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19 okt 2020
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If you have ever had a rat problem you need to watch this vide. I share my best techniques for catching smart and difficult rats using a modified Victor Rat Trap.
You can purchase Victor Rat Traps through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

  • Good luck catching those smart rats. You can purchase Victor Rat Traps through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

    Shawn WoodsShawn WoodsMånad sedan
    • Great idea.... I’ve got a smart on in the loft that set a trap off with its tail to avoid it. I will use this idea 👊🏻

      Mr PicklesMr Pickles13 dagar sedan
    • A lot of thought has gone into your trap. You are a very smart geyser.

      Gerard BurtonGerard Burton26 dagar sedan
    • @robertmon3 Thanks... So you know what he meant then

      Renee Henry-MooreRenee Henry-MooreMånad sedan
    • @robertmon3 I think he meant a vise as in a tool

      Renee Henry-MooreRenee Henry-MooreMånad sedan
    • @Miles Lougheed you better be careful, you don't want to stir murphy ( as in murphys law murphy! he has a way of changing things real fast!)

      john zeejohn zeeMånad sedan
  • Night after night a rat would take a stick to set off trap to take bait and you didn't go in and remove the stick ? Is the rat smart or is someone else not so smart ? Just asking. 11/25/20

    1BrotherMack1BrotherMack6 timmar sedan
  • How do you catch the most cunning and elusive rat also known as the deep state politician?

    Timothy CrapmasterTimothy Crapmaster23 timmar sedan
  • After catching all the rats my concern. Is there a tool or way to get them out of the trap that is easiest without using your hands to even touch the trap? I know you like feeding them to other animals?

    Atlas StruggleAtlas StruggleDag sedan
  • Made mine today. It is a 5 compartment. I will begin pre-baiting it tonight and will let everyone know how it's working!

    Richard McGuireRichard McGuireDag sedan
  • Design suggestion: Just flip the thing over and mount the traps on the former lid. Then the dividers swing out of the way for easy setting and baiting.

    CreekyCreeky2 dagar sedan
  • Why bother with traps. I have had 100% Success with Evictor Strobe Lights. A 175,000 Candlepower Flash is to much for them.

    The1roofer1The1roofer13 dagar sedan
  • I caught one with peanut butter (juvenile) with a mouse trap, not designed for a rat. Bled everywhere, but he was dead. That rat in the video using a piece of wood to trip the trap was unbelievable.

    Jim Barr OfficialJim Barr Official3 dagar sedan
  • You got to get the military after that rat that set off the trap with a stick

    Carter WamboldCarter Wambold4 dagar sedan
  • I've got a problem with these traps... I fill them with Nutella, but the mice approach them from the side and just proceed to lick the contents without stepping on the pressure plate. The little-nipper design seem better for this, as the whole from is a pressure pad. But any suggestion on preventing this?

    Kelvin WKelvin W4 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see a video of just compilation of stick-rat doing its thing!!!

    iwanabanaiwanabana5 dagar sedan
  • Click, watch, Learn... so simple! Absolutely Great video, Thank you! So out of all the different rat species there there "one go-to universal bait" that generally works for trapping? I know that is a very broad question but thought I was ask your professional advice...thank you again!

    Andrew LaverAndrew Laver5 dagar sedan
  • thank u so mush

    Marco PerezMarco Perez5 dagar sedan
  • Shawn, you’re an expert. I mean, on the level of court testimony expert. Good job!

    24Mossberg24Mossberg6 dagar sedan
  • Such a great system Shawn. Great vid... Really interesting.

    SludgepumpSludgepump6 dagar sedan
  • That rat with the stick got accepted to Ratcliff University.

    Booboobear2388Booboobear23887 dagar sedan
  • rat got the masters in trapology from the university of Rat-fink University.

    icu Radicu Rad7 dagar sedan
  • This is actually a great hobby. He gave all the rats homes.

    Rudy StraightRudy Straight8 dagar sedan
  • I've never seen anything so clever in my life. That is so cool. How in the world did you build all those holders, plus put mouse traps inside? One smart individual, you are! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Autumn GabelAutumn Gabel9 dagar sedan
  • Bacon grease works better than peanut butter for rats...

    bob smithbob smith9 dagar sedan
  • I put my mouse snap trap in a velveta Mac and cheese cardboard box and it worked!

