How I got the All Advancements Speedrun Record ft. Dream

11 okt 2020
7 786 816 visningar

I was not expecting to get a time like this at all...
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    DreamDream3 månader sedan
    • Ha ha ha that’s hours

      Mr PainterMr Painter17 dagar sedan

      Undertale CharactersUndertale Characters24 dagar sedan
    • second last

      CreepAmr135CreepAmr13526 dagar sedan
    • Dream I love you so much You’re the best Minecraft player ❤️

      Elie GamingElie GamingMånad sedan
    • Dream I am a big fan of u

      ab gamingab gamingMånad sedan
  • How, Just how...

    Joseph HobleyJoseph Hobley5 timmar sedan
  • The somber chemistry histopathologically question because forest expectably train till a filthy colony. whole, early blinker

    Jayson OngJayson Ong6 timmar sedan
  • yo the way he say's "WHAAAATT" is the exact same as Dream, are they like a long lost twin or something

    ZaquZaqu6 timmar sedan
  • how longer it took the last world record?

    Luigi MendicoLuigi Mendico7 timmar sedan
  • if you do it on hardcore, i will clap

    AryaN_87AryaN_877 timmar sedan
  • Woah

    Xin ya ChuaXin ya Chua10 timmar sedan
  • He sounds like dream and me beast mixed

    Lukas BrunsLukas Bruns10 timmar sedan
  • I watched the entire stream and this video

    iiJay IsOkiiJay IsOk12 timmar sedan
    • Bc dream said your can never leave

      iiJay IsOkiiJay IsOk12 timmar sedan

    Pigs CowsPigs Cows14 timmar sedan
  • Face Reveal At 500K?

    Will FosterWill Foster15 timmar sedan
  • Did anyone notice that ILLUMINA and MR BEAST ARE THE SAME VOICE

    Cyclonic_Bird 3408Cyclonic_Bird 340816 timmar sedan
  • P

    Eli SitzEli Sitz17 timmar sedan
  • U better stay for 14 hours lmafo

    Tateden KimTateden Kim18 timmar sedan
  • Nice

    habberleyablehabberleyable19 timmar sedan
  • 14 hours is the wrold racode

    戎政為YUNG CHING WAI戎政為YUNG CHING WAI19 timmar sedan
  • OMG

    戎政為YUNG CHING WAI戎政為YUNG CHING WAI19 timmar sedan
  • How many times he said “pog” 👇

    SpookPlayzSpookPlayz21 timme sedan
  • Illumina, you legend!!! Can't believe he did this so fast and props for editing that 14 hours. POG

    AppleSauce GamingAppleSauce Gaming21 timme sedan
  • Dream leaves stream

    NoceGuy370NoceGuy37021 timme sedan
  • Your so good

    Jamie MacPhersonJamie MacPherson23 timmar sedan
  • 10:18 dream music from the exp intensifies

    PosingSaucer 251PosingSaucer 251Dag sedan
  • Man, this is a pickaxe. Yes, it is

    Huddy The CuberHuddy The CuberDag sedan
  • nothing

    yopepyopepDag sedan
  • pog champ

    keeweekeeweeDag sedan
  • I refuse to believe this seed is random

    Abhinav PoudelAbhinav PoudelDag sedan
  • 13:36 My dirty mind

    SlimeyVidsSlimeyVidsDag sedan
  • no way!!!

