Wilbur Soot - Your City Gave Me Asthma [ FULL ALBUM 2020 ]

13 sep 2020
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Your City Gave Me Asthma by Wilbur Soot
0:00 01. Jubilee Line
3:06 02. Saline Solution
6:24 03. Since I Saw Vienna
8:51 04. Losing Face
12:52 05. Your Sister Was Right
15:25 06. La Jolla
19:27 07. I'm Sorry Boris

Copyright ℗
Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot
Acoustic Guitar:
Wilbur Soot
Additional Sound Effects:
Wilbur Soot
Electric Guitar:
Wilbur Soot

Original release date:
June 25, 2020
Wilburs Soots social media:
Instagram: wilbursoot
Twitter: WilburSoot
Twitch: WilburSoot
SEworld: Wilbur Soot
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  • Hey are you guys ok use my reply’s to vent if you need too

    Shen7272Shen72722 månader sedan
    • I don’t know how to come out as a furry, I feel like I’ve disappointed all of my family and friends.... I went from around 9 friends 5 months ago to 0 right now... The only thing that calms me down is making games and playing TF2, Roblox or Minecraft... I feel like ending it all because of other recent events...

      Ender Guy CypherEnder Guy Cypher4 dagar sedan
    • I feel I have failed

      Birt BirtBirt Birt13 dagar sedan
    • @mow 2

      Miko SamianoMiko SamianoMånad sedan
    • @bonk thank you

      MacrokillMacrokillMånad sedan
    • @Idk What To Put Here honestly, I feel you. All I can say is that watching “The Weekly Slap” is helping me, maybe it can help you. It’s an entire channel where you send some problem you have within your life and that you need advice with, and jschlatt reads it out, I recommend him in general. I hope you can make it through high school. Love from Florida at 3:30 in the morning

      Poggers ChampPoggers ChampMånad sedan
  • Bruh you literally just plagiarized that’s what this is

    Owan PecanOwan Pecan2 timmar sedan
  • this is the shit i listen to at 2 am while contemplating my existence. I would rate it 10/10 i always get something out of sad hours

    Jenett’s AnimationsJenett’s Animations2 timmar sedan
  • Time to cry to this.

    LL3 timmar sedan
  • Can you tell me which songs are DCMA on twitch and which ones arent

    Shabby TugBoatShabby TugBoat4 timmar sedan
  • there's just a random discord ping at 20:38 (you gotta listen really closely)

    lavaguy 100lavaguy 1007 timmar sedan
  • If any of you like this album you have to listen to Crywank's album, "Tomorrow is Nearly Yesterday and Everyday is Stupid" if you haven't already.

    DreadyDready9 timmar sedan
  • why’d he release these on a different account on spotify. its under wilbur instead of wilbur soot

    Grace ChapaGrace Chapa11 timmar sedan
    • @Bucket ohhh ok that explains it

      Grace ChapaGrace ChapaTimme sedan
    • im guessing that it's because he viewed it as more of a personal album, and it has a completely different vibe compared to songs like Your New Boyfriend. Probably just wanted it to be found due to it being a good album and not because he's that minecraft guy who makes funny songs- idk just my opinion

      BucketBucket7 timmar sedan
  • at the beginning of la jolla he says "Y'know it takes a lot to move me, so if you figure it out tell me" and then in the beginning of I'm sorry boris he says "I've figured out what can move me, its trees hugs planes and sushi" and i don't know why that hurts so much but it does. he is a genius.

    emeadow _emeadow _13 timmar sedan
  • Did anyone else hear a discord notification at 20:37 ?

    George BullenGeorge Bullen13 timmar sedan
    • lol i did too i thought i got a notification

      emeadow _emeadow _13 timmar sedan
  • WMWM

    Muer LuerMuer Luer13 timmar sedan
  • I love this album so much, it's not really the style I'd listen to usually, but the lyrics hit so hard that I don't really don't care. I hate how I relate to them. Your sister was right and Jubilee line hurt way too much.

    [ Tasha ][ Tasha ]14 timmar sedan
  • since i saw vienna oh my god.

    ledaleda14 timmar sedan
  • just me or did yall hear the discord ping

    ReminterReminter14 timmar sedan
  • I love this movie.

