Deno - Lingo ft. J.I & Chunkz (Official Video)

8 apr 2021
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Deno - Lingo ft. J.I & Chunkz
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Lyrics -
Now your talking my lingo
Big stacks
Every day we making cash, making cash
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang
Money mad
Everything we do for the bag
Making cash
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang

Cos money mad
We ain’t ever had no bags
Really came from the bottom of the ground
So it’s crazy now we got bands
Me and you is a different ratio
Counting up my p’s while I’m on the radio
Aiming for the top, You n*ggas are way below
Saw a big cheque, then I got my mother a yard

I don’t wanna do it, but they all gonna make me do me right,
Empty out the clip at the audience, like it’s movie night,
Baby in the UK, put you on a sooner flight, I ain’t tryna put it in your mouth if you don’t chew it right
She a little bad thing, and she got an accent,
I can see the Louis Vuitton, upgraded your fashion
You deserve a stylist, I can make it happen
She gonna use my lingo in her caption

Now your talking my lingo
Big stacks
Every day we making cash
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang
Money mad
Everything we do for the bag
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang

(Uh) She rocking with my lingo
She used to see my shop outside the window
She was riding with me even when I been low,
But now it’s different
So tell me when you need me
She told me bout her CV
Bad little freaky ting like Riri
For you it’s Celine cos it’s normal,
Dominican, Nigerian, Somaliana,
She bad she make me wanna be her baby father
Shit changed, is it me or are you capiana
Or is it maybe cos I hit a miliana

Take her out to eat we going Benihana
Flights from the ends take her to Bahamas
Make her do the deed, while she’s in her Prada
She calling me daddy, but I’m the Don Dada

Now you’re talking my lingo
Big stacks
Every day we making cash
Hop out the cab
1,2,3 with the gang
Money mad
Everything we do for the bag
Making cash
1,2,3 with the gang

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    • yo

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    • ok?

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    • @Clxrkzy are you mad chunkz its sick

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    • Helloo

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    • came from nothing to an M4 then to a farrari superfast i tink

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  • This is one of the most trash tunes I’ve ever heard 🤣🤣

    DorphyOrphyOrpheus !DorphyOrphyOrpheus !Timme sedan
  • Chunkz has given up music for Allah the creator sake may Allah guide us all ameen happy Eid Mubarak to every one Thursday 13 may 2020 12.03

    Alfunz SeanAlfunz Sean5 timmar sedan
  • On

    Sonil and ChristoSonil and Christo19 timmar sedan
  • Chunkz is actually so talented it’s mad

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  • Somalia 🇸🇴 + Eritrea 🇪🇷 = AFRICA

    Somali NipseySomali NipseyDag sedan
  • Nah start keepin it halal bruv

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    • wdym

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  • Chunkz last song 😭😭

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  • i m also bored

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  • song is good but music vid is like when little kids are spoilt i m tareq hello

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    • Idoit

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  • can’t stop listening to this even though i feel so bad n wanna respect chunkz wishes by not listening to any of his music again even if it’s just a feature 😩

    F BaeF BaeDag sedan
  • Stop watching these videos he has made an announcement he does not want you to watch his songs because every view is a sin

    Zara GoldZara Gold2 dagar sedan
    • @RzdrxPlayz chunkz

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    • Wdym

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  • Don’t quit music you’re my teachers idol

    Alfie GarwoodAlfie Garwood2 dagar sedan
  • My last time listening to it

    Jude AkeJude Ake2 dagar sedan
  • Deno not making any sudden moves, don't want to loose any unnecessary calories. Good song tho.

    DanielDaniel2 dagar sedan
  • Proud of chunkz for his announcement.

    Abdirahman FaisalAbdirahman Faisal2 dagar sedan
  • This song is a whole vibe y'know 🦾

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  • Chunkz retired to a banger 🤘

    Lewis BoothLewis Booth2 dagar sedan
    • @RzdrxPlayz yes, if u want to know more he posted a vid on it

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    • Religion?

      RzdrxPlayzRzdrxPlayz2 dagar sedan
    • @RzdrxPlayz religion

      Showhidul AlamShowhidul Alam2 dagar sedan

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  • Whoever is on this please please you’re just giving my brother chunks more sins thank you ❤️🌏

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    • @Nati Mesfin trying to tell people to stop 😂

      JiaadJiaad2 dagar sedan
    • but you here

      Nati MesfinNati Mesfin2 dagar sedan
  • 🌟Salams bro, you left music for Allah Mashaa’Allah... May Allah bless you! But you got to delete this video cos of the girls in the video, and evil eye you could get cos of all the flashing of the cash and the music is misleading people and you will get a sin for every time someone watches it and lusts for the girls in the video, plus the words that mislead others away from the path of Allah for a person who does will be punish in the fire🔥...and the people of the fire will ask Allah to put the people who mislead them underneath their feet! Subhan’Allah! Use your money and fame my bro to give dawah!

