I Challenged A Fan To A 9 Hole Match | Micah Morris

17 feb 2021
96 424 visningar

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  • Shout out to Josh, this guy can play!!

    Micah MorrisMicah Morris11 dagar sedan
    • @bc.einstein or they could just take 9 or 10 shots and play. Everyone likes the real deal lol

      birdhunter4lifebirdhunter4life4 dagar sedan
    • Where is that hat from?

      Alex DresslerAlex Dressler5 dagar sedan
    • If the putt went on 6 it's a W

      Devin GallowayDevin Galloway10 dagar sedan
    • Got a link to the hats you wear? Really liking them.

      TJ JohnstonTJ Johnston10 dagar sedan
    • Josh seems like a great bloke tbf, good video

      joshywatkins1joshywatkins111 dagar sedan
  • dude could be brooks' double!

    Irvin LeeIrvin LeeDag sedan
  • YES, I enjoyed it! More videos with Josh, please. Seems like a good competition for you Micah.

    Stefan JohanssonStefan Johansson2 dagar sedan
  • You are a golfer on SEworld. Nobody is your fan get over yourself.

    Dr FrogDr Frog2 dagar sedan
  • Micah playing adults for once

    Mark ScanlonMark Scanlon3 dagar sedan
  • Very cool, this is just up the road from me!

    Ben MeinerBen Meiner3 dagar sedan
  • Great match. Awesome that Josh reached out to make it possible. Awesome Tig took him up on it.

    Robert CharltonRobert Charlton4 dagar sedan
  • Josh DeChambeau?

    Jack McGrathJack McGrath4 dagar sedan
  • Love these faster pace videos. 1 of the reasons I love this channel

    Lauren PardiLauren Pardi4 dagar sedan
  • Holy s*** that sound off the club head at 13:53 😳

    Frank MaldonadoFrank Maldonado4 dagar sedan
  • This is so refreshing to actually see positive SEworld comments. Game recognizes game!

    JGarciaJGarcia4 dagar sedan
  • really micah won, having never played the course and not knowing the greens.

    Jeff SnowJeff Snow4 dagar sedan
  • Yeah pretty sure Bryson DeChambeau isn't a scratch golfer...

    Jordan ParkerJordan Parker4 dagar sedan
  • Please add tracers to your videos :)

    Learning golf for free using YouTube and free appsLearning golf for free using YouTube and free apps5 dagar sedan
  • 13:53 anyone else see his tee fly and bounce like 6 times 40 feet forwards🤣

    CM _GolfCM _Golf5 dagar sedan

    CM _GolfCM _Golf5 dagar sedan
  • What did he do to his club at 14:24 ?

    John GalvanJohn Galvan5 dagar sedan
  • Micah that was easily your best video n match you had, great golf

    sean kubissean kubis6 dagar sedan
  • Those greens were slick, josh is a gamer. Love it

    Eyes OpenEyes Open6 dagar sedan
  • This man literally is Brooks 😂 down to the fit

    GM6ix ProductionsGM6ix Productions6 dagar sedan
  • Tracer?

    Phillip StewartPhillip Stewart6 dagar sedan
  • at 6.50 5 feet my ass, that was like 2-3 at most. not only left/right micha has issues with atm haha.

    MrSundgren GolfMrSundgren Golf6 dagar sedan
  • He don’t look like brooks, he is brooks😳

    Josh StergoJosh Stergo6 dagar sedan
  • bk?

    Matthew KusnoMatthew Kusno6 dagar sedan
  • WoW Micah.. to be able to tie an obviously great golfer on his home course.. I SAY FANTASTIC JOB !!!

    cohenkevinlori Queencohenkevinlori Queen6 dagar sedan
  • Josh seemed like a real relaxed, fun guy with a great golf game....

    cohenkevinlori Queencohenkevinlori Queen6 dagar sedan
  • Could someone tell me where Tig's hat is from?