    Qore JunQore Jun17 timmar sedan
  • If you're here you obviously need a hug

    AlmondAlmond18 timmar sedan
  • Live near Vienna POG

    Dragon ChannelDragon Channel18 timmar sedan
  • WHY HAVE I FOUND THAT NOW & NOT BEFORE! (BTW I am from near vienna POG)

    Dragon ChannelDragon Channel18 timmar sedan
  • I totally didn't just subconsciously start to cry at the beginning notes of Jubilee Line.

    ButterfliesButterflies19 timmar sedan
  • Unpopular opinion Wilbur soots music is trash

    Isaac Price-WalterIsaac Price-Walter20 timmar sedan
    • ... then why are you here

      Lily McmillanLily Mcmillan6 timmar sedan
    • why? :(

      emeadow _emeadow _13 timmar sedan
    • i- ok, this is my favorite album...

      blinking white guyblinking white guy15 timmar sedan
  • Fantastic.

    Qore JunQore Jun21 timme sedan
  • When the song you relate to most is Saline Solution......

    Milky MilkMilky Milk21 timme sedan
  • my favorites are jubilee line, saline solution, losing face, and im sorry boris

    bobaboba23 timmar sedan
  • 20:38 discord ping sound effect

    CrazyappleheadCrazyappleheadDag sedan
  • I haven't seen the sun and my friends in a whole week. And i am losing my sanity slowly

    Pingu SaysNootNootPingu SaysNootNootDag sedan
  • at 20:38 you can hear discord lol

    tirbolidetirbolideDag sedan
  • Since I saw Vienna is definitely my favorite of the bunch

    kole Pelleritokole PelleritoDag sedan
  • Descrition be like : WILBUR SOOT

    Magi SitasMagi SitasDag sedan
  • 1:47. I felt in love with that man. No gay tho.

    doramamondoramamonDag sedan
    • jared?

      Amber GurmendiAmber Gurmendi17 timmar sedan
  • In school this is my bop

    Minimeza viaticohio198Minimeza viaticohio198Dag sedan
  • i think people on here would like screensaver by wilbur, it’s quite a rare song but someone uploaded it to youtube. some of y’all remember that it was supposed to be in the album, but it got removed. it’s a fucking good song

    blinking white guyblinking white guyDag sedan
  • hello you guys still need to vent, and the replies are full for the pinned comment. use the replies here to vent

    dizzy2dizzy2Dag sedan
  • Honestly, despite me loving his more jokey songs, I absolutely ADORE this specific album. When I first heard Jubilee Line, I recognized Wilburs voice but didn’t recognize the songs or album (granted, I’ve only watched them all recently). I immediately fell in love with not only that song, but also the entire album, my personal favorites being Jubilee Line, Saline Solution, and Losing Face, though the entire album is beautiful and amazing. I’ve always felt like, when it comes to singing, his voice was more fitting for softer or more serious songs than the trilogy. Even if I stop watching Wilbur as a streamer/youtubers, I highly doubt I’d stop listening to his songs afterwards, they’re so good and need more recognition.

    Alex S.Alex S.Dag sedan
  • I listened to this album very late at night while writing poems would you like to hear them: Feigning fleeing innocence Counting sheep until you sleep What happens when the lamb is slaughtered Blood falling on the desecrated grounds and youths Rose colored glasses are sure to break Fogging and obscuring everything till it’s end Your loss is needed to grow But what if that thing you lost was all you had my heart races and my mind aches for a time of loss and fuzziness it’s mourning myself and my wholly being who have I become a sickened animal that can’t even take care of itself? the light dimly shines in my dying eyes glancing at the outside which I cannot touch it feels like everything has blended together and I’m loosing my face, my body shriveled who’s going to save me? If a god committed crimes with blood from their hands and no wholly/holy regrets shedded would that constitute as a sin? who and what is to say about sinners, if they are a sinner themselves? would they face consequences despite being a concept humans cannot decipher truly

    Thee TypoThee Typo2 dagar sedan
    • i’m not one for poetry that’s not music, but this was actually pretty good :)

      blinking white guyblinking white guyDag sedan
  • 1:33 man... too close to home...