    Jeff MowgliJeff Mowgli10 dagar sedan
  • Shawn: its will easily crush a mouse's head me: -_- well what about ya finger what dose that do

    Douglas ScottDouglas Scott10 dagar sedan
  • Great video Shawn! Love your channel with all the different antique traps and systems 👍👍👍

    Teresa RichmondTeresa Richmond11 dagar sedan
  • 6:19 unbelievable . Stop working after a while ????????

    KariesistansteckendKariesistansteckend11 dagar sedan
  • I just built one of these out of scrap 1/2" plywood. After buying the 4 traps, hinges, and a bag of sunflower seeds, im only $25 invested.

    Andrew WAndrew W12 dagar sedan
  • Just call the mink man and he'll get any rat infestation over in no time ( just pay him very well )

    ItsGameTimeItsGameTime13 dagar sedan
  • Is there any chance you would show us how to make one of these 4 compartment boxes. My woodwork skills are zero. Brilliant video. Thanks.

    Bridget PlunkettBridget Plunkett13 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of that scene in Airplane where a bunch of reporters running into a row of phone booths.

    philsipadphilsipad13 dagar sedan
  • The rat with the stick kind of amazes me; they are pretty smart. I wonder if reincarnation is real.....🤔

    Joel AlexanderJoel Alexander14 dagar sedan
    • Uncle Roger? Is that you?

      Booboobear2388Booboobear23886 dagar sedan
  • Neat. It's like you've developed your own trap after all these years.

    finkelzofinkelzo14 dagar sedan
  • DAM

    Ms V CeeMs V Cee15 dagar sedan
  • Simple classical conditioning used on rats to trap them!! I'm a psychology student,, why have I NEVER thought of this??? It's so simple yet GENIOUSS!!! Thanks so much Shawn!!!

    cece t.cece t.15 dagar sedan
  • Perfect trap!

    かもかずかもかず16 dagar sedan
  • ive never even seen a rat or mouse in my life, but these videos are so entertaining !

    TrejoTrejo16 dagar sedan
  • I found the mouse traps but where do I get the boxes for it with the safety bar?!

    Chris HoltChris Holt17 dagar sedan
  • A Trap inside an empty cereal box may work

    AYAY18 dagar sedan
  • I've got a damn pack rat getting in and I can't get him to ANY trap! He gets my chicken feed and messes with my birds. I've tried rat and mouse snap traps, live trap, and sticky traps (in safe places). He won't touch them!

    Adam LawsonAdam Lawson18 dagar sedan
    • You gotta take away all the food, so he's forced to take it from the trap.

      Thot PoliceThot Police16 dagar sedan
  • Oh, I have one suggestion, I have the dog out in the yard and I wouldn't want him to get his nose caught in it. I would make the trap a little deeper and put the Trap all the way to the back.

    mike gauthiermike gauthier18 dagar sedan
  • No, the Victor hammer does NOT break their backs. I have a video of a rat thrashing in a Victor rat trap which held him for six to eight hours of kicking and squirming only because I put brads all around the perimeter of the hammer and cut their heads off at 3/8 of an inch. You should also put a small piece of terry cloth under the trigger and push the V tight to hold it in place so Mister Rat bites the cloth and pulls on it. Bow the hammer outward to make the trigger more sensitive. Guaran dang teed.

    John JaegerJohn Jaeger19 dagar sedan
  • Surely this should be used in the USA, to catch the democratic rats.

    David HawleyDavid Hawley19 dagar sedan
    • None of this changes the fact that Trump got Hillaried lmao

      Thot PoliceThot Police16 dagar sedan
  • A piece of cloth or inner tube under the trap might damp enough to avoid a sympathetic snap setting off another. I also use masking tape to cover the surface of snap traps .Makes for easy cleaning and reusing traps. Before I started doing that I found mice reluctant to enter a trap another mouse died in.

    Jim CampbellJim Campbell19 dagar sedan
  • Every video i watch, i give it a like. u deserve all the likes and get paid for your videos. I never knew there's so many ways to trap rats and mice and someone even giving all his dedication to teach others about it. Love from Malaysia.

    Lin LinLin Lin20 dagar sedan
  • Bruhhhh that rat using a stick. I'm shook!

    Jimmy MJimmy M21 dag sedan
  • Rats are not evolving they are just watching tv and see those traps all the time duhh

    XTC ZXTC Z22 dagar sedan
  • Hi Shawn. Had some rats move into your yard when we put up a bird feeder. I’m trying the RatX currently. I have 2 traps out... I‘ll have to your stall box. Missed with my selfbow!

