CAMP | McDavid Scrimmage Goal

8 jan 2021
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Connor McDavid goes bar-down on a highlight-reel goal during an Oilers Training Camp scrimmage.

  • must be nice having 10 1st overall picks and landing a generational talent.. :S

    TONYNOMTONYNOM13 dagar sedan
  • machine !"!

    Sables ThouinSables Thouin14 dagar sedan
  • Just like Bobby Orr

    NO EVIDENCENO EVIDENCE15 dagar sedan
  • How does McDavid move his feet that quick while folks like Milan Lucic drag their feet? That is hockey IQ!

    Daniel DengDaniel Deng15 dagar sedan
  • I’d like to thank you trading us a pick for 2 games of Green and for trading us a second rounder for AA. It’s really appreciated.

    Terrence MillerTerrence Miller15 dagar sedan
  • sped 100

    H DhillonH Dhillon16 dagar sedan
  • I smell garbage... Must be Mike Smith..... Jk i know thats Koski

    Nickbomb 09Nickbomb 0916 dagar sedan
  • McDavid is the best skater in the NHL. If you watch closely, his feet almost never stop moving. He’s so hard to stop and even harder to predict.

    Mitchell SellersMitchell Sellers16 dagar sedan
  • Excellent pass along the wall and recognition that McDavid would corral that set-up. Not could...would.

    CatharsisCatharsis16 dagar sedan
  • Oilers gonna get lit up this season. Two guys McDavid & Draisaitl not evough.

    Jeremy EdwinJeremy Edwin16 dagar sedan

    dave lugdave lug17 dagar sedan
  • Best player on the planet. That must feel pretty good to know!🔥

    t bonet bone17 dagar sedan
  • Not Fair!

    brad hallbrad hall17 dagar sedan
  • Dirty shot

    Storm the pomskyStorm the pomsky17 dagar sedan
  • The greatest in the world. Unreal.

    Kevin MurphyKevin Murphy17 dagar sedan
  • We're gonna see alot more people easily get by Ethan bear this season

    dee leedee lee17 dagar sedan
  • we better not have another year of a bunch of plugs spending the entire season trying to get the puck to McDavid. I get it, he's a fantastic player, but the rest of them should be NHL caliper as well. Surprised I haven't seen anyone flick it into the bench yet trying to pass to McDavid when he's off the ice. Carry your own weight out there, and use McDavid as a skilled player. Not some "cheat code" that's over used.

    Colinator4321Colinator432117 dagar sedan
  • so excited to see the boys play! connors gonna be awesome on wednesday, especially because its also his birthday. i wanna say a 5 point game

    • sxnflxw3r •• sxnflxw3r •17 dagar sedan
  • God he’s so slow

    Eric SessomsEric Sessoms17 dagar sedan
  • Can't even afford numbers. Yikes

    Joe RayJoe Ray17 dagar sedan
    • Practice jerseys never have numbers lol. Pointless comment

      Gage BedfordGage Bedford16 dagar sedan
  • 0:08 Bardown wooooooo

    The Greasy SniperzThe Greasy Sniperz17 dagar sedan
  • The notable thing here is that this is, for him, a pretty standard goal.

    K NK N18 dagar sedan
  • That D held back. In real game he would have pushed mcd to ice

    Mikko KarjalainenMikko Karjalainen18 dagar sedan
    • I dont blame him tho its scrimmage

      Mikko KarjalainenMikko Karjalainen18 dagar sedan
  • Lol classic EASHL shovel shot

    Jake McCarthyJake McCarthy18 dagar sedan
  • Definition of Yucky🤮

    Alexander PenningAlexander Penning18 dagar sedan
  • He’s a try hard even in a scrimmage like damn

    2Kode2Kode18 dagar sedan
  • Goalie was sliding across the net before he even shot

    James OLANDJames OLAND18 dagar sedan
  • I can’t wait to watch this guy play next season.

    Archer143Archer14318 dagar sedan
  • McDavid is nothing next to Puljujärvi

    Danforth PakasteDanforth Pakaste18 dagar sedan
  • know its just a scrimmage but we have 5 seasons of data points to show us that McDavid is the best on this planet. Also never take anyone seriously when they say that MacKinnon is better than this guy, we’re seriously blessed to have him on our team.

    Jason ThompsonJason Thompson18 dagar sedan
  • Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago

    ns 96ns 9618 dagar sedan
    • Yeah well good for Happy Gil..OhMyGod!

