9 jan 2021
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  • Larry is such a great student. It’s obvious he’s watching these videos on his personal time just trying to get better and better. Michael knows it that’s why he asked the camera guy “is that good”.

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly family5 timmar sedan
  • I noticed that micheal always cheats and goes down with hes body sliding pulling motion wich u cant do

    KibeyouKibeyou3 dagar sedan
  • Michael todd is such a great teacher. He explains everything in arm wrestling soo well. I've instantly learnt soo much that i didn't khew existed in arm wrestling...

    Hasnain MuslimHasnain Muslim4 dagar sedan
  • Michael todd the greatest man.respect from georgia.

    ხვიჩა მახარაძეხვიჩა მახარაძე4 dagar sedan
  • Rajesh... Kollam champion

    Jinu AzhakeshanJinu Azhakeshan4 dagar sedan
  • They ban the stupid Kings move and Todd is finished. I think its cheating . The rule should be , your chest doesn't go bellow the table or it's a foul..

    Michael M McDonaldMichael M McDonald8 dagar sedan
  • Michael is the monster Metallica was singing about 👊

    Chatham MulliganChatham Mulligan8 dagar sedan
  • 6:30 that was a nice thing that Indian champ did for the kid, he let the kid get the move that Michael had been trying to teach him, but wasn't gonna be able to do, very cool dude 🤟

    Chatham MulliganChatham Mulligan8 dagar sedan
  • Not look good training with the under the table king's move

    Greg PenaverdeGreg Penaverde8 dagar sedan
  • I'm not really into arm wrestling but from what I have seen, both Michel Todd snd Devon Larrat have a kind of boring style where they try to use their endurance tiring their oponant holding a very defensive position. Matches are often very long though which could be exiting but I still prefer the more attacking topp-roll style like for example Schoolboy. Both Devon and Larratt are very likable guys though!

    Joakim QuenselJoakim Quensel9 dagar sedan
  • Loving this duo class content

    GeneGene9 dagar sedan
  • Monster you are awesome! You gave great tips that totally changed these guys ability immediately. You can see it on n their faces that they understood the concepts.

    Peter PeredaPeter Pereda12 dagar sedan
  • Michael vs rajesh!!!🙏🙏

    We RoyaleWe Royale12 dagar sedan
  • Is he gonna show Larry how to duck under the table and expose the crown of his head?

    Joseph CoxJoseph Cox12 dagar sedan
  • 26:09 Listen at 0.5x speed!

    NathanNathan13 dagar sedan
  • To be honest if anyone is in the sport knows how dangerous it is when MT pulls in a fast finish those guys that are far from his level. Look how careful is Laratt, or others when sparing a weaker oponent. Have the impression that he always wants to show how powerful he is. Ok M. We know you are strong : /

    deepbluewaterfuldeepbluewaterful13 dagar sedan
  • Негры сильнее?

    Валерьян БогатыревВалерьян Богатырев14 dagar sedan
  • Macroman has potential

    Hesu ChristoHesu Christo14 dagar sedan
  • Did Khalid quit?

    Kwame ENOCHKwame ENOCH14 dagar sedan
  • Doesnt Dubai basically give death penalty for drugs and even doesnt allow alcohol?? Guess they are cool with all PED's 😅 thats awesome

    Hannibal BarcaHannibal Barca14 dagar sedan
  • 32:38 oh ... Hi there.......

    hasan kharfanhasan kharfan14 dagar sedan
  • 4:29 how the turn tables.

    hasan kharfanhasan kharfan14 dagar sedan
  • Michaels a great coach

    Keilan O'driscollKeilan O'driscoll14 dagar sedan
  • Did Khaled quit?

    Mohammed Sadey SalmiMohammed Sadey Salmi14 dagar sedan
  • Why is everyone wearing beard nets in the gym?

    praticlepraticle14 dagar sedan
  • He is not a world champion. He won matches against Cadarete and Devon in the WAL. He neither won the world championship, nor the Top 8, nor a match against Denis or Levan. Voevoda destroyed him 6:0 in 10 minutes. Stop promoting that guy with long beard and pushy wife....

    ORPHEUS EntertainmentORPHEUS Entertainment14 dagar sedan
    • @Haagen Neldeberg |You are right man. And I really stopped looking at his videos. I don't even follow his channel. But he appears on Larry's channel (because his wife pushes him..hahah) and I like to watch Larry's videos.

      ORPHEUS EntertainmentORPHEUS Entertainment14 dagar sedan
    • I just looked at your recent comments. That's a lot of you spamming hate comments on MT. Seriously stop looking at these videos of MT if you don't like him. Get a life dude.