    Ryan TumasRyan Tumas6 dagar sedan
  • Right as you said he looks like brooks Koepka I was about to type that😂

    Holden HowellHolden Howell6 dagar sedan
  • He even swings like brooks

    Tom GoonaTom Goona7 dagar sedan
  • Josh is a Brooks Koepka & Brison Dechaumbeau hyrbid love child 😂 great match 👌🏽🏌🏽‍♂️

    Gimme GolfGimme Golf7 dagar sedan
  • The tee flying back at 17:38 and almost hitting the camera was epic. Great match guys and hi from Sydney Australia.

    Vienna People ProductionsVienna People Productions7 dagar sedan
  • Josh is sick!

    Kevin BostwickKevin Bostwick7 dagar sedan
  • What brand is that golf tee hat?

    Mathew CenterMathew Center7 dagar sedan
  • Josh koepka.

    Jarrod ColburneJarrod Colburne8 dagar sedan
  • Can't believe no one mentioned he looks like Brooks Koepka.

    Griff GarrisonGriff Garrison8 dagar sedan
  • What a gorgeous course, could be England in August

    Andy SmithAndy Smith8 dagar sedan
  • Great video and enjoyed the sportsmanship

    Justin FortenberryJustin Fortenberry8 dagar sedan
  • My man josh kinda swings like Koepka too

    Hank GHank G8 dagar sedan
  • He looks like brooks koepka and even his swing

    Danny WrldDanny Wrld8 dagar sedan
  • Come on boys no1 rule of SEworld is always hit driver ask Peter finch ha. Great video tho brooks was a player

    Kevin ArmstrongKevin Armstrong8 dagar sedan
  • Really awesome match... Josh played great... nice to see a fresh face on the channel!!

    Charles DunlapCharles Dunlap8 dagar sedan
  • Lol yea he swings like Koepka

    Jimmy ThorpeJimmy Thorpe9 dagar sedan
  • Seven ad breaks for a 20 minute video is ridiculous. Unsubscribed. Cut back on the greed.

    Daniel ArlittDaniel Arlitt9 dagar sedan
  • what a match. Josh can really play

    sam alpertsam alpert9 dagar sedan
  • cool video but where’s the putter fitting at 🏌🏻

    PV 35PV 359 dagar sedan
  • Great golf match and some seriously good shots from both of you

    Alan HeseltineAlan Heseltine9 dagar sedan
  • Me thinking this guy looks like Brooks and Micah mentioning it a second later. Def has that Brooks beefy look to him.

    Chris MooreChris Moore9 dagar sedan
  • You guys both have some seriously nice swings

    Riley LubetichRiley Lubetich9 dagar sedan
  • Come out to Portland Oregon we''ll take a couple of you brother on.

    MightymoleMightymole9 dagar sedan
  • What a nice guy, at a nice course. And a great match.

    Robert AciernoRobert Acierno9 dagar sedan
  • the first thing i thought was that he looked like brooks before micah even said anything

    Darrel StockerDarrel Stocker9 dagar sedan
  • Great Match! Really good golf from both of you!

    Joshua GillockJoshua Gillock9 dagar sedan
  • He looks so much like brooks kepka

    Hannah ClarkHannah Clark9 dagar sedan
  • Teagan and I have the same philosophy on the course as in life. You take care of your things and your things will take care of you.

    TheHitKing4256TheHitKing42569 dagar sedan
  • such a nice guy!! he responds to my IG comments all the time.

    Brandon FrankBrandon Frank9 dagar sedan
  • Definitely have Josh back again

    BossitupBossitup9 dagar sedan
  • Videos like this are probably my favorite. These and course vlogs/beat my record

    shae wrightshae wright10 dagar sedan
  • Great match!!

    Michael AzzatoMichael Azzato10 dagar sedan
  • Micah, this was awesome. Pursell Farms match; the one against the course pro and this one - just awesome stuff. Really a lot of fun watching you take on great competition

    reed desalvoreed desalvo10 dagar sedan
  • Dude has an awesome swing. Love to see him on again!

    T BeckT Beck10 dagar sedan
  • No ties from now on

    Josh BaloghJosh Balogh10 dagar sedan
  • 1:40 - But is it a good day to have a good day, Micah?

    Lee FisherLee Fisher10 dagar sedan
  • Lose the man bun, they're horribly outdated

    Rick O'SheaRick O'Shea10 dagar sedan
  • Where did Micah get his hat??

