DiResta Brass Foot Lamps

11 jan 2021
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In my latest metalworking project, watch along as I use 5 inch brass tubing that I bought over 10 years ago, to build brass foot lamps for a client. For this brass metalworking project, I used battery operated wireless lights that last for about 100 hours, which I thought would be an interesting application to create a mood lighting in and around the house! Thank you for watching - enjoy!
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  • The way you work is too genius and creative!

    UCGUCG2 dagar sedan
  • Very nice again. But it's been years since I looked forward to watching your desk lamp making, maybe kind of anglepoise or completely wooden, anyway..

    Diysiast - Diy Enthusiasts HereDiysiast - Diy Enthusiasts Here3 dagar sedan
  • You should send one of those lights to SEworldr Chris Ramsey. He would really love em, there right up his wheel house!!! Great job Jimmy!!!

    Wolf PartyWolf Party6 dagar sedan
  • They remind me of the ancient robots from Fifth Element. Brass n colors. Cool.

    Fearsome WarriorFearsome Warrior9 dagar sedan
  • I'm a simple man, I put a "I'm a simple man" set up in the comment section and the punchline is fairly unique. I like Jimmy D and his work!

    ThisIsDKThisIsDK10 dagar sedan
  • what was the brass tube's initial purpose?

    Bobby VincentBobby Vincent10 dagar sedan
  • First I was like, 'why is he gluing the oval to that wood'? Then I was all like, 'in Diresta we trust'.

    Nick CliffeNick Cliffe10 dagar sedan
    • Next I was like, 'why is he drilling through that little block of plywood?' Then I was all like, 'I'll get my coat then'.

      Nick CliffeNick Cliffe10 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful. I'm gonna have to go the square tube aluminum or rusty steel 4"x4" route. Don't have any 6" brass pipe banging around the garage. Always wanted to do a version of theatre stage lighting like this to have color mixing capability.

    Craig HansonCraig Hanson11 dagar sedan
  • I never worked with my hand but I bet I could've done a much better job! ...you know why?! I CAN WRITE COMMENTS ON THE INTERNET!

    theRealRindbergtheRealRindberg11 dagar sedan
  • Tasty making in every byte! Thanks Jimmy.

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  • hello Jimmy it's a long time do you know what happy new year 2021 from France and surely with health too (your wife too) give a great kiss to Spike

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  • so many tips in this one! they way you transferred that angle was geniuses thanks for sharing Jimmy! and thanks Bespoke for sponsoring this video

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  • Jimmy I ordered your welders jeans back in September. I'm now being told they aren't going to get to me for another 2 months. Can you advise? Thanks.

    Jet DescariJet Descari12 dagar sedan
    • Thank you for your understanding

      jimmydirestajimmydiresta12 dagar sedan
    • @jimmydiresta thanks Jimmy! Love your stuff

      Jet DescariJet Descari12 dagar sedan
    • We should be shipping end of Jan. Covid slowed our factory in NYC. Thank you and sorry 🙏🏼

      jimmydirestajimmydiresta12 dagar sedan
  • Full of tips! Great build and beautiful product!

    Brian PrusaBrian Prusa12 dagar sedan
  • I been binge watching your videos, you're awesome Jimmy 💕

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  • godfather

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  • Good Joob thank you for your videos.

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  • seworld.info/will/p2rPrrmwfYCHm3k/video

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  • Is the clear just Petg?

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  • only problem is changing the batteries which would drive one nuts: you need 1. rechargeable batts and 2. an external charging source such as Olight flashlights, oral b toothbrushes and i guess Apple devices, use. That is the only way you could fully use it's awesomeness.