      Haagen NeldebergHaagen Neldeberg14 dagar sedan
  • “Micheal Under the table Todd”

  • സൂപ്പർ

    Sabu NiyadiSabu Niyadi15 dagar sedan
  • I’m worried some of these bodybuilders might rip something. Tendons don’t keep up with muscles when you’re on gear

    V BV B15 dagar sedan
  • devon where you at?

    danial syafiqdanial syafiq15 dagar sedan
  • At 4:35 Michael Todd quotes "Bring it On" 😂

    BronzepitbullBronzepitbull15 dagar sedan
  • Undertable

    Tony BravoTony Bravo15 dagar sedan
  • go monster todd vs Laletin

    Александр КозыревАлександр Козырев15 dagar sedan
  • Wow look strong but useless muscles.

    NiShi ZhuMaNiShi ZhuMa15 dagar sedan
  • man look at that steroid acne. And these guys are pathetic arm wrestlers. Time to get a job and stop being broke.

    Daniel PurdyDaniel Purdy15 dagar sedan
  • a bunch of guys who go to Dubai to use sgteroids. Losers.

    Daniel PurdyDaniel Purdy15 dagar sedan
  • Another sport Larry will quit and fail at. Larry wanted to be a strong man and gave uo after a minor injury, you're a pussy. He gives up anytime it gets difficult

    Daniel PurdyDaniel Purdy15 dagar sedan
  • Looks like Michael lost some weight.

    Richard's World TravelerRichard's World Traveler15 dagar sedan
  • Todd can not play this sport because his hand is blocked in L position ,can not stand in line

    Calaul BanciCalaul Banci15 dagar sedan
  • Tod out of steroids wtf?

    En InetEn Inet15 dagar sedan
  • Whats thf weirdo hissing noises? Wtf!

    Miki MiyazakiMiki Miyazaki15 dagar sedan
  • Awesome vid and wooo Levan's gonna be there! Nice

    ready2ready215 dagar sedan
  • All the mfrs juiced to the gills

    Bronson CashiolaBronson Cashiola15 dagar sedan
  • How'd you get Mike out from under the table to do this video?

    Riverboy1986Riverboy198615 dagar sedan
  • Larry lived under the table for 6 weeks

    Steve MerrimanSteve Merriman15 dagar sedan
  • Larry has no talent for arm wrestling, he will achieve nothing and loses to nearly every one, no hate, fact

    Karim XyzKarim Xyz15 dagar sedan
  • Michael Todd a great man

  • James “Natural Bodybuilder” English

    Tony BravoTony Bravo15 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥Malayali pever alle🔥🔥

    MAD MAXismMAD MAXism15 dagar sedan
  • Where is this recorded?

    Attila MorvaiAttila Morvai15 dagar sedan
  • Where is that russian arm wrestler boy?

    Dexter MLBBDexter MLBB15 dagar sedan
  • Devonlarat vs michael todd😁

    Kings MZTA channelKings MZTA channel15 dagar sedan
  • Larry has zero instinct for armwrestling. Contant confused, deer in the headlights look on his face. Every pull is like his first. He should stick to powerlifting.

    netzkmartinnetzkmartin15 dagar sedan
  • michael under the table lmfaooooooooooooooooooo i'm dying!!!!!!!!!!

    The Saaxxx BabaThe Saaxxx Baba15 dagar sedan
  • That first match was lit. They are strong man. Guy with the blue tank top was houlding his own💪

    yannick willemsyannick willems15 dagar sedan
  • is that the guys who used the King's Move on Devon

    BananaBanana15 dagar sedan
  • Larry makes Michael's arms smaller lol

    G. C.S.G. C.S.15 dagar sedan
  • крутой выпуск!!

    DEkaDEka15 dagar sedan
  • Larry will learn how to sit under the table for an entire match !

    nosferhatunosferhatu16 dagar sedan
  • Where is Khaled? I'd love to see him vs a few of these guys

    Karl Maxwell 333Karl Maxwell 33316 dagar sedan
  • 6:20 oh c'est la meilleur scène qui démontre la mise en pratique des instructions d'un pro.

    stheivestheive16 dagar sedan
  • mr James back looks like mine field, too much agression . but we know why.........

    ReVersDCReVersDC16 dagar sedan
  • what happened to khalled? The grip monster? Not seen him for ages

    Darren TimmsDarren Timms16 dagar sedan
  • At last, Larry has dropped that ridiculous mask!!! xx Way to go Wheels. Todd having a great influence on you.

    Darren TimmsDarren Timms16 dagar sedan
  • Holy testosterone ethanate sustanon 250, testosterone cypionate. Acne on the dude's back at 18:48😂

    JACK HAMMERJACK HAMMER16 dagar sedan
  • Rule 1: don’t come inside Todd

    chaouzchaouz16 dagar sedan
  • Michael is a good guy

    Ebert CarvalhoEbert Carvalho16 dagar sedan
  • that dude with red headband is really cool. hope to see him more often in larrys videos

    Jomain asdfJomain asdf16 dagar sedan
  • where is awa?

