mario has a gun

28 mar 2021
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mario has had enough
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Huge shoutout to @MixMorris for creating this amazing mod and turning Super Mario 64 into a first person shooter. I actually recorded this a few days after this mod came out but never got around to posting it, I was going to scrap it because i've seen a lot of other SEworldrs play it, but I thought this video came out far too amazing to throw away. So anyways, hope you guys enjoy this, I love this game and this video. Huge thanks to @finzar for helping out with the edits on this one.
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  • whos your favorite mario character mines yoshi

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  • I know this video was made a long time ago but I enjoy this type of content and I hope you will do more of it

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  • electric blue

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  • England:lets add sugar to out tea America:lets add fucking guns to MARIO 64

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  • Super mario 64 ( gun edition)

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  • "he is literally one shot" (9 shots later) "LETS FUCKINGG GOOOOO"

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  • speedrun his game on twitch

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  • this game even has lore, incredible

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  • Bob omb: we’re at war Vietnam war theme plays*

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  • Its a luigi bap bap now its not a luigi

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  • imaging getting demonetized lol

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  • Haven't watched u in like 2 months but i loved this video

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  • 2:59 lmao

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  • now do another speedrun bet with soup but on this

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  • That awesome !!! And yoshi is mine too!!

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  • My favorite character on this game is the water monster on the water level

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