6 jan 2021
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👁 ABOUT THIS VIDEO : Take A Trip To Los Angeles And Visit The Petersen Museum. Explore The Vault! Largest Public Auto Tours. 300+ Vehicles. Buy Tickets Today. 4 New Exhibits. Hear Our Car Stories.
0:00 Introduction
1:48 Supercars
12:02 Vault Tour
20:15 Movie Cars
23:34 24k Gold Car
24:27 First Ferrari
26:00 Concept Car
26:36 Pixel Car
27:14 McLaren
27:52 Indie Cars
28:06 Workshop
28:28 Porsche
29:38 End of Tour
Manny Khoshbin is the president and CEO of The Khoshbin Company, based in Orange County, California. Manny immigrated to the U.S. with his family in the 1980s at the age of 14. He got his real estate license in 1992 and has spent the last three decades building his real estate empire.
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  • *What was your favorite car?!*

    Manny KhoshbinManny Khoshbin19 dagar sedan
    • F1 LM

      fujiismydogfujiismydog3 dagar sedan
    • McLaren F1

      PuRe GhOsTTPuRe GhOsTT4 dagar sedan
    • I really like the 2020 Merc GLA45. My Bday is coming up. You should review one. 400hp out of 4cyl awd weighs any 3600lbs

      Taelor WatsonTaelor Watson4 dagar sedan
    • definitely that Bugatti ❤️

      NamyAlmoNamyAlmo5 dagar sedan
    • The camera was on you the entire time.

      K. TourK. Tour7 dagar sedan
  • hey nate, im Nate '

    Nathan LambertNathan Lambert22 timmar sedan
    • dope name lol

      Nathan LambertNathan Lambert22 timmar sedan
  • Anyone notice that guy who was showing manny the vault had a mask on that said forza?

    Ohh Nicky FincherOhh Nicky FincherDag sedan
  • Did 5 yr old record this? Ys he not showing all the cars

    MrGoat 823MrGoat 823Dag sedan
  • Let the top go buddy

    The OfficeThe Office2 dagar sedan
  • Holy crap doing 100mph in that first car would be terrifying!

    Sky ScourgeSky Scourge2 dagar sedan
  • That was awesome! Thank you for taking us along, those are some things that I may never see in person so I appreciate you taking the time to show us

    January MorrisJanuary Morris2 dagar sedan
  • 12:18 Vault Door turned around again too see Manny 😂😂😍😍😍😍

    Kushang SamtaniKushang Samtani2 dagar sedan
  • your energy is just how i imagined id be if was in vault 🎟

    midwest made mikemidwest made mike3 dagar sedan
  • 0:30 y’all see that lightning McQueen Car in the back👀 Manny should def buy one like that.

    Baby ZinoooBaby Zinooo3 dagar sedan
  • 0:30 is no one going to talk about Lighting McQueen in the back!!!

    Dennis van der HulstDennis van der Hulst3 dagar sedan
  • ✨⭐️✨WOW WOW WOW✨⭐️✨

  • Great history here thank the Ferrari #1 us so special

    fujiismydogfujiismydog3 dagar sedan
  • Camera person terrible, feeling sea sick

    Adam RAdam R3 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely incredible. Truly remarkable, irreplaceable collection. Thanks so much for sharing.

    rmp5srmp5s4 dagar sedan
  • Homeboii in the grey jacket got sum BIG feet 🦶

    GozletGozlet4 dagar sedan
  • I understand the Peterson isn't doing so well it's soon to become the Leno automobile museum

    Taelor WatsonTaelor Watson4 dagar sedan
    • Taelor, we are doing well! Not sure where you heard that, we wish we were open but through the support of the community have been lucky!

      Petersen Automotive MuseumPetersen Automotive Museum2 dagar sedan
  • Ohh LOok, a Honda Civic.. this Museum is dope!

    Aaron Truth TVAaron Truth TV5 dagar sedan
  • That guy just wearing Forza mask lol

    gamer267gamer2675 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video so much history in that building/vault all that was missing is a Toyota prius 😂😂😂😂

    HOK1ANGAHOK1ANGA5 dagar sedan
  • The guy is a walking encyclopaedia for cars 👌🏽👌🏽

    HOK1ANGAHOK1ANGA5 dagar sedan
  • i love my guy's forza face mask!

