I Survived 100 Days in Hardcore Modded Minecraft.. (1000+ Mods)

19 feb 2021
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I Survived 100 Days in Hardcore Modded Minecraft.. (1000+ Mods)
Go Watch @Painful's Perspective ➜ seworld.info/will/jqy2tdSXrX9runk/video
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Credits to @Luke TheNotable for the original idea.
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Modpack ➜ SevTech: Ages of the Sky - bit.ly/2ZUWvjM
We had 3 main objectives in our 100 Days in Modded Hardcore Minecraft. The first objective was to journey to The Betweenlands. The second objective was to mine and craft Full Valonite Armor and Weapons, and the last objective was to bait and defeat a Dreadful Peat Mummy! Will we survive!? Stay tuned to find out :)
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  • Should we do 200 days?! Painful and I made a public discord for our community, come hangout and meet some new friends! Discord - discord.gg/CZQ7dQheXG

    ForrestbonoForrestbono11 dagar sedan
    • Yes pls

      caleb josim mendozacaleb josim mendoza12 timmar sedan
    • Do 200 please

      Kayla MackKayla Mack13 timmar sedan
    • Make 500days or I'll usub

      Noah GabrielNoah GabrielDag sedan
    • Pls make 300

      roel palmesroel palmesDag sedan
    • Yes

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  • Sprit life for your spirit tree

    Keizev Geoff SillanoKeizev Geoff SillanoTimme sedan
  • The comments: full of people talking about the secret player *me just Enjoying the 100 day and stuff and does not care about the secret player*

    Apollo,Adrian jay AlexanderApollo,Adrian jay AlexanderTimme sedan
  • Call your tree treesy

    Marshall GodfreyMarshall Godfrey3 timmar sedan
  • Treep

    Ray LoveRay Love4 timmar sedan
  • I get that there's a lot of comments saying the whole mystery aspect was forced, and I agree, but yikes, apparently a lot of 12 year old Minecraft Stans can't tell the difference between constructive criticism and bullying.

    Dragon's LibraryDragon's Library4 timmar sedan
  • Hey Forrest I have a name for your tree its Mr.spirt

    Heather SandbergHeather Sandberg11 timmar sedan
  • I click sub button

    Kayla MackKayla Mack13 timmar sedan
  • Nenene my name , pat

    Jk EstradaJk Estrada13 timmar sedan
  • Friend: what is your favorite lore? Me:

    tomoshi the dumbasstomoshi the dumbass15 timmar sedan
  • When u see alot of hate comments complaing about the "secret palyer" I get bored of seeing the old 100 days shit so seeing something new in the mix is a breath of fresh air get off your high horses saying its criticism to help the youtuber let the man have fun making his videos if u dont enjoy dont freaking watch it its that simple

    Hirashi WaveHirashi Wave16 timmar sedan
  • E

    artur kazuartur kazu16 timmar sedan
  • holy shit that was biring

    Natalie AlcraftNatalie Alcraft17 timmar sedan
  • You should name the tree spirit eh I don't know you decide i aren't good at naming trees😅😗😐

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  • Play with the zombie mod

    Luca ToreaLuca Torea20 timmar sedan
  • You’re so cool

    Joaquin GonzalezJoaquin Gonzalez21 timme sedan
  • Call the tree "woody"

    Heather AtkinsHeather Atkins22 timmar sedan
  • I honestly liked the strange guy. A lot of work was put into it but it did immersion breaking.

    Anthony S.Anthony S.23 timmar sedan
  • Bruh stop with the mystery player. Your running the series

    Death ReaperDeath ReaperDag sedan
  • It’s so creepy

    Tt NinjaTt NinjaDag sedan
  • Those monsters make u spawn the teleported

    Kimberley PayneKimberley PayneDag sedan
  • this seems so staged lmao

    Chris .MChris .MDag sedan
  • Hi

    Marivic PurayMarivic PurayDag sedan
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  • This vid is cap this man needs to start streaming

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  • Sure

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  • Ignore all the comments saying the additional character broke the immersion. I really enjoyed it! It's unique from most other 100 days and focuses less on the modpack and more on the story you guys created. I think it was well done. edit: changed mod to modpack.

    noodlezillanoodlezillaDag sedan
  • who the hell was that red guy I mean he's the most normal thing in the entire 100 days

    barbarian constructbarbarian constructDag sedan
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  • You sound like the guy that made the Lost Like Atlantis meme.

    ShreddingFrostShreddingFrostDag sedan
  • Pet name tree

    Jojo RichardsonJojo RichardsonDag sedan
  • I feel like you should name your new pet tree Arbor, after the Latin word for tree :3.

