Terraria vibe checked me

28 okt 2019
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the vibe is off.
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  • You have FAILED the vibe check. As punishment, you're gonna get FUCKING DISEMBOWELED

    ByrdByrd8 dagar sedan
  • Another terraria video... maybe?

    Ian BoniIan Boni12 dagar sedan
  • 5:48 just fucking kills me every time istg

    J37 MusicJ37 Music14 dagar sedan
  • honestly the worst part of this is how much they struggled with Chthulu's Eye, like it was really easy?

    itsjusterin :3itsjusterin :315 dagar sedan
  • HI

    minercraftmasterminercraftmaster17 dagar sedan
  • man I wish Charlie was in the smp

    Drago TomahawkDrago Tomahawk21 dag sedan
  • Count Vibula has awoken!

    Peter MalloyPeter Malloy23 dagar sedan
  • Me too

    Ky_why707Ky_why707Månad sedan
    • Sorry i ruined 690 comments

      Ky_why707Ky_why707Månad sedan
  • *play the thorium mod*

    Papa SmokePapa SmokeMånad sedan
  • I haven't seen that much damage since the first boulder! 0:45

    grum bogrum boMånad sedan
  • Everybody gangsta till slime fails at terraria... 10 months ago

    Chezrlz009Chezrlz0092 månader sedan
  • Charlie is trying to steal marley's title

    Noah JaimeNoah Jaime2 månader sedan
  • I was vobe checked

    Badger Duh BadgerBadger Duh Badger2 månader sedan
  • 5:53 I was kinda laughing and as soon as he went into the I just stopped.

    DeeoosmooDeeoosmoo2 månader sedan
  • Slime was ahead of his time by getting killed by a bat

    AroBrain21 GamerAroBrain21 Gamer2 månader sedan
  • "i was killed by a bat" 2020: interesting.

    MaleMale2 månader sedan
  • At the start I trash the sword and just use the axe because the sword sucks

    ferret freak adventuresferret freak adventures3 månader sedan
  • They were so lucky it wasn't journey's end

    Just an a normal human beingJust an a normal human being3 månader sedan
  • Well Life vibe checked my grandma

    ZetaZeta3 månader sedan
  • bruh try master mode

    liam bullliam bull3 månader sedan
  • and so he never played again

    PITT LORDPITT LORD3 månader sedan
  • Slime and condi: I’ve got the magiiic in- grizz: A FUCKING SALAMANDER Me: you have The magic in a fucking salamander?

    Dylan The memerDylan The memer3 månader sedan
  • V I B E C H E C K

    B for Brady xB for Brady x3 månader sedan
  • can can i puay with u? 0w0 XD, lol

    Zachary RittenhousesmithZachary Rittenhousesmith3 månader sedan
  • Terrarias just better than vanilla minecraft

    NyftyNyfty4 månader sedan
  • Try going to the red place go into one of the caves and break three glowing red things you get loot if you do

    Seargant SpudSeargant Spud4 månader sedan
  • Did slime know that the grappling hook is a weapon too?

    Sh1nySh1ny4 månader sedan
  • Please stop copying slimecicle

    YeffYeff5 månader sedan
  • Play master mode. I dare you

    Rileylego5555Rileylego55555 månader sedan
  • Yeah it does that

    Gaysexual NerdGaysexual Nerd5 månader sedan
  • From the time im watching this the view count is 420,690, pog

    BanditGamer9001BanditGamer90015 månader sedan
  • I played Terraria for the first time yesterday and saw expert mode. I thought I could handle it but instantly had all my vibes checked by a slime.

    no thinno thin6 månader sedan
  • It took so long but finally it happened

    William HeyerWilliam Heyer6 månader sedan
  • i warned you about the stairs bro

    professional sewer ratprofessional sewer rat6 månader sedan
  • Ha ha, tbh they do be noobin But I'm still happy to see it

    Slimy gamingSlimy gaming6 månader sedan
  • I don't don't know how to react YOUR playing my favorite game TERRARIA

    Ricky HowellRicky Howell6 månader sedan

    TwillsTwills6 månader sedan
  • I have never seen somebody be more unprepared for the eye of Cthulhu.

    Mr. SandManMr. SandMan6 månader sedan

    Kabutops Video GamesKabutops Video Games7 månader sedan
  • *”you feel an evil presence watching you.”* Intruder Alert: Backdoor

    (STUDENT)William Giles(STUDENT)William Giles7 månader sedan
  • i want more terraria slimecicle

    oliveroliver7 månader sedan
  • that fucking yeti bit made me laugh so hard

    oliveroliver7 månader sedan
  • You failed.

    PerzurewrathPerzurewrath7 månader sedan
  • I am happy that more and more people are playing terraria

    Lolidk13Lolidk137 månader sedan
  • Them: Kill the blue slime Me: Sit! good boy!

    Glass SharkGlass Shark7 månader sedan
  • Me: Taking a magnum shit All of a sudden I hear "STOP SHITTING IN MY HOUSE!"