    SyaNide StudiosSyaNide Studios2 dagar sedan
  • Jubilee Line and Saline Solution are literally what’s keeping me going right now- I wish I could listen to them on repeat forever.

    AstridWasFound?AstridWasFound?2 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else hear the discord notification during "Im sorry Boris"? Not complaining though. I love casual background noise in songs.

    Lily PadLily Pad2 dagar sedan
    • its at 20:39 i believe

      Lily PadLily Pad2 dagar sedan

    Eiva AckermanEiva Ackerman2 dagar sedan

      Matthew FordMatthew FordDag sedan

      Eiva AckermanEiva Ackerman2 dagar sedan

      Eiva AckermanEiva Ackerman2 dagar sedan
  • pain.

    Eiva AckermanEiva Ackerman2 dagar sedan
  • I like listening to this while I draw or while I clean cause it scratches an itch in my adhd brain ☺

    nick wolfnick wolf2 dagar sedan
  • Listening to Since I Saw Vienna just makes me so happy and I don’t know why :)

    Allison LeMieuxAllison LeMieux2 dagar sedan
  • as someone who lives near la jolla its not that cool. pretty rough area tbh

    TwigidiTwigidi2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur in one stream said these songs were based off his cruch in his history class and i think that its adorable but also so sad because these are sad songs.

    Myah TappendenMyah Tappenden2 dagar sedan
    • some of the songs

      Matthew FordMatthew FordDag sedan
  • I went from Ricky Montgomery to here, this hits man

    Alexandra :3Alexandra :32 dagar sedan
  • your sister was right hits so hard- i love his music so much, its really sad how not a lot of people know about it

    AngelAngel2 dagar sedan
  • La Jolla.

    Milky MilkMilky Milk2 dagar sedan
  • i love these songs. they all are really relatable songs.

    Kamryn 5002278Kamryn 50022782 dagar sedan
  • We found him, the main character.

    Incognito ModeIncognito Mode2 dagar sedan
  • im listening to this bc recently my bff drifted away from me (note i only knew her online) she unfriended me on every platform with no goodbye

    StarzxieStarzxie2 dagar sedan
  • Didn't know my favorite youtuber would also become my favorite artist.

    LukeyLukey2 dagar sedan
  • wow. just wow. i first discovered wilbur through his randomizer skyblock series, and i loved it. i thought he was so funny, he always calmed me down, he just seemed like an amazing dude. fast forward a year or so, i heard of this crazy new minecraft server called smp earth. my brother was obsessed, but i wasnt so much. but i still liked wilbur. then i heard of wilburs song "im in love with an egirl." I LOVED IT! i was back into watching wilbur routinely. then a while later, my friends started watching this new minecraft server called "dream smp." after a while, i got curious, so i started watching them. i realized that wilbur was there, so i watched him. then i started watching the other members of the dream smp. then i heard jubilee line. i loved it. then, a week or so ago, i heard of your city gave me athsma. this is my favourite album ive ever heard. thats my story on how i grew to love wilbur, and watch his videos and the dream smp. amazing.

    Peachie BubblezPeachie Bubblez2 dagar sedan
    • @blinking white guy i thought he only made this and the egirl story (as well as the song he leaked about two weeks ago) thank you!!!

      Peachie BubblezPeachie BubblezDag sedan
    • this album is so indescribably beautiful. also he has more serious songs that you can look up, there’s the “maybe i was boring” album, there’s screensaver, and there’s more in his music channel

      blinking white guyblinking white guyDag sedan
  • saline solution with rain in the background hits different im totally not outside in the rain with headphones on listening to thisss-

    Wolfcd56Wolfcd562 dagar sedan
  • vinyl please

    klucasklucas3 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who find the songs relaxing? The guitar is just really nice to listen to

    Beatrice Petrie MurrayBeatrice Petrie Murray3 dagar sedan
  • this is how I sleep at night.

    FlorenceFlorence3 dagar sedan
  • honestly one of the best albums like ever

    IKEA INCIKEA INC3 dagar sedan
  • jubilee to im sorry boris the album becomes more and more depressing and the next songs go on

    Italia MappingItalia Mapping3 dagar sedan
  • im genuinely so glad that i found this guy bro. i love this album so much because of one reason and one reason only: it helps me in my darkest times --- it comforts me.

    zoya_zoya_3 dagar sedan
  • So much inner turmoil! Work on self compassion.