    Frederick Rathe-OeenFrederick Rathe-Oeen5 dagar sedan
  • The best video on the internet from where it all started from and where it is going to...great experience thanks manny

    Jashwanth SinghJashwanth Singh5 dagar sedan
  • 20:40 I can only imagine how they acquired this car lol. The real history behind it would blow up minds from Yellowtards group from the Philippines.

    mikellmikell5 dagar sedan
  • Manny... when you started off on the video... and went to the basement i really wanted to see a Viper (as i own two of them)... i was excited to see it sitting next to the Ferrari... a bit sad it didn't get a shout out... but still cool to see. thanks again for all the fun content. If your ever in Toronto and need a viper (2017 ACR-E or 2015 GTE) let me know.

    One BadAssAcrobatOne BadAssAcrobat6 dagar sedan
  • The legend says, that if you go to instagram and follow EngineMachina, you will have Manny's garage

    GridNotionGridNotion7 dagar sedan
  • Manny i started a youtube channel in BRAZIL called GARAGEM DO PAEST. My son is is San Diego, is it close to you? could we make a video for our channel in Brazil?

    julio dauriajulio dauria7 dagar sedan

    kiel quicoykiel quicoy7 dagar sedan
  • Manny did they have Paykan car there XD

    ACEACE7 dagar sedan
  • the tawarish's murci lookin nice

    Augustas PaulauskasAugustas Paulauskas7 dagar sedan
  • That McLaren M6 GT spent 25 years in Quebec, was driven like it was worthless old race car, spent winters in a non-heated shed and had really bad repaint with typo in McLaren and was sold for 35 000$ Canadian in the 90's. It's now worth millions and sit in a museum.

    Jean Philippe FrechetteJean Philippe Frechette7 dagar sedan
  • great tour!

    ripseeze_ the_secondripseeze_ the_second7 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if he is wearing his Bugatti butt plug too

    laCarpetron pinkertonlaCarpetron pinkerton7 dagar sedan
  • ´dead space level on the top´ hmmmm, they´re keeping the real deal over there i´m sure

    Ignacio SIgnacio S8 dagar sedan
  • too bad they wont see sunlight often ;(

    Little biatchLittle biatch8 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video! Awesome cars! The UN pixelated Lambo was my favorite!

    350Zquicksilver350Zquicksilver8 dagar sedan
  • 10:11 tavarish’s murci

    cameron bcameron b8 dagar sedan
  • that die another day villain jaguar tho !!

    Rohith RgRohith Rg8 dagar sedan
  • Jeff bezos could probably buy all of these with 2% of his net worth

    Ta qi nenen -Ta qi nenen -8 dagar sedan
  • 2:22 people don’t understand that this thing at its time was like the aventador SVJ !

  • This guy remembers so much history on all the cars

    caleb keanucaleb keanu8 dagar sedan
  • I hate to be a nerd, but the gold plating on the car wasn't even close to a pound. Gold plating is very, very thin.

    ian zurekian zurek8 dagar sedan
  • Okay im a filipino but how Marco's car get there?

    Hokage Si Janjan GalawanHokage Si Janjan Galawan8 dagar sedan
  • Wears a whole ass Bugatti outfit, but drove the rolls royce. But it doesn't matter because we KNOW Manny got the buggati's.

    ian zurekian zurek8 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully earthquakes don’t occur as much in that area...

    Cali EvoCali Evo8 dagar sedan
  • I thought for sure they would have a 1981 Ford Festiva within the collection

    JM JM JM JM JM JMJM JM JM JM JM JM8 dagar sedan
  • Regards from Athens Greece..

    Panos CharosPanos Charos8 dagar sedan
  • Yo tavarish really made it into the Peterson big Factz my nigga tavarish on the come up

    Bernie GranrBernie Granr8 dagar sedan
  • This individual is very Knowledgeable.

    Elvin DelacrurElvin Delacrur9 dagar sedan
  • This gent

    Elvin DelacrurElvin Delacrur9 dagar sedan
  • Those wagons look like they could fall apart if you sit in them

    Muhammad Y.AMuhammad Y.A9 dagar sedan
  • i have to Travel to the states and go to this museum

    herpaderp herpaherpaderp herpa9 dagar sedan
  • 21:07 Fun fact, Peugeot’s cars had a 0 in the middle of their car numbers such 104, 205, 309, etc... it’s because the 0 was the opening to use the tool for hand starts.

    Phil SmithPhil Smith9 dagar sedan
  • That guide knows his stuff, i guess he has too, but no faking it at all. Good Job

    Red265 MotorsportRed265 Motorsport9 dagar sedan
  • My first ever comment on SEworld. I cannot pick a favorite car, I love all the cars shown! Thank you Manny for showing the cars in Peterson Museum!

    Kamal MankuKamal Manku9 dagar sedan
  • Manny 💪

    kenny Wisekenny Wise9 dagar sedan
  • My school Art center lol almost 20yrs ago time flies!

