1 Pro vs. 5 Retired Pros, can YOU guess who the Pro is?

25 okt 2020
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  • lethamyr wore yellow and black every game soooo it’s obvious who he was

    Cole FongCole Fong7 timmar sedan
  • What happened to Pashy90? He was my fav player...

    MaciuśMaciuś14 timmar sedan
  • Plot twist sathew is a simp for sizz

    Jameson ObrienJameson ObrienDag sedan
  • I know who it is its player

    Romyr DelRosarioRomyr DelRosarioDag sedan
  • 5 rlrs 1 rlcs

    SquencSquencDag sedan
  • They can’t tell who leth is but his car is the only different one with his typical skin?

    Antonio AtwaterAntonio Atwater2 dagar sedan
  • This is actually one of the most entertaining rocket league videos I’ve ever seen.

    Cayden CollinsCayden Collins2 dagar sedan
  • couldn’t they see leths car?

    ProdahhProdahh2 dagar sedan
  • How did they not guess u cuz u were the same rap every time

    Poison_ reign09Poison_ reign092 dagar sedan
  • Nice video, RAPID

    Victor Ryuichi CostaVictor Ryuichi Costa2 dagar sedan
  • Basically Among Us in Rocket League

    Deagan KrohnDeagan Krohn3 dagar sedan
  • How was leths decal not a dead giveaway

    J dabombJ dabomb3 dagar sedan
  • anyone else just get a weird glitch where the first bp in inventory somehow is a nissan skyline. if not i just got two of my favorite items😂

    Parker BaroniParker Baroni4 dagar sedan

    Nikil KumarNikil Kumar5 dagar sedan
  • U NEED TO MAKE THIS A SERIESSSS, it doesnt matter if its with the same retired ppl, maybe a different pro

    huh Gazehuh Gaze7 dagar sedan
    • Plz

      Christopher HuffmanChristopher Huffman2 dagar sedan
  • Love how you had the same decal on all 3 games

    JackomassJackomass7 dagar sedan
  • Why wouldn't you do names instead of toppers?

    KaleTornadoKaleTornado8 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else think leth has the best intro ever

    Walker SouzaWalker Souza8 dagar sedan
  • i think the pro is “Player”

    smellysmelly8 dagar sedan
  • Something about leth just makes him seem bald even though he’s not. Anybody feel me?

    Ronan GleesonRonan Gleeson9 dagar sedan
  • Pretty sure you did a video similar to this, but it’s among us and the pros try to blend in with the noobs

    Black CreativityBlack Creativity9 dagar sedan
  • Retired? Fucking hell its not like they're on their pension now They stopped playing competitively Not retired😂

    Jrjo_4 zJrjo_4 z10 dagar sedan
  • I fucking called I’m the fucking man let’s gettit baby I literally knew it was the LFT shit

    James PruynJames Pruyn11 dagar sedan
  • My brothers friend “durtho” might take a position on kcp

    Teddy wolfeTeddy wolfe12 dagar sedan
  • Can’t they just tell by the decal

    Andrew StrojnyAndrew Strojny13 dagar sedan
  • Also at like 16:24 leth just goes “vswhat”

    Lucid_Magma YTLucid_Magma YT13 dagar sedan
  • Just one question is your decal modded so that it’s black and gold or is that the decal cause if it’s the decal then I would have easily detected you

    Lucid_Magma YTLucid_Magma YT13 dagar sedan
  • this is a way to play among us on rocket league

    Hyper Dinari ChampionHyper Dinari Champion14 dagar sedan
  • Scufft stashon gaming

    Carter HoukCarter Houk15 dagar sedan
  • No

    Allison Pollard BelisleAllison Pollard Belisle15 dagar sedan
  • I knew it was rapid lol him and leth have a unbroken bond

    James BestJames Best16 dagar sedan
  • Wb kro

    Antonio GAntonio G17 dagar sedan
  • I think wheels and decals would've been better

    Brandon 5000Brandon 500017 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: Rocket League, but there is an imposter Among Us

    Joe MammaJoe Mamma18 dagar sedan
  • 12:44 The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

    Tyler RosierTyler Rosier18 dagar sedan
  • So you mean Among Us in Rocket League

    Ice wallow ComeIce wallow Come18 dagar sedan
  • Intro music name plz 🔥🔥🔥

    Zach WhillisZach Whillis18 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    DJ JCJDJ JCJ18 dagar sedan
  • It would be easy to guess leth because of his wrap

    JayCobaltzJayCobaltz18 dagar sedan
  • u are the pro

  • I knew it was PLAYER

    Abisai RuizAbisai Ruiz19 dagar sedan
  • among us in rocket league

    BLUBLU19 dagar sedan

    Milton RamirezMilton Ramirez19 dagar sedan
  • Leth ya boy Rapid is a scammer.

    CoolCool19 dagar sedan
  • Amoung us in rocket league tophats sus no u are well i cant lie that is true and then i know who it is i heard some controller smash into the wall

    illVirgoillVirgo20 dagar sedan
  • Do this but y'all all use skyline and try to figure out who sizz iz

    mstymsty20 dagar sedan
  • How do they not know who you are your literally wearing a decal?

    Bruh YuhBruh Yuh20 dagar sedan
  • It’s like among us in RL there’s one pro among us

    Jake HagenJake Hagen21 dag sedan
  • When I saw the title of the video I did not know you were retired so I thought the pro was you🤣

    Oliver HooperOliver Hooper22 dagar sedan
  • Anybody notice leth is using the decal so everyone should know who he is

    Eli BohningEli Bohning22 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: Rocket league among us

    Jackboom1874Jackboom187422 dagar sedan
  • Forgot to mention that Rapid stole someone's Alpha Boost

    Matthew RitchieMatthew Ritchie22 dagar sedan
  • This is just 19 min of them bullying fire

    AnL AjaxAnL Ajax23 dagar sedan
  • rapid signed my steam when we duo'd in comp

    Caleb McintoshCaleb Mcintosh23 dagar sedan
  • is it me or does leth have a different decal then everyone else?

