing evolution in autonomous and very precise human flying solutions in less than a decade. THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR EXCELLENT CONTENT!!!!

    Wayan MakasiiWayan Makasii5 månader sedan
  • No universal charging standard? This is phone charging conundrum of the 2000s all over again. I doubt it will be long until we have it solved though.

    SizifusSizifus5 månader sedan
  • Elon Musk gives an interesting opinion on the subject of flying cars. Looks like it’s something which will not be reality anytime soon.

    LARRY ONELARRY ONE5 månader sedan
  • Add value where the land is small like Asia . What ?? have they looked at a world map ?? In case they don't . Ill help em out . I'ts the biggest landmass on the map / globe.

    roundcornerentroundcornerent5 månader sedan
  • I can't wait to see the new Porsche Air Turbo Prop Targa . lol

    roundcornerentroundcornerent5 månader sedan
  • This is a lazy ass video if you you keep up with tech nothing new here

    Mizzouri vMizzouri v5 månader sedan
  • I'm just curious how flying lanes are going to be managed. Will we be able to just cross into whatever territory? Or maybe we'll have built in sensors that warn us when we're close to private property? Because takeoff could be very risky if other flyers get into our fly zone; would there be collisions? I think driverless cars will be a thing well before we decide to hand over a flyer's license to just anyone. Think of the money invested in those cars, and the modified roads for them over the next few decades. Now, where do flying cars fit into this equation?

    Casey BurnetCasey Burnet5 månader sedan
  • Without the battery problem of energy density being solved, or legit fuel cell tech, this ain't going anywhere. It's been stagnant for years

    Al StormAl Storm5 månader sedan
  • Even IF you can make a viable product, there is the question of what the hell the use case is. You are not going to need one of these going to the grocery store. You will book a flight on a traditional airline for long distance travel. And air taxies are already in place with helicopters. All this will do is either make traditional flight cleaner and cheaper. Personal aircraft won't ever be a thing.

    sor3999sor39995 månader sedan
  • The problem of inequality still unsolved. But we can now fly above them, don’t have to deal with their problems or see their faces. This future is mind bugging, we really don’t give an a about one another. Fuck individual technology, we live in a mutual ever complementary world.

    Sean RimadaSean Rimada5 månader sedan
  • This is great. Fixed all the crap at the electric cars and make it better.

    Tobias RieperTobias Rieper5 månader sedan
  • Ive seen how people drive cars with just wheels. Flying cars will be a public disaster at mass scale

    Ideally JekylIdeally Jekyl5 månader sedan
  • I think piloting/control of these vehicles is the bigger barrier to entry, which you didn't touch on in the video. For widespread adoption, the general public needs to be able to control these safely with little training. For a normal car, it's doable. Most people can understand the physical mechanics of driving a vehicle. When you go airborne and start flying, there are many more variables that need to be considered, such as three dimensional movement and flight physics. A level of complexity is introduced that would make training more expensive and time consuming than the typical person will put up with, and even if you could train everyone to fly, it's still inherently more accident-prone than driving. Add in other people in flying cars that you need to avoid and there is potential for catastrophic collisions. In my opinion, the main reason flying cars haven't been viable yet is because they are simply too dangerous for the general public to use. The reason they are becoming viable now is because of advancing AI technology. If flight control, like driving, can be completely automated, this eliminates the problems of training time, controlling in unexpected weather situations, and awareness of obstacles in flight. Flying cars could use an AI network to communicate with each other and track the location of other vehicles, so you'd never collide with another car. The most effective solution will probably have you simply tell the car where you want to go, and it automatically carries you there without further input.

    OutshinedsgOutshinedsg5 månader sedan
  • Whenever I see news or video about flying cars .. I remember the scene from movie “The Fifth Element” showing futuristic city with flying cars ..

    Dhiraj DeshmukhDhiraj Deshmukh5 månader sedan
  • I don't believe it will commercialize for common people

    vsv 4vsv 46 månader sedan
  • 30 years and 1% will fly with "cars" than the mortal will follow

    Domenico MiglioriniDomenico Migliorini6 månader sedan
  • Israelí company ??? Basically stolen land and materials from the Palestinians

    Ben GullyBen Gully6 månader sedan
  • when it starts taking off. Jacques Fresco had all these ideas with a RBE and zeitgeist

    Pissed OffermanPissed Offerman6 månader sedan
  • Brilliant video Cold Fusion

    Demolition Dave Drilling and BlastingDemolition Dave Drilling and Blasting6 månader sedan
  • The propellers on a small remote controlled drone are quite noisy. I imagine that when scaled up to size of a flying car, these vehicles will be super loud. I think that the noise pollution might be a problem that will need to be solved.