    Misnomer lMisnomer l9 dagar sedan
  • i love that the guy that is showing the cars has a forza horizon mask

    Itsme BuruItsme Buru9 dagar sedan
  • The mustang

    Life Of XLife Of X9 dagar sedan
  • The honorable gate ultrascructurally inject because secure allegedly recognise besides a defeated pear. reflective, murky mine

  • Can we just take the time to appreciate that the person that was showing many the cars had a Forza horizon for mask on

    WillcatracerWillcatracer9 dagar sedan
  • Theres actually 5 floors and you dont wanna see whats on the 5th floor!! Hahaa

    Euro ShaneEuro Shane9 dagar sedan
  • You see the Dodge Viper in the thumbnail next to the Ferrari. Doug DeMuro just reviewed that same one on his channel. Cool coincidence.

    Measly BendMeasly Bend9 dagar sedan
  • The way the guy said Schumacher

    Zeinab AhmedZeinab Ahmed9 dagar sedan
  • Over 800 million in sales. So not all that is profit. But yet owns Bugattis and such. I'm no mathematician but some how that doesn't add up. Where does all that other money come from? The cost of ownership of super cars is crazy I'm sure. Curiouser and curiouser.

    Story TellerStory Teller9 dagar sedan
  • 26:31 what does the audi doing there? lol

    JepanLifeJepanLife9 dagar sedan
  • at 20:40 he said "of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines" wow!

    JepanLifeJepanLife9 dagar sedan
  • thank you - what a great video show casing a large variety of the worlds best cars . What an experience it must have been.

    megazone128megazone1289 dagar sedan
  • I need a job

    on_the_road_to_yuon_the_road_to_yu9 dagar sedan
  • Couldn't keep watching my ears from the shoes on the floor

    banoldy 101banoldy 1019 dagar sedan
  • The knowledge of the museum host is incredible!

    mitchlippymitchlippy9 dagar sedan
  • The God of Access,,,,,,,,,,,

    Pawel JerzykPawel Jerzyk9 dagar sedan
  • Heyy Manny,Great Video,Saludos Mundo Makina,,,Happy New Year....

    Pawel JerzykPawel Jerzyk9 dagar sedan
  • the Bugatti in 15:00 has arabic numbers 😳?

    l MoTzl MoTz9 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or is the guy wearing a forza mask

    Scott CuthillScott Cuthill10 dagar sedan
  • Manny we wanna se more BMWs forgot those bugattis and ferrratis buy a car with soul buy bmw

    Semir TesnjakSemir Tesnjak10 dagar sedan
  • Is you really perserving a water bottle.

    meseyoungboyっmeseyoungboyっ10 dagar sedan
  • Prolly one of my favorite videos, I really enjoyed this one 🤙🏽

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  • مانی جان موفق باشی

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  • how come nobody full on kicked that priceless artifact? this is enough for today. I'm upset.

    boxed fendersboxed fenders10 dagar sedan
  • But does he have a supra?

    KomnaKomna10 dagar sedan
  • Great video !

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  • The car at @27:20 is actually from The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

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  • Any one guess the price of the whole showroom

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  • Hey it's the original Viper from Doug's video

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    Aaditya NaikAaditya Naik10 dagar sedan
  • WOW!

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  • yeahh, I mean uhmmm.. you know, soo yeah this mans conversational skills

    Dylan LundgrenDylan Lundgren11 dagar sedan
  • Really wish I didnt live so far away or didnt have a bank account that hates me lmao. Would be a dream come true to spend a day here.

    Doc8Ball's GearHead GamingDoc8Ball's GearHead Gaming11 dagar sedan
  • OMG I wanted to see so much more, YOU CUT ALOT OF COOL SCENES!!! You are so lucky thought. *bows*

    DallasDallas11 dagar sedan
  • 25:34 thats the viper @dougdemuro revieuwed!!

    jonas van geertsomjonas van geertsom11 dagar sedan
  • Underground storage the whole block holy fuck

    Martago HicksMartago Hicks11 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely love the museum and the vault, just sad they wouldn’t let me film when I visited a few years ago. Guard following and watching everyone like a hawk. The first Ferrari was there, all 3 generations of Ford gt, sadden Hussein’s limo, etc

    DeetroiterDeetroiter11 dagar sedan
  • Hey manny we’re you on that Netflix show?

    kody cashkody cash11 dagar sedan
  • One of your best vids so far! Just wish Nate had focused on the cars a bit more

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    Adel A.Adel A.11 dagar sedan
  • 10:30 doesn’t even acknowledge the f40

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