We made the worst movie of all time

16 jan 2020
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the boys create modern art in TTT.
swaggersouls - seworld.info/tv/MdGPato0IC5-zZjJIf-P9w.html
24framesofnick - seworld.info/tv/ApwcZw_xawOTzQFoYVOJmw.html
slimecicle - seworld.info
byze - seworld.info
subtitles by archie - seworld.info/tv/Y_n26eHd5dmZ0C0-bQahsw.html
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  • This friend group will forever be my favorite on youtube

    The Karp KingThe Karp King17 timmar sedan
  • can anyone provide the link to the steam store page for this map?

    law nmowerlaw nmowerDag sedan

    Dr BotusDr Botus3 dagar sedan
  • Wait, doesn't that mean byze is a good actor ? He had aids and sold the fact that he didn't to jschlatt

    JuniorJunior3 dagar sedan
  • 9:28

    bingobingo5 dagar sedan
  • What is the game

    Cat Snake 7Cat Snake 710 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know the music playing at 6:26?

  • is a rift s any good?

    Lucas HullLucas Hull22 dagar sedan
    • No

      Just not funnyJust not funny11 dagar sedan
    • it's cheaper, better, the rift s will no longer be supported and on top of that you get a wireless vr headset aswell

      Karahan AcarKarahan Acar18 dagar sedan
    • get the quest 2 64gb and use the anker 3m cable to connect to your pc, that way it gets turned into a rift s but with the upgraded hardware of the quest 2

      Karahan AcarKarahan Acar18 dagar sedan
  • What game is this

    CodeCadenCodeCaden28 dagar sedan
  • It bothers me so much that schlatt holds his guns with his left hand

    Kneecracker mcjenkinsKneecracker mcjenkinsMånad sedan
    • Cool

      Just not funnyJust not funny11 dagar sedan
  • What game is this?

    Callum LittleCallum LittleMånad sedan
  • I hate how he is left-handed

    Mr. CrockpotMr. CrockpotMånad sedan
  • h

    Gaming OPSGaming OPS2 månader sedan
  • Нллаьащвщадкбаьчиыеыгцщубктиавншыщыузхкшкгегкшщвзалпбпдхквзвщ

    BeeseChurgerBeeseChurger2 månader sedan
  • I gotta say shlatt, this is the peak of comedy.

    Connor MoodyConnor Moody2 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/Y4qw3diloGx6vWg/video :)

    Potoo_God_Blesses_YouPotoo_God_Blesses_You2 månader sedan
  • 1:12 I'm not even wearing the headset and that shit was still terrifying lmaoo... Thats like how you'd actually dodge a car lmaoo his guy was too slow so he actually leaped in real life lol classic

    Mummy NapkinMummy Napkin2 månader sedan
  • “Even I want to be put down after that.” Swagger: that can be arranged

    theShaqtus5320theShaqtus53202 månader sedan
  • Whats the map

    [squidboy13][squidboy13]3 månader sedan
  • *Dan Schneider, nice to meet you.*

    Matt from Wii-SportsMatt from Wii-Sports3 månader sedan
  • Epic

    SagetliaSagetlia3 månader sedan
  • Oh no the train has a gun!

    Kekree WilsonKekree Wilson3 månader sedan
  • I love the fucking dance Schlatt and SLime do over the corpse I just don't know why that 5 minute mark is so funny to me

    Nutelasaur *Nutelasaur *3 månader sedan
  • This is the greatest movie set of All time

    Sgt. ZaitsevSgt. Zaitsev3 månader sedan
  • Who uses ur left hand for a gun

    boogie 2608boogie 26083 månader sedan
  • *Swaggersouls just sounds like an older jschlatt...*

    ProsnypeProsnype3 månader sedan
  • 4:17 Griffith and Guts after the eclipse

    Marvelous ChesterMarvelous Chester4 månader sedan
  • That bit with Dan scared the fuck out of me

    X-ray Chill centerX-ray Chill center4 månader sedan
  • What game is this

    Bruh momentBruh moment4 månader sedan
  • What is the song in the background of 3:31? It sounds so familiar.

    AleenaAleena4 månader sedan
    • Nvm it’s called party, crash :D

      AleenaAleenaMånad sedan

    StockwinkleStockwinkle4 månader sedan
  • I had my suspicions about Dan Schneider, but now I know.

