Carrying Technoblade in Minecraft Monday

7 aug 2019
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Schlatt & Technoblade win $5,000. Streamed live @
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  • I want more minecraft Monday

    Guinea Pig UniversityGuinea Pig University13 timmar sedan
  • techno teaching schlatt how to spawn a wither was definitely foreshadowing

    maya schmielaumaya schmielauDag sedan
    • 100%

      Amanda's Creation StationAmanda's Creation Station23 timmar sedan
  • Techno 2019: DON'T SPAWN THE WITHER Techno 2020: mmmm yes,,, dream smp anarchy :D

    Orion's MoonOrion's MoonDag sedan
  • you won minecraft Monday and now we need a makeup tutorial with the james charles pallet

    DaniDaniDag sedan
  • 17:18 That aged pretty well...

    Joseph Paul BarlisJoseph Paul Barlis3 dagar sedan
  • how could you make this clickbait

    liami piamiliami piami3 dagar sedan
  • james: **dies** james is typing... james: homophobe

    the cuck shedthe cuck shed5 dagar sedan
  • these guys won minecraft monday

    ZsombiZsombi5 dagar sedan
  • Jaiden animations is in there I saw her

    bruh NoTfoUnDbruh NoTfoUnD6 dagar sedan
  • When he said "you know what they call me?" An add came up saying italien tomatoes, weve been lied to

    acey waceyacey wacey6 dagar sedan
  • 16:32

    this channel is trashthis channel is trash6 dagar sedan
  • "And you put three [wither skeleton] heads? How did you know that?" Hits different in light of the Dream SMP events.

    Midknight13Midknight136 dagar sedan
  • I can’t be the only one who thinks they could be brothers. Just by their voices

    KaileyKailey7 dagar sedan
    • nah they're just americans dude XD

      ne mine miDag sedan
  • Techno and Jschlatt is kinda funny

    Meljohn AguilarMeljohn Aguilar8 dagar sedan
  • mother 3 music

    Tazmily !!!Tazmily !!!8 dagar sedan
  • They are so chaotic.. I love it!!

    Minadori123Minadori1238 dagar sedan
  • please reply to this comment with something toxic and random so i am confused later.

    Frederick FinkenFrederick Finken8 dagar sedan
    • Fuck you bitch

      ne mine miDag sedan
    • you do know its a roleplay right? why do you hate schlatt smh

      BP ThingsBP Things6 dagar sedan
  • Techno going to grief other teams and Schlatt cackling maniacally in the background gave me so much pure serotonin XD

    Lupe GarciaLupe Garcia9 dagar sedan
  • P

    Goldenpotato 733Goldenpotato 7339 dagar sedan
  • “You remember what they call me?” Ad Plays

    TrikipTrikip9 dagar sedan
  • Who edits jshlatts videos?

    TheNoose Man87TheNoose Man879 dagar sedan
  • Damn lol

    Fuck off im trying to sleep.Fuck off im trying to sleep.9 dagar sedan
  • My Favourite MC Monday ever. Change my mind

    BOOkki -BOOkki -10 dagar sedan
  • DreamSMP fans be like "wait this isn't the schlatt i know"

    Josh MorrisJosh Morris11 dagar sedan
    • u mean toxic children dream stans

      ne mine miDag sedan
  • When you realise that jschlatt won more mc Monday’s than dream

    Benjamin JonesBenjamin Jones11 dagar sedan
  • I like the Mother 3 music in the backround

    Funny NaranciaFunny Narancia12 dagar sedan
  • For real though, Technoblade and Jshlatt make the best comedy duo. Their humor plays off each other so well it can't be more entertaining.

    Alexias ReiAlexias Rei13 dagar sedan
  • I love the Mother 3 music!

    MAXIMOWYMAXIMOWY14 dagar sedan
  • It's crazy how much happiness schlatt actually has here tho

    Spencer GabrielSpencer Gabriel14 dagar sedan
  • What if you wanted to go to heaven, but God said, *Hey Technoblade*

    yeeticeyeetice16 dagar sedan
  • At this point jschlatt has more names than everyone on earth combined

    akshobhya Varmaakshobhya Varma16 dagar sedan

    alex banihitalex banihit17 dagar sedan
  • It’s been a year and he still hasn’t bought the pallet

    idk manidk man17 dagar sedan
  • Does James Charles call everyone homophobic

    laundry basket gamerslaundry basket gamers20 dagar sedan
    • That’s his thing...