    Yu ToobYu Toob14 dagar sedan
  • Got several new tips and ideas from this one, and the lamps look really cool! Simple design, but looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Seth GalitzerSeth Galitzer14 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the knife giveaway? I didn't see if he drew winners yet

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  • hey man, can i have the plans for this?

    poodull76poodull7614 dagar sedan
    • Hahaha

      jimmydirestajimmydiresta14 dagar sedan
    • I really like that idea though. I just added a bunch of artwork around my house. would be a great way to create accent lights for wall art/sculpture. need to find a light source that's got a huge battery or easy to charge.... also a 5" brass pipe...

      poodull76poodull7614 dagar sedan
    • @jimmydiresta 🤣🤣🤣 no dude. it's papacastle. just messing with you.

      poodull76poodull7614 dagar sedan
    • Are you serious? the pipe is 5” the cut is about 40 degrees. 12” -14” highly.

      jimmydirestajimmydiresta14 dagar sedan
  • Are foot lamps those things on a stage?

    Hey I'm a MakerHey I'm a Maker14 dagar sedan
  • Always a good time: your videos! I wonder what your gonna do with them?

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  • What fun! Whatcha gonna do with them? ☺️

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  • Where is Spike?

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  • Where's the second part of the truck restoration?

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  • Very nice

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  • The bevel trick on the plexi is why you are the 🐐 Love it

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  • pls stop promoting these bs boxes PLS ?

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  • Intriguing. What is your client using them for? Little confused on application of these. To light up feet?

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  • Smotriti wse Kanal WOWUS MALARIUS krutoi vlogger rulit

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  • Fantastic! No more words to say! Greetings from Germany :-)

    This is restoration!This is restoration!15 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍😎🍺🍩🔧🔨🗜️

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  • So many tips and tricks in this seemingly simple project!

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  • Neat👍🏻

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  • Simple and Functional , Nice job .. Stay well Taylor , Willie , two and four legged and you my brother

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  • Thanos lights???

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  • The amount of shop tricks in this video..... Good god. The 2x4 bevel trick was my favorite.

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  • Just hurry up and send me one of those disc sanders...

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  • Great build, but your fingerprints were very evident. Think I would have clear spray lacquered the tubes.

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  • Ma il rolex è vero? 😁😁

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  • Polish that edge of acrylic, will look even cooler! ;) Nice trick drilling those holes. Saved in brain cell.

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  • Alien goat sounds in the background starting at 6:21

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  • Soooooo nice

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  • 👍👍

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  • That sanding block jig... Wow. Thats why they call him Godfather. Thank u Jimmy for teaching.

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  • oh that compound angle grind on plexiglass just brilliant

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  • awesome build. thanks

    roadkill stewroadkill stew16 dagar sedan

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  • Reminds me of a steam ship for some reason. Great job!

    The Grant AlexanderThe Grant Alexander16 dagar sedan
  • How did you do the equal miter cut was it pre measured or a pattern technique

    Shawn BecknerShawn Beckner16 dagar sedan
    • I liked the sanding technique

      Shawn BecknerShawn Beckner16 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely wonderful youtube channel. Love JD’s work. Thank you thank you thank you. Please keep this up. Wonderful catalog of timeless videos to look back on to. Great for us all.

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    • thank you!!

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  • That’s our Jimmy putting on a clinic! That’s a lot of mechanical engineering goodness in one video. 😁👍

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  • Very cool looking. I like the multi function lights too.

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  • I miss your old show Dirty money

    TRINITYajTRINITYaj16 dagar sedan
    • 18 years ago! wow

      jimmydirestajimmydiresta15 dagar sedan
  • Great video. Nice tips: bevel lens and drill guide. Mahalo for sharing! : ) 🐒

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  • Bespoke is cool, I was subscribed for more than two years, got lotsa cool and useful stuff. Budget took a hit so had to nix them or I would still be a subscriber!

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  • Well darn I left tv and came to youtube to skip the advertising now its infected youtube lol

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    • @jimmydiresta it was a joke there but love watching your creative mind hope you make millions

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    • sorry the dogs got to eat

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  • Man that bevelling technique was so simple. I love it

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  • Tops things I learned this video, that sanding jig for the lens/diffuser was great and I love the wood shock absorber on the drill to prevent marring the brass!

    davebauerartdavebauerart16 dagar sedan
  • The shape of the light reminds me of those stage lights that looks like a clamshell, but yours have a really cool art deco twist added.

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  • Love the jig at 7:14. I think we need some more tool tips videos!

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  • So does every asshole just have a subscription company where they pack cheap wholesale garbage for a monthly feel which is probably 2 or 3 times the price they got it for?