    JoannaJoannaDag sedan
    • You should've ban them person

      JoannaJoannaDag sedan
  • Name the tree professor oak

    The unknown DanielThe unknown DanielDag sedan
  • The guy that griefed made this a bit worse still amazing tho

    NSK F1SHNSK F1SH2 dagar sedan
  • just as much people are saying this is staged as dreams manhunts accept it is staged

    name?name?2 dagar sedan
  • Uhm everybody in the comments yes the strange player maybe annoying but atleast its very cool with the fight and etc, so dont be mad.

    Lizais InnocentLizais Innocent2 dagar sedan
  • I just wanna enjoy this vid

    Blackest DayYTBlackest DayYT2 dagar sedan
  • No one snuck in your server its just all scripted

  • No one snuck in your server its just all scripted

  • I liked how he somehow made a mockery of his own series

    Crit DestroyerCrit Destroyer2 dagar sedan
  • Idk why everyone complaining about having the mystery dude try to mess with you guys, it's pretty interesting and funny having a side story of this modded video, at least try having a few laughs and entertainment everyone...🤐😐

    DreamingShintoki ArtzDreamingShintoki Artz2 dagar sedan
    • Ok but, like, one thing is making a hardcore modded series where at one point in the middle a new player joins in on the fun, and another is making Mr. Base Bomber/Item thief/animal abuser that randomly appears every two days to break stuff and destroy their progress almost fully. It's a cool idea, but to me it's executed kind of poorly: if it was structured so that the new player was some kind of explorer that got lost inside a dimension and then when saved rewards and helps the protagonists (again, maybe joining them) it would've made more sense. Like this...it just breaks the immersion. Don't get me wrong, absolute props to them for making something different, but really that difference (to me) kind of made the video a bit lacklustre.

      TheGreatKingBoo_TheGreatKingBoo_2 dagar sedan
  • Name The Tree Gump

    Haikal AditamaHaikal Aditama2 dagar sedan
  • Name your spirit tree Spirit Gurdian

    James ColomaJames Coloma2 dagar sedan
  • Name it forrest jr.

    Drazen DeangDrazen Deang2 dagar sedan
  • New sub and i love it! Your da best!

    Sir_Cosmic Star DragonSir_Cosmic Star Dragon2 dagar sedan
  • You guys do realize this video was so obviously made for kids stop freaking out in the comments because they gave there 100 days a storyline

    OmgItzLilyOmgItzLily2 dagar sedan
  • At 3:00 is says that painful joined the game so maybe “the mystery man” is painful??

    Marco VazquezMarco Vazquez2 dagar sedan
  • Why not check the player list and ban him with commands

    Crawler And FriendsCrawler And Friends2 dagar sedan
  • You should've ban them person

    Justin BosticJustin Bostic2 dagar sedan
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    johnny gigolojohnny gigolo2 dagar sedan
  • Is this mystery man staged, or is there a reason you won't solve the problem by banning him?

    Alex SmithAlex Smith2 dagar sedan
  • so the modpack dont have 1000+ mods only 200+

    Wieland 337Wieland 3372 dagar sedan
  • i love you videos

    Jason ReiberJason Reiber2 dagar sedan
  • i hate spooky guy. This video would be much better without them

    Asa CatkinAsa Catkin2 dagar sedan
  • _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_ _the between lands_

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  • i thougt this is legit

    al_paka_98al_paka_982 dagar sedan
  • One of the best 100 days out there ngl

    minij hooiminij hooi2 dagar sedan
    • name your tree branch or stick

      minij hooiminij hooi2 dagar sedan
  • This kid one above on the left to the purple strawberry green ago yesterday todays

    Jen SergeantJen Sergeant2 dagar sedan
  • call the cops

  • I already like this because socks for 1 did this and I love people who do modded hardcore Minecraft because it's so cool

    Ian FikryIan Fikry2 dagar sedan
  • 𝕀𝕞 𝕒𝕥 𝟘𝟘:𝟘𝟛 𝕕𝕠𝕖𝕤 𝕙𝕖 𝕕𝕠 𝕚𝕥?