      Kurtis SchwartzKurtis Schwartz18 dagar sedan
  • Someone's been working on his shot 😶

    Brock BeckerBrock Becker18 dagar sedan
  • lol I love how everyone is losing their mind that McDavid is scoring goals in half speed training camp scrimmages.....

    Gordon BombayGordon Bombay18 dagar sedan
    • Yeah I know because he doesn't do that in real games, everyone's so stupid eh?

      Zig FieldZig Field18 dagar sedan
    • Lol. Yeah, he never does that in regular season games

      oilfan pwoilfan pw18 dagar sedan
  • Turbo mode, engage.

    Brad SBrad S18 dagar sedan
  • I swear McDavid not human

    Ryan SRyan S18 dagar sedan
  • Crosby > mcdavid in the present, past, and future

    Jared HenriquesJared Henriques18 dagar sedan
    • @Jared Henriques I don't agree.

      MultiCappieMultiCappie18 dagar sedan
    • @Jack Glista Yup

      Jared HenriquesJared Henriques18 dagar sedan
    • Nah

      Jack GlistaJack Glista18 dagar sedan
  • Unreal pass too

    vCElitevCElite18 dagar sedan
  • This guy seems pretty good it's too bad he's stuck on an AHL team

    Ronan FarmerRonan Farmer18 dagar sedan
    • this will not age well

      havency 95havency 9518 dagar sedan
  • Yeah... guy looks pretty decent, might even have a shot in the league this year!

    Joseph FJoseph F18 dagar sedan
    • idk he might have to work on his skating and hockey iq but other than that he’s a solid looking prospect. probably a good 3rd maybe 2nd liner

      joseph alvajoseph alva18 dagar sedan
  • Typical McDavid goal.

    Midi Music ForeverMidi Music Forever19 dagar sedan
    • Was thinking the same thing

      Ryan SRyan S18 dagar sedan
  • Come on Bear, take out his legs. You let him walk right in

    Ali SiddiquiAli Siddiqui19 dagar sedan
  • rip flow

    ClordClord19 dagar sedan
  • Just McDavid things

    John DesjardinsJohn Desjardins19 dagar sedan
  • Oilers suck

    Sko DenSko Den19 dagar sedan
  • Will he make the team?

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden19 dagar sedan
    • Still needs a year or two in Bakersfield

      oilfan pwoilfan pw18 dagar sedan
  • classic Mcdavid goal

  • Of course they only show mcdavids goal

    Brentod 16Brentod 1619 dagar sedan
    • @Brentod 16 anytime guy

      Kurtis SchwartzKurtis Schwartz18 dagar sedan
    • @Kurtis Schwartz ohhhhhhhhhh okay. I wasn't mainly trying to find the other's goals, but I was just wondering why they only put up mcdavid. Thank you very much😊

      Brentod 16Brentod 1618 dagar sedan
    • @Brentod 16 I've seen plenty of Leon too but admittedly not many players past that. If you go on the actual oilers website they show all the game goals of players regardless of what player they are. I believe their twitter feed shows a short vid of goals made by each player that goes up right after they score, that should be more in line with what you're looking for.

      Kurtis SchwartzKurtis Schwartz18 dagar sedan
    • @Kurtis Schwartz well 1. I'm just confused on why they would post mcdavids goal. Technically it was sent twice bc it happened in the full video and the clip. 2. I know they make videos only on crosby, but they also make videos only on makin or letang. The oilers just do mcdavid

      Brentod 16Brentod 1618 dagar sedan
    • @Brentod 16 You're specifically talking about vids that have more than one player, just like I specifically told you if you wanted to see the other oilers goals you have to watch the other video. That doesn't change the fact that there are literally hundreds of vids of these players posted by thier teams. You think the pens have never posted vids of just Crosby? Look for yourself man lol this has been happening long before Mcdavid ever entered the league and should not be a surprise to anyone.

      Kurtis SchwartzKurtis Schwartz18 dagar sedan
  • What did McDavid do when he won the stanley cup? He turned off the Xbox.

    Brentod 16Brentod 1619 dagar sedan
  • He tried so hard not to celly there 😂

    jamespond roxjamespond rox19 dagar sedan
    • Ya

      Janet BergendahlJanet Bergendahl18 dagar sedan
    • Lmao glad I'm not the only one who saw that

      ManzaManza18 dagar sedan
  • The best player on the planet

    alan stormalan storm19 dagar sedan
  • Future NHLer

    Gin Tonic92Gin Tonic9219 dagar sedan
  • All the talent wasted on team that will never win.

