Mario Kart... but I have no kart

4 mar 2021
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Mario Kart... but luigi is running because he has no kart
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I found out how to play Mario Kart Wii without a kart. This is one of the most funny nintendo mods i've ever discovered. This is basically what it would look like if Luigi lost his kart and had no option but to run on the track. I'd love to make more vids like this so subscribe if you wanna see em!
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  • the best mario kart video you'll ever watch

    Crispy ConcordsCrispy Concords2 månader sedan
    • Luigi run

      Adam BrkichAdam Brkich5 dagar sedan
    • and rainbow

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    • pls do this again and do the fucking warios mine map

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    • I know

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    • Mome Boys Mario Kart foot race???

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  • Super mario 3d run

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  • me when my dog gets outside 0:43

    PhantomForcesNoobPhantomForcesNoob6 dagar sedan
  • she's a runner she's a track star

    PhantomForcesNoobPhantomForcesNoob6 dagar sedan
  • Basically, what that mod does is reskin a motorbike. Pretty good and easy solution

    Magister MundiMagister Mundi22 dagar sedan
  • And for this vids word of the day its : iconic

    killer13killer1325 dagar sedan
  • Under appreciated video

    iPenjiiPenji27 dagar sedan
  • I agree Mario cart wii is the best i have a wii but it broke

    ProGeneticGaming OfficialProGeneticGaming Official28 dagar sedan
  • Luigi never had a last name But it must be bolt

    Omega_playzOmega_playzMånad sedan
  • Wii players when online is disabled for smash bros: whatever Wii players when online is disabled for Mario Kart Wii: F*** YOU NINTENDO GIVE ME MY MARIO KART

    Drew GilbertDrew GilbertMånad sedan
  • im fast as fuc boi

    FezarkFezarkMånad sedan
  • Double Dash>Wii

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  • Mario Kart wii best mario kart ever

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  • Cursed

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  • This is his greatest video to date

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  • Remember when he said him and Kate would date if they got 2 million well ur almost at 2 million

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  • He is awesome

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  • Crispy needs more Manchining

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  • When you done shake off the pow

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  • Crispy: If this doesn’t blow up idk what will 25 days later...

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  • Mario kart more like mario no kart oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Love it!

    Sam's Food ReviewsSam's Food ReviewsMånad sedan
  • mario

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  • DK Summit is arguably the best map but coconut mall is a close second

    Zion KempZion KempMånad sedan
  • This video was actually fire yet somehow it under performed

    Titan BarajasTitan BarajasMånad sedan
  • dislikes are 69

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  • Cripsys humor is broken

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  • Dk next time?

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  • 3:41 this is how smash bros feel about adding waluigi in the game

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  • Super Luigi Run

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  • mariro wit no kart

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  • Did you mod on wii?

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  • I love Mario kart for wii

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    RËXXRËXXMånad sedan
  • This was fun to make I can just tell

    Spencer Da FencerSpencer Da FencerMånad sedan
  • We don't even need a Mario Kart Wii remastered, we just need it re-released untouched for the Switch

    Ryno ProductionsRyno ProductionsMånad sedan
  • I wish I found the last part I need for my wii cause I lost it because I used to play this everyday and now this wants me want to play it again

    TheUnkownBanditTheUnkownBanditMånad sedan
  • Bro I used to play this Mario like everyday

    TheUnkownBanditTheUnkownBanditMånad sedan
  • Mini lad fleeing the country

    Thesmurfy26Thesmurfy26Månad sedan
  • When your late to school :you: AH SH!T speed runs to school the school bus: hella late

    ripx290ripx290Månad sedan
  • He is not wrong with calling it the best Mario kart game

    Typical YGTypical YGMånad sedan
  • This is the flash video game I’ve been waiting for😂

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  • Crispy Concords is Billy Russo from Punisher

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  • Next video: Super Mario... but in a kart

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  • Do ballon and or coin battles! That would probably look cool

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  • says he likes coconut mall and doesn't even know the shortcut smh

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  • I don’t want to @ you crispy but Mario cart on the Nintendo 3ds xl was the best like if you agree

    Cool SquidwardCool SquidwardMånad sedan
  • Mario run

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  • Who’ll it be

    Albert GoreAlbert GoreMånad sedan
  • How did you stretch such a simple mod into 10 minutes

    Big PogsBig PogsMånad sedan
  • Idc, the best mario kart is double dash for Gamecube🤙🏽

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  • Luigi is my dad

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  • This reminds of the final boss in Donkey Kong Racing

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  • Ctgp-r with textures swapped?

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  • How my parents claim they went to school back home

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  • If you are reading this comment, Let's get Crispy to 2 MIL!!!!

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  • Gun games in Cold War 🥶

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  • Pls do collab with TWD98

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  • Homie is cracked

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  • Yoo look in the background at 4:04

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  • I think this is the FIRST Mario kart video I’ve ever watched haha

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  • Around 7:15 you he said c'mon dude and sounded identical to juicy...

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  • Homie sounded like schlatt when he screamed at the koopa

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  • I thought we could trust you but we cannot

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  • Damnnn trowback at mariokart wii😂

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  • the RNG is so heavy in this game

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  • Just got done playing with my family😅

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  • Learn about ctgp

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  • Cripsy is capping, everyone knows Double Dash is the best Mario kart.

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  • Mario with No Kart

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  • *Coconut mall starts* Crispy: turns into jschlatt

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  • Title: Luigi running after committing arson

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  • You ain't playing as Luigi you playing as the flash

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  • BOLT!

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  • Should I feel wrong for not laughing once...

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  • I smoke crack 10 times a day and inject 10 lbs of meth a day

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    • Crispy is still better than both

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  • 6:49 is luigi a titan shifter ?

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  • What happened to nintendogs

    OGplaysGames 5145OGplaysGames 51452 månader sedan
  • Mario Kart on the Wii what is my favorite game when I was younger

    slumberryyslumberryy2 månader sedan
  • Coconut Mall is a joke, only the real one's know that DK Summit is the best Mario Kart Map (Also just a btw, you have to bump into other players while the cloud is used to transfer the cloud to them) Another also, keep the tape

    LandoLando2 månader sedan
  • Lmao

    Monkey D LuffyMonkey D Luffy2 månader sedan
  • yo crispy chill

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  • Eluid kipchoge be like

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  • “UNDEFEATED SO FAR” my mans only played one race 😂

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  • crispy: plays game from last year also crispy : ICONIC

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  • 8:32 whatever the fuck toad is

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  • Everyone else: So you guys will all be using karts and bikes for these races Luigi: *_Maybe you mortals aren't built the same as me_*

    The Clashing CrafterThe Clashing Crafter2 månader sedan
  • Mario Run

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  • Not sure if sonic is in this game but if he is you just commited a war crime for not playing as him.

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