    Lilly RosieLilly Rosie2 dagar sedan
  • Why don’t you build underground so people can’t destroy your base

    Crazy Lego Contraptions by NaoiseCrazy Lego Contraptions by Naoise2 dagar sedan
  • Maybe they are someone who hate you

  • Bro you got a head start from the third guy

    Kennedy LiKennedy Li3 dagar sedan
  • Forrest bono that guy was after you and he was evil 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Anne VistesenAnne Vistesen3 dagar sedan
  • Name the tree thing to Mr, wood

    gold applegold apple3 dagar sedan
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    Charlotte ParkerCharlotte Parker3 dagar sedan
  • U are impresive forrest 6 vids and 100 k subs u are one of the best youtubers i know

    Vilma LegataVilma Legata3 dagar sedan
  • I know its staged but its great to watch

    Ashton RutherfordAshton Rutherford3 dagar sedan
  • Why was th e nether old type of

    ItzscarogzItzscarogz3 dagar sedan
  • I will name the tree treevy

    81laharl81laharl3 dagar sedan
  • also name the tree treemie

    Xaun DesXaun Des3 dagar sedan
  • ForrestBono:something had tols us that it was a big mistake me seeing the server and not the red man: ._. u dum dum ._.

    Xaun DesXaun Des3 dagar sedan
    • ._. me dum dum too dont worry forrest me dum dum too ._.

      Xaun DesXaun Des3 dagar sedan
  • name your tree branch or stick

    Tereza Kralj LoweTereza Kralj Lowe3 dagar sedan
  • Yes but make your base underground

    trupti kanakiatrupti kanakia3 dagar sedan
  • Beefy pc

    *almond Peach**almond Peach*3 dagar sedan
  • Bro, you should not have made those cutscenes of the "Red figure" the immersion and the feeling of beign followed and tormented by something unknown would be bigger if it were without those cutscenes

    JoshuaJoshua3 dagar sedan
  • I mean, SevTech isn't 1000+ mods, but go off.

    MiniOozyMiniOozy3 dagar sedan
  • Pls if u just make the bad guy thing as an excuse to spawn in stuff just 'pretend' to beat them and play normally

    Mohamed AboneamaMohamed Aboneama3 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny how you always find his base

    spiderpig6674spiderpig66743 dagar sedan
  • Also you should name the tree... trean

    Sophia Mercado FuerteSophia Mercado Fuerte3 dagar sedan
  • YAS

    Sophia Mercado FuerteSophia Mercado Fuerte3 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Heather MaddenHeather Madden3 dagar sedan
  • name him Treebo

    Mandy APMandy AP3 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Joni ManonJoni Manon3 dagar sedan
  • Idk about the whole spooky bad guy thing. It feels way to forced and it just feels extremely scripted, plus it feels like it doesn't focus on the survival or the mods and just focuses on the plot, which oddly enough, I like the 100 day survival without a plot as it feels more real and legit. The buildings made for plot also are just kinda so you get free late game loot so you can take on the "boss", I also feel a significant amount more of satisfaction when I saw your first 100 day survival that had no plot then ones with one I feel like you'd get a lot more likes, subs, and probably views if you had no plot or at least not a overly used one like this one, overall I'd give it a 1 of 5 stars for a 100 day survival p.s. its like adding strawberry with ketchup, sure they are the same color but you never mix them together otherwise you end up with a forced, and overly scripted 100 day video that doesn't even focus on what a 100 day vid is about , survival. Have a good day!

    Christian TurnerChristian Turner3 dagar sedan
  • I think you should name the tree tree

    MysticDarkrai 42MysticDarkrai 423 dagar sedan
  • mystery guy storyline is boring there wasnt any build up and was just repetitive and it felt very forced lol

    Lenny MartinezLenny Martinez3 dagar sedan
  • Next video can you do tornadoes

    Reid BlimkieReid Blimkie3 dagar sedan
  • Do 200 days

    Ukarapo KuvareUkarapo Kuvare3 dagar sedan
  • 2000 days

    Ukarapo KuvareUkarapo Kuvare3 dagar sedan
  • Do you 100 or 200

    Carson BeggCarson Begg3 dagar sedan
  • Painful always does "the final blow" coz he is painful

    niduoe streniduoe stre3 dagar sedan
    • I think you should name that pet as "Mip"

      niduoe streniduoe stre3 dagar sedan
  • The name for the tree is treever

    Christian SalesChristian Sales3 dagar sedan
  • The "Mystery man" thing is very annoying

    Durzo GhoulDurzo Ghoul3 dagar sedan
  • forrest gang

    ForrestForrest3 dagar sedan
  • Lol. "Did someone join our server again ?!" Wat the heck :)

    Michael Abner MihardjaMichael Abner Mihardja3 dagar sedan
  • Call the tree Treebeard from Lord of the Rings.

    Máté MolnárMáté Molnár3 dagar sedan
  • death you name him death and death

    Harper JohnsonHarper Johnson4 dagar sedan