    Jomain asdfJomain asdf16 dagar sedan
  • Is that Larry and Andrew on the back wall of the mirror reflection?

    Nathan OliverNathan Oliver16 dagar sedan
  • How is that table not bolted down yet?

    Steven LaPierreSteven LaPierre16 dagar sedan
  • This video was great. Its very entertaining to watch james armwrestle

    Storm JacksonStorm Jackson16 dagar sedan
  • That Rajesh guy is a god damn beast

    VinsloVinslo16 dagar sedan
  • larry is gonna be the under the table troll nobody cN defeat

    kickboxer 81kickboxer 8116 dagar sedan
  • Invite a schoolboy for party

    TheSetomeTheSetome16 dagar sedan
  • The 80 kg indian "champ" is looking like +100 kg atc 😃 Good clip though. Thanks

    Hein DattelHein Dattel16 dagar sedan
  • 12:46 😁😁😁 Larry...don.t you know Todd's deffence? 😁😁😁😁 under the table...under the table...this is the "secret of todd" 😁😁😁👎

    Johnny JohnJohnny John16 dagar sedan
  • Todd trains him under the table 😁😁😁👎

    Johnny JohnJohnny John16 dagar sedan
  • Dude u need to train more his forearms

    Magician CrâneoMagician Crâneo16 dagar sedan
  • Old man Игорь vs Michael Todd?

    MLML16 dagar sedan
  • good for Todd for jumpstarting the future..keep this sport alive

    gypsy xxxgypsy xxx16 dagar sedan
  • Michael, I am sure I heard you admit your left was weak, and equally, as sure I heard you say it was not in response to Devon's statement that it was weak fairly recently. What is it?

    Mark EllisMark Ellis16 dagar sedan
    • He says frequently that his left is weak "compared to his right" if you watch Devon's video from today he says Todd's left is still competitive just weak compared to his right. (Todd did just get the TAL left handed title a month ago)

      Kevin LifesPositiveKevin LifesPositive16 dagar sedan
  • 22.15.. кпасава чел...держал..

    Chupa47rusChupa47rus16 dagar sedan
  • Some dude with a towel and girly voice lol

    LayzeeTVLayzeeTV16 dagar sedan
  • since the day i saw schoolboy in recommended i cant stop watching armwrestling

    Rain BlueRain Blue17 dagar sedan
  • all beards are idiots...!

    bernhard zabelbernhard zabel17 dagar sedan
  • This is awesome .......damn I don't need pre-workout watching this video.

    MenangnochetMenangnochet17 dagar sedan
  • What is Khaled doing nowadays

    Bilal ShaikhBilal Shaikh17 dagar sedan
  • I know y’all see the HUGE poster in the back of @larry wheels and Andrew jacked hanging up 👀

    Jason HJason H17 dagar sedan
  • Larry, you're a beast. Your arms may end up looking funky and lacking your normal range by working the muscles necessary for arm wrestling but go for it. Just look at Devon's and Michael's pulling arms. They don't look or perform normally anymore.

    AnthovisionAnthovision17 dagar sedan
    • It's like the cauliflower ear of MMA or boxing. But not everybody has those bent arms. John Brzenk considered the greatest of all time still has all his arm mobility.

      Haagen NeldebergHaagen Neldeberg16 dagar sedan
  • Wehre is khaled

    Armfight GermanyArmfight Germany17 dagar sedan
  • Wow really nice ! All of a sudden i like larrys armwrestling content more than wal's or armbets stuff lol . Great Job Guys !

    Whitehead81Whitehead8117 dagar sedan
  • James now fully addicted! He will now loose sleep thinking about this sport

    The NJM WayThe NJM Way17 dagar sedan
  • No Covid in Dubai?

    Andy KleinAndy Klein17 dagar sedan
  • At 0:40 why is that Indian guy on the left trying to hold the smaller guys arm LMAO.

    J KJ K17 dagar sedan
    • I didn't even catch that. Maybe they are a couple. But who knows, and who cares.

      Haagen NeldebergHaagen Neldeberg16 dagar sedan
  • Let's go James!

    tesina21tesina2117 dagar sedan
  • The guy in white shorts has an insane build and resilience

    •ShuNeughu••ShuNeughu•17 dagar sedan
  • I know it’s a part of the game but I don’t like when they start leveraging their entire body off the edge of the table It seems like it would be more impressive if they held strict form and used just their arm

    •ShuNeughu••ShuNeughu•17 dagar sedan
  • Vaiiiii Showtime sta incominciando a farsi notare anche fra i migliori

    Riccardo GalibertiRiccardo Galiberti17 dagar sedan
  • nice video

    Sunny VenturaSunny Ventura17 dagar sedan