Andrei Vs. TheOdd1sOut

7 jun 2018
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Someone wrote fan fiction about me and James aka Odd1sOut having an epic battle, and I just had to animate it.
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Music used:
Ishikari Lore - SEworld Library
Hon Kyoku - SEworld Library
Samurai Patrol -
Samurai Epic Chase Music -
Dark Tension Rising -

  • Me - cant do the secret challenge bc i dont have twitter ;-;

    Savvy CandySavvy Candy14 minuter sedan
  • 5:26

  • 5:26

    Mohammad Iftekhar Bin SalamMohammad Iftekhar Bin SalamDag sedan
  • This is the best dragon ball themed skit

    FLIPZFLIPZ2 dagar sedan
  • What the heck

    Nomx theboiNomx theboi2 dagar sedan
  • XD there is so many spelling errors

    Matthew LimMatthew Lim2 dagar sedan
  • I like how Andrei's Super Saiyan hair was just his old look

    Boogey MANNBoogey MANN4 dagar sedan
  • Son james was engulfed in his rage and almost killed son james 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Fara YazmeenFara Yazmeen5 dagar sedan
  • This dude sounds like ParashockX

    Jiri Aryea EdwinJiri Aryea Edwin5 dagar sedan
  • Odd1sout is better no cap

    Ever VazquezEver Vazquez5 dagar sedan
  • what is this??????

    Tomaz ;–;Tomaz ;–;5 dagar sedan
  • Everyone talking about the video me: being triggered

    tnssrtnssr7 dagar sedan
  • why is theodd1sout shorter then andrei-

    AgaAga7 dagar sedan
  • Me: He was killed by being strangled Minecraft: Andrei was slayed from Lack Of Air by Marshmallow Boy

    We Make Your DayWe Make Your Day7 dagar sedan
  • 1:57 evrybody knew who was that Woman

    Nicolò BasileNicolò Basile8 dagar sedan
  • Is this literally dragon ball but krillin wanted to kill goku

    'CHONG11' Family'CHONG11' Family10 dagar sedan
  • Man who wrote this fanfic haha

    TheRandom N7TheRandom N711 dagar sedan
  • The best character of the story is...*drumroll* Fans:andrei Odd1s:Odd1sout Jaiden Fans: Jaiden Jamden?? Fans: Jamden Me:..dd..Dd..Domics...

    Dy2aDy2a12 dagar sedan
  • TheOdd1sOut should of won

  • Kicked his 'Balls'

    Milk GangMilk Gang13 dagar sedan
  • i want part 2 from Masco

    PixelVaniaPixelVania13 dagar sedan
  • 1:32 *VIDEO ERROR*

    Ace NightsAce Nights15 dagar sedan
  • wow

    Magertater the amazingMagertater the amazing16 dagar sedan
  • don't ship jaiden and the ood 1s out

    Magertater the amazingMagertater the amazing16 dagar sedan
  • So some bald guy beat up a fast-food chain worker? Call the police

    Lo-FiLo-Fi16 dagar sedan
  • Nooooooooo no james😢☹️🙁😟😞

    MRD stop motionMRD stop motion16 dagar sedan
  • U ooooooh my belly!!!!!!!!!!!

    MRD stop motionMRD stop motion16 dagar sedan
  • The story was wered

    MRD stop motionMRD stop motion16 dagar sedan
  • ...........

    MRD stop motionMRD stop motion16 dagar sedan
  • Donald trump

    MRD stop motionMRD stop motion16 dagar sedan
  • world martial arts tournament, huh? That is Dragon Ball!!!!!!

    Sahil PawaskarSahil Pawaskar16 dagar sedan

    Kyle AshtonKyle Ashton17 dagar sedan

    Kyle AshtonKyle Ashton17 dagar sedan
  • no not jaden

    Barbara HodgesBarbara Hodges17 dagar sedan
  • Wow ,that was such a great story 🤩🤩

    HashTAG0093HashTAG009318 dagar sedan
    • I want to become a animator

      HashTAG0093HashTAG009318 dagar sedan
  • 3:23 Lmao love the laugh XD

    Purple PowerPurple Power18 dagar sedan
  • lol

    Cats In SpaceCats In Space18 dagar sedan
  • By God my God I'm dying

    Dis DudeDis Dude18 dagar sedan
  • Ştiu că ieşti român

    bogdan gamer ştefan găşileanubogdan gamer ştefan găşileanu18 dagar sedan
  • I hate it. And to Who made this i hate you

    bjor197siljebjor197silje19 dagar sedan
    • I know that

      bjor197siljebjor197silje17 dagar sedan
    • Andrei dint make it

      GreatGamerHiGreatGamerHi17 dagar sedan
  • *im almost die laughing that wilfur is the master*

    NaplesNaples19 dagar sedan
  • I like both lol

    SophieeatswafflesSophieeatswaffles19 dagar sedan
  • Someone tell James and Jaiden to react to this

    Saucey BoiSaucey Boi19 dagar sedan
  • theodd1sout is better

    AlexH203AlexH20319 dagar sedan
    • Yep

      GreatGamerHiGreatGamerHi17 dagar sedan
  • Andrei since he better draw

    FieryKaiFieryKai20 dagar sedan
  • So Theodd1sout actually subscribed to Andrei so ummmmmmmmm very interesting

    Yến HảiYến Hải21 dag sedan
  • This is not shit

    Oona MiettinenOona Miettinen21 dag sedan
  • Writer of the fanfiction is a big *******, james will always be better

    Abhijeet MurumkarAbhijeet Murumkar22 dagar sedan
  • It was huge I SAY HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

    Alexa McCAlexa McC22 dagar sedan
  • And then they both get beat up AlexClark who takes the championship

    CenturionCenturion22 dagar sedan
  • I watch both oop

    Big FanBig Fan23 dagar sedan
  • Nmm

    Insane GamerInsane Gamer23 dagar sedan
  • the slept

    SnippySnippy24 dagar sedan
  • Oh yes of course my two favorite animators fighting just wonderful.