    Mr. UnknownMr. Unknown2 dagar sedan
    • Chunkz is not the owner of this channel and he also signed a contract so he cant delete it unless deno wants to

      TimelxssTimelxssDag sedan
  • Different ratio chunkz quit it tho at the end of the day east Africa gang Malis N tigrey Sudanese and Ethiopia ✊🏼🙏🏽💜

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  • Well done lads. Banga

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  • Anyone else pause the song just to read comments

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  • What’s ig of the girls in the vid in chunkz part?

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  • Chunkz last song 😭😭😭

    Dylan PopleDylan Pople3 dagar sedan
  • you dont need to ask whos fucking here after chunkz annoucnment

    Rayyan1z LyricsRayyan1z Lyrics3 dagar sedan
  • The amount of people that I've heard are retiring from music because of one reason or another. Give it 6 months or so and they're back making music. Wanna know why? Cos life without music, creativity & expression is boring. God gave us ears and hands, to listen to, & to make music. As long as it's not negative, God is OK with it

    SkunkGrinderSkunkGrinder4 dagar sedan
  • Fair play to Chunkz collaborating with Curtis Jones before he retires from music 👏🏾👏🏾😂

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    • Lol

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  • 👏👏👏

    kieth 100%kieth 100%4 dagar sedan
  • Chunkz went out like a legend

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  • Dam I am going to miss chunkz’s voice but mashAllah bro 😎

    H DalmarH Dalmar4 dagar sedan
  • Didn't know Dappy had a son

    Ben AstellBen Astell4 dagar sedan
  • Are you Muslim deno

    king laithxxking laithxx4 dagar sedan
  • Are you brothers deno and chunks

    king laithxxking laithxx4 dagar sedan
  • Are you brothers deno and chunks

    king laithxxking laithxx4 dagar sedan
    • They are not

      RzdrxPlayzRzdrxPlayz3 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂 they both east african most east african look a like

      king zerkaking zerka4 dagar sedan
  • 2:00 is my fav part

    MyStic_KaiMyStic_Kai4 dagar sedan
  • Best and last for chunkz 🏆 big respect

    Adrian 12345Adrian 123454 dagar sedan
  • If this is chunkz last song he went out with a bang fr

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  • Lets gooo

  • Come onnnnnn big t

  • Chunkz is the goat!

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  • The last ever chunkz song

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  • You guys are rich ngl THIS IS A BANGERRR

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  • Chunkz maaaaaddddd i cantttt i jus weeeeaaaakkkk here omggg

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  • me realising that this is chunkz’s last song😢😢

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    • @no .

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    • @jiruv hi

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    • Omg I am so sad

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    • @Ameerah W Neek

      jiruvjiruv2 timmar sedan
    • @Ameerah W he wants to quit for islam

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  • Who came here after chunks said he quit music

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  • Take this video down for chunkz if you love the brudda

    Omar StevenOmar Steven5 dagar sedan
    • This is chunkz last song. Ain’t getting taken down

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  • haram

    Jonathan TJonathan T5 dagar sedan
    • Then why u here

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  • Take this down for chunkz

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    • Wtf no he shouldn't take this down

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  • Who’s coming here after chunkz quitting music

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  • Who’s here after chunkz announced that he left the music scene

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  • Chunkz last song

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  • Last chunkz song

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  • last chunkz song:(

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  • Who’s here when chunkz quit music

  • Who’s here after chunkz announced that he’s not making music anymore

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    • @Ali Abbas Rashid 😔

      King AghedoKing Aghedo2 dagar sedan
    • Me 🤫

      Ali Abbas RashidAli Abbas Rashid2 dagar sedan
    • @Mathias Menelik what’s your thoughts on krept and konan still making music?

      SS4 dagar sedan
    • @Harkirat Chana He wants to focus on his religion because in Islam music is haram so he wants to stop making it.

      Mathias MenelikMathias Menelik4 dagar sedan
    • @Mathias Menelik what's his reason for quitting

      Harkirat ChanaHarkirat Chana4 dagar sedan
  • Chunkz quit so make a version without him in anyway he ruined it

    NathNsafcNathNsafc5 dagar sedan
    • 😧rude

      sagalsagal5 dagar sedan
  • such a shame chunkz quit music especially when he finally got poppin.