      Raine’s PianoRaine’s Piano19 dagar sedan
  • the one day techno and schlatt are together mmm build battle is broken

    Dominick DominguezDominick Dominguez21 dag sedan
  • 16:33

    SeyoSeyo21 dag sedan
  • Please consider checking out my compilation channel about the Dream SMP! I think they are really funny and you might enjoy them as well :D Oh and btw great vid! ​​

    Stupid CompilationsStupid Compilations23 dagar sedan
    • @Xantis agreed

      • JustMeConner •• JustMeConner •9 dagar sedan
    • @Xantis thx !

      Stupid CompilationsStupid Compilations18 dagar sedan
    • you are the reason the minecraft community is a horrible place

      XantisXantis18 dagar sedan

    LoocasLoocas25 dagar sedan
  • The mother 3 soundtrack gets so fire

    Liam HannersLiam Hanners25 dagar sedan
    • YEAH

      LoocasLoocas25 dagar sedan
  • Who’s watching in 2020?

    Dellor Butt hairDellor Butt hair25 dagar sedan

      LoocasLoocas19 dagar sedan
    • Nope

      Raine’s PianoRaine’s Piano19 dagar sedan
    • Me

      LoocasLoocas25 dagar sedan
  • 7:28 lol it was right in front

    //GamerGirl Zoey\\//GamerGirl Zoey\\26 dagar sedan
  • Techno's laugh is literally so precious, why does nobody talk about this???

    lilonixlilonix26 dagar sedan
  • It’s moments like these that make me feel considerably less suicidal

    Shep TheShepShep TheShep28 dagar sedan
    • I hope you’re doin well man :)

      Christine VuChristine Vu3 timmar sedan
    • Ok sadboi lmao

      Rhennier TendenciaRhennier Tendencia20 dagar sedan
    • Same 😌

      PEPPA PIGPEPPA PIG27 dagar sedan
  • It's hilarious, Jschlatt starts to speak and a Joe Biden ad pops up

    Turtle Boyo / Yellow BallTurtle Boyo / Yellow Ball28 dagar sedan
  • I cant believe this was over a year ago, time goddamn flies

    FCcrabFCcrab28 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt and technoblade have such good chemistry I felt as if they were the best of friends

    Budget How To Clean Your Plastic ComputerBudget How To Clean Your Plastic Computer29 dagar sedan
  • wtf schlatt is sprinting

    MasterzzMasterzz29 dagar sedan
  • "Im resorting to actual legitimate titles" *Still clicksbates this video*

    klucasklucasMånad sedan
  • They call me "Dropper Dude..."

    Gabriel GonzalezGabriel GonzalezMånad sedan
  • Having the name James is a blessing and a curse.

    RiptideRiptideMånad sedan
  • 7:27 he didn't see it

    baconRBLXbaconRBLXMånad sedan
  • Why was james cam so foggy

    Nolan RungeNolan RungeMånad sedan
  • Great times

    Pipimi sanPipimi sanMånad sedan
  • I hate James

    Wa geWa geMånad sedan
    • @Topaz hey man its a joke

      Gen_Gen_21 dag sedan
    • @Gen_ tell who?

      Wa geWa ge22 dagar sedan
    • @Topaz see!! I find him really annoying

      Wa geWa ge22 dagar sedan
    • @Pipimi san well I’m gay so I think your homophobic

      Wa geWa ge22 dagar sedan
    • @Gen_ yes

      FCcrabFCcrab28 dagar sedan
  • i like how the title is "carrying technoblade in Minecraft Monday."

  • He still hasn't bough the palette...

    TranscendenceTranscendenceMånad sedan
  • 2:59 Jams Charls being Inniproprite on camra circa 2020 (Yes I know there is spelling mistakes, Woooosh if you think they are real)

    NoName OperatorNoName OperatorMånad sedan
  • Schlatt is actually doing a good job fighting people in this stream, impressive

    Bmoney64Bmoney64Månad sedan
  • pog through the panes

    ItsKatialystItsKatialystMånad sedan
  • Ummmmmm why im I here

    Jackie MacBlaneJackie MacBlaneMånad sedan
  • Technoblade: (kills everyone ) Schlatt: (barely touches someone) Schaltt: E A S Y

    Jeron D. LandichoJeron D. LandichoMånad sedan
  • was this really a year ago? time flies way too fast. i remember watching this live

    Hod WilverHod WilverMånad sedan
  • What a back story...