    Asher IsraelAsher Israel23 dagar sedan
  • Is this Rapid or Scottie Pipen

    Hugo DelouisHugo Delouis23 dagar sedan
  • isnt kronovi a retired pro? you should have added him

    AA - 11UJ 655689 Stephen Lewis SSAA - 11UJ 655689 Stephen Lewis SS24 dagar sedan
  • there is an imposter among us

    NotFunnyNotFunny24 dagar sedan
  • You

    David Camara XDavid Camara X24 dagar sedan
  • 1v1 meh ill get clapped but i could try

    Freddie TraceyFreddie Tracey24 dagar sedan
  • I’m gonna be a pro bahaha

    Flash OptiXFlash OptiX24 dagar sedan
  • There is one imposter among us

    Roughfoxy 101Roughfoxy 10125 dagar sedan
  • Love th re vid

    kinghpkinghp25 dagar sedan
  • How dont they see the wrap?

    Rhys EvansRhys Evans25 dagar sedan
  • I've never understood how sizz ended up as NRG's coach, dont get me wrong hes pro level, but I dont think hes as good as anyone on NRGA

    Inner BeastInner Beast25 dagar sedan
    • @Rover T flow NRG*

      Inner BeastInner Beast23 dagar sedan
    • Nrga what’s that

      Rover T flowRover T flow23 dagar sedan
  • Now this.. this is amazing..

    Otng. SmithyOtng. Smithy25 dagar sedan
  • Is this not rocket league among us?

    Stav LykoStav Lyko25 dagar sedan
  • Funny thing is... lethamyr was the only one who used that decal...

  • Leth. u gave yourself away with the car.

    ThaGangstaFTWThaGangstaFTW26 dagar sedan
  • This shit is wholesome af

    HybridScout01HybridScout0126 dagar sedan
  • This but everyone is in scarab

    Aston LewisAston Lewis26 dagar sedan
  • You should make an among us steam workshop map

    Jimblxb99Jimblxb9926 dagar sedan
  • Bruh whats that profile picture lol he took that picture on 1967

    xZfertxZfert26 dagar sedan
  • This is like RL maf but backwards

    Weslee FarrisWeslee Farris26 dagar sedan
  • Could've called this among us in Rocket League

    JohanBJohanB26 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see more vids with former pros. The nostalgia is really something else. Thinking about Sizz on Atelier or Fires 50 against Turbo to set up the JSTN 0 second goal... jeez this is something else. Great video idea Leth.

    Conor PowerConor Power26 dagar sedan
  • Doesnt help that hes using the same decal the whole match

    XvRAB1DvXXvRAB1DvX26 dagar sedan
  • Video idea: let pros guess which season of rlcs they are watching

    Ski SkoSki Sko26 dagar sedan
  • Next time use randomly generated words as names?

    Chainsawer69Chainsawer6926 dagar sedan
  • Leth uses a decal whole time lol (probably bakas mod)

    DryziyDryziy27 dagar sedan
  • Amongus?

    MyNameIsPhillMyNameIsPhill27 dagar sedan
  • Sizz was more interested in finding fire and that made my day

    Thomas MulliganThomas Mulligan27 dagar sedan
  • I don’t get why they do call outs they can just see who’s topper it is and see who’s calling out

  • Why is it that whenever I visit your page, you post either customs matches or other goofy stuff. That being said, this is actually informational and fun considering we have to find out who's who in this matchup. 🙌🙌

    Thomas W.Thomas W.27 dagar sedan
  • yall pretty much played among us lol

    boa splickzSboa splickzS27 dagar sedan
  • “Crewmates there is one ‘imposter’ among you”

    UglyhoursUglyhours27 dagar sedan
  • i like how nobody said 'i think player is the pro'

    Derpy DilophosaurDerpy Dilophosaur27 dagar sedan
  • if he didnt get detected why is he a pro?

    Fang 86Fang 8627 dagar sedan
  • Do this in head seeker

    Nrg.riftzz on tiktokNrg.riftzz on tiktok27 dagar sedan
  • Sizz and fire just rippin on each other 😂

    spongechameleonspongechameleon27 dagar sedan
  • I love how everyone was guessing who Sizz was 😂😂 a player would do something dumb and they’d be like, “yepp. That’s definitely Sizz” Also, can this PLEASE be a series. This was so funny

    ItzSpritzItzSpritz27 dagar sedan
  • The Foam Hat is definitely Jacob.

    theoyatheoya27 dagar sedan
  • Lol I was thinking that😂

    Itachi TMKItachi TMK27 dagar sedan
  • Rocket Leagues among us.

    DomeyDomey27 dagar sedan
  • nice 1 good idea

    TimelessTimeless27 dagar sedan
  • I just love to see how many games are so toxic but in RL You have the best community its insane how all the conent/pro players work with each other y’all really should think a minut on that fact❤️

    lilFoxlilFox27 dagar sedan
  • Everybody knew that who was leth because he had the skin on which he keeps on every time he makes a vid

    muhammad shayanmuhammad shayan27 dagar sedan
  • Yoooo I played rapid in a 2v2 and he wreckeddddd me 😭

    Logan ScheuermannLogan Scheuermann28 dagar sedan
  • They could say nice shot on there goal and no one would know

    Joshua LloydJoshua Lloyd28 dagar sedan
  • Great video and really funny. Kinda wish it wasn't so trolly cause that defeated the point of trying to figure out if the pro would stand out, but still really funny to watch

    Chris TaylorChris Taylor28 dagar sedan