    Bai BurehBai Bureh19 dagar sedan
  • Not bad for being the 2nd fastest..

    No Cups For CanadaNo Cups For Canada19 dagar sedan
    • @No Cups For Canada yeah I figured

      oilfan pwoilfan pw18 dagar sedan
    • @oilfan pw Im a knights fan, I knew someone would say something about him being injured. I agree he is the fastest tho, just making oilers fans mad lol

      No Cups For CanadaNo Cups For Canada18 dagar sedan
    • Lol. Are we still talking about a skills competition nobody cares about and McDavid did while injured?

      oilfan pwoilfan pw18 dagar sedan
  • Looks like Nurse hasn't approved his defending at all. He should have predicted that bank pass from the boards to McDavid... Then poor Bear has to try to catch McD from across the ice...

    Ankur JohriAnkur Johri19 dagar sedan
  • 🔥Oilers powerplay line up🔥 Yamamoto draisatl McDavid Barrie Nurse

    kingZ BucketskingZ Buckets19 dagar sedan
    • Except they don't use 2 dmen. Nurse will most definitely not be on the pp, it will be RNH

      Zig FieldZig Field18 dagar sedan
  • Yea but can he do it during a real game?

    AdamHearn AdamHearnAdamHearn AdamHearn19 dagar sedan
    • He did it many times lol..

      liamgordon97liamgordon9717 dagar sedan
  • He has definitely got potential to be a top 20 player someday

    Caleb ChramowCaleb Chramow19 dagar sedan
    • He’s fast but too selfish with the puck team play needs work

      Ryan SRyan S18 dagar sedan
    • @Caleb Chramow seems as though he lacks hockey IQ

      Abraham MarshallAbraham Marshall18 dagar sedan
    • @Crisp Rat He is still young. Plenty of time for him to develop that.

      Caleb ChramowCaleb Chramow19 dagar sedan
    • @Andrew Metzger Only time will tell. Seems to have a decent chance of making opening day roster.

      Caleb ChramowCaleb Chramow19 dagar sedan
    • Needs to improve his skating first

      Crisp RatCrisp Rat19 dagar sedan
  • How is he legally allowed to play hockey

    Bob RogersBob Rogers19 dagar sedan
  • Bear should have tripped him and took his chances with the penalty shot

    K HAMK HAM19 dagar sedan
    • @Bryce Micky just playin pal

      K HAMK HAM18 dagar sedan
    • didn't something like that happen to McDavid in previous years' training camp, got taken out going to the net and got hurt

      Bryce MickyBryce Micky18 dagar sedan
  • Who can’t wait to watch the season 👍

    kingZ BucketskingZ Buckets19 dagar sedan
    • Ryan S not so fun for Ottawa tho😂

      Cuyler PenrodCuyler Penrod18 dagar sedan
    • All Canadian battle should be fun

      Ryan SRyan S18 dagar sedan
  • Guy seems decent hopefully he can crack the roster

    Ed IngersollEd Ingersoll19 dagar sedan
    • @Finnish Gamer Boys FGB you can still delete this comment

      Hockey_All_Star5Hockey_All_Star516 dagar sedan
    • @Finnish Gamer Boys FGB No he's not dumb but you might be for thinking that he is.

      Pablum444Pablum44417 dagar sedan
    • @Finnish Gamer Boys FGB durp

      oilfan pwoilfan pw18 dagar sedan
    • @Finnish Gamer Boys FGB He’s joking

      Ryan SRyan S18 dagar sedan
    • @Finnish Gamer Boys FGB 🤦‍♂️

      PDNL88PDNL8818 dagar sedan
  • I genuinely believe he wasn't 100% last year from his knee injury, hence why he didn't seem as fast or use his speed as much. This looks promising, he might be 100% healed now.

    Kevin JhonsonKevin Jhonson19 dagar sedan
    • @Fun Times Even then, he could've still been 90/95, a lot of times he wasn't using his speed to it's full potential.

      Kevin JhonsonKevin Jhonson19 dagar sedan
    • @Kevin Jhonson You just said he might be 100% healed now so I don't see how you thoguht that was obvious lol

      Fun TimesFun Times19 dagar sedan
    • @Fun Times Obviously in that series he was, not in regular season.