    Victoe GarkiaVictoe Garkia7 månader sedan
  • 5:07 so sad that slime got covid 19

    Jacob StrouseJacob Strouse8 månader sedan
  • "Vibe check" - Romulus before straight up murdering his brother

    Cooper DavisCooper Davis8 månader sedan
  • Voodoo demon's corpse: *plummeting into lava* Me: No oh god oh Jesus please Wall of Flesh: *V I B E C H E C K*

    Cooper DavisCooper Davis8 månader sedan
  • Slimecicle: "What is this, Minecraft superflat?" The entire terraria community: You will regret that

    William HoggWilliam Hogg8 månader sedan
  • *_”AH, FUCK ME”_* giant mood

    Angelica SchuylerAngelica Schuyler8 månader sedan
  • No words can express...... *HOW MUCH I WANT TO VIBE CHECK MYSELF RIGHT NOW!*

    Mr.mcmiddle FingerMr.mcmiddle Finger8 månader sedan
  • Will there be any more terraria videos?

    norn't neithern'tnorn't neithern't8 månader sedan
  • You failing to play terraria is infuriating me

    GalacticPugtatoGalacticPugtato8 månader sedan
  • A true terrarian

    IzzyDizzyDreemurrIzzyDizzyDreemurr9 månader sedan
  • It is written in the vible that thou shalt never destroy thy vibe

    Corrosivity YeetborneCorrosivity Yeetborne9 månader sedan
  • People say league of legends is the most toxic game. Take someones good in terraria and watch the cursing volcano erupt

    waffle makerwaffle maker9 månader sedan
    • Gold not good sry

      waffle makerwaffle maker9 månader sedan
  • "im no baby" you failed the vibe check

    Gabe {CunTek: Capo}Gabe {CunTek: Capo}9 månader sedan

    Koenigsegg DubstepKoenigsegg Dubstep9 månader sedan
  • You made this channel as a meme for that video didn't you

    Pixel FoxPixel Fox9 månader sedan
  • 1:06 That really surpreyesed me... I guess you could say I didn't SEE that coming... I know IRISk a lot with these jokes

    The GuardianThe Guardian9 månader sedan
  • furry here, terawria

    Wato1876 RobloxWato1876 Roblox9 månader sedan
    • Humanity was a mistake

      WillWill9 månader sedan
  • Hey slime go back to that room with the pharaoh robe then mine to the the right u will find great loot I’m not fucking kidding

    missingindymissingindy9 månader sedan

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ10 månader sedan
  • maore

    twangustwangus10 månader sedan
  • The minecart drop got me good.

    En AyEn Ay10 månader sedan
  • You know I feel amazing knowing I played and beat this game

    Marshmallow KingMarshmallow King10 månader sedan
  • Terraria is hell for beginners and it’s honestly hilarious

    necro nerdnecro nerd11 månader sedan
    • Terraria is hell for beginners who don't know what they're doing or don't have gamer logic. XD

      DracolichDracolich7 månader sedan
  • There is never a time when its not...

    Arctic ArmyArctic Army11 månader sedan
  • The Moon Lord wants to check your vibe. *Accept?*

    SirGuardianSirGuardian11 månader sedan
  • ...And this is why I don't play on expert worlds. Any questions?

    LichdemonLichdemon11 månader sedan
  • Terreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeria

    ZetaZeta11 månader sedan
  • Remembered to cross his "T's," but failed to dot his eyes.

    Hezakigha MorganHezakigha Morgan11 månader sedan
  • I was watching for some of these clips and I do not regret

    Rampant BucklerRampant BucklerÅr sedan
  • Slimecicle, more like gaycicle

    Magic SmokeMagic SmokeÅr sedan
  • An easy way to defeat Eye of Cthulhu is by using an S.D.M.G, which you can get after defeating Moonlord.

    QuadinglyQuadinglyÅr sedan
  • Did you pass it?

    loserloserÅr sedan

    ACENDANT 173-2ACENDANT 173-2År sedan
  • This is really hard to watch as a tarrarian veteran

    HyphonHyphonÅr sedan
  • They vibing

    Cheriri c,’Cheriri c,’År sedan
  • Moon Lord would like to vibe check you. [Accept]------------------[Decline]

    skuqreskuqreÅr sedan
  • Illegal vibe.

    Sugoi StalinSugoi StalinÅr sedan
  • Oh yeah well I have a band named vibes

    Squid Lord903Squid Lord903År sedan
  • ok boomer

    gazelle kgazelle kÅr sedan
  • Keep playing Terraria

    artistic_ flame17artistic_ flame17År sedan
  • That slimecicle dude is so shit

    Stephen DeWittStephen DeWittÅr sedan
  • v I b E c H e C k

    John Loren PelayoJohn Loren PelayoÅr sedan
  • Yo sup slime

    CRTF-killswitchCRTF-killswitchÅr sedan
  • Boomer

    Notmy RealnameNotmy RealnameÅr sedan
  • What is a wibe check?

    Johnny SiboniJohnny SiboniÅr sedan
  • you sound like that one youtuber called "slimecicle"

    Jan JonášJan JonášÅr sedan
  • Kill medusa and get to the dungeon for waterbolt it blue book

    sniper pro 2007sniper pro 2007År sedan
  • Now we wait for mods

    AuraAuraÅr sedan
    • He just used the calamity Soundtrack in his living blocks video

      A PersonA PersonÅr sedan
  • Vibe check

    poggerspoggersÅr sedan
  • Play. More.

    ZeekarZeekarÅr sedan
  • Vibe Check: Terraria is just 2d Minecraft

    Phoenix 7Phoenix 7År sedan
  • i was playing terraria while watching your videos, then i found this video . . .

    Ether of LifeEther of LifeÅr sedan

    WastedWastedÅr sedan
  • i love you charlie!!!!

    citrusglue ytcitrusglue ytÅr sedan
  • 0:52 That sounds like something a *BOOMER* would say!

    David W. SmiecinskiDavid W. SmiecinskiÅr sedan