    AZ4H AZ4HAZ4H AZ4HDag sedan
  • Imagine trying to do this in creative and then you see this.Well done but im angry about that

    nick kalogerakisnick kalogerakisDag sedan
  • He sounds like MrBeast

    Do You Like WafflesDo You Like WafflesDag sedan
  • I want your’s world seed pliss

    mygg2umygg2uDag sedan
  • You sound like mr beast

    Jakov SklepicJakov SklepicDag sedan
  • the tiredness in his voice after about 8 hours is so obvious

    Ronan FinkeRonan FinkeDag sedan
  • Illumina: Gets all advancements in 13 hours. Me: Beats the Ender dragon in 13 hours

    Ronan FinkeRonan FinkeDag sedan
  • Mantap bang

    Bintang Dharma AlfariziBintang Dharma AlfariziDag sedan
  • Dream why did you say the veiwers of his stream to not leave ( for 15 hours )

  • 2 enchanted gaps wtf philzas gonna be hella triggerrf

    yenyenDag sedan
  • Wait...where hero of the village

    unlimitedHDunlimitedHDDag sedan
    • 31:47

      ads polads pol9 timmar sedan
  • He sounds like Mr Beast

    NollåttornaNollåttornaDag sedan
  • I watched this video 4 times

    SoupySoupyDag sedan
  • Legend only has 400k why

    GØDGAMER26!!GØDGAMER26!!Dag sedan
  • i watch the whole video and and ...... ................................................................ and what I SUBSCRIBED

    muhammad asifmuhammad asifDag sedan

    Cem YALNIZCem YALNIZDag sedan
  • 33:35 the seed

    Ant BGAnt BGDag sedan
  • he's very lucky

    Ant BGAnt BGDag sedan
  • I love this vid

    Noah SprungNoah SprungDag sedan
  • U definitely did it in 10 minutes

    Radha TejasRadha TejasDag sedan
  • Dislike, dream is a cheater

    AlexAlexDag sedan
    • @idk lol nice! I appreciate that

      AlexAlex6 timmar sedan
    • @Alex okay i did, and i choose to understand it, ty for letting me see that vid, it did change my veiws on this and i apologise for being so confident in my answerrrrrrrr

      idk lolidk lol6 timmar sedan
    • Wrong channel

      Kristers LKristers L23 timmar sedan
    • @idk lolHola fanboy, watch Geosquare's video before breathing pls

      AlexAlexDag sedan
    • no he isnt, and if you really think so, then why

      idk lolidk lolDag sedan
  • The cruel slime unfortunatly kneel because italian therapeutically perform per a immense bag. highfalutin, thirsty mice

    Ethan IrwinEthan IrwinDag sedan
  • 8:30 look at chat

    MadLaddGGMadLaddGGDag sedan
    • ?

      UplameleysUplameleysDag sedan
  • Im a idiot. I skipped to the end of the video thinking he did it in 14 minutes.

    Selim MonirSelim Monir2 dagar sedan
  • Omg u legend

    prestream epic playsprestream epic plays2 dagar sedan
  • this guys like no cap sounds like young mrbeast

    Me is MemerMe is Memer2 dagar sedan
  • POG

    wakewake2 dagar sedan
  • u know there is one where you get peircing 5 and hit 5 diff mobs in 1 arrow

    MajesticT_imMajesticT_im2 dagar sedan
  • illumina kinda sound like technoblade

    RhandzDoes MinecraftRhandzDoes Minecraft2 dagar sedan
  • this went from 10k veiws to 7 mil veiws

    Dametrius WatsonDametrius Watson2 dagar sedan
  • mans a Beast

    5graves5graves2 dagar sedan
  • My man has a fucking stack of EXP 6:53

    LeonOnPvPLeonOnPvP2 dagar sedan
  • speedrun minecraft and try to get the least advancements posible

    19k Yummy19k Yummy2 dagar sedan
  • no

    DuckDuck2 dagar sedan
  • IlluminaHD : I think dream is going to marry finds I ship em : when Goerge sees this: 😐😱😨😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😕😕😕😕😕😕

    Katy Gabriel NunezKaty Gabriel Nunez3 dagar sedan
  • Ilumina sounds like Napolean Dynamites Brother

    ItsJonasItsJonas3 dagar sedan
  • give me fricking seed

    bugrahanwastakenbugrahanwastaken3 dagar sedan
    • watch till the end and you will see the seed Imao

      UplameleysUplameleysDag sedan
  • Really sweet run and it should be fun to see what the future has with better routing

    H MH M3 dagar sedan
  • Is this set seed or random seed?