    Luke GouldLuke Gould10 dagar sedan
  • No playoff hole? Damn

    david jeffriesdavid jeffries10 dagar sedan
  • Micah, Brooks vs Garret and the guy who hits stingers that he plays with

    Scott IrvingScott Irving10 dagar sedan
  • more of this

    Scott IrvingScott Irving10 dagar sedan
  • the irons off the tee are angry

    Marc AnsonMarc Anson10 dagar sedan
  • Josh looks like he's going yard off the tee every time. Rip city!

    Lucas RenoLucas Reno10 dagar sedan
  • Micah: 9 feet for par Actual distance: 4 feet

    taylor ktaylor k10 dagar sedan
  • I would roast you guys for pretty much only hitting irons of the tee, but that course looks just STUPID tight, so I won't. I would probably do the same thing

    Spencer Braun GolfSpencer Braun Golf10 dagar sedan
  • Josh got game tig 👌🏼

    Mitchell MuzzaMitchell Muzza10 dagar sedan
  • Love the content!!! Keep it going Tig!!

    DustinDustin10 dagar sedan
  • You should do more fan challenge videos

    Demetrio GordoDemetrio Gordo10 dagar sedan
  • The sound of of joshes irons crisp

    Teddy HowardTeddy Howard10 dagar sedan
  • You and Josh should play a match against Garret and a fan of his choice

    Nick WarrenNick Warren10 dagar sedan
  • This was the best, most pure version of why I started watching you guys in the first place. Great stuff!!

    Craig Van BuskirkCraig Van Buskirk10 dagar sedan
  • That 4th hole was fkn epic !

    John JeffersonJohn Jefferson10 dagar sedan
  • How often do you readjust the lochs? If never, what’s the technique???!

    Cody MooreCody Moore10 dagar sedan
  • This dude can play what a great match !

    John JeffersonJohn Jefferson10 dagar sedan
  • More videos like this!!! Really enjoyed i!! Keep them coming!!!

    Anthony GutierrezAnthony Gutierrez10 dagar sedan
  • This guy literally is Brooks Keopka

    Braeden HowesBraeden Howes10 dagar sedan
  • Holy crap his swing and follow through looks just like brooks Koepka too

    Ian ShepherdIan Shepherd10 dagar sedan
  • Good Guy... was thinking Patrick Reed slimmed up a bit

    CHAD McGeezyCHAD McGeezy10 dagar sedan
  • Great match! Really enjoyed watching this.

    Mark SilviaMark Silvia10 dagar sedan
  • Here for a second time!

    Devin GallowayDevin Galloway10 dagar sedan
  • really want that hat but can't find it on branded bills. Did you custom make it?

    EZ FAMEZ FAM10 dagar sedan
  • Good stuff! Let’s get this channel to 100k 👍

    Chris BarkerChris Barker10 dagar sedan
  • This is good golf

    xkingkittyxxkingkittyx10 dagar sedan
  • Looks like brooks 🤣🤣💀

    xkingkittyxxkingkittyx10 dagar sedan
  • what a shot out of the sanddddddd

    jarel culverjarel culver10 dagar sedan
  • That was sooo good!! Love the fan matches!

    robert hernrobert hern10 dagar sedan
  • What brand shirt is Tig’s wearing? Looks super sick

    QQ10 dagar sedan
  • Micah, when you're playing new people you should have them do a what's in the bag. Just a suggestion. Love your work though.

    Brian SmithBrian Smith10 dagar sedan
  • Tig, ur closing in on 100k, congratulations

    No WayNo Way10 dagar sedan
  • Brooks

    Taine ForsterTaine Forster10 dagar sedan
  • He needs to have a long drive competition against Kyle Berkshire.

    William KennedyWilliam Kennedy10 dagar sedan
  • Hit the like button to vote for no ties!!!!

    Ryan WoodRyan Wood10 dagar sedan
  • Play well Tig

    bama171717bama17171710 dagar sedan
  • Best video yet

    Michael TurnyanszkiMichael Turnyanszki10 dagar sedan