    Adam AbuobeidAdam Abuobeid24 dagar sedan
  • interesting story...What the hack James and Jaden maried?Seriously?Did the Jaden and james watch this video?

    Vazgen MashinyanVazgen Mashinyan25 dagar sedan
  • The sensei should've been domics

    Navyansh PantNavyansh Pant25 dagar sedan
  • The story reminds me dragon ball

    P. G. R. PP. G. R. P25 dagar sedan
  • Andrei animated odd1out better than odd1out

    Shivam PatelShivam Patel26 dagar sedan
  • furry vs gamer man lol

    haha yes very original namehaha yes very original name26 dagar sedan
  • E

    Bmv gamingBmv gaming26 dagar sedan
  • Both win.

    YeetusCreatusHQYeetusCreatusHQ26 dagar sedan
  • hUUUUUUUge... i tell ya! hUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!

    Liam JohnstonLiam Johnston26 dagar sedan
  • Still the oddonesout is way better than you

    hero dudehero dude27 dagar sedan
  • They are brother and sister dude Jesus shut up man

    GAMERLAXGAMERLAX27 dagar sedan
    • @GAMERLAX yes but I geuss it was supposed to be a joke but since he already has a girlfriend I don't think this is ok

      `ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-24 dagar sedan
    • @`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́- but still this is weird James said that jaiden is not her girlfriend

      GAMERLAXGAMERLAX24 dagar sedan
    • Umm no they aren't

      `ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-24 dagar sedan
  • This is very copy right

    Dragon69 dragonDragon69 dragon27 dagar sedan
  • the Trump part made me die of laughter

    joy of learningjoy of learning27 dagar sedan
  • Right know if they saw this they might get mad

    The ImposterThe Imposter27 dagar sedan
  • Ifeel really bad for jaden, shes there for no reson, and doesnt get to do much. Except marry her friend and have child? Why?

    Molly JohnstonMolly Johnston28 dagar sedan
    • Me too

      Parnitha VlogsParnitha Vlogs27 dagar sedan
  • oh god......not the jaiden x james ships....

    dr. cheese YTdr. cheese YT28 dagar sedan
  • The greatest sequel of all time...

    Rasydan DanialRasydan Danial28 dagar sedan
  • 😁😁😁🤭🤭😰

    Azzam AlfaheedAzzam Alfaheed28 dagar sedan
  • Amazing

    Bobby KL LimBobby KL Lim29 dagar sedan
  • Family friendly dog don't curse

    Martina AbreuMartina Abreu29 dagar sedan
  • comedy gold

    jakeythebrojakeythebroMånad sedan
  • I hate The story but like The animation

    Tia EliseTia EliseMånad sedan
  • Jaiden and james are just friends

    Pich FahsaiPich FahsaiMånad sedan
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    mark boutosmark boutosMånad sedan
  • Not that I’m biased buuuut, I agree with this comic Andrew can go super something

    Lucas IrelandLucas IrelandMånad sedan
  • I got beat u0 because my name is james

    maricel baronmaricel baronMånad sedan
  • domics was the priest cool

    Tiger H1Tiger H1Månad sedan
  • 6:11 he said I never seen to pretty best friends always one of them got to be ugly

    BaseballBaseballMånad sedan
  • Very cool

    RohitRohitMånad sedan
  • This is awesome

  • 1:33 james youtuber vs son james

    YTHFH2O marioYTHFH2O marioMånad sedan
  • Andrei vs oversimplefied?

    Sate Ayyam3Sate Ayyam3Månad sedan
  • James would have won

    Savage NinjaSavage NinjaMånad sedan
    • Just saying

      Savage NinjaSavage NinjaMånad sedan
    • It's my opinion

      Savage NinjaSavage NinjaMånad sedan
    • Its just a fanfic CHILL

      beats and more beatsbeats and more beatsMånad sedan
  • My confusion is confusing

    Ramya VikramRamya VikramMånad sedan
  • The weird thing is that.... James have a girlfriend

    Tango_ MangowTango_ MangowMånad sedan
  • I know what Andrei was getting A knife because *Man behind the slaughter plays*

    B TDWTGB TDWTGMånad sedan
  • Son andre getting drugss for family

    Recycled GdevRecycled GdevMånad sedan
  • Jamden: 1.10

    Gamer Reactor AyaanGamer Reactor AyaanMånad sedan
  • no thank you

    ViraViraMånad sedan
  • 4:50

    Fraser LFraser LMånad sedan
  • booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Why?

      beats and more beatsbeats and more beatsMånad sedan
  • What da James and jaiden no gf and bf James got another girl not jaiden

    Ilusiones PeinadosIlusiones PeinadosMånad sedan

    Natalia DemetriouNatalia DemetriouMånad sedan
  • *litterly domics being the prist in **2:06*

    CodenameEricCodenameEricMånad sedan
  • use grammaly

    Ksaiah DanielKsaiah DanielMånad sedan
  • Is this kind of related to gumball

    Ahmed Al JabahjiAhmed Al JabahjiMånad sedan
  • Is this kind of related to gumball

    Ahmed Al JabahjiAhmed Al JabahjiMånad sedan