    Bruno The MagicianBruno The Magician5 dagar sedan
    • @YMTC he never said he dosent respect it dont jump to conclusions

      Showhidul AlamShowhidul Alam2 dagar sedan
    • @YMTC never said I didn’t.

      Bruno The MagicianBruno The Magician5 dagar sedan
    • It was a religious decision u should respect it

      YMTCYMTC5 dagar sedan
  • Chunkz I skipped your part I promise bro 😂❤️

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  • Bro who’s here after chunkz quit making music

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  • Just watched the vid where chunkz said he's quiting music shame that as I thought this is one of his best songs and he just stops like that after making this banger shame like!

    Rowan MckennaRowan Mckenna5 dagar sedan
  • who's here now Chunkz quit music

    Ajhar WahidAjhar Wahid5 dagar sedan
  • Whose here after chunkz quitting music

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  • YALL really pulled this together big up👏👏👑👑also imma say this Chunkz was on a whole level big up all of you👏❤😪

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  • Anyone here after Chunkz quit music?

    ELITE DSELITE DS5 dagar sedan
    • Gang

      different diariesdifferent diaries5 dagar sedan
  • whos here after chunkz said hes qutting music

    • @Matthew Hough you are referring to nasheed I assume? Nasheed only has voices (you might assume it’s instruments) as background with minimal if any instrumentals. Either way, chunkz does include some inappropriate stuff in his music. At the end of the day, the music is distracting you when you could’ve been doing something more productive like reading the holy book

      Daddy ShisuiDaddy Shisui2 dagar sedan
    • @Simmy The man it's not stupid at all look into why he quit

      Tal HTal H2 dagar sedan
    • @Daddy Shisui but Islamic music created with the same instrument is absolutely fine? It’s a load of bollocks mate music isn’t even haram as long as it doesn’t contain haram content. He could literally just sing about anything which isn’t drugs, money and hoes 😂

      Matthew HoughMatthew Hough2 dagar sedan
    • He’s stupid quitting it honestly he’s so talented

      Simmy The manSimmy The man2 dagar sedan
    • @Overkill Kevin Let me repeat myself, music is haram, therefore he instigates other people to do haram stuff. As to why it’s haram, it’s because the devil created the instrumentals (strictly speaking instrumentals, vocals by themselves are fine) to manipulate people, make them feel excited, natural dopamine. Addiction, makes you lose touch to God as god himself has created a holy book which should ease the temptation

      Daddy ShisuiDaddy Shisui2 dagar sedan
  • whose here after chunkz said he quit music?

    Gavin TaylorGavin Taylor5 dagar sedan
    • Since when was he a music artist anyway the guys just a fat SEworld with a massive forehead

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  • I’m hear after Chunkz announcement. Respect the decision but you’d be missed. ❤️

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    • Yep

      Jamie on 60 FPS And moreJamie on 60 FPS And more4 dagar sedan
    • Heard that

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    • sameee

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  • ITS OKAY CHUNKZ, GOD UNDERSTANDS 🙏🏾🧎🏽🤲🏾 Subscribe to my SEworld channel if you can guys 🙏🏾❤️❤️

    Everything RasiEverything Rasi5 dagar sedan
    • Allah knows what thy conceal in thy hearts. Keep playing.

      Nino BrownNino Brown5 dagar sedan
    • true

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  • He needs more subs

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  • Who is here after Chunkz quit music :((

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  • who's here after chunks has quit music

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  • Do a collab with russ you would blow up!

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  • This is so good but when i heard chunkz i was like letss go this song is a proper banger

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  • Why david bummi der doe 😅😅

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  • Oooooh

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  • Imagine aj on this

    _Unofficial27_Unofficial276 dagar sedan
    • @EddEK yh but still him and deno always make a sick tune

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    • he is irrelevant

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  • chunkz verse is everything !!!!!

  • 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷

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  • Siidokey wallakay

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  • Walkaya manshalaha hormar fiican huno wanku jecelnahay

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  • Is this on spotify???

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    • Yeah

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  • Did anyone else notice swarmz

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  • 💥

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  • Is that swamp sitting next to chunkz

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  • J.i bodies everything

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  • Man like JI

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  • chunks ruined it

    sumo sethsumo seth7 dagar sedan
    • No he didn't tf

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  • I wot to be in a song whit u deno

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  • Lowkey J.I Ruined the song

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  • Amazing 😉 Love the steps

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  • fat guy

    Prince HamidPrince Hamid7 dagar sedan
  • Deno and chunkz never disappoint!!!!!

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  • We need a remix with Aitch 🔥

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  • Came For Chunkz. Stayed For Chunkz.

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  • Smashed the video👀💥

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