    Daniel MorganDaniel Morgan6 månader sedan
  • Flying bikes are more realistic.

    Srednio naJezaSrednio naJeza6 månader sedan
  • Where do you think all of that electricity is coming from?

    norton snalenorton snale6 månader sedan
  • There are alot of idiots on the road , if you want flying car's , they need to be 100% idiot proof.

    John MareJohn Mare6 månader sedan
  • Thats not a flying car thats a helicopter on wheels

    Alex ArmaniAlex Armani6 månader sedan
  • Just use the regular plug point with all the circuitry onboard. Simple.

    iTryToEatApples&Bananas TingiTryToEatApples&Bananas Ting6 månader sedan
  • Why wud I even use the road if I can fly? Why do people care about the car part?

    iTryToEatApples&Bananas TingiTryToEatApples&Bananas Ting6 månader sedan
  • Cars - need weight for downforce. Aeroplane - need to be lightweight.

    iTryToEatApples&Bananas TingiTryToEatApples&Bananas Ting6 månader sedan
  • In 2030: Taxi, Could you please fly over my hedge? It needs a cut. Thanks Driver!

    Michelle w.Michelle w.6 månader sedan
  • we still can't figure out elevators and vending machines till this day. we won't be getting flying cars anytime soon..

    Miguel mejiaMiguel mejia6 månader sedan
  • we won't go anywhere until we find a new source of energy that are ready for commercial use

    Absolitude CornerAbsolitude Corner6 månader sedan
  • This was supposed to be about 'flying cars' but instead it is about 'electric aircraft'; The question is where these large passenger carrying drones will be allowed to fly & land.. not too many places so it's not much better than cheap small cheap helicopters-which have been around since the 70's. Electric aircraft are like electric cars: they are toys->widespread use is totally unrealistic because instead of having a few fixed locations where a car can drive-in refuel in a few minutes and then allow the next car to drive thru; Instead there has to be a charger on every parking spot.. other wise they are only realistic for people who live in their own house (with garage so you can park and recharge) and it has to be a second car because if heaven forbid that you actually have to use your car all day, driving to and from multiple locations, on a hot day with aircon, the electric car will always leave you FORD(found on road dead) so you always have to have a real car to back-it-up.

    Sam KSam K6 månader sedan
  • 👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu6 månader sedan
  • Personal electric aircraft will be as easily acquired as conventional fuel aircraft. Only the rich and pretentious can afford them.

    MardukMarduk6 månader sedan
  • Laputa

    Chris SChris S6 månader sedan
  • Release the AntiGrav...

    Netwalker - 1Netwalker - 16 månader sedan
  • Flying cars just aren't practical until we invent anti-gravity.

    Sharad MajumdarSharad Majumdar6 månader sedan
  • Turkey flying car is most successful recent time ...

    Afran SheikhAfran Sheikh6 månader sedan
  • i might be crazy but i feel like im the only one who genuinely doesn't want flying cars.

    Random NameRandom Name6 månader sedan
  • I don't think this is the way the trend will go. Another way to beat gravity apart from conventional propulsion will be the way.

    Thinking HumanThinking Human6 månader sedan
  • I guess it will take 20 years or longer, how can we be so sure that a consumer will have a fly experience in such short amount of time, not the mention the high price of $400.000

    johneygdjohneygd6 månader sedan
  • Flying cars are inherently less efficient than normal cars, that‘s whey they‘ll never be more than a plaything for millionaires.

    J. AmatusJ. Amatus6 månader sedan
  • This is stupid.

    Dev ekhandeDev ekhande6 månader sedan
  • A Flying drone that u can ride in is cool... Why add shitty car parts to it...

    Eric BlustEric Blust6 månader sedan
  • Yeah let's use the Chinese standard where you casually plug and pull a 1000Volt charger.

    KingKing6 månader sedan
  • impossible to have flying cars for individuals in the next 100 years, we cant drive on roads when traffic hits, can you imagine idiots flying? but in 10 years I'll be able to go to London from manchester in an uber flying taxi for sure.

    ProfessorM.ProfessorM.6 månader sedan
  • So it's the data cable adapter problem all over again... Call the USB peeps!

    Sukacita YeremiaSukacita Yeremia6 månader sedan
  • Just get a plane and add wheels

    ZikyZiky6 månader sedan
  • 9:09 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Science VidsScience Vids6 månader sedan