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  • Anyone else worried that Jimmy is secretly Thanos and is 2 infinity stones short of snapping in to nothingness?

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  • Sweet exhaust tips for the newly restored truck

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  • It needs aesthetic improvement. The design is not salable.

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  • Hey Jimmy, you know that little sooner spacer you used to drill a hole in the bottom of the lamps ? How long does it take you to think of things like that because that’s awesome ! simple (once you know) but very effective

    Cablesmith ElectricalCablesmith Electrical16 dagar sedan
  • Nice trick for bevelling the edges of the acryllic...always wondered whenever I saw that feature. Thumbs up, and as always, thanks for posting.

    Tree Carcass ManglerTree Carcass Mangler16 dagar sedan
  • That giant brass tube is amazing. I’m searching online but not finding anything close to that big. Where did it come from? Great video. Always fun and educational. Thanks!

    Andrew StanfieldAndrew Stanfield16 dagar sedan
  • $5000. Brass pipe.... Cant even find a supplier!

    Steve AndrewsSteve Andrews16 dagar sedan
    • It was 800. But I made about 8k on the job.

      jimmydirestajimmydiresta16 dagar sedan
  • Hey Jimmy, you did it again! Made something really unique using very few materials and genius but simple techniques. Those lights looks a lot better than the sum of the parts, the depth in the reflection inside the pipe you can half see really lifts it. The thing is, although a piece of pipe, some acrylic, some plywood and a bunch of off the shelf LED’s doesn’t sound like much, that’s not it, it’s getting the idea to put those parts together like that that’s genius. I’m amazed at your inventiveness and more amazed you can go on! Thanks!

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  • Sweet!

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  • Huge exhaust tips.

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  • Simply delightful. I bet Jimmy can make some awesome exhaust tips for a car. Peace yall.

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  • 👍🏼✌🏼

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  • Man bespoke post? They have the worse boxes and the knives in them are fake Damascus knives from Pakistan. Just read the reviews. Take their money, but they are trash.

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  • Jimmy, you never fail to inspire me. Thank you for the journey. Love and Respect from North London UK.

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  • show

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  • You need a subheading for your channel: It should read "DIRESTA: The Man with the Plan...."

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  • 0:10 For a minute I thought you were hauling a ginormous Festivus Pole....

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  • EXCELENTE MAESTRO ARTESANO : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) ......................./:.:.:.:.:.| ......................|;.;.;.;.;./ ......................|.;.;.;.;.| ............._,,,,,_.).;.;.;.;.| .........,,-":.:.:.:."~-,;.;.;.| ........(_,,,,---,,_:.:.);.;.;..",, ......,-":.:.:.:.:.""-,,/;.;.;.;.;.", .....(:.__,,,,,,,,,___);.;.;.;.;.;| ...../"":.:.:.:.:.:.:¯""\;.;.;.;.;.," ....\",__,,,,,,,,,,,__/;;;;;;;;;/\ .....\.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.;.);;;;;;;;;/:\ .......\,,,,,---~~~~;;;;;;;;,"::::\ .........."""~~--,,,,,,,,,,-"::::::::::\ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • nailed it!

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  • I love lighting and sculpture! Nice work bro!

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  • I love how simple these are. This is something anyone at home can easily do.

    laveurlaveur16 dagar sedan
    • With a giant chop saw, a giant vertical fixed disc sander, beautiful band saw, and space to have them all. Work and table space envy for years now, thanks Jimmy!

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  • Classic Diresta

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  • 6:23 that was a long fart... I mean the video is also sped up

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  • some slick new tricks! sweet lights too.

    This Old TonyThis Old Tony16 dagar sedan
    • @jimmydiresta bespoke did half the job for you that canvas roll is great..

      Mercury RisingMercury Rising15 dagar sedan
    • @jimmydiresta those files are not going to make wood handles and a canvas roll by their selves. Thanks fantastic outcome. Love and respect..

      Mercury RisingMercury Rising15 dagar sedan
    • Respeck 👊🏼

      jimmydirestajimmydiresta16 dagar sedan