    Sarah SunshineSarah Sunshine3 dagar sedan
  • i listen to saline solution on the daily and never get bored of it. its just amazing

    Veronica CrouchVeronica Crouch3 dagar sedan
  • He's gotten way better at singing recently, but his lyrics here are just FUCKING AMAZING WHAT THE SHIT NOT FAIR

    [ Tasha ][ Tasha ]4 dagar sedan
  • :/

    AniLukeAniLuke4 dagar sedan
  • Saline solution is so good

    Thomas MeadeThomas Meade4 dagar sedan
  • I felt like everyone treats me like i'm some robot that could do everything perfect, but i'm not. Leaving me shattered emotions and scattered personalities taht i dont even know who i really am anymore.

    クロ Kurooクロ Kuroo4 dagar sedan
  • His voice is like stepping into a warm bath, it's calming.

    FluffyplayeryFluffyplayery4 dagar sedan
    • I agree. ✨✨

      ZincSyncZincSync4 dagar sedan
  • i accidently put the milk in first before the cereal, can you guys help me.

    the vanimatesthe vanimates5 dagar sedan
  • 20:38 i swear i feel like im going crazy but is that a discord ping

    jayyflyy78jayyflyy785 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely love that everyone seems to have a different favorite song! I personally like them all, but find losing face to just incredible

    Aloha SnackbarAloha Snackbar5 dagar sedan
  • saline solution. yeah

    olivia uwuolivia uwu5 dagar sedan
  • HELP i cant stop listening to this all day !!

    Jerry spooky GarciaJerry spooky Garcia5 dagar sedan
  • bruh i thought it would be good ffs

    Joseph JusticeJoseph Justice5 dagar sedan
    • i think it’s great

      blinking white guyblinking white guyDag sedan
    • What do you consider as good?

      vatershepvatershep3 dagar sedan
  • 2/2 Not to mention that the only good thing left in my life got ripped straight out of my hands bc I stayed up until midnight last night doing homework and got my computer taken away for a week. (the only good thing left in my life was a Minecraft server that I found on reddit and had some of the nicest people I have ever met) So, yeah my life is horrible and this is the only place where I feel comfortable venting abt all my problems, NOT TO MENTION that the one person I came out as trans to, they bullied me for it.

    Sp0ngeSp0nge5 dagar sedan
    • that’s sad. at least it’s only a few more days until you can get back on your computer with that server, though. i think it’s great you recognized you’re trans, try not to let people’s words hurt you. also, what are your pronouns?

      blinking white guyblinking white guy15 timmar sedan
  • my girlfriend left me 16 days before our 6 months

    Daniel HasseDaniel Hasse5 dagar sedan
  • all started from buying a guitar because of *one* song. he has came so far..

    NkybugNkybug5 dagar sedan
  • wilbur i bought an electric guitar JUST so i could play your songs,,, and that ladies and gentlemen is my advice.. BUY A GUITAR SO U CAN PLAY IT pls pls pls

    millieannemillieanne5 dagar sedan
  • His music gives me Life is strange vibes

    uwu TenDebil uwuuwu TenDebil uwu5 dagar sedan
    • yesyes :O

      millieannemillieanne5 dagar sedan
  • the first one jubilee line, is about how hes seen people take their life and how the government doesnt care about them and also because he got asthma from pollution, saline solution is about hypochondria, since i saw vienna is about a band called vienna traveling the world not able to stop losing there sanity, losing face is a normal break up song and him being drunk and yelling losing his mind is called losing face, youre sister was right is about how he feels bad for how he treated an ex lover ignoring the warning from her sister that he would hurt her, la jolla is about him wanting to leave london but dealing with the guilt of leaving everyone else facing the problems of london behind, and im sorry boris is like a giant apology for him doing that then regretting it and feeling even more guilty. so yeah uuh

    S h R o O M yS h R o O M y5 dagar sedan
    • @blinking white guy that makes more sense, so yeah probably both make sense but im going off of genius so i might be wrong

      S h R o O M yS h R o O M yDag sedan
    • @S h R o O M y i thought since i saw vienna was about when he went to vienna, and when he wrote this it had been about 60 weeks since he’d been there. he actually filmed some of his time in vienna

      blinking white guyblinking white guyDag sedan
    • @christopher mo that sounds right lol, im an idiot

      S h R o O M yS h R o O M y5 dagar sedan
    • @christopher mo whitch part?