    Liam Avila DazleyLiam Avila DazleyMånad sedan
  • oh the turn tables

    golicam decugolicam decuMånad sedan
  • did techno expose jschlatts name in this or

    alienalienMånad sedan
    • his name is pvp god

      MagellanicMagellanic19 dagar sedan
  • 0:24 THIS comment was foreshadowing

    Willyguy22 V2Willyguy22 V2Månad sedan
  • "they need to call you one thing" ... gayschlatt

    Flap JackFlap JackMånad sedan
  • that build battle sequence was the funniest thing ive ever seen

    R F KR F KMånad sedan
  • these two are the two kids in class that the teacher has to seperate (and its great)

    StevenWastesTimeStevenWastesTimeMånad sedan
  • thought techno would say he watch hentai instead at 15:35

    Jake ChuterJake ChuterMånad sedan
  • OH NO

    ButterButterMånad sedan
  • what was the music name at the end with the Minecraft hunger games?

    Remy ToscanoRemy ToscanoMånad sedan
  • This is why you cant have two chaotic people together

    Jello JoeJello JoeMånad sedan
  • 7:48 If you pause here, and look at the player list, *you’ll see some familiar names*

    nickthesaidsomethingnickthesaidsomethingMånad sedan
  • 20:12

    itshleeitshleeMånad sedan
  • Multi-talented Mark.

    Nobody BeatsNobody BeatsMånad sedan
  • F uu

    Encredible Lawn3Encredible Lawn3Månad sedan
  • Jschlatt is the build bitch

    Klara WistrandKlara WistrandMånad sedan
  • Technoblade's laugh is so funny I love it omg

    Elli deMeloElli deMeloMånad sedan
  • he still went with the clIckbait title

    KarenStarbuxKarenStarbuxMånad sedan

    Subhan TariqSubhan TariqMånad sedan
  • R.I.P Techno's wither 2019-2019

    Che MelansonChe MelansonMånad sedan
  • Funny how techno said he was going ham and he's a pig lol

    ChromoChromoMånad sedan
  • Don’t have to request shit from a person like Charles

  • this is like watching the icebergs pov in titanic

    Its ruben timeIts ruben timeMånad sedan
  • What’s the music at 21:00

    Joseph CapoteJoseph CapoteMånad sedan
    • It's from Mother 3

      Its The Zen MaskIts The Zen Mask24 dagar sedan

    AlfAlfMånad sedan
  • Yo they put classic dropper up? Like I have to assume they knew some people were just gonna be godly at that. They've got some good old classic SEworldrs there who have played it 10,000 times.

    RiftWolfenRiftWolfenMånad sedan
  • Who is they and why do they keep calling you names?

  • The dropper one gives me nostalgia from mcfinest

    glgshadowglgshadowMånad sedan
  • Techno I’m sorry I play on 90fov

    VAD 2.0VAD 2.0Månad sedan

    theShaqtus5320theShaqtus5320Månad sedan
  • I saw bajan canadian and techno said hunger games and I instanly though of the song bajan made.

    FaTe_ J1008DFaTe_ J1008DMånad sedan
  • When ur second channel has more subs than ur main... lel xd 6969

    Blake RubadueBlake RubadueMånad sedan
    • Twomad moment

      Raze ShrirRaze ShrirMånad sedan
  • schlatt is just old tommy

    Josh HoodJosh HoodMånad sedan
    • no schlatt is infinitely better

      XantisXantis18 dagar sedan
    • tommy is a schlatt stan

      MagellanicMagellanicMånad sedan
    • It makes sense.

      Not Justin YNot Justin YMånad sedan
    • uhm no?

      ne mine miMånad sedan
  • I forgot that they knew each other before the Dream SMP

    Annelise ErricoAnnelise ErricoMånad sedan
  • Watching Techno just zoom through the walls to go grief was the funniest shit combined with what he said. Still makes me cry from laughter a year later.

    UnoriginalBluUnoriginalBluMånad sedan
  • normall peoople: that guys has ddiamond run!! tehcno: i want that

    Hayden goldcloudHayden goldcloudMånad sedan
  • Nobody: Techno: “We win Minecraft Monday!! 🐬 🐬 🐬 🐬 “

    In painIn painMånad sedan
  • I miss minecraft monday