    Aidan SunburyAidan Sunbury3 dagar sedan
  • Let's go!

    Gregory JudasGregory Judas3 dagar sedan
  • why did illumina sound like mrbeast

    Bailey JuniperBailey Juniper3 dagar sedan
  • Omg

    Key Interior DesignersKey Interior Designers3 dagar sedan
  • He sounds like mrbeast and technoblade at the same time

    UnlimitedMediaUnlimitedMedia3 dagar sedan
  • 16:50 at this point it's just bullying

    tree musictree music3 dagar sedan
  • OMG

    cookie woofcookie woof3 dagar sedan
  • Please don’t use the Lord’s name (God/Jesus) in vain to curse

    iambdoiambdo3 dagar sedan
    • im sorry but he isnt religious :)

      idk lolidk lolDag sedan
  • 0:42 Dream: "if u guys ever leave u are DUMB!" Also Dream: *leaves*

    hk :phk :p3 dagar sedan
  • this video made me realize how beautiful the Minecraft world is! I also haven’t played since 1.9 so I’m astonished...there’s bees and pandas and end cities?! WHAT HAPPENED

    liz joyliz joy3 dagar sedan
  • His laugh sounds like technoblade,his voice sounds like MrBeast

    Sankara PSankara P3 dagar sedan
  • You know illumina sound a lot like mr beast. Illumina is Mr beast confirmed

    Dan The manDan The man3 dagar sedan
  • u got so lucky

    ZakZak3 dagar sedan
  • u got so lucky with ancient debris

    ZakZak3 dagar sedan
  • BRUHsalt

    ZakZak3 dagar sedan
  • 12:47 only scandinavians will understand

    ElkibelkiElkibelki3 dagar sedan
  • WHAT THE FLIP HOW ARE YOU SO FLIPPING GOOD AT MINECRAFT I CAN DO THE DRaGON IN A HOUr BUT FLIPPIN HOW???PS:since im really good at minecraft if i show dream how good i am could i possibly join the dream its my dream(no pun intended)

    Full MoonFull Moon3 dagar sedan
  • Illumina has achieved more in a few hours than I have in 3 years of playing Minecraft

    Stellar CatStellar Cat4 dagar sedan
  • How

    Fortnite PaulFortnite Paul4 dagar sedan
  • Illumina is mr beast

    Ethan HinojosaEthan Hinojosa4 dagar sedan
  • You sound like mr beast

    TeenRexTeenRex4 dagar sedan
  • He sounds like mrbeast

    Game StreamGame Stream4 dagar sedan
  • epic

    happy bananahappy banana4 dagar sedan
  • Do a gravestone to tour car was thé good choice

    Lucas MARTIGNYLucas MARTIGNY4 dagar sedan
  • no way!! he did it in 34 minutes and 15 seconds!

    •uniqueX ••uniqueX •4 dagar sedan
  • bruh

    Punya madanPunya madan4 dagar sedan
  • How to do this 7:43

    Pringle RinglePringle Ringle4 dagar sedan
  • I don't care i watch this vid for many time ITS so good

    Rasya AlifRasya Alif4 dagar sedan
  • Once when we where playing minecraft, my sister and I literally SPAWNED on a mushroom biome. It was on the really old version, though.

    Potatoes YayPotatoes Yay4 dagar sedan
  • pov you havent felt the touch of a woman

    klunorklunor4 dagar sedan
  • I wished everything was free like always dream say lol

    Samira el HassaniSamira el Hassani4 dagar sedan
  • Poor cat.The legend says he is so brave and lives in the haven happyli

    W4 GhostW4 Ghost4 dagar sedan
  • Your cats

    leah madaraleah madara4 dagar sedan
  • LOL

    leah madaraleah madara4 dagar sedan
  • Dream! Calm down!

    leah madaraleah madara4 dagar sedan