      S h R o O M yS h R o O M y5 dagar sedan
    • Your wrong because I did research on mine and I saw otherwise

      christopher mochristopher mo5 dagar sedan
  • honestly i relate to saline solution, health anxiety really sucks

    S h R o O M yS h R o O M y5 dagar sedan
  • They ruined my mental state all because i fell inlove again.

    Junko EnoshimaJunko Enoshima5 dagar sedan
  • His songs in 0.75 speed sound so nice! Try it for yourself, i'm in love!!

    xx_lelaneyxx_lelaney5 dagar sedan
  • I listened to this all the way through the first time and I was a sobbing crying mess by the end. It was a ride...

    WondermittensWondermittens5 dagar sedan
  • Just discovered Wilbur and all I can say is this is all I wanna listen to now

    nevecake 212nevecake 2125 dagar sedan
    • when i found him i wouldn’t stop playing his album, and it’s still on repeat.

      blinking white guyblinking white guyDag sedan
  • “It’s been 60 weeks since I saw Vienna” Idk why but that line is my favourite Idk why but it’s the line I relate to

    ZEEK FireZEEK Fire6 dagar sedan
  • i say i’m fine and then: Jubilee Line Wilbur 2:37 ━━━━━━❍── 3:06 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ volume:▁▂▃▄▅▆▇100%

    cloroxicitycloroxicity6 dagar sedan
  • I've only just discovered this album a few days ago, but I love it. You can hear the emotion in his voice and that what he's singing about genuinely matters to him.

    KatieKatie6 dagar sedan
  • im concerned for this man. i really hope he's okay.

    Madi DupreeMadi Dupree6 dagar sedan
    • This was an album from years ago when he lived in London. He's distanced himself from this album since, saying he doesn't think it represents him anymore. So yeah, he's okay.

      The Couch CriticThe Couch CriticDag sedan
  • Okay but the little discord notification at 20:38

    M1rR4bUg19-ChicaM1rR4bUg19-Chica6 dagar sedan
  • youtube only allows 500 replies on a comment so use my replies to vent if you need to! i love you all and stay safe.

    birdkibirdki6 dagar sedan
  • so coool

    Emoluna SanEmoluna San6 dagar sedan
  • 20:37 ping

    SlapingSlaping6 dagar sedan
  • Losing Face. That’s it. That’s the comment.

    Mercury TeaMercury Tea6 dagar sedan
  • wilbur recently said that most of these songs were about his crush/ex from his history class, they dated for 2 years then broke up :'( makes me think deeply about the lyrics bruh..

    ChococonutsChococonuts6 dagar sedan
  • 20:39 you can hear a faint discord notification

    Dontwannatalkaboutit_ YtDontwannatalkaboutit_ Yt6 dagar sedan
  • 20:37 he gets a discord notification lmao

    inferanonn TTVinferanonn TTV6 dagar sedan
  • this whole album is just *chefs kiss*

    Hannah HamiltonHannah Hamilton6 dagar sedan
    • *biggest chefs kiss ever*

      blinking white guyblinking white guy15 timmar sedan
  • I've always kinda acknowledged Wilbur and his work, but only recently I've realized that he's the kinda guy I wanna be. Entertainer, creator and a fantastic musician on top of it all. I'll let you know if I ever make it in the social media world aight?

    Duch3sssDuch3sss6 dagar sedan
  • this man went from minecraft kid singer then to soothouse creator to small streamer on smplive to small musician on the wilbur channel to a man obssesed with an egirl to a real musician to a homicidal maniac in what felt a week

    BrandiepopBrandiepop6 dagar sedan
  • But remember the ancient proverb, you can kill the pee dog, but you cant kill the dog pee.

    I'm BenjiI'm Benji6 dagar sedan
  • i am in so much pain lol😁

    KaylaKayla6 dagar sedan
  • man i find myself here too often

    Annalise McCammonAnnalise McCammon6 dagar sedan