    TheNextLevel41TheNextLevel414 månader sedan
  • whats the music everytime he says dan schneider

    shake jumboshake jumbo4 månader sedan
  • “Wait no, SWAGGER THATS A LYFT” 😂

    Rhyz VidsRhyz Vids4 månader sedan
  • Schlatt: hold gun up to his head, “let’s see if I have aids.”

    TemptationTemptation4 månader sedan
  • Schlatt gets bonus editing points for using the music from the horror film “Hereditary” at 3:32 and 9:30. Fantastic movie with a fantastic soundtrack, good choice buddy :)

    gadg3tmusicgadg3tmusic5 månader sedan
    • shake jumbo i believe he used the same track for both parts, it’s called “Party, Crash” and it was written by Colin Stetson. Highly recommend this soundtrack, its amazing

      gadg3tmusicgadg3tmusic4 månader sedan
    • whats it called?

      shake jumboshake jumbo4 månader sedan
  • Barack.

    Drew LeiboldDrew Leibold5 månader sedan
  • I got an ad for an inferior movie before this

    JJ D3hnerJJ D3hner5 månader sedan
  • 6:40 when you realize the music is what plays in Hereditary during the famous head trauma scene

    AlexAlex5 månader sedan
  • 6:33 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

    temmytoatemmytoa5 månader sedan
    • its simply incorrect

      shake jumboshake jumbo4 månader sedan
    • But with feet instead of hands

      temmytoatemmytoa5 månader sedan
  • Dan “I only like Hoes who show me them Toes” Schneider

    H. Q.H. Q.5 månader sedan
  • Swagger: To sleep, No more; and by a sleep to say we end the heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir too. Also Swagger: Dude, I want a salad so badly.

    LemonBreadLemonBread5 månader sedan
  • Love the Open wide and get insider her Schneider

    Son of HelghanSon of Helghan5 månader sedan
  • I love all of the Dan Schneider bits. The music really fucking kills it man. Good shit man.

    Freaky FernanqFreaky Fernanq5 månader sedan
  • What game is this?

    Crippling DepressionCrippling Depression5 månader sedan
  • Anyone know the audio at 6:40? It started to trigger my fight or flight

    YellerheadYellerhead6 månader sedan
  • 04:46 Swagger sounds a little worried and sad. sad moment

    KpopHaterKpopHater6 månader sedan
  • I saw you were shooting left-handed, I’m left handed and I always thought I couldn’t play Pavlov since I thought I lefty’s can’t play. Is there a way to mirror the watch on the other arm?

    Theodore OverfeltTheodore Overfelt6 månader sedan
  • I saw you were shooting left-handed, I’m left handed and I always thought I couldn’t play Pavlov since I thought I lefty’s can’t play. Is there a way to mirror the watch on the other arm?

    Theodore OverfeltTheodore Overfelt6 månader sedan
  • dan schneider, nice to feet you.

    DaveDave6 månader sedan
  • 2:24,Swaggersoul's hand movements are pretty great

    The Gaming Fat BoyThe Gaming Fat Boy6 månader sedan
  • I thought the vive gave u finger tracking

    boogie 2608boogie 26086 månader sedan
  • Lol how all my friendships work out.

    Alex LapeyrouseAlex Lapeyrouse6 månader sedan
  • It's tough to watch him hold all the guns left handed

    Rowan BarnesRowan Barnes6 månader sedan
  • Some of the most beautiful voices In the world

    snobby slothsnobby sloth6 månader sedan
  • I have a penny made in 2020

    HellIs RealHellIs Real6 månader sedan
  • For your information, this is the fourth that comes up after typing Dana Schneider

    lionnalionna7 månader sedan
  • Once I told the detective to scan me and he didn’t and I’m like wait maybe I’m the traitor and then I shot myself in the head

    William FoldenaurWilliam Foldenaur7 månader sedan
  • Can anyone find the song that would play during the dan shneider bits?

    Joseph NeocleousJoseph Neocleous7 månader sedan

    goldbedvidsgoldbedvids7 månader sedan
  • Is that "if she a minor, pee inside her schneider"?