      Kevin JhonsonKevin Jhonson19 dagar sedan
    • He was 100% in the series against Chicago, he even said it himself before it started. Hence why he had 5 goals and 9 points in 4 games.

      Fun TimesFun Times19 dagar sedan

    Divinity BlazeDivinity Blaze19 dagar sedan
  • Dang! Speeeeeeeed!

    Henry McLeanHenry McLean19 dagar sedan
  • Ohhh man this is what I needed to see

    Norristown ZepNorristown Zep19 dagar sedan
  • Camp McDavid

    cobeetricecobeetrice19 dagar sedan
  • The two defencemens are Morgan Reillys

    ZenoZeno19 dagar sedan
  • I can’t wait till he scores like that during the season!! #LetsGoOilers

    X-Snipes Edmonton OilersX-Snipes Edmonton Oilers19 dagar sedan
  • Im so desperate for Oilers hockey rn. Thank god it's only a 5 day wait

    cRisNcRisN19 dagar sedan
    • Can’t wait too see the new additions play and 98

      Ryan SRyan S18 dagar sedan
  • His name is MaxSpeed BarDown

    Zig FieldZig Field19 dagar sedan
  • That was a very nice pass as well.

    God's Good EarthGod's Good Earth19 dagar sedan
  • Nurse getting burned and letting bear out to dry again lol nothing new

    LouieLouie19 dagar sedan
    • Loool my thoughts exactly

      Deutschland DanglerDeutschland Dangler19 dagar sedan
  • SICK! It’s like a formula one race car out on the highway.

    Forest WilsonForest Wilson19 dagar sedan
    • Lol

      kingZ BucketskingZ Buckets19 dagar sedan
  • Ew

    Mike ThompsonMike Thompson19 dagar sedan
  • damn notice how when he switches from going backwards to forward, he never does a forward stride. just crossovers. crossovers are more effective and efficient way to develop speed than jus straight line power. and connor, WHERES THE CELLY??? lol

    Jacob RavanalJacob Ravanal19 dagar sedan
    • @OilersAnalyst Ya, pretty much anyone who has played hockey at a decent level knows this. Lol! Your teammates would be like,"WTF are you doing!?" If you did that after a praccy goal and you would end up getting beaked pretty hard....

      SluggerStarkSluggerStark19 dagar sedan
    • He wanted to you can tell he was amped

      Kneel Before The LordKneel Before The Lord19 dagar sedan
    • Unless your P.K Subban I hate Subban

      OilersAnalystOilersAnalyst19 dagar sedan
    • Nobody’s gonna celly in practice

      OilersAnalystOilersAnalyst19 dagar sedan
  • He still using the As2

    Nathaniel McFarlaneNathaniel McFarlane19 dagar sedan
  • Police: You’ve been pulled over for speeding.. Connor: Sorry Officer, I was just going for a daily skate

    Exotic vlogs & gamingExotic vlogs & gaming19 dagar sedan
    • 😂

      kingZ BucketskingZ Buckets19 dagar sedan
    • Lmao

      Michael HuynhMichael Huynh19 dagar sedan
    • @MrSharkFIN 😭🙏

      Exotic vlogs & gamingExotic vlogs & gaming19 dagar sedan
    • It's Connor :)

      MrSharkFINMrSharkFIN19 dagar sedan
  • The guys unreal

    The Hockey GodThe Hockey God19 dagar sedan
    • @Psycho Gamer i’d say crosby and mcdavid are equal now but that’s just my opinion

      predat0r178predat0r17815 dagar sedan
    • @NNPlayz16 Hum no... Crosby's better, mcdavid's faster

      Psycho GamerPsycho Gamer15 dagar sedan
    • @Mike Boris, no way. McDavid is a lot better.

      NNPlayz16NNPlayz1615 dagar sedan
    • Sidney Crosby be the goat

      Mike BorisMike Boris15 dagar sedan
    • @Atz and you are in the range of kid in his moms basement to troll under the bridge (leaning more towards troll)

      Kurtis SchwartzKurtis Schwartz18 dagar sedan
  • Class player

    Mackenzie CarreiroMackenzie Carreiro19 dagar sedan
  • Firstttt

    Jack CardiffJack Cardiff19 dagar sedan
  • Go oilers

    IntrellaryIntrellary19 dagar sedan