    David LawsonDavid Lawson23 dagar sedan
  • Nice! u start showing the dead rodents again. What happened?

    Shinji DShinji D23 dagar sedan
  • Only got the notification for this vid and the 30 Oct vid today ... think you are being blacklisted

    pablo ragespablo rages24 dagar sedan
  • That complacency trick wow man thats genius.

    Sean OlivaresSean Olivares24 dagar sedan
  • Mucho thanks

    Miguel Dos PachangasMiguel Dos Pachangas25 dagar sedan
  • Shawn do you know any hacks to set those victor mouse traps. The damn hair pin trigger always goes off when I set it on ground. It so annoying. Can't figure out to keep it set

    dozzer1813dozzer181325 dagar sedan
  • At last ! The solution....Congratulations !

    timba timberotimba timbero25 dagar sedan
  • That clip of the mouse using the stick was absolutely amazing!

    taylortaylor25 dagar sedan
  • I used to have 20 rats in my house

    henry x charleshenry x charles25 dagar sedan
  • That’s Amazing. Thank You So Much

    Mick Cotton Bar -B - QMick Cotton Bar -B - Q25 dagar sedan

    David JacksonDavid Jackson25 dagar sedan
  • Love it 😻

    Tony 4780Tony 478026 dagar sedan
  • Bro you are touched 🤪

    Tony 4780Tony 478026 dagar sedan
  • Build a better rat trap and people will line up at your door.

    A. R.A. R.26 dagar sedan
  • I use a similar trap set up for mice, using cardboard to form a box just wide enough to fit the trap width and high enough to allow trap tp function properly. I also made a mouse hole to make sure the mouses's body is in the right position to kill them every time.

    Glenn SloggettGlenn Sloggett26 dagar sedan
  • " Finding out what they like " , you forgot to put up a Menu ,,funny informative an worth trying.

    burningb24burningb2426 dagar sedan
  • You are awesome mate

    Seth BushSeth Bush26 dagar sedan
  • 😱i know rats were smart, but not that smart.

    SuryananthSuryananth27 dagar sedan
  • That's awesome

    mp schaefermp schaefer27 dagar sedan
  • Thx. Great video. Simple, quick, and very well presented. I’m off to the woodworking shop.

    Joe GrassiJoe Grassi27 dagar sedan
  • Big disappointment! I was hoping for, and expecting a live demonstration! 😞

    George BGeorge B27 dagar sedan
  • wow I would actually maybe hate to catch that smart rat. he's definitely earned his reward. he deserves a nobel rat prize or something.

    SahuaginSahuagin27 dagar sedan
  • So.... Are we supposed 5o touch the bloody dead rats because the traps are nailed down? Nah, I'm good....

    Rich SkiRich Ski28 dagar sedan
  • Those stuffed rat dolls have died a hundred deaths for his demos.

    Murad AliMurad Ali28 dagar sedan
  • A "how to build" video would be immensely helpful. "a lid with a hinge," like I don't even know how to start with that lol, my school didn't have shop class :(

    John FreemanJohn Freeman28 dagar sedan
  • I remember seeing on TV when a pest controller superglued the food bait onto the trap. Apparently the glue stops the rat from flicking off the food without activating the trap.

    Dave4000Dave400028 dagar sedan
  • Have you thought about a bigger cover with holes in it to protect home owner pets ?

    Dee JohnsonDee Johnson29 dagar sedan
  • I have 6 victor rat traps all loaded and ready to fire. I’ll have to get 4 more and create one of those super victors

    Josh JayJosh Jay29 dagar sedan
  • *gasp* I'm sOooO scared and my friend has those mouse/rat toy things lol

    PinkRAtPinkRAtMånad sedan
    • I'm a Rat ;-;

      PinkRAtPinkRAtMånad sedan
  • I build a four trap rig. After one night of not setting the traps, Iset all four. Every morning since, they are all full! Great Idea! Thanks

    Tim SchenckTim SchenckMånad sedan
  • I am definitely not anti (humane) kill trap, but I kind of am rooting for genius rat to survive!

    catherinesparkcatherinesparkMånad sedan
  • Excellent ideas! Thank you. Great Videos!

    Elbert HardyElbert HardyMånad sedan
  • amazing!!! rats are notoriously hard to trap

    Robin CRobin CMånad sedan
  • To make the four or ten stall traps, do you just glue the verticals into place?

