mission: do not laugh

9 feb 2020
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Today TommyInnit tries the You Laugh You Lose challenge while simultaneously gaming on SMPEarth (inspired by WilburSoot & Ludwig)
Streamed live over on - www.twitch.tv/tommyinnit
Edited by @Jemplix
You Laugh You Lose is a Challenge inspired by Wilbur Soot and Ludwig. Although this isn't Minecraft 1.16.4 on the Dream SMP Minecraft Server or The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever it is an awesome challenge that gives me lots of happy and funny laughs! Even though I completely stole this idea from Wilbur Soot, it's okay! Since once I met Wilbur Soot in real life... and now we're best friends!
You Laugh You Lose - the ULTIMATE YLYL featuring Twitch Chat who are really fun. This challenge was super fun and lots of laughs to record!

  • How could not laugh for song long Like it took me 5 seconds after the first one started to laugh Also i had to move my bedroom bc my mom started to get mad that i would stop laughing

    MarxxyMarxxy33 minuter sedan
  • Mr T L E X I F Y

    Sluggs 1Sluggs 153 minuter sedan
  • lego city

    LG GoldenLG GoldenTimme sedan
  • congrats on 5 mik

    NotFaZeD3monNotFaZeD3mon2 timmar sedan
  • Wtf

    parker Jordanparker Jordan2 timmar sedan
  • our humor is so much worse than wilbur soot's ylyl

    TakoTako2 timmar sedan
  • brhmoment

    Jeremy GironJeremy Giron2 timmar sedan
  • 6:02 When the GameCube was poorly made

    Zac’s Animation’s.Zac’s Animation’s.3 timmar sedan
  • 2:37 Top 10 moments before disaster

    Zac’s Animation’s.Zac’s Animation’s.3 timmar sedan
  • this is the best day of my life. in tommys background he has deodorant and he uses the same stuff as me...

    Xilef gamerXilef gamer4 timmar sedan
  • Lego city

    Ryan AftonRyan Afton4 timmar sedan
  • lego city lelelele

    lolzerylolzery5 timmar sedan
  • In the end all you saw was total Tommy in it dying inside pog

    Wolfpack GgWolfpack Gg5 timmar sedan
  • mission. dont smile

    giovanni carinigiovanni carini6 timmar sedan
  • I am really crying richt now hahahahahahahahahaha 12:33

    {Kristina* Dark moonlight}{Kristina* Dark moonlight}6 timmar sedan
  • lego city

    DoggoDoggo6 timmar sedan
  • Well my try not to laugh is that i watch it at midnight so if i laugh my whole family wakes up instantly And ALSO i have a bad case of asthma so if i laugh too much Ill just...ded

    HydenaHydena6 timmar sedan
  • Things I’ve also pulled outa my awse dat Indian man

    Braden HarrisBraden Harris6 timmar sedan
  • Things I’ve stuck up my awrse:da wunda bonr

    Braden HarrisBraden Harris6 timmar sedan

      Braden HarrisBraden Harris6 timmar sedan
  • :tommy: "IM A 6 FOOT LEGEND" :tommys parents: "wut"

    winchester7377winchester73777 timmar sedan
  • Isn't Tubbo short and Tommy is tall that is how it goes right?

    Hashbrown'sHashbrown's7 timmar sedan
  • 14:10 warms my heart.

    Simon BrownSimon Brown7 timmar sedan
  • Hey tommy I still can believe the explosion of subs I had 4 months ago you had 345 k

    Louis RCLouis RC8 timmar sedan

    Cyclotron 2.0Cyclotron 2.09 timmar sedan
  • Soon your gonna get 5mil ö

    *aesthetic_ Buns**aesthetic_ Buns*9 timmar sedan
  • 13:42 "lego city"

    roqui3445roqui34459 timmar sedan
  • The girl who said "it learnt me" actually cam out and said it was her that did the fat shit. Your welcome!

    DiabloDiablo10 timmar sedan
  • 11:38 that is on my tv rn ;-;

    Brian MaguireBrian Maguire10 timmar sedan
  • 3:43 i wasn’t expecting to see Yeojin- Now Lip?! Yves.. I’m expecting to see the whole of Loona by the time I finish the video 😂

    c h u uc h u u11 timmar sedan

    sollunesollune11 timmar sedan
  • I hate when people playing Islam like a people who dont deserve some good thing. Whats wrong to these people

    Creeper AnimationCreeper Animation11 timmar sedan
  • apples am i right???

    BedrockBedrock12 timmar sedan
  • 12:32 , 13:28 and 13:51 as a Muslim, stop sending shit ass memes like this. It ain't even funny bruh- it's just disrespectful and y'all putting religion as a meme is just disrespecting God bruh- 💀

    Alisha YoutubeAlisha Youtube13 timmar sedan
  • tommys face at the end lmao

    Elina NElina N13 timmar sedan
  • lego city-

    Just a normal potato :PJust a normal potato :P14 timmar sedan
  • orbitinnit

    dianne belocuradianne belocura14 timmar sedan
  • 𝗠𝗲 𝗲𝗽𝗶𝗰

    Tyo the adminTyo the admin14 timmar sedan
  • 2:47 why did that look like he was gonna cry

    cheetocheeto15 timmar sedan
  • scotland forever

    Caleb Godfrey B. MalayCaleb Godfrey B. Malay15 timmar sedan
  • Lego city

    Egg ToasterEgg Toaster16 timmar sedan
  • 2 to the 1to the 1 to the 3 please get TommyInnit of my screen

    Mako PalaticMako Palatic16 timmar sedan
  • Nobody: Chip:*glowing*

    Ironic GooberIronic Goober17 timmar sedan
  • 3:43 10:22 ORBITS WE WON !!

    :3:317 timmar sedan
  • 12:32 الله يفشلكم وش ذاا😭😭😭😭

    Twc.67Twc.6718 timmar sedan

    Twc.67Twc.6718 timmar sedan
  • Tommy is it not

    BobroBobro19 timmar sedan
  • everyone: ...... Tommy: "laughs" everyone: "laughs"

    FrogzeeFrogzee19 timmar sedan
  • I love how when they discovered that arab funny makes him laugh they just started putting many videos of it

    Jose Julián Jacinto TobarJose Julián Jacinto Tobar19 timmar sedan
  • If i Was watching the stream i would've put tiahra nelson over there

    Slyffin clawpuffSlyffin clawpuff19 timmar sedan
  • Lego city

    Spit FyreSpit Fyre21 timme sedan
  • Lego city

    Faez DanialFaez Danial21 timme sedan
  • I’m from the US but I don’t understand American humor

    404’s Dark Corner404’s Dark Corner21 timme sedan
  • U stop me from committing SUCIDE everyday

    SMALL GINGSSMALL GINGS22 timmar sedan
  • You are adopted punckas

    Nathaly GonzalezNathaly Gonzalez22 timmar sedan
  • their just using videos that made wilbur laugh

    themaster47themaster4722 timmar sedan
  • this is where I first laughed 2:35

    I love foxesI love foxes22 timmar sedan
  • Looks like Tommy got the Wilbur vid pack

    ImagineBeing_ EllsImagineBeing_ Ells23 timmar sedan
  • Nice singing voice

    YXL_BoltzYXL_Boltz23 timmar sedan

    Shrek Da bestShrek Da best23 timmar sedan
  • Love how Snapcube came close to making him break

    Pat WPat W23 timmar sedan
  • does anyone have the url to the video at 6:01

    LilacedLilaced23 timmar sedan
  • Lego city

    KadenGaminKadenGaminDag sedan
  • The way of the Arab

    Gahahahazaxha UucbsjdjsGahahahazaxha UucbsjdjsDag sedan
  • Eeeeeeeyyyyyy it's me 5:04

    salami succer420salami succer420Dag sedan
  • MediaShare Is weird

    kixkixDag sedan
  • cheeto no

    SamiiNxSamiiNxDag sedan
  • Is it me or does Tommy open his mouth when the kpop girls danced

    Leo CheungLeo CheungDag sedan
  • lego city

    LC WildLC WildDag sedan
  • lego city

    Joana EstevesJoana EstevesDag sedan
  • When the girl chockes I almost choked

    galax56galax56Dag sedan

    V1per_SwaY FNV1per_SwaY FNDag sedan
  • Lego city

    Aaron SzatkowskiAaron SzatkowskiDag sedan

    Cailey MosesCailey MosesDag sedan
  • the arabic memes tho 12:30

    DevilishKANANDevilishKANANDag sedan
  • Lol the joker one got me

    GG MANGG MANDag sedan
  • logo city

    TheGamerTamer TMTheGamerTamer TMDag sedan
  • logo city

    TheGamerTamer TMTheGamerTamer TMDag sedan
  • 7:16 cheeto

  • Thomas Thomas Thomas

    roblox gamingroblox gamingDag sedan
  • if he bought a camera the price of his microphone

    Xd BeastyyXd BeastyyDag sedan

    Sophia NSophia NDag sedan
  • Someone should ah e done naptime

    babyCroco GamingbabyCroco GamingDag sedan
  • lego city

    Zoe K.Zoe K.Dag sedan
  • Who's here in 2021?

    Chloe R. ItoChloe R. ItoDag sedan
    • Me

      Kluckity KekeKluckity KekeDag sedan
  • *O H !*

    squoop - hellosquoop - helloDag sedan
  • LEGO city

    SimpSimpDag sedan
  • LEGO city

    Plekz NightFirePlekz NightFireDag sedan
  • why did you end it chat didnt make you laugh

    goxlesgoxlesDag sedan
  • lego city

    Ali AhmedAli AhmedDag sedan
  • Tommy is just tall there because he walks back:/

    Erick AlcantaraErick AlcantaraDag sedan
  • 16:05 it was at this moment that he knew, he fucked up

    DeimosXylos69DeimosXylos69Dag sedan
  • Why did he find all those arabic memes so funny HAHAHHAHAHA

    allyallyDag sedan
  • 0:37 earthbound music

    It’s a me MaroIt’s a me MaroDag sedan
  • The bird one tho

    Shakeil PannuShakeil PannuDag sedan
  • *laughs*

    Izza LandigIzza LandigDag sedan
  • HAH

  • Tommy to starting getting the Wilbur treatment 3:26, 5:52, 10:21, 11:49, 12:12

    Franklstein WongbergFranklstein WongbergDag sedan

    daniel floresdaniel floresDag sedan
  • lego city

    CoolGhostCoolGhostDag sedan
  • 12:32 is not even funny because is a realigion. i hate people who make it

    ZxNavysZxNavysDag sedan