I decided to speedrun Cut The Rope and the puzzles only partially broke me...

18 feb 2021
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Cut The Rope is a game that brings back so many memories, so speedrunning it, of course, was probably the best decision I've made in a while.
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Watch the mobile world record speedrun here: seworld.info/will/oIPSz57IlYF83ac/video
Watch the web world record speedrun here: seworld.info/will/oaXYyr6qeqSM2Zc/video
My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!
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  • The forgotten era of genuinly fun and great mobile games. Good times!

    SchnitzelmörderSchnitzelmörder3 timmar sedan
  • Man you speak alot bla bla bla bla bla

    MubbyMubby7 timmar sedan
  • this is satisfying af ngl

    ATS GamingATS Gaming14 timmar sedan
  • Wow.. good ol days when we all play this game

    Dragon KnightDragon Knight19 timmar sedan
  • Have you heard of BADLANDS?

    Jackson wireguyJackson wireguy20 timmar sedan
  • Me just vibing to the music: Eazy: "please stop choking me!" 😳

    Tyra PotatosTyra PotatosDag sedan
  • nostalgia

    TheDailyMilkTheDailyMilkDag sedan
  • I play this game i was kid too

    Allan ReyesAllan ReyesDag sedan
  • Me too i was like I got to complete the game 💯

    باسل عبد التوابباسل عبد التوابDag sedan
  • Me when i was 5:mommy can i play angry birds My cousin:asher can i play(insert terrible now day mobile game)

    Asher5860Asher5860Dag sedan

    James WelchJames WelchDag sedan
  • Games suck nowadays

    Tavary RobinsonTavary RobinsonDag sedan
  • Our poor boy Um Num has diabetes now...

    Mk GuffinMk GuffinDag sedan
  • Please speedrun Where’s my Water

    ItzLuxoItzLuxoDag sedan
  • Ive been playing this since i was 6 yrs old Thank you so much😁👍

    Mighty cowboy egMighty cowboy eg2 dagar sedan
  • Do a cut the rope time travel speed run. I dare you.

    Mayo MayoMayo Mayo2 dagar sedan
  • You should speedrun Where’s My Water

    Sjrocks03Sjrocks032 dagar sedan
  • One does not simply ignore every other box and does not ignore the ds version

    Patrick Gaming6497Patrick Gaming64972 dagar sedan
  • Temple Run anyone?

    heydaileyheydailey2 dagar sedan
  • I remember watching the Om Nom promotional cartoons when I was younger. This brought me back

    I’mDonutsI’mDonuts2 dagar sedan
  • hey at least you broke a record. good job buddy

    red bread 1969red bread 19692 dagar sedan
  • Omg yesss my and my brother would stay up ALL NIGHT playing this game when I was 4-6 but then when we moved me and him forgot that the name of it was and it’s been a while so thank you! Also I’ve been Looking for a it for a while 😅

    WhenLifeGivesYouLemons.WhenLifeGivesYouLemons.2 dagar sedan
  • i remember this game from when i was little! i used to spend ages playing this on the ipad....

    mikufan animationsmikufan animations2 dagar sedan
  • Such nostalgia. It is beautiful

    Corn On the CobCorn On the Cob2 dagar sedan
  • 4:33 it's a balloon????

    WingedFish117WingedFish1172 dagar sedan
  • A+

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee2 dagar sedan
  • Don’t disrespecting omnom

    DausyeDausye2 dagar sedan
  • *childhood nostalgia intensives*

    Sad uwu hoursSad uwu hours3 dagar sedan
  • 0:54 Me too, 100% is the best

    Beata WittBeata Witt3 dagar sedan
  • I Remember, as a kid I would hold the candy above his head watching him wait for it and then suddenly yeet it into the abyss and watch him be sad...... I’m a terrible person

    Focus11334Focus113343 dagar sedan
  • These are the real mobile games. The only good mobile games we got left are SuperCell... :/

    SirPandaFluffSirPandaFluff3 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else think that the music is super chill and like the best game music ever

    Frug SheppenFrug Sheppen3 dagar sedan
  • Cut the rope 2 is fucking amazing I got to the last level of the game before my old phone turned off and wouldn't charge :(

  • I always thought cut the rope was so creepy yet I played it....

    Caroline UWU!Caroline UWU!3 dagar sedan
  • The way he describes the spiders. I also remember calling the blue things “farters”. I thought they were the funniest things

    JimbobertsonJimbobertson3 dagar sedan
  • I do believe the blue things that spurt some air are called whoopie cushions.... if my childhood serves me correctly.

    HannahHannah3 dagar sedan
  • Speedrun jetpack joyride

    puppy0cam has no lifepuppy0cam has no life3 dagar sedan
  • This game is my one of my favorite childhood nostalgia. Thank you for being this up again 💘✨

    nightghostkevinnightghostkevin3 dagar sedan
  • that candy looks good

    Giovanni LaCoppolaGiovanni LaCoppola3 dagar sedan
  • speedrun stuntman ignition

    Toasted AppleToasted Apple3 dagar sedan
  • *9:59*

    CEO of SansCEO of Sans3 dagar sedan
  • The blue things in the blue box are fart cussions bruh

    George WashingtonGeorge Washington3 dagar sedan
  • Ma man just spent the whole speed run talking about how he should not talk. Btw I know this is reposted but this is literally true

    Dragon GamingDragon Gaming3 dagar sedan
  • Balloons. They're called balloons.

    Maximus MarcusMaximus Marcus3 dagar sedan
  • The air squrter is a taped balloon

    QaychQaych3 dagar sedan
  • The spiders look like the soot things in "Spirited Away,"

    Star PerfectStar Perfect3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for reminding my of this gem of a game

    CoulidleCoulidle4 dagar sedan
  • I just miss those good old days.

  • I remember the young me telling my mom to buy an Om Nom figure online because he’s too cute

    •Nightmare Alpha••Nightmare Alpha•4 dagar sedan

    Kubix Da BoiKubix Da Boi4 dagar sedan
  • Wow cut therope changed alot :o 😯

    • Qnima •• Qnima •4 dagar sedan
  • Man I love Cut the Rope so much. THE ARTSTYLE IS GREAT. AND the Story line

    Ayuzawa YukinaAyuzawa Yukina4 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact Om nom is female

    Illya Von EinzbernIllya Von Einzbern4 dagar sedan
  • i use to call the blue things blue bellies

    edy adkinsedy adkins4 dagar sedan
  • Eazy: Blue things that spurt out air Me: ...uhm... balloons...

    FruitlessLokiFruitlessLoki4 dagar sedan
  • The blue things that spurt out air seem like balloons to me

    Silver MoonsSilver Moons4 dagar sedan
  • I used play this and Temple Run ALL. THE. TIME.

    EmmanuelEmmanuel4 dagar sedan
  • The blue thing are mildly finished balloon

    Super Mariano LucasSuper Mariano Lucas4 dagar sedan
  • Woopee cushion: EazySpeezy: I don’t know what the calls these blue things

    Nicholas StormbreathNicholas Stormbreath4 dagar sedan
  • Oh god i remember playing with those 7 years ago

    O1RDO1RD4 dagar sedan
  • Om-nom becomes diabetic speedrun

    FAFA4 dagar sedan
  • Nostalgia

    saccharine exesaccharine exe4 dagar sedan
  • There were some games I played that I replayed the mission untill I got 3 stars cuz it did hurt me when I didn't get 3 stars especially robbery bob

    officer bigmacofficer bigmac4 dagar sedan
  • Only losers don’t speed run Doodle Jump.

    Moredac28Moredac284 dagar sedan
  • When you miss one star in a level: *Ah sh*t, here we go again*

    StekRBXStekRBX4 dagar sedan
  • Found my ds and it had the ds version of this on it. Unintentionally speedrunned 100% in the five boxes because I'm that good :D

    Daniel ColeDaniel Cole4 dagar sedan
  • challenge: count how many times EZ says my boi/our boi

    froggiehatfroggiehat5 dagar sedan
  • I use to play that game when i was 13 the game is more better than the crappy mobile games came from an ads

    ButterproButterpro5 dagar sedan
  • My brother tells me that stars make the candy sweeter when I ask him why you need to collect star That Cannon lore by my standard now

    Wooden PWooden P5 dagar sedan
  • Why have mobile games evolved backwards? This game was amazing

    GalacticD0ggGalacticD0gg5 dagar sedan
  • Ayo I got something else to “put in our boys mouth” 😏

    Danny DevinDanny Devin5 dagar sedan
  • i remember this xd, i only like tapping games like bitcoin billionaire.

    DepnoxDepnox5 dagar sedan
  • Mobile games now make me want to kill myself

    sevas rajsevas raj5 dagar sedan
  • Those spiders gave me a trauma of playing On Nom as a kid

    YongiiYongii5 dagar sedan
  • This brings back feels I used to play this on ipod when I was like 10

    Obi-wan KenobiObi-wan Kenobi5 dagar sedan

    HardKoor 07HardKoor 075 dagar sedan
  • 4: 36 Well, I call them bumholes that sqrirt out fart gas.

    BeetleBud AnimalsBeetleBud Animals5 dagar sedan
  • ah yes *Blue things that squirt out air*

    Kevin Is NiceKevin Is Nice5 dagar sedan
  • I have cut the rope on dsi lol

    Ordinary FiestaOrdinary Fiesta5 dagar sedan

    21kShxdows21kShxdows5 dagar sedan
  • Those blue things are whoopie cushions

    SwanSwan5 dagar sedan
  • "You can use both of your fingers" That's what she said

    Bruh what's thatBruh what's that5 dagar sedan
  • God mobile gaming is so dead it’s not even funny. Imagine having to spend 6 hours every day grinding just to buy the shit you are aggressively advertised to spend 30 bucks to buy just to skip the grind. Disgusting.

    WubWayWubWay5 dagar sedan
  • Anyone remember wheee you could only play this on mcdonald’s ipads?

    Trash SalsaTrash Salsa5 dagar sedan
  • Cut the Rope, Where's my Water and Doodle Jump...good days

    XasaxaraXasaxara6 dagar sedan
  • There's a Phineas and Ferb version of Where's My Water I Missed that

    FR_ 720GFR_ 720G6 dagar sedan
  • I miss this game.

    BoidBoid6 dagar sedan
  • "My boy om nom" 🍭🍬

    KIMKIM6 dagar sedan
  • Do dumb ways to die

    Krisha JainKrisha Jain6 dagar sedan
  • Bruh Om Nom gonna get diabetes eating that much candy

    Dead WafflesDead Waffles6 dagar sedan
  • Oh wow, YT unsubbed me from you 😡

    I Have A Plan. I Just Need Money.I Have A Plan. I Just Need Money.6 dagar sedan
  • You can pop the bubble?????!!!!

    Sebastian PiekutowskiSebastian Piekutowski6 dagar sedan
  • I played this the most in 2011-2014, and still play them sometimes, the oldest ones.

    Modern Midern TownModern Midern Town6 dagar sedan
  • The music is what really hits me. IT'S SO NOSTALGIC!

    Nico LyNico Ly6 dagar sedan
  • The nostalgia though..

    yessiryessir6 dagar sedan
  • You did a speedrun through my childhood

    TG Sy_TG Sy_6 dagar sedan
  • Thé blue thing. It’s ballons

    Rebecca WangRebecca Wang6 dagar sedan
  • Your bringing my childhood back lol

    Kids KlubKids Klub6 dagar sedan
  • Anyone keen for some doodle jump on their 4th gen ipod touch?

    KevinKevin6 dagar sedan
  • I love this game and always has, the only thing I hate about it is that too many ads pop up

    ThomasTubeHDThomasTubeHD6 dagar sedan