    Suee TennantSuee TennantMånad sedan
  • Soon as I seen that 10 piece set I immediately chuckled. 🐀

    Matt JonesMatt JonesMånad sedan
  • now watch .....RIP Oreo- Tribute to an amazing Rat

    marcia lynnmarcia lynnMånad sedan
  • I cleaned out my rats with a .410 . Took a bit but haven’t seen rats lately.

    Lorric LoggingLorric LoggingMånad sedan
  • Name the 10 bazooka trap

    Rivero KenshiroRivero KenshiroMånad sedan
  • Rat just evolved

    BeansBeansMånad sedan
  • PETA probably does not approve of this cruelty to rats. 😂😂😂

    Walter DayritWalter DayritMånad sedan
  • The autism on killing rodents is off the charts

    I CumminsI CumminsMånad sedan
  • Thats a classic box set. Works great. Used with Conibear traps. 👍🏼

    G SmithG SmithMånad sedan
    • You ever see the Coon Boxes in Action video on my channel?

      Chris Gilliam Man StuffChris Gilliam Man Stuff5 dagar sedan
  • It is safer to point the trigger end of the trap away from you when you set them. This way if you slip, no part of your finger is in the kill bar area. For a somewhat smart rat, I used some potting soil to hide the outline of the trap. Only the trigger area was completely free of potting soil. I think this removed the clue.

    Ken SmithKen SmithMånad sedan
  • Instead of trapping them you could just blow up the planet

    Ki KiKi KiMånad sedan
  • I am terrified of rats and mice

    Stephen ShieldsStephen ShieldsMånad sedan
  • Hi Shawn, I work in wildlife control and a coworker Adam pointed me in your direction. We are hesitant to set snaps outside due to potential nontarget animals getting injured (see skunks/raccoons). Is your barn accessible to raccoons & skunks? What's your experience been? We consider weasel boxes or setting in EVO exterior stations sometimes but what's your take? Your vids are top notch and thanks for doing what you do!

    Matt RMatt RMånad sedan
  • Are you freaking kidding me? The rat with the stick! 🤣🤣🤣

    KayKayMånad sedan
    • The rat's bio states he is an avid pole vaulter.

      Just WonderingJust Wondering21 dag sedan
  • How do you catch a Demonrat? Offer to fix his hard drive.

    dlwatibdlwatibMånad sedan
  • Respect for that rat using a stick as a tool

    greenbriar07greenbriar07Månad sedan
  • The only day trap that you have Never used is a atomic bomb! So far...

    oculos prudentiumoculos prudentiumMånad sedan
  • I caught 3 mice at once in this device that only has 4 traps. The dead don't stop others from climbing in to get at the bait!

    George GoertzenGeorge GoertzenMånad sedan
  • don''t mean to direct people away from your channel as I like you a lot and have learned a lot to help me control mice in my 100 year old house, but you should check out Fred Dunn, a bee keeper, chicken keeper and photographer in Pennsylvania. He has come up with a box design that protects almost all but the targeted species from accidentally being killed or harmed by the standard Victory trap. It is a tunnel design with 4 traps facing opposite directions and I personally highly recommend it. I usually have a cat and a small Service Dog that has saved my life twice so to have anything that could potentially harm them, well, I don't even want to think about it. Check him out, maybe you could test out his plans (download is free)here and promote his site in an exchange between you.

    George GoertzenGeorge GoertzenMånad sedan
  • I had one comment/suggestion for setting traps if you are new to using these Victor snap traps (and not placing them in a box). At 1:30 in the video when you are setting the trap, set it from the other side (flip it 180 as shown at 1:30). That way if the kill bar trips as you are setting the bar in the trigger, your fingers won’t get hit.

    TheMrGreenieTheMrGreenieMånad sedan
  • Poor rats couldn't you use humane traps.

    Oliver JacksonOliver JacksonMånad sedan
  • I always try and put a trap out un-set with bait for a while, even leave out doors to get a natural patina before using.

    ChristianChristianMånad sedan
    • Coating it with peanut oil helps. It seems the smell hides the smell that the rats have learned to fear.

      Ken SmithKen SmithMånad sedan
  • Recently I had several rats in my house. They were unbelievably clever. I used different traps, wore gloves when handling, used peanut butter, chocolate etc. They didn’t go anywhere near them but in desperation ate plastic and 45 year old cork! Even the young ones. Epigenetics is breeding super rats! They even strolled past my cat to hide under where it was sleeping. In desperation myself I left the back door open all night and they left, to say I was relieved is an understatement.

    H0mer7H0mer7Månad sedan