    Leonard L ChurchLeonard L Church8 månader sedan
  • It actually annoys me how he is left handed

    Random Channel you foundRandom Channel you found8 månader sedan
  • "show me your feet" -JSchlatt

    MekelainaMekelaina8 månader sedan
  • 4:15 me when my my goes numb while masturbating

    MrEpicGamer42OMrEpicGamer42O8 månader sedan
  • Dawn swagger is funny

    Rapid TQNKRapid TQNK8 månader sedan
  • *best

    Tiwer TubeTiwer Tube8 månader sedan
  • Sad thing is theres a 911 recording out there with a kid who did shoot his parents when he blacked out. That was real

    MaybeJesterMaybeJester8 månader sedan
  • title change: ''we made a snuff film''

    SomeDudeSomeDude8 månader sedan
  • 4:11 9:30

    Jax ThomasJax Thomas8 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know the background "music" at 6:28 ?

    HoppporHopppor9 månader sedan
    • Hopppor it’s should be on the Hereditary sound track

      We All Fall DownWe All Fall Down8 månader sedan
  • 5:07

    eetz josheetz josh9 månader sedan
  • I love it when in the pre round two people are speculating or about to kill each other then they both find each are the traitor.

    Crazy LolCrazy Lol9 månader sedan
  • Is that the Hereditary sound track?

    We All Fall DownWe All Fall Down9 månader sedan
  • leave it to mr slimecicle to ruin a gag

    VincentTheConquerorVincentTheConqueror9 månader sedan
  • Fuck fitz

    that guy boithat guy boi9 månader sedan
  • Dan Schneider, Nice to meet you.

    Negative ZeroNegative Zero9 månader sedan
  • Wait a minute, this isn't Manos: Hands of Fate

    LilaLila9 månader sedan
  • the knuckle salad part had me so weak, god i love slime 💀💀💀😭

    Tahlia MairangiTahlia Mairangi9 månader sedan
  • 3:34 i need this song

    GLACIALGLACIAL9 månader sedan
    • GLACIAL it should be on the hereditary soundtrack, great movie

      We All Fall DownWe All Fall Down8 månader sedan
  • To me the first 2 1/2 minutes of this video were the funniest

    NateBitNateBit9 månader sedan
  • That entire scene starting at 6:09 is genuinely horrifying

    God of QGod of Q9 månader sedan
    • It really is tho

      Cosmo HeathCosmo Heath9 månader sedan
  • Nobody gonna mention Swagger spitting Shakespearean heat?

    parkey penceparkey pence9 månader sedan
  • "If you can't move the light , you're gonna see it."

    AlexAlex9 månader sedan
  • I really wanna see 6:30 on from swagger's pov tbh

    Obsidian CloudObsidian Cloud9 månader sedan
  • why does 7:00 actually terrify me

    GapToothTGapToothT9 månader sedan
  • yall i never realised jschlatt is left handed

    nicenice9 månader sedan
  • 9:35 *blows slimecicles head off* "TAKE OFF THE BOOOOOTSSSS"

    FlexFlex9 månader sedan
  • 5:37 Fun fact: SwaggerSouls memorized a quote from Shakespear because he thought it would impress girls. It did not.

    BriannaBrianna9 månader sedan
  • I haven't cried from laughing in a long time. This video is amazing

    Xephorian ZenosXephorian Zenos9 månader sedan
  • The only thing I could focus on is how short Swaggersouls is 💀

    Jesse_ UJesse_ U9 månader sedan
  • This is like a horror movie

    Plastic BagPlastic Bag10 månader sedan
  • This is like a Vietnam war movie

    Hellojellomello MelloHellojellomello Mello10 månader sedan
  • The music at 6:20 is found here: seworld.info/will/aYHPlZe4gI2nu4k/video

    SlowSlow10 månader sedan
  • Schlatt 0.032 seconds after his watch changes to Detective: “Dan Schneider nice to meet ya”

    Diet MikeDiet Mike10 månader sedan
  • Imagine watching this video and right after someone dies you get a happy Kmart ad

    DarkMystery9DarkMystery910 månader sedan
  • Dan Schneider nice to feet you

    The Box ThiefThe Box Thief10 månader sedan
  • whats the map

    [squidboy13][squidboy13]10 månader sedan
  • a bullet a day keeps aids away

    Floris van der ZouwenFloris van der Zouwen10 månader sedan
  • Schlatt sounds exactly like Christian Slater. (Jason Dean from Heathers)

    Nikki WilsonNikki Wilson10 månader sedan
  • hey jschlatt i have a friend who likes stal i was wondering if you could give him a piece of your mind for me

    Greyson Gaming08Greyson Gaming0811 månader sedan