6. The Freakin' Background | How To Draw, For Dummies

23 jun 2014
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Probably the most tedious of all tasks - the background. Here's How I do it.
To get Adobe Photoshop CS2 for free (legally), follow this guide: bit.ly/1r2DeDO
As promissed, here's my brush pack, in case you want to use it / look at it (it contains many brushes gathered along the way from different places): bit.ly/XwXuoi
Let me know in the comments if you have any further questions.
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Sneaky Snitch, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • *All of this went above my head* 😭

    Chummy ChimchimChummy Chimchim2 år sedan
  • it´s hard to imagine for me that you are colourblind. it´s a bit tricky :D

    Tom LorenzenTom Lorenzen2 år sedan
  • Well, until now it was pretty enjoyable to repeat your steps and learn new things but right now I'm really confused with this mask thing. I understand how it works and don't understand at the same time. I don't think I'm gonna ever learn how to use PS. So many options, so many things to remember. Are you self-taught artist or did you take some classes? Is it even possible to learn digital drawing without a teacher? :(

    siasia483siasia4833 år sedan
  • Andre you really did a very nice drawing and awsome tutorial you knew how to explain every detail very good. Congrats I wish you would create alot more tutorials like this .

    Daadood 1000Daadood 10004 år sedan
  • I have a friend who is not colourblind, just mixes up some colours (I don't know what the English term for this is) and he said that once in elementary school he painted the sky purple, because it looked blue to him, and everyone looked at him wondering, but I think art knows no boundaries. I was surprised to hear you're colourblind, but this just shows that every obsticle can be defeated I guess :)

    dragonlyradragonlyra5 år sedan
  • Thanks, Andrei! c:

    LeonardoJohn OrtilloLeonardoJohn Ortillo5 år sedan
  • Thank you Andrei for the videos! They are very helpful! I had no clue you were color blind and would have never even guessed!

    nigeriansistanigeriansista5 år sedan
  • Are you really color blind??

    BailRamaul246BailRamaul2465 år sedan
  • Thanks, Andrei, for making this dummy feel smarter about illustration in Photoshop! Being a graphic designer that's been using Adobe software since I was in high school, I normally use Illustrator and the Pen Tool as my go-to for drawing/tracing lineart. However, for one of my latest projects, I wanted to illustrate something more painterly with my Wacom tablet, to give it a hand-made feeling and to flex some brain muscles that I haven't used in ages. The way you explain your individualized process within each step helped me to notice features of PS that I didn't even think about before! My brain muscles are a bit sore now, after all of these tutorials, but it's totally going to be worth it. ;) Thanks, again!

    Elizabeth OwensElizabeth Owens6 år sedan
    • I'm glad to hear that, Elizabeth! :)

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea6 år sedan
  • the background noise sounds like parcel tongue lol I know its produced by the reduction of the noise don't worry haha

    Christian ParedesChristian Paredes6 år sedan
  • I have a long winded question, if that's okay. I've always had a love/hate relationship with art. I never thought I was good at it and it frustrated me a lot when I didn't understand a concept. Other people said when I really spent a lot of time on it though, I was fairly good at drawing. Art is not a part of my daily life at all, but at random times I get interested in it. Like when I found your channel and specifically this series, I got into it again. I've never done digital art, only on paper. But I'm considering getting a tablet to try this type of art. Finally, my question is, do you think I should get one? I'm just not sure I want to spend that type of money if I'm going to use it a few times, get too frustrated, and never use it again. I also tend to be impulsive so I wouldn't want it to be an impulsive buy. Hopefully Gmail doesn't think you're too famous so you'll see this comment and let me know what you think :)

    JennyJenny6 år sedan
    • @Andrei Terbea I understand that five years have passed since this comment was written, but I simply must say that. Words that you said is what I expected from my family for the long years. But I did not hear anything but the cold "well done." And I simply abandoned drawing for a long time. But now, in my 21, your words kindled fire in me again. Thank you for your work and your support.

      CGCCGCÅr sedan
    • @Andrei Terbea Thanks :)

      JennyJenny6 år sedan
    • @bornofnyx Glad I could help, and it's never too late! Don't even worry about that. You can always start to learn a new skill or get better at an old one. Good luck! :)

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea6 år sedan
    • @Andrei Terbea Well your reply made my day so thank you :D I'm glad you know where I'm coming from. Everything is really similar except I'm almost 18. But it's never too late to start, right? I think I'm going to get one, at least just to try it out, because I also feel like I need to! Thanks again for taking the time to write out your thoughts and advice because it really helped :)

      JennyJenny6 år sedan
    • Haha, that last line made my day :D I'm glad I didn't miss your comment, because I completely understand where you're coming from and let me tell you this. When I was about 13 I was TERRIBLE at drawing. A lot of people thought I was "pretty good", but I never practiced and I certainly didn't believe in myself. I couldn't concieve a future in which I would do it for a living. I hadn't gone to any art school, I didn't know where to start learning, what tutorials to follow, I basically had nothing. On top of that, I came from a poor family and if I ever asked my mom to buy me a tablet she would've just said "why do you need that? you'll just use it a couple of times and get bored" (I swear this is what she would've said, because it happened with so many other things). I wasn't sure I wanted it, I wasn't sure I would use it, but I NEEDED to try it, I needed to see what it's all about because I could see so many artists creating such wonderful art. Good thing I've always been fairly responsible when it comes to money and I had some pocket money that I put aside periodically, just to have it there, just in case. When I had enough, I took all of it and bought the cheapest second-hand graphics tablet I could find. And it was so amazing to use it for the first time! It was so natural, it was something I had never felt when drawing on paper. And even though I wasn't using it very often (I started highschool soon after that, and on top of everything, I shared the computer with my brother, so I didn't get a lot of time to draw), I knew it was there, and I would draw something maybe every couple of months. It was only after highschool, 4 years later that I started using it more and more often, and even a couple of years more would pass before I would actually use it on a daily basis. But look at where I am now. And I absolutely owe everything to that 13 year old kid who wasn't sure he wanted the tablet but got it anyway. I definitely think you should get one. Set aside a few bucks periodically until you can buy one. The cheapest one is good enough. If you feel like you have a spark of creativity and interest in art, then you are an artist. And artists need tools :)

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea6 år sedan
  • you should make more videos like this

    bir dostbir dost6 år sedan
    • I really agree you should make more videos of both. You just drawing and tutorials. I really like your style, and would like to get into this myself as a hobby.

      Dan VDan V6 år sedan
    • @Ted Chirvasiu Thanks for help man :)

      bir dostbir dost6 år sedan
    • @bir dost Try ordering a Genius MousePen I608X, here it was like 45 euros. You can find even cheaper ones than that (I405X was 32 euros) and it's good enough to get you started! I have the I608X and it works really well for its price. But yeah, anything is better than a mouse when it comes to drawing. Best of luck, mate.

      Ted ChirvasiuTed Chirvasiu6 år sedan
    • @Andrei Terbea i live in turkey and it's too much expensive here :D

      bir dostbir dost6 år sedan
    • Get a tablet!! It's such a great investment! If you have any kind of artistic inclination, it's a must-have! :)

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea6 år sedan
  • Andrei, I'm not here to learn, but here to watch you draw in normal time speed. I would love to see you stream you drawing one day!

    MightyKrizppMightyKrizpp6 år sedan
    • Tried streaming once, but my internet connection keeps going off every 5 minutes, which makes it impossible to stream.. But it's definitely something I have in plan for the future :)

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea6 år sedan