Scary Ferrari 812 Superfast, Yellow to Purple Lamborghini Huracan Evo.

3 maj 2021
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Happy Monday! Todays Episode features 2 exotic car extreme color changes! The Superfast Ferrari 812 and Lamborghini Huracan EVO! The Ferrari 812 went from white to Satin Dark Grey. We also installed a Novitec Suspension for a better stance and powder coated black wheels! The Lamborghini Huracan went from bright yellow to satin metallic purple! This car also received a 1016 industries carbon fiber wing and custom starlight headliner/ceiling!
We also released our May T shirt which is the famous green Widebody Lamborghini Aventador! Also we are having a sale on whatever limited shirts we have left!

Jeffree Star's Brand New Cullinan & Making a Shelby Custom Bumper.
Sarkis' X6M Vandalized, Broken Ferrari & Lamborghini.
Ferrari Friday! World's 1st Customized SF90 Stradale, F8 Tributo and 488 GTB!
Widebody SUPRA TunerCult Giveaway completed, Wild Jeep Build.
Hellcat Redeye Crazy Police Car, Rolls Royce Cullinan From Texas.
World's 1st Ferrari SF90 Straight Piped & Tuned, 2021 Murdered Rolls Royce Ghost!
YG's Aventador on Fire, Big Toyota Supra Build.
RARE Ford GT Only 2 In the World Spec, Lexus NX Wrap.
Blue Lambo Urus with Forged Carbon Kit, Sarkis gets Killed by a Urus.
Driving the new Ferrari SF90 Hybrid Supercar.
Chris Brown's Widebody Bentley Bentyaga, A $18,000 Rolls Royce issue fixed..
WILDEST Widebody Mclaren 720S, Murdered Ferrari 488, Shady Car Industry Talk.
Stunning New Rolls Royce Ghost, Brand New GMC Denali Makeover!
Replacing Stock Bugatti Wheels with HRE's, save $30,000.
Most Insane Aventador is Back, Rev Battle X6M vs Urus, Tyga's Maybach S.
Sarkis' Revenge BMW M8, Insane Spec Cullinan Modified.
Root Beer Rolls Royce Cullinan Color Change
Tyga’s Maybach GLS 600 SILVERIZED.
Vik's Widebody Lamborghini Urus Upgraded Again, Sarkis Fan Talk.
Sarkis BUYS his Dream Car BMW (X6M) & MAYBACH 2 Tone Wrap.
Destroying a Ferrari $8,000 Lip, Craziest Wheels you have seen, GTR giveaway!
BADDEST 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost, Green Carbon Fiber Widebody Urus, Sarkis investing.
New Defender in Green, 600K Cullinan, Financial Tips with Sarkis.
Slammed Hellcat Redeye, 2021 Ghost CRAZY Interior, S65 AMG Convertible.
Jake Paul's Lambo Performante & a Very Green Porsche GT3RS.
Craziest WideBody Rolls Royce Cullinan in the World!
Porsche Taycan looks RAD, Audi RSQ8, Mclaren 720S, SVR Olive Green!
Luis the Body Man GT2RS Ride, New 2021 Ghost Modified.
Highest Valued Pista modded, HARDEST Lambo URUS Widebody.
Crazy Widebody Cullinan Testing, Loud Ferrari F8 & Pista in for work!
Frozen Silver CULLINAN, Luis Working Hard!
Jake Paul's 900HP Lamborghini Performante, Broken $100,000 body kit.
RDBLA Best Car Build's of 2020! Vik, Moses and Sarkis Discussion.
Custom Ferrari F8 for Khalid, Moses Takes Over

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  • Vic is amazing! He puts the amount of technical information about a steering wheel in at a red light stop than most enthusiasts put in a whole video. I admire this dude's energy so much.

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  • Steering wheel very reminiscent of the e46.

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  • Rolls Royce went from making elegant serious formal bespoke hotels on wheels to Jeffree Star spec. I know he didn't tailor these ones but he has or had a pink cullinan that Rolls agreed to make for him. Lost made